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Friday, October 22, 2010

Genesis, the thought, word, music, lyrics, babel, Who wrote the first letter? GOD RELIGION ~ MobiusTripz ~ FREE STREAMING MUSIC 24/7


A question on wiki answer was asked:

Who wrote the first letter? or word?

My answer: God inspired the first letter when he said, " I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end."

Alpha is the first letter of Greek for example, and i would thin Omega was the original last letter of the language. Of course, this would be strictly into the context of Greek, while philosophically it can and will work with any type of language be it written, digital, pictorial as in hyroglyphs, or sound as in audible, even through music.

Some hyroglyphs may represent colors, and this is a theory I have ever yet to read of, others maybe a simple symbol to represent an entire concept of Science for example.

In any language we have Capital letters that are symbols for concepts, in math we have letters digits and other artistic symbols, such as Pi.

With the advent of the soon to be combination of cloud , quantum, and biological computing, upon which we are now seeing a not very distant horizon of a very close future, maybe only months or weeks, we embark on a life where we can do anything we imagine!

That is is truth now, so let's do well.

I have blogged and written some wild stuff, some of it almost a complete mess at times, and in the mind my own very science of thought is evolving.

I have been published by The U.S. Department of Energy, written, played and recorded three albums, and all in only a year and a half.

I have had a broken back the entire time, I refuse surgery, I keep Faith, and I am healing, but it is tough.

But gaining knowledge from the Bible, friends, family loved ones, and suffering through more tragedy. life is still a beautiful, beautiful and enlightening gift.

So, I know those words ring clear as a bell to everyone, because that is a place I am so clear of mind I do not have an issue with expressing it in writing or music, it is who I Am.

Back to language, my advice is do not let this life be Babel all over again, why repeat such tragedy, we now have the ability to become one in language, and it will make language so much more beautiful, not a mess, we enhance communication and are in the process of designing one language now through technology, and as my esteemed friend and scientist of NASA has told me, read a lot, but be careful of the source and keep the mind open to not being thought a school of thought that leaves you bound in thoughts of only a box like dimension, because there is so much more in life that is beautiful when you have vision and share it.

Carl Mikeman,  as I mentioned him above, is a man of great integrity working on brilliant ideas that are so forward thinking, most cannot fathom even close to such greatness.

He inspired me as a child, if it comes to fruition we will see, it is deep i my mind and coming forth now.

He is accomplished beyond belief and will certainly leave an incredible legacy, yet is rarely in the spotlight we all see, but rather in the spotlight where we should all be, working on solutions and loving family and friends.

He taught me some art he pioneer, and I never have duplicated the technique because that is his, but I know it intricately.

He taught me about a huge amount incredibly quick, and he played the best stereo I had ever heard and inspired deeper music which i already had from the beginning of time.

What a sound system for the year a larger collection of music when it was expensive and he had more then a small non chain music where my buddy Missy Cohen worked.

She is a beautiful soul of time herself and lifelong friend.  She works in the musical editing Hollywood industry and has quite a resume sweet is life and friends.

I have been fortunate to be inspired by so many great friends, and they may only call me an aquaintenance, however in my heart we are true friends, because only friends inspire greater greatness and leave things better then when they came.

I truly love you all and look forward to out future will be a beautiful Peace and we will know one another as always and be closer as we save this Earth for the children of the future, whatever each our part may be, do it well, and share one anothers spirits, and that is too all my friends, even those not yet met.

Greatness is sprinkled throughout my life. There is a John Swigert, I am John Swygert. He is an astronaut and was in politics too. I am related to him.

Then my Great-Grandfather was very close with Edison, Firestone, Ford, Burroughs, and his name is R.J.H. DeLoach.

The Deloach name is my family back to the 1400's, in France, a large castle upon the Loire, and a dream to visit.

The Swygert's came from Germany (more then likely, however the boundaries were less defined and changed often, so German today, French tomorrow so to speak). In the early United States one Swygert ancestor was a master brewer of prominence and pioneered some brewing industry standards that he brought with him from Germany, and further refined.

There is DeLoach wine too, no doubt a relative as well, because when you have that name, your family, like Swygert.

So Mom and dad and friends gave me cool times I live and they have lived and come forth from.

That's how life should be and we should now our heritage, and even if it is checkered.

Change it if you do not like it, but change by being the example, not the zealot or a mochary (spelling on pupose (monarchy/mockery).

Lead alongside of, never lonely, but when lonely, know your never in lack of the light of the spirit we have all known from birth, and now he is matter what silly names we bestow upon him, or no matter the reasons we fight, certainly that is not His wish, and to do so in his name is Blasphemous and intolerable.

I seek to fight a peaceful fight in the Spirit of Justice, she needs to stand strong, wipe the tears from her eyes, and stop being tread on.

Lady Justice is peaceful fair and beautiful, and she is immortal.

So no one escapes injustice!

Change and be the catalyst Justice prays of enough for now...

IN THE MEANTIME...JAM ON SOME TUNES I WROTE AND PLAYED drink and be merry, but be smart, find common sense and treat others, all living things well...Peace, Steve "rokkinroll" of MobiusTripz

ease out the Ego...share a message, hand and hand we can accomplish everything together and be prosperous all.

Therefore he who heard God's voice in his thoughts (minds eye, soul) , as we
all do, wrote the first letter.

It also says in the bible that at first was thought, which God gave a name LOGOS, and from LOGOS all things living came forth.

Cannot be to much more literal then that, and it has nothing to be taken any other way, and that to me is the essence of perfect language in itself, as so many religious texts are such perfect examples of excellent literature, and a confluence of more clarity through refining thought into cleaner thought through the spirit.

It is not mystical, it is simply part of our collectively tough go with the flow, keep the mind and soul and heart open to the Lord, and find peace in music during tough times we all share.

Pray for those you know and those you not. They are right now praying for you, and although God hears us each individually, he would be so much more pleased to here us as one, finally.

John Stephen Swygert, "rokkinroll" of MobiusTripz wrote the first letter&firstAnswer=1&updated=1&waNoAnsSet=1&status=VGhhbmtzIGZvciBzaGFyaW5nIHlvdXIgYW5zd2VyLiBBbnN3ZXIgdGhlIDxhIGNsYXNzPSJ1bmRlcmxpbmUiIGhyZWY9Ii9RL1NwZWNpYWw6UmVjZW50USZ0aWQ9MjA2MiIgb25jbGljaz0iX2hiTGluaygnQW5zd2VyVGhhbmtVJywgJ0xnZF9BbnNRUGcnKSI+bmV3ZXN0IHF1ZXN0aW9uczwvYT4gaW4gdGhpcyBjYXRlZ29yeSE=

Love to hear your thoughts and historical perspective on this beautiful question. Steve - rokkinroll of Mobiustripz