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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Being a musical critique and a musician through pure drunken stupidity !

here is another great story of my great adventure called life.

You can go back to my story about meeting Mic Brown of Dokken and it in it self is hilarious. It will also benchmark some things for this story.

George Lynch made me a music critique!

Here is how.

I got to meet him after a show and went on and on about what a hero he was of mine, and how I admired him artistically, and how he was one of my all time favorites, comparing him to the likes of Segovia, Van Halen, Iommi, Page, Satriani, Malmsteen, etc. and you would have thought I was in love with this guy with what I knew about him musically speaking.

I told him stories about me and my buds back in the day jamming out to their kick ass tunes, pardon the expression as I write from a place in my mind of a not to far behind youth I so enjoyed.

That was Springfield, Virginia at Jaxx a musical jam pad that rocks, and my friend Bob Nalls was the manager, and set me up with meeting the band...thus perhaps my first interview!

The following night I get to see them again in Baltimore at Hamerjacks.

I am ecstatic to see George again, and he fucking remembers me. He asks me what do I think of the show...I am thinking fuck man...this dude, one of my many guitar idols, is asking me to criticize him, as I have already shared my life with him from the night before, even telling him how I was in the orchestra and played the viola for seven years, and sang, and played guitar, and all like shit I might add, but hey man I was doin em !

Those were truly the George asks me...from last night to tonight playing on stage...and thinking back to hearing me on those did you think I sounded? I answered this way


I said sounded fucking awesome! like a moron...and it was hilarious, unless you were in my shoes at the time.

The look on Georges face was classic....He knew I had a mind and musical knowledge and he new I could speak fluently and well. He what dumbfounded when I answered the way I did.

All of a sudden, I had an idol asking me to rate his performance for the night, compared to last night, and both combined to years and years, over twenty, years ago.

I was in state of shock! I froze up...I did not know how to answer but with an awe in my voice and a stupidity on my tongue, and enchantment in my heart while carrying love in my soul man.

Its a great feeling, know you you are in a perfect and wonderful moment. It has taken this long to figure all out even this deep to be able to express it in words. That is how speechless it left me when George Lynch of fucking Dokken asked me how he played that night.

George was nervous he had thought he had lost it after Dokken had not played for such a long while...he jammed else where with Lynch Mob and other jams, but he was unsure of the Dokken music having the same old flow and energy out of him that he wanted to put out from himself.

He was questioning his inner most musical being about his own credibility in an industry that will stab you in the back in a heart beat all the while being surrounded by evil.

He expected me to have this fascinating mindbogglingly answer, because we had great conversation, however I was so blown away that I did what one does in the presence of greatness.

I have seen this on other people faces since and many atime.

I now have questions and answers and composure that time has lent me to this point, because I know opportunity knocks often and that you should ride that fucking wave after you answer the door when it knocks man. Enjoy the gift that is life every moment, and be good, and work your souls passion in this life, and let that heart that resides their be Your Guide.

so...meeting folks now that say amazing tings to me or ask me amazing things is a lot easier.

So George, here is my answer. You fucking rocked dude!


you had not lost any dexterity, thus keeping your skills sharp and your tonality impeccable, along with perfect rhythm and melody to bring me back to the years of my very youth.

You have again inspired me, and I am glad you looked flabbergasted, because it let me know you truly thought something wonderful of me.

Thanks bro.

I met Dave Grohl too...and that was an awesome time as well...we spoke music non fuckin stop. We share some mutual friends as well...pretty ool life. Dave was easy to talk to because he had not been immortal status in my musical spirit.

He was just normal old Dave maybe 18 or 19 years old...but he said he was in a band.

We were in a house on Florence Avenue in Springfield, Virginia...maybe around 1988...if I recall, we both had been in many bands...with no great success and a lot of let down on a personal level...I dug that...I lived that...I was just another shitty musician too...still am as a matter of much room to always grow, even play another instrument, anything your heart desires, so is music!

and there in George was why I froze up, the difference in my minds perspective of speaking to you uas an immortal in my mind versus speaking to Dave Grohl before he was one of the kickin it asses rokkinrollers on the fucking entire planet, like yourself.

