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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swygert Universal Spatial Fabric Theory AO ~ work in progress ~ CQB Computing and MobiusTripz ~ FREE STREAMING MUSIC 24/7

ADDED 12292011

This is  thought in progress from years of studying, analyzing, and using intuition.

If you are interested in speaking about this with me more, and your qualified as a professional or layperson, leave me your email and a short comment.

It's taking time to put all my thoughts down collectively and in order, so I am recording what comes from thought as a chronicle and a work in progress for what will be an architecture for cloud/quantum/bio computing (CQB Computing), which is what we are close to having the combination of the three, which will help us to further understand the entire universe, change science for the better, by combining all sciences and doing away with the old flawed boxed in philosophies.

so follow what you can, let me know what you think...lots of work to do, but it is in my mind already, just difficult to place the exact and precise words in Math to paper, or web page today, actually its on both, as I have hand written more then I have typed thus far...sometimes a pencil in a hand just feels better and is equally as quick, and more comfortable then typing on a laptop or at a terminal when you are like me, with broken lot's of time to think needless to say.


I am not done writing this. I am a lay man. I felt inspired to write this and so did. I then started seeing a lot of doctors that write in a fashion too familar. I have yet to proof and finish a formuala or an experiment however I envision this flawless by design

= = =

The ideal view. A great place to theorize and strive for.

The perfect universe


formula on spatial relations

I am going to write a theory and prove it with this formula.

there will be a key of variables (which will be set up in a real case situation, but may be manipulated to become a different ultimate location, as each location is an executeable program thus starting a chain reaction , but will be specifically located in the most ever fully sophisticated and complex multi faceted coordinate system that makes the cartesian coordinate system look like child's paly.

In a three dimensional grid, each point in time (may be determined mathematically by assigning the GPS to each point in the knowon and expanding universe, i.e.

My design utilizes a three dimensional grid of infinite points, that are each there own different dimensions that contain the same within, so it will work on a microscopic level to a stellar level on any proportion.

My GPS will be called (SUSFS Coordinate System)

The Latin language alone is proof of this langauge working beautifully the way the universe is created.

Latin, Egyptian, etc use many symbols as does modern day mathematics.

A computer uses symbols, and that is as far as i wil lmention upon my coding theory for this, as that is really to sensitive to just  share.

Our language should flow like wine so sweet one can never get drunk or hurt and there is a continuum of love.

The symbol (which I would design with artists , historians, and colleagues) for each point will be a very complicated encoding system that would represent visually as a computer keyboard key with (thus far) a four digit key.

Each key would be equal to a known entity in the internet, or able to report what is in the unknown areas of the internet, think of the internet as being able to map the entire existence of everything!

This is very easily happening, and upon my architecture, it will happen in a snap.

Faster streaming, almost instant, like light itself. Better communications, better efficiency, less threat from solar flares, less hardware and more modern industry as i described in my Writing published at The U.S. Department of Energy, simply google: " Swygert HRDC".

I speak of the Green Era and it's philosophy, and after that appeared and was widely read, I see massive changes i think are not at all a coincidence.

I sing about this in some of my music as well, MobiusTripz.

I love music, math, mechanics, psychology, technology, computers, writing, thinking and studying and living a full and sometimes not too wholesome life too...just a mere human having fun.

beautiful side note; it is snowing as I type this 10:13 p.m. E.S.T. Cumberland, Maryland, on 12-29-2011

This would be a infinite layered quadrary system.

maybe even called 'INFINARY QUADRATIC COORDINATE CODING SYSTEM", it will generate symbols that are unique to each point in the fabric of space time, or as specific as to the exact space time to be studied, and as all things exist in space time, it would apply to anything.

this can be utilized to run thousand to millions of applications at once and produce finite results from the known variables as defined in the keys

It may very well be able to replace our huge colliders once enough data has been garnered by them, as they have certainly propelled technology to incredible levels on so so many levels.

formula on spatial relations

It can make LCD screens sparle more and have a nice visual soothing effect thus, making the screen softer on my eyes after application.




