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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perspective and why the United States is failing!

It's not about me...but it is about where I have been. Life has been a long long road of bumps and pleasure while cruising, each being its own unique perspective offering a lesson to be learned and knowledge lent to be later utilized to understand how to become a more pure person. The Lord know I am no saint! I have the ability to change and adapt, to learn and expand spiritually, and this essence of life itself propels me gleefully anxious with synaptic energy.
I am the son of two college graduates that are a product of a country that once offered a promising American dream.
Married now over fifty years and having had four children, they are happily in their later years enjoying life comfortably. There was work growing up after the depression years and we rebuilt our country.
We are at this point again now!
I grew up a very conservative republican. I knew what was right and wrong and my mind was closed about that! I married at 29. I divorced at 34 due to my then wife's continual infidelity. Her father ran a government agency and was personal friends with men like Dick Cheney. I agreed wit his political views, as they were aligned with what I believed at the time being a younger less wise man.
I do not speak to anyone from those days from the "other" family. Life's lessons are tough and things can get lost along the way. When you experience these things, there is the ability to learn through it and see life in an even more beautiful perspective.
I have scored touchdowns playing football with friends. I have pinned opponents wrestling. I have won trophies. I have played and sang on stage many times. I have been the president of a fraternal organization. I have managed bicycle shops, car parts shops, repair shops, and marketing departments.
I have grown up with asthma, had a hernia operation at age four, survived being molested, had friends die from airplane wrecks (three friends from three different crashes). I have had a friend pass in a rock climbing accident (fall). I have had friends (plural) murdered, O.D., and die of natural causes.
I was born December 24, 1967. I am now forty two as I write this. I have seen so much and changed so much I often feel as though I have walked several lives because I have been given insight into situations through past situations I have lived through. These were often excruciating painful times to experience while I was drowning in alcohol! The legal DRUG!
I left a job making 70k - 100k a year to spend more time with my wife and step children. I did it because it was right. I left the dream job on top of the world! My marriage subsequently failed, and for matters unrelated to money. My point is this, we never know what life will teach us. We can only be ready for a ride and keep our eyes and minds open.
I had a dream to live in Cumberland, Maryland. The air is fresher in the mountains, the traffic non existent, the life slower, the scenery breath taking, and I can go on and on. I was now a divorce and ready to be in a new home in one years time starting with ZERO. I accomplished that goal due to God's grace and many helpful people along the way. I worked hard to live this dream, and can happily say I reside in Cumberland, Maryland now.
This dream is threatened today for most people. This dream is threatened for me on a daily basis. I feel that my situation is a cry of the American Spirit in the United States. People are suffering. Today's news is sickening. Read about the Chamber of Commerce! Disgusting.
This could easily be about me. What I prefer to see this writing as is an exercise in the human experience from my perspective. Experience comes with a lifetime. It is experience that has kept me lucid and learning and able to adapt in the worst of time for both my health and for the nation's economy. I am still struggling to make a dream come true.
I am currently in the middle of the process to gain social security disability. I have several severe health issues that I am trying to work through to regain my health. I am thankful for the ability and outlet that is writing.
I see at a time of my own physical struggles, a time in the nation when our economy is struggling beyond reason. Change or death as a nation is upon us! I think the situation is that dire. We need to make things here again in the states! We need to lead the way into, "The Green Revolution". We need to get back to basics with a clear cut agenda that will swiftly rebuild this country into the leader it should be and not the bully it has been. The United States has historically acted like a child age bully in a playground of nations, often not having the experience behind it to make wiser decisions and act more hastily. At other times, perhaps even properly intentioned, The United States influenced leaders with their own political agenda in order and had absolutely disasterous long term outcomes, suggesting that perhaps we should permanently stay out of the way of others and stop being that child like bully.
Having been in Cumberland, Maryland ten years now has taught me volumes. I write often and read more. I am on the internet daily studying and staying on top of issues often polluted by the common media. I see clearly what the answer is that we as a nation need now. Think me crazy as you read this perhaps, but at least have an open mind to see this is an answer that will work and benefit all, home and abroad.