I saw that you had gained years of knowledge and where not egotitical but rather hyper critical and willing to take on constructive criticism no matter how harsh. Perfectionists always ask for this and rarely get truthful or honest answers.

Your playing and presence both have the ability to transform my perspective into that of a more pure perspective of enlightenment.

Some of my best teachers said few words. A word, a thought, a look, done bought!

George showed me I had an opinion that mattered...who validates us like that today...not too many folks...I care, I am tired of greed and selfishness We all need to care about one another again and help make a difference.

Peace is Coming!, and I will say it time and again.

I am thankful for George showing me a better way...

and so he taught me from that moment to be a musical critique like never before To capture and try to understand and feel every note, and to associate music to knowledge and feeling so that it can be had at anytime.

I am learning to play instruments I never once dreamed of, and every day that passes it all becomes so much more natural that it is both foreign and the usual at the same time...kind of dreamy and wonderful. I enjoy this wonderment of feeling as innocent as William Blake's's Lamb. (darn it I swear I am telling the truth I almost wrote Robert Blake,...too funny).

Life should have a flow like this and it does for me most of the time, and everything always works it self out as it should de spite me, not in spite of me...and this is ...a ...flow... .. . ba duh da! crash!

I love the musical life in which I live, sing and is a life from one of the most beautiful perspectives as I learn more with each breath I breathe in, filling my lungs with yet another breath of such sweet and precious air I hold so dear as the life that God has me he lent. Thanks God Almighty, Steve

George you live as inspiration in this song, thus transcending dimensions while existing in each one at the same time. For you at this moment I write this are still of the flesh, ever expanding the unirsssssssese even largerrrrrrrr...
... about here ...looks pretty to start writing again...inside the mind of the artist himself, it's a beautiful and wondrous place to live always wondering how everything works and keeping Diviner somewhere in minds sight.

I like to make my writing have a flow when I have that flow, and so at times I will write with a punctuation and style that fits the art of the writing with the matching feel of the art, thus complimenting one another...



while all the while being separated slightly, but still..keeping..a .. .. .. .

so many answers when another makes you look deeper inside yourself then you once thought possible, while at the same time your watching something that he knows you think is already impossible, because he sees that no one should be worshiped like a God from where he is so majestically is standing (although all the while in mind he sits atop all !), as it was a tough road to get there...and then...there I am, ...and I am...years gone by and wiser...thanks.. .. .. . . .

Propaganda is the strongest machine in the U.S.A. and perhaps the world. right I listen to Woody Harrelson's movie about smoking pot! Absolutely hilarious A must see. Thanks for putting it out there too...takes balls bro... .. . .

back to writing...after a quick break...revisiting times like these, we learn to love again, times like these we live and live again...thanks Dave Grohl...

and he who says that lyrics and words in music are not influential and do not cause any harm shall be careful what he writes!

As thy tongue is a sword, so thy words do cut.

I am happy Dave shows strength and wisdom in his music and he just grows and grows by leaps and bounds every time I hear something new...he is quite incredible.

So here again I am critiquing music somehow.

Maybe it is listening to my friends band Tone, who is the Sound manager at XM, in Washington D.C. First thing I told him was you guys sound like Riucsh, which was meant 100% as a compliment, and could have been mistaken not as such.

Maybe its me in orchestra listening to myself and all around me, individually...seeking the right notes myself making order in ears full of chaos, not clarity. I was terrible as a violist, because practice for me was a gig, and I improvised all the time...that is a tough way to learn...I could simply not be taught by another, all that much...I had to feel it out myself. I like it that way...I could pick it up and play it this moment, and still read the music like riding a bike. I will never forget that instrument, and will always remember the friend it was always along the way as it sang its peaceful notes, however they were made.

I think always, and I thank those who asked me questions Questions from others bring forth great amount of respect. I have been asked by many interesting people, many fascinating things, and I usually have a pretty good answer now.

Thanks George for making me take the time to think and realize the best pursuit is the pursuit in your hearts sights!

So I am writing, and writing and recording music again, and studying hard developing my own unique message.

Thanks bro.. .

Steve "rokkinroll" of Mobiustripz