follows a list of thoughts to ponder more and write more:

A = known range, data, physical location, website, point in spatial time, an egg, a molecule, the milky way,etc.

that will be on the right side of the equations, as it will be predefined in weach system before the formulas is ever used.

for a test we are going to say that there is a domain in a three dimensional viual universe that exists in space time and is infinite, however it has some known quantities, and these known quantities, along with oter quantities as they are defined, could be collectively studied by various means of mataematical calculations to produce data from each set that could be studied in a real of this domain. as more symbols of the unknown are created (my program will create each key by itslef and defined

knowining where matter exists exactly, the very essence of its nature of propulsion, and what atmospherical (which can change in any given rangelogical atmosphere (contained within the defined points) of this domain) characteristics are present,

in a 2 and three dimensional world we think of a point in space time as finite. This is not true. It is infinite. The equation will prove that upon arrival and inspection and an inventory of that entire point would reveal a lot of statistical data. that data can be compaetively analyzed to predict the past and prest and future course of matter in that domain. What may be domain x in theory appears as only a point in the typical minds eye. imagine this if you will. now that point is no longer an atom and not easily explained by todays standards and lack of matematical vision. all of a sudden that point which is a variable has to be equal to something...and what if..that something was everything we currently scientifically know about our domain. our physics works here for us in our domains, however, other domains have unknown physics and matematics, therefore i am writing a theory and equation that can starting on the smallest known point of an ion (or whatever is the smallest particle today) would plot its known information in a range form. then the next particle until we have a complete physical domain. if it were a toothpick we could visually and holograpically see this with modern technology and be able to mathematically manipulate forces through my codin that would analyze the known specic target oblect with incredible detail. as more and more domains are defined correctly within larger domains, the forces everpresent present that exist in what I
will call the virtual universe that overlaps the space time fabric we know today in terms of the Scienses in 2010 perfecly.

I think this will lead to deciphering where black matter lies (perhaps in a place in space time we cannot see with our technology, like a mountain top hiding from view behind a militarty crest. This would be abundantly clear in this system.

Language would much more easily be able to be utilized for improved communications in this system. we would be able to trace and cross reference all words from all language, perhaps even including sound and the study of itsd wasve for better voice recognition, and even listening to the Earth, the Universe, etc., and compile a data base of all language that could be a translation system under this theory, and it could produce new words upon suggestion of theory (combining two or more ) that could break down all walls of communication and understanding, thus reversing the effects of a stort like babble. with this theory we will no longer scientifical babble. we will know what is where or where it came from and where it is going at any given moment, in theory. we would see casual and effect relationships clearly on any level and it would always grow in thought as well as perception.

Creating an interwoven invisible abstract domain interwoven with our physical domain we know today as defined by our science now in the year 2010 , the domain with known quantities as defined by a key, would become a known entity (although never completely static). Analyzing cause and effect relations from afar (through my coding and computer language, a symbol language that operates in " the virtual net") we would be able to have vision by observing movement, studying inertia and other known forces, and calculating what known responses are most likely, even down to the science of the projected graduation of a child now only 10. Astrological graphing of the galaxy the Milky Way superimposed on a schedule like that of the grigorian calendar produces results which most in science i would say it is safe to say, scoff. There are hugely plausible explanations in this not yet defined science. this symbol language will combine all science, even the science of art. (the one universally known to be most abstract in its essence).

I could and can with this language, write a powerful program to do anythiong imaginable, and what would start that chain reaction of calculations is the hypothetical proposal of my Molecule.

Here are the hypothetical circumstance and there respective values (thus far and not tested)

In this domain lives only three molecules.
one is N Nitrogen represented as we know today by a capial N,
one is Hydrogen and known today as H, and one Oxygen, known as O

N oxygen is 15.9994 u

H The average atomic mass of natural hydrogen is 1.00794 u
source - sited for abovove empirical data

O Atomic Mass: 15.9994 amu

I have not yet double checked these weights as written here nor there respective footnotes

therefore, N + H + O = A

or does it ?

this only takes into account a formula for what we perceive as the mass in this situation as we know it on Earth.

it does not take into account any empical data effecting things such as inertia, force, etc., which will be present in different places in space time, even with the exact same elements, and we may find elements there that are missing in our periodic table of elements, not to say that they do not exist here and have just been yet to be found.