I recently wrote here in the blog about a winterization program that I recently was granted. I outlined my basic philosophy as to what eras or revolutions we have been through as a nation vs. where we are headed and why we need to step up the bar for the world and do it hand and hand as friends, and not as dictating bullies.
I am becoming more liberal in my personal politics. Perhaps it is pure selfishness, however, I have been helped by liberal programs when less liberal programs would have had me homeless long ago! That is not a joke. I have fortunately been on the receiving end of grants and programs in my home area that have enabled me to enhance my home and lifestyle for free, and subsequently my health, while offering many people employment under these programs.
I have seen a recession in the 80's and I am in one currently in October of 2010, no matter what the media says about it otherwise! The economy may have a positive overall direction however we are so deep in the hole, at the current pace of the economy we would without a doubt struggle larger and larger issues while less well equipped.
The liberals here in the states are starting to sound like the republicans of old, and I am really starting to like it more and more. The liberals want us to make things here in this country and lead the way into the future with the best products and technology in the world home grown right here in The United States. What sounds wrong with that? Absolutely nothing !
It is time to vote, and your vote counts, and it is a vote that can and will reshape our country.
The current administration has made huge progress in reversing this recession gradually and wisely. We have new health care legislation, we have no war in Iraq, we are building better cars with all three state side brands making a profit! We have a program in place that if properly utilized will rebuilt the infrastructure and more then likely construct the future in the process.
What once worked is broke! It is beyond usable repair in this day and age. That is a fact to accept and it is time to swiftly embrace the era we are living in and forge forward together as one rebuilding the pride of our nation, united as one people doing so.
The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, (Bob Dylan)."
Another election is upon us and it is at a critical time where we can speak as a unified voice and demand that this nation be set back on the track from which it has long been derailed.
The future is now, and the "Green Era" is upon us. What will you do? What will we do?
Change your bulbs to more efficient one and only buy new bulbs made here in this country! MADE IN USA will once again mean unequaled quality. Winterize your home thus saving natural resources, saving money over the long term, and employing local businesses in the process. Boycott Wal-Mart, or simply send your paychecks to China, because that is where our money is going.
My point is, there are hundreds of things we can individually do that collectively send a resounding signal. We have to act swiftly and together peacefully using tact that is undeniable. There should be no question as to what are the issues nor what are the best solutions or goals to strive for. The devil is in the details! The progress is caught up into these details through greed and bureaucracy.
I want to heal and be able to work and contribute how I know I can when I am healthy and strong. My current disability claim with my state was approved only days ago. I now have full health coverage to get diagnostic testing that I otherwise would not have been able to get in ant timely fashion, if much less at all. This program offers help where it looked as though there was none. I am thankful for a fighting chance at both time, and living my shared with many I love American dream.
I beg each of you to ask your inner self and you God how you can individually better this world starting now? Nothing about perfection, just about decision followed by action that on a collective level will make the difference that needs to be made.
We the people have the power to make all the differences in the world. How is Haiti? How is Iraq? How is Iran? We cannot even help ourselves much less help those in need or those we have crushed!
Our country needs a succinct mission. We need to do away with capitalism in politics and move forward into the Green Era!
We will have new professions, better higher quality education, a mission as a nation, a better friendship with the rest of the world.
My father made it home from Korea and Viet Nam. He retired as a full colonel after graduating from West Point in 1952. He earned two masters degrees. He is a self made man of honor and integrity who I respect more then any other man. I feel positive he would agree with me that we are better off with great education and peace! I am sure he would have much more fondness looking back into his youth without experiencing war. I am sure he dearly misses friends that passed away during action. I am sure he would never want anyone to share that pain ever. I am lucky to know him. He received a purple heart in Viet Nam after a bullet grazed his head. That makes it sound so less severe then it was but the fact is this, he was 1/8 of an inch from departing this life. I cannot, and I am thankful do not have to, imagine a life without my father. How would my Mother have survived? Where would we have all gone to school? Who would we be on vacation with, if we were fortunate to take any vacations at all. Mt father is a Civil Engineer. He was in The Army Corps of Engineers. He has shared with me success and vision while illustrating easily how to live a productive worthwhile life. He has helped me financially recently during these terrible times.
