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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letter to Jesse Ventura sent same day as dated...sounds's the truth ~ MobiusTripz ~ meets ~ Conspiracy Theory

TODAY IS 12-29-2011


The start of this letter is below and has a line above it if you just prefer to scroll down and start there.

I have also added links that may be explored by each of you that desire to check them against what I have written.

So here is what I thought in October of 2010, rather early on compared to today's date.

I sent this to Jesse's TV show and thus far never got a response, however that does not mean that it has been ignored at all.

I think one possibility is that, maybe it never got there to start with. I hope I am wrong.

So here it is...take it with a grain of salt perhaps, however, think about the possibilities and implications in this modern Orwellian world we are close to entering today

BIG BROTHER...are you listening?

I am a citizen that believes in The Constitution, The American Dream, The World Dream, and also on the other hand, that corruption has got to stop!

I have a lot more knowledge and experience then I have written about in here.

I  just prefer it to be shared with close trusted friends.

It seems to me those we should be able to trust in politics often do not listen.

I will be happy to see the day when this is all behind us and we move through this with peace and into an even more peaceful place of unity.

Read my blog and you can read anything from science to art to cooking to cars and to music and family and friends, and just about anything under the sun.

I have been many a wondrous places and around many a wondrous people from the top to the bottom, and that is simple to prove.

All that truly know me as a friend know this to be a fact of my life's travels and experiences.

I am a natural at solving puzzles, efficiency issues, tactics, encryption, science, art, thinking often as I do, beta testing I.E. using the time leading up to and shortly past this was min was quick when my computer had been slower, and I did no sweeping of computer trash to clean it would suggest what I was typing.

I watched it learn me, and then I noticed ads specific to my general area, and always getting closer, and today, December 29, 2012, I see all of this even further immersed into marketing across many companies mostly across the connection of a standardized APP if you will, that is revolutionizing industry, but hopefully readying the pockets and stomachs for the poor and hungry, because the silk lining pocket bull shit has gone on long enough.

Capitalism is wonderful, when utilized with the theory and philosophy as intended upon the Constitution, and that intent is that we all get at least our fair share of the slice of pie, not some men with several pieces and others with no pie at all.

My Faith is with Justice and God because I know the price to be paid for the wages of sin.

We should all think that with each action everyday, and perhaps some do while others cannot possibly begin too.

We have the ability right now to change the world with our "hidden" technology, or our corporate greed, if we would share and the real truth is, then all be more prosperous.

When the little guy has more money, the big guy gets more too...that's how it should be.

Who truly, as an individual, needs 1 Billion dollars ?

Philanthropists ? Great because that's about the only guy...enough ranting...just some food for thought.


I would rather be nuts then be correct, but time is telling me quickly I am very accurate with 90% of what I have stated here.

I have been so dead on accurate it is almost scary.

I love Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. I use the products daily. I have an Android, and the list goes on.

However I see some potential abuses here that are alarming.

Those in the know can screw those not in the know for a long time before the ones not in the know catch up...and by then...they that do the potential screwing are that much further ahead again...keeping pace?

I thought perhaps not like may folks's been made too tough.

So what do we do to utilize what we have a hand and promote quick efficient, peaceful worldwide change without undermining our own nations.

We must strive for peace and prosperity quick, and we must change the climate and we can, but it takes sacrifice, and the longer greed survives, the quicker we ALL parish, that's always been a reality, and it is speeding up and staring us in the face now !

Read about it for yourself at reputable sites. Its all true!



 Jesee Ventura, Dear Sir:

I am currently testing Internet Explorer beta on this day October 21, 2010 and this is one powerful browser, as I am also signed into my google account while actively working here at home, writing today to you.

This new browser by Google is scary !

It is incredibly powerful and I understand its power.

You can see nearly any web pages (any internet page you desire) source code in minutes, read the code and therefore expose it's flaws quickly or access the server to further manipulate anything someone may want to, if so intended as well as potentially control any market place in the world.

This is no doubt the formation of an even more powerful unified world order at work of one type or another.

I do not mean to say, "The Power Elite", per se, but a group that is still none the less, quite intelligent and with very forward thinking.

It is forward enough thinking that it could very easily be manipulated and I think this hands down proves that it is indisputable, if your knowledgeable in computer programming and networking, and software as much as I am.

This code msn and google is/are using can be used to manipulate anything, anywhere, at any time.

It is like a translation code, of sorts.

I will save this, and have now, on a chip so that it is not erased here on my laptop.

I could easily see my blog being shut down for anti "googleness". LOL...but they seem to like transparency at the same token.

Google is like my brains extension and has brought me great knowledge to my fingertips well before other companies, and I have been aware of that since they came into existence.

I have learned enough in my lifetime at 42, to see what is happening with our "real economy" and who is really possibly and speculatively in charge, as well as how they very well may be doing business while the average Joe looks away (really Joe does not have to look away, he is so oblivious he would never know what is happening to start with) because he cannot truly comprehend the complexity of what is really happening.

If "someone" can do this, and it is happening, they can certainly feed the starving of the world.

Microsoft is working on it too, as well and yahoo.

More then likely after the government would not let any combination of these companies buy one another and/or merge , thus closing in on a monopoly, they decided to work on this together, and perhaps even under the very suggestion of the government, for purposes of supposed standardization.

They will monopolize together now but in a very different way perhaps, and in the process could theorhetically corer any and many marketplaces.

No doubt homeland security, or the cia, or fbi, or some federal agency must have their hand in this as well, otherwise I do not think we would be seeing this at all, and most folks do not see it.

