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Friday, October 15, 2010

Time is a funny thing!

I have time to write, and for that I am thankful. I am thankful for so much in a full life at a difficult time. I am truly blessed. As I age, it too seems that time moves more swiftly! That is most of the time. As I learn more and more about intellectual physics I see a much more clear picture of the bigger picture, if that makes sense. I see that in our galaxy we are heading for a long flight into a black hole. I can envision with my more open mind that what we think aliens are merely future generations that we sent with our ever further impressive technology. Sounded so aloof in my younger mind, but as time has elapsed for me, I have observed very keenly, and I have traveled through many a thing like most, we each have our own traumas or more uplifting things occur. This shapes our space time. All things that we know have some type of gravatational pull from the back hole to which we closest descend. We are slowly spinning in universal time down a drain for the universe where all well be purified ultimately. There is a hell between the fabric of the universe in which we live and I hope you shall invision it for yourselves soon if it has not already happened. Wormholes are real. Time and space is a fabric that can distort like the very face of the earth. We are being pulled along for an incredible ride, all the wile leaving a trail of what was and what will be, if we are able to look far enough out into space with clear eyes. One day we will all be compacted together on the point of a cosmic pin head fully compressed before the explosion and rebirth ...and it will happen time and time again. Lets learn now and pave the way to the future we are already and have already made! Or is this all just a myth , a riddle , a joke? Decisions are important.