Updated 01-14-2013:

Have Astronomers Found Chemical Precursor to Life In Gas Clouds?

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Astronomers have found tentative traces of a precursor chemical to the building blocks of life near a star-forming region about 1,000 light-years from Earth.
The signal from the molecule, hydroxylamine, which is made up of atoms of nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen, still needs to be verified. But, if confirmed, it would mean scientists had found a chemical that could potentially seed life on other worlds, and may have played a role in life's origin on our home planet 3.7 billion years ago.
The findings were presented Jan. 9 at the 221st annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society.
"It's very exciting," said Stefanie Milam, an astrochemist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., who was not involved in the study. If the findings can be verified, "this will be the first detection of this new molecule. It gives us a lot of hope for prebiotic chemistry in this particular region."
Some astronomers think that the ingredients for life are formed in cold, gas-, dust- and plasma-filled interstellar clouds. Comets, asteroids and meteors forming in these clouds bear such chemicals, and as they continually bombard planets, they could have deposited the chemicals on Earth or other worlds, said Anthony Remijan, an astrochemist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Va., who led the research effort. [7 Theories on the Origin of Life]
So while life may have emerged from hydrothermal vents on Earth — a theory that many scientists support — the molecules that eventually transformed into the earliest life forms had to come from somewhere, and that "somewhere" may have been space.
To test this theory, astronomers look for the chemical fingerprints of simple, inorganic compounds forming in interstellar clouds. These compounds aren't life or even carbon-based, but they can react with other molecules to form some of the building blocks of life, such as amino acids or the nucleotides that make up DNA. In recent years, scientists have found several different prebiotic molecules in space, said Brett McGuire, doctoral candidate in chemistry and chemical engineering at the California Institute of Technology.
In the hunt for these molecules, Remijan and colleagues scanned a star-forming region of the Milky Way called L1157-B1 using the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA).
They found a very weak signal of hydroxylamine, which makes sense since, inside L1157-B1, a violent gas jet is slamming into the interstellar medium; the shock from this gas outflow would be sufficient force to trigger these chemical reactions in the otherwise frigid depths of an interstellar cloud. The result: hydroxylamine. In turn, hydroxylamine could react with other compounds, such as acetic acid, to form amino acids that could be dumped onto other worlds during space-rock collisions.
"We have some very preliminary evidence of its detection, a very weak signal that kind of looks like a line," McGuire told LiveScience.
The signal is extremely faint and doesn't definitively confirm the presence of hydroxylamine. But the signal does seem to come from the right region, McGuire said. The findings are exciting, but they are not yet a definitive chemical signature of hydroxylamine, Milam told LiveScience. "Every molecule has a fingerprint, and basically what he's presented is the thumb print. So we need all the other fingers to confirm that this is the actual molecule."
To confirm the finding, Remijan's team will keep probing the star-forming region for more signals that could confirm what they're seeing isn't coming from some other chemicals, Milam said.

The molecule known as H3+ is believed to have had a vital role in cooling down the first stars of the universe, and may still play an important part in the formation of current stars. Above, new stars burst into being in the star-forming nebula Messier 78, imaged by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. 

Usually if we seek, we find in science, and we have to be careful not to let that alone box in our thinking!

these, on a larger scale, are virtually unknowns in todays modern science until this new system, which will evolve our technology and I PRAY be harnessed properly for the good of all of the universe.

so now

N + H + O +a (first unknow quantity)=A

this is simple at this point

a=a range that may be equal to force in this situation, and therefor be applied mathematically to predict molecular movement in this domain all be it there are absolutely no other variables.

If we set the ball rolling so to speak, lets say that the N is a bowling ball, and the H a pin, and the O another pin directly 3 units behind the first pin which in this situation is an exact physical clone.

