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Thursday, September 30, 2010

JERRY GARCIA went SCUBA diving with my sister in Bonaire, NA...WOW !!!

ComScore I recently remembered that my sister had to ld me hat she went SCUBA diving with Jerry garcia of the Grateful Dead.

My sister, Susan "Suzy" Swygert lives in Bonaire, N.A.. She is an accomplished and published writer, professional photographer, and diving instructor. She formerly owned a diving shop as well and that is when she met Jerry and his wife and friends.

I recently emailed her through facebook and inquired about this experience and here is what she kindly posted back to me. Here is a copy of our emails / correspondence from this occasion.

" Steve Swygert September 20 at 1:01pm

Can you please send me a nice short story (or longer and detailed is great) about your diving with Jerry Garcia...who was long did you hang out...what did you all do and talk about...I went to a beautful hippy fest in West Virginia and camped all weekend and listened to some great tunes and it was a blast...this place kind of lives the Jerry way of life and it was a great time...good folks, cool vibes, great music, etc...I so much hope you can share all about that with me so that I may post it on my blog with your permission...and if that is not ok...will Rhonda and I will love reading all about and miss you all...Stephen

Suzi Swygert September 27 at 9:51pm Report

In brief, he was here because he loved diving and he got involved with the Henderson wetsuit company - they designed some wetsuits per his ideas/designs and marketed them with his name. He visited Bonaire during some events, with Henderson, so doing promotion for the wetsuit business, but enjoyed hanging out diving in Bonaire. I think this was all in the early '90s, but I can't remember exactly - maybe you can Google and find some info! He was here with his wife, Debbie,and she was lots of fun, too. There was something wrong with him, diabetes - and he seemed healthy and strong and drug-free when he was here. We were all so sad when he passed away, it was just a few months after their visit - he was very young, and it was a great loss to his family and friends, as well as the public.

I hope to learn more about the details of the trip and conversation and will post up more if I have further email discussion with my sister. What a great time that would have been...and I am sure was.

My sister has written many books and articles and she is easily found on Google. I hope you will read about her as well as some of her literature and feel free to contact me to get in touch with her. She still avidly dives and works as a photographer.