He always had a vision and never strays thus, always keeping the course he has had a steady wholesome life as those have enjoyed around him. I have learned much from my Father and Mother and it is they that lend me the vision (with an engineers mind and the eye an artist (my Mother is an artist) that unfolds in my mind and is molded along with my life's experiences.
I have always believed in standing for something and being proud of it and working hard at it. I believe in a life of pursuit of our dreams. I believe in being good to others and try to learn new things and an even better way of life on a daily basis. It gives me a voice with passion when I have something to say, and I will obviously express myself and expose my own flaws and experience if it will help make a better tomorrow for anyone at all.
I am thankful for friends and family today and never mean to offend anyone one of you individually. I only write these things hoping for an open mind that has peace as a vision and the answer.
I once believed in so much that I cannot tolerate today. I can actually tolerate it in others, as I have walked in those shoes. What I mean to say exactly is that I cannot stand these prejudices within myself anymore and hold myself to a higher standard, as best I can. I am by no means perfect, being a smoker and having had runs ins with the law. THE TRUTH shall set you free. Do you think me different now? Wonder what did he do? I thought he wanted to be a cop! I ashamedly gave myself two DWI's and lordy I got what I deserved and I have paid for it dearly. It was a part of my process that was not so happy. It gave me new beginnings and a new focus when I needed a jolt. Paying thousands of dollars for being STUPID and jail suck ! Such is the possibility with free will.
I have gained common sense with time...but I am still quite dull at times. I once worked at a bike shop that had a sign in it that said, " Common sense ain't so common." I worked for the owner of that shop for many years before he was brutally murdered in his sleep by his son. I had to testify in court about it. That too is another story and experience all together which led me straight to Jack Daniels.
Where is common sense in this country...I think we, as a country, are a slowly waking giant. I see signs everywhere of failure being a by product of a long broken system. This system is being challenged. This system even has the ability to change, but perhaps not the people with the intestinal fortitude to change it. This system was more gracefully designed then the people who work within it, who are suppose to be working for the people who support it as citizens as well as those seeking citizenship.
Common sense says illegal aliens come here for work and hope. I know my relatives migrated for those reasons. We should embrace them. It is a people that have a work ethic that build a nation. It is a great nation that provides those jobs by not selling off our trade to other countries, forever short changing the current middle class and those less fortunate. Let us as a nation help those people and ourselves and build a Green Economy in which we can all study, work and grow!
We know what to do, let us use our collective experience to simply make the right decisions.
I will not vote for a party per-se, I will vote for the candidate that best represents these ideas theologically as well as historically. Only then can we begin to move forward into a new day and age rebuilding our great but, "dying" ( meant not currently evolving) country.
Please take a moment to read this definition of intelligence:

   /ɪnˈtɛlɪdʒəns/ Show Spelled[in-tel-i-juhns] Show IPA
capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.
manifestation of a high mental capacity: He writes with intelligence and wit.
the faculty of understanding.
knowledge of an event, circumstance, etc., received or imparted; news; information.
the gathering or distribution of information, esp. secret information.
Government .
information about an enemy or a potential enemy.
the evaluated conclusions drawn from such information.
an organization or agency engaged in gathering such information: military intelligence; naval intelligence.
interchange of information: They have been maintaining intelligence with foreign agents for years.
Christian Science . a fundamental attribute of god, or infinite Mind.
( often initial capital letter ) an intelligent being or spirit, esp. an incorporeal one, as an angel.

We as a country are no where near moving forward as a people intelligently, and I openmindedly think that statement inarguable.

I challenge you to write a reply to me, either in agreement or not, as it will further enlighten me personally and inspire me further.

If you read this far, I would like to simply say a thank you.

I have a lot about my life and experience on my blog and I hope it will be of use by helping someone out there somehow. I care and I am here! I hope we will walks towards a bright future together basking in the warmth of the sun.