Google is tied to closely to the administration, which can be looked at several ways, and the internet is changing fast.

I mean so fast, like before my eyes fast, and we all enjoy it so much that it can be easy to look the other way so consumed in our own electronic pleasures so aplenty these days.

Just that this has been done in privacy and such secrecy alone, seems to imminate wrong doing.

Here is the source code of Bank of America Home Page:


here it is in webdings


Pretty scary shit huh ? you think a hacker would like that information a few clicks away at all times.

( I removed what was in the X's spots. These very few symbols can generate an entire page of source code, and quite a bit more, once they are properly deciphered.)

I think you see my implications...I am learning the code, and it is unbelievable.

I have been working on computers and codes, and systems all my life.

Be it working on automobiles as a diagnostic mechanic, or building, repairing, and/or programming computers or,  even managing a store. (a system must be learned well to utilize it better or evolve it, or to build an entirely new architecture)

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

We really need to analyze this now.

I am posting something on my blog as well, but would like to hear your thoughts first.

Obviously we have some sort of a power elite.

Jesse, be safe and well and let me know what you think.

I do not want to speak with  one of your associates, because I know I speak your language and you will understand exactly what a multi-faceted huge problem there is.

I have a letter from Jim Moran.

I had made a few suggestions to him to propose to his colleagues.

This was post 9-11 and during the time of the sniper and anthrax crisis.

I simply meant for my suggestions it to be used for the best welfare of the citizens, and  I am sure he would have suggested it that way as well.

If he took the time to write me personally and not have a staffer do it, that means what I said in my philosophical presentation to him in the form of a letter was heard loud and clear and profound to him.


I have a letter that is linked directly from the US DEPT of Energy, that the read, reviewed and wrote a synopsis on. Obviously in approval to publish me after reviewing.


That will show you my thoughts and who I am better the anything else in an instant perhap.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I have worked with computers all my life and now at 42...I see something that is HUGE AND GLARING!

I had to tell you, because I believe your a trustworthy person with this country's best interests at heart.

Run this by only a trusted person who will read this.

Assess it individually and together perhaps.

Ask them to tell you their real honest opinion as to the high probability as to these statement's validity.

I think that a wise educated person, that is fair too, will see how much sense it all truly makes.

Kind or had the creeps when I hit Beaver Creek this year with the folks...good old Denver airport!

Thanks for you service to this now sad country.

My father is Ret. .Col. Donald R. Swygert, he is the greatest man I have ever known!...your close behind on a few levels, and we all wrestled but we are tiny people compared to you...hope you got a laugh.

He is a class graduate of 1952 from West Point.

I respect your commitment to this country and I hope that we can look at this situation together.

If you hate politics you must get into politics!...and you can quote me but I bet you said it first friend.

And think my friend, as I am purposely doing this, I will run spell check at the end of this letter and that more then likely runs through the google servers where they have read and received all of this perhaps already.


At best I am wrong and need I think I am on to something googlegate, microsoft gate, yahoogate.

CORPORATEGATE..the greed of the modern corporation.

Joking aside, I believe this is a very serious concern.

Perhaps encryption works better then I am aware of, but if this is a master code with cloud computing behind it, then nothing is safe.

This new code or program should be called the code cracker program because it deciphers virtually anything that challenges it.

I await your call, and again I would really like to speak to only you.

You can dig my number up, and if you leave a message, I'll call back.

My health is questionable at best.

Google stock is through the roof since I first wrote this, and they have great technology and are an efficient company, so it makes sense, as does what I wrote in here explaining it all.

The advent of this new technology has taken off quickly as science has taken us very far along in a super short time, likened to the blink of an eye in time frame.

John S. Swygert

Cumberland, Maryland


So since my original posting, most of this has come out to be true, although not exactly how I presented it, but the fact is everyone will spin this how they see fit to help them best.

Today, January 25, 2012, we have just tables SOPA.

Does'nt is seem very apparent that it fits this to the tee?

There is so much to back up what i wrote here well over a year ago it is shocking.

I truly think, even today, most people do not have a clue what cloud and quantum computing is all about.

The net before cloud computing it truly akin to computers from the 1970's compared to computers of 2000.

That may even be quite an understatement.

If you are reading this now and you do not understand cloud and quantum computing, perhaps you will read this link, or search for yourself.

The important thing is that you use it.

Today it was reported in the news that the Federal Supreme Court has struck down letting law enforcement use GPS tracking of a suspect without a Federal Court Order, and they also made it abundantly clear they will not tolerate anything else remotely close to this violation of law.

READ THIS !... released on January 20- 2012

"Have computer hackers met their match? Not quite yet. But new research suggests that so-called quantum computers now in development could lead to data transfer that is "perfectly secure."

Quantum computers may sound like a dream, promising to make massive calculations at blazing speeds, but some experts have dreaded them. To a computer security specialist, the fact that a quantum computer can break encryption codes is exciting, but it's also scary; how are you supposed to keep quantum data safe? A paper published in the latest issue of Science appears to fill this major gap in quantum computers' defenses before any hackers are able to take advantage of it." (link just below)

I do not at all believe the article in it's entirety,because there are mirror images and they can and will be easily tapped into for monitoring.

A quantum computer combined with a cloud can easily crack a signal it receives.

So as I stated in here, what data is ever truly safe again? None of it, ever.

I will add more as I read it or it is emailed to me.

Please make any comments you would like, or email any links that you may have.