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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

P1 MY NEW FICTIONAL STORY / EVOLVING DRAFT (please read and help me edit) Where are you Logos ? My evolving play / story that needs your input !


This will be a fun FICTIONAL storyline.

Once upon a time there was a man and he thought he would like a cat, so he got one. This man lived in Diamond, a Utopian World, where there was no need for Utopian Philosophy or the existence of a Utopia, as Diamond was more perfect then anything that a mere imagination can create.

Perfection comes to mind, however a word does not exist that describes Diamond, nor never will.

That cat was beautiful and his name was Logos. It was the first type of this cat that ever existed here now in this world called, EVEN.

One day the cat got lost in the land of meaning. meaning was not a city yet, but rather a transitional place in space time where Logos lived, therefore was not yet recognized and therefore not capitalized when written.

On Logos travels through meaning, it ventured into the domain of, TERRA, and brought with it the new tool of the word, not quite yet knowing what this tool was ?

Logos always intended well, but did not always get that result.

All cats eventually adventure to meaning. Cats are to meaning what language is to word, and therefore evolve often on their journey in life. Forgive them if perhaps they lose their meaning in EVEN.

Logos owner knew that Logos should be free to roam, adventure, and grow, and knew that Logos could always be seen, as the owner was omnipresent, therefore able to watch Logos with ease from here to eternity.

Logos liked the freedom it afforded and traveled far and wide, sometimes doing good and sometimes finding trouble, a life not unlike our own.

Logos was a great cat with striking looks. Everyone admired a cat that looked so regal. As I write this I have a cat Leo, and he is so regal and sits looking as though he is a royal majesty, although he knows there is only one.

Leo is smart and a daydreamer. You can see that in his eyes. He likes to imagine Logos and Even too !. He is a fascinating cat this Leo, and he is sweet to his very essence, like his surrogate Mother Honey, a saintly cat.

Now that Leo had the concept of the idea of the word, he could think and see in pictures, and understand things better. He knew this was a gift, and a gift he shall use wisely. He knew it was a great power, but a power that was a gift, and a gift that produced results that God could always see from anywhere!

Leo was a smart cat. Leo has a good soul, that knows only Love. Leo wants to help everyone and Love all!.

In Leos mind he knew there was only one Master for him. He knew that Master to be his one and only leader, who would always shelter and feed him, simply for asking. However Leo would run far and wide at times, and do his best to support his self while journeying along; meanwhile, the entire time, rokk his owner awaited his return, always knowing where he was and keeping him safe, but leaving Logos alone to experience the life we all live of cause and effect.

This will certainly not be a story of curiosity killed the cat. I choose with my discretion as I write this to illustrate a Masterpiece of words and not produce a work of art using medians that leave confusion.

Words, the Mathematics of thought, are precise and undeniably accurate in this world of EVER!.

These words in EVER are the intent of the original thought which at first preceded the existence of everything!.

These words are so powerful when used in in