As N moves towards H at the speed of aa (double variable would represent a subset in range form that is empirical data that would define a force only in this system), so far there are 3 forces in todays science, therfore we will only see aa, bb, and cc, until the unknow quantities become quantified in the future. (That is unverified)

Lets say what we want to see is what happens to H when N collides with it, and through cause and effect, calculate what exactly happes to O using my


and thus analyzing results at a later time, while also having the ability to adjust empirical data while conducting the test. thus, this variable in original form could have a subset named


and these tri set variables would be calculations made while under experiment at exact moments in space time. therfore the equation below would evolve into

Naa + H + O

(even the + sign is a variable in this equation, for instance the relationship of the first pairing in the equation and its current and intened action, predicted by analzying known test by computer that can calulate consistent predictable answers)

a program like this will and does run in virtual reality and can evolve graphically as we type with each strok under my system. the internet would have an intuition to each of us easily by our habits. software could monitor that and be given to the user to better manage applications and software that they like and are more user friendly. this would in turn standardize the industry making efficiency a thing of certain !

I worked in bike shops for many years...historically speaking road bikes (traditional racing style with downturned bars) would have a bottom bracket that was threaded with perhaps three possible threadins, BSA, Standard, and another I forget. This happened because these bicycles were crafted in other countries, where technogy had evolved and manufacuturing was huge, yet, not standardized. Italian Threads, American threads, or Japanese threads? that what our question in the minds eye when a bike appeared for repair.

We can also have "aaaa" as a subset and that would represent the forces present in the atmosphere at any given moment in the fabic of space time for this particular domain. this rule wopuld apply all the time with out exception and when calculated, this derivitive (divisionsion sign used in calculating) would give the user the ability to see how several domains react insince of there own doamins?

being unable to know with certainty if all domains in the fabric of space time are spherical in nature, in this instance this calculation being made in the fourth subset (by nature alone being the weakest for at a known point themselves in their domain of space fabric) mathematically woould be deemed the least likely forseen ( I mean what would be your gut feeilng during experimentaion) perhaps on a scale of 10 to the subset of zzz...under this system the room for error decreases and the room for prediction increases. This takes in account for the users gut feeling just by the very way he places the variables from his domains keys. This is a super universe in this system that is totally overlapping the fabric of spacetime with that of the fabroic of spacetime at any given point.

We will be where we are going and have been from where whence came. This gives us vision to see our past and future so that we shall better be reponsible to one another and the domain in which we live in this so massive universe.

In the wireless world we live in today and so many now connected, technology is flying and prices are dropping as technology easily triples in the driven markets or electronics, expecially in the area silicon processor architecture.

Over this virtual internet of a standardized language, computers and computer devices will become more and more intuitive for us thourhg design concerning, form, shape, fit, and factor.

We are each an infinite variable subset in the (my) equation are a product of the universal forces present at conception of us each.

Language is the mathematics of thought and should flow like a peaceful river in utopia where all is perfect.and sound like beautiful music, as determined by each listener. May GOD bless each of us here and shepherd us!. rev.22.22, I was inspired to write just now. Amen my dearest of Lords.


i was born on the 24, Decenmber, 1967

plot that out


just a thought and a laugh perhaps !? I hope...I enjoy comedy a lot as most of my friends thoroughly never be too serious...I am not writing scripture, no matter if it sounds beautiful or not...simply a way to break monotony and take a break and then get back on point.

this could be code right now

? ! ? ! kidding again...right?...keep and open mind, is another point.

computationation of all empirical data and (think about this for next writing after more visualization.

Thanks for checking this out...give me an email or a call anytime...

peace, Steve - rokkinroll of MobiusTripz

Here is a great song - lyrics- to close out with: Think of Jimi on guitar in your mind...

ARTIST: Bob Dylan
TITLE: All Along the Watchtower
Lyrics and Chords

"There must be some kind of way out of here"
Said the joker to the thief
"There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief
Businessmen they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line
Know what any of it is worth"

"No reason to get excited"
The thief, he kindly spoke
"There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I, we've been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late"

All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants, too
But outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl