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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Letter to the writer on the staff at The Washington Post about there article on, "Cumberland Goes To War" weekend event. - 20101116

Scan of my original reply from Jim Moran

This is a letter I wrote to a wrter of The Washington Post, after reading the article referenced by web site address below.

I hope you will enjot this reading and I hope it is enlightening!

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone at all.

I highly reccomend reading that article first. Then this letter.

Peace, Steve

Original article as sent to writer:

Your artcile in The Washington Post was quite truly the best article I have read in a very long time.

You covered the bases with sources, reported on the various and many facets that the story had, as opposed to being one sided, which we far to often see today in the press.

I am a fellow writer, and therfore have a keen sense of awareness as to what constitues good versus poor writing when I am reading others work.

I reside in Cumberland, Maryland. My fiance brought to my awareness your article recently printed featuring, "Cumberland Goes to War".

I quickly read your article with great personal interest, because it is not often our beautiful town of Cumerland, nestled and cradled like a bird in a nest in the great Alleghenies, and merely one hundred and fifty miles away, gets any coverage from such a prestiogoius paper, such as the Washington Post, which I grew up reading while living in Alexandria, Virginia, from my youth, starting in 1971, until I moved here in 2001.

I think what the Rabbi said stated best that it was rather poorly or ill advised the way the actual theme was NOT presented before the renactors started their live display of artistic portrayal of a disgusting piece of history, lest we forget!

I am glad they were able to have the passion to show so many people what it must have been like in those times, another era past, that however we are quickly truly reapproaching today.

Please bear with me as I explain so much that I hope, and feel after reading your work will make an abundance of sence.

I hope my words, as yours, carry weight and measure with a velocity that penetrates the mind of the reader to open a door of poosibilty thoug a now more opened mind previous to the reader first reading that first word.

Language is truly infinitely the most pwerful tool we have, as it has the ability to change our very psyche as we read it!

Language is our gift from God for all to share, no one excluded. It is an undeniable and innate right!

I have a letter that is a response to a letter I sent to Congressman Jim Moran from the year of 2002, while he, as he still does, serve this country, whicjh I believe to now be burning like Rome, when proverbaily speaking.

I will happily attach a scan once I scan it, if you so like merely ask me in your reply, please.

It is quite enlightening.

I was concerned about press and its coverage of events during terroristic times.

I heard the Peantagon get hit by the plane on that terrible September day of 11, 2010.

I then remember the sniper shootings, and all the very very poor press, as people were truly panicked.

This was the catalyst that I personally used, along with my college education I proudly received from Northern Virginia Comunitty College, Associates in Applied Police Science, to write a letter to Jim, who I had met while I was the President of The Fraternal Order of Eagles, in Alexandria, Virginia (if my memory serves me well, I was the President there, but could possibly have been the Vice President then, or holding another office even, I do not want to write or convey any untruths.)

I would love to share that story of meeting Jim Moran, playing pool together ( I won, he let me, great politician, so I whipped him real well!) so much more to share about that day.

Growing up I had a neighbor by the name of Arthur Menke. He was a survivor of Auschwitz, so needless to say, I was aware of the atrocities of Nazi Germany at a very very young age. He spoke of it not often, but when he spoke, those words had the weight I desire to share when I write. It is merely a part of my life, however strong, that left an indelible impression upon me while traveling through this journey of life, that made me stop and think deep!

He was a beautiful man, Bless His Soul! I miss him. Thanks Art.

I wrote that letter to my aquaintenance Jim, and what he wrote back ( which I have yet to scan) it's quite remarkable.

Let me say this about Jim Moran. He is a passionate man that I for one, would never think he would purposely lead our country down a wrong path, of Greed or based on any other type of sin, if had head prior knowledge of any type of corupption. I absolutely do not challenge his wonderful reputation in any way what so ever. I find him of exceptional character, and only can Pray weh had more men like him in those respects, serving on Captol Hill. Serving, " We the People", and not themselves. It is all so very like the last supper.

I grew up running the halls of Capitol Hill, knowing no better! My next door neighbor as I was a boy worked for Sam Hall of texas and Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, also highly esteemed men. I have been in their office playing while Mr. Black was hard at work, on a weekend, because our country needed as. I jhave seen dedication with my very own eyes, let me bare witness!

Dedicated men are dying by the way side, as we have undeniably moved forward or devolved, under the guise of the dumbing down of America.

We are at a loss of men with this type of dedication, passion, and smarts, however or wherever learned.

Mr Moran, wrote back that he would share my thoughts amoungst his colleagues on the Hill ads he thought they were very thought provoking and powerful.

I indeed beleive that what I wrote could have been a catalyst into a new day in age of which we are amidst.

I believe that what I wrote was what led to some legislation on the books today, that if mis interpretated, could be truly detrimental.

Word has origin. People have origin. Thought has origin. My thought, letterf rom Jim, and laws today have origin. I can link them.

Origin is important, becaus it is there that we find original intent. Intent may be good at its beginning. Good intent can also pave the road to hell. (Listen to Randy Travis, Good Intentions, a very beautiful song, Rand is more notably now a Gospel Singer. Amen)

To go out on a limb, could what I have written been something incorporated into the Patriot Act?

It horrifies me today that perhaps something I wrote with beautiful and great intent at a particular time of the calendar in my life, could equally be used against, " We the People".

The letter from Jim undeniably speaks for itself, as you will see.

So having gathered from what you have read thus far, if you have followed, you have seen some interesting exapmle that my life has given me, and where I have been, and what I have seen, and why I have vision...not to be read a visions...but rather vision, for the future and what can be happening, becauise as any history buff will tell you the most important thing to learn about history when studying, is that history will repeat itself. The bad will again and again, especially if left unguided by a kind hand. Lest we forget!

My suggestion to Jim Moran is, at the very least, a controversial one when examining it legally to The First Amendment, as written in the Bill of Rights, of The Constitution of the United States.

I suggested that law enforcemnet agencies work collectively before handing out press releases during time of terror, or perceived terror.

The intent here was merely to report an accurate and cohesive data set for the listeners to process, so that they (We the People), now informed, could morve forward in life quickly and in a safe directioon that would guard and protect, while bringing no further harm forth, while justice (in its trus form and essence) was sought.

Stress makes us all perceive actual events differently in our minds eye. That is a fact I have studied under classical education while at college and experienced first hand while living, as well as have taken testiomony of from others, that I may now share as second hand knowledge.

Again, origin is of the greatest importance.

In origin is understanding.

We have had far too many communication breakdowns in life that have lead to too many wars (one is too many in this instance, and in this instance, one seems larger then itself because it is so heinous, in one resides the ego, which destructs everything ariound it selfishly (basic psych)).

So on this particular day of which you have written and given your best testimony, we knopw that at least one passenger was offended, Bless her soul.

The Rabbi has it right. The scene should have been given a proper introduction so that anyone, even if only a single person, would have been prepared with a certain perspective.

Had this person had this perspective, she could have quickly realized that this was a learning instrument, of how many poor sould of Germany had to live in the time of the hideous, heinous, Hitler.

We most definitely do not celebrate Nazi Germany here in Cumberland, maryland, or anything remotely close to that in this beautiful town in which we live.

We are a post industrial town with a tough skin, a wrinkled face, and a work ethic, burt not much work.

We are a good people here, with a few strays, God bring them back!

I will apologize to this woman for what she went through, as I do not like anyone to hurt, as it hurts my soul.

I ask her, and anyone else, to understand what I have learned and openly share herein, and what others on that day tried their best to convey, however ill conceieved or portrayed. It's inherent intent, I am certain, was not one of hurting anyone, but rather of enlightenment and awareness of what was and what can be again!

So that particular event of which you wrote, after having read it online at my desk, only makes me think deeper and further along to what I proposed to Jim, and what he then passed along to esteemed, like minded or not, colleagues.

I see a time of turmoild and economic depression all around us. You see it first hand when you choose to live in a place like Cumberland, Maryland. If you want to see worse, examine some pictures of Detroit, It looks like a war zone! I am living in the middle of it, as I have terrible gout, a broken back and genectic disease of the spinal cord channel, heart conditions, and severe gout that comes and goes, as well as a cancer scare a short itme ago.

I do not say any of that to garner sympathy. I state them because they are truths of my life currently.

I am going through my own adventures as you just read, and they are quite fascinating.

I chose to live here, as I wanted to pursue those things in life that I was passionate about.

I knew I wanted to live in Cumberland, Maryland the forst moment I drove into town with my dear friend Robbie Lowman, an esteemed friend of The Fraternal Order of Eagles, and a Past Worthy State President.

It took a few years, and I made it.

It has been a heck of a ride.

I write, I play music and write music which I record.

Mobiustripz is my band name, and I am rokkinroll when online (screename).

I have had press coverage locally with my writing, and at the U.S. Deartment of Energy most recently.

I am also writing recording my music to the best of my ability, and find myself writing daily.

I am often not well received, I would think, becaue I write about truth. Musically, I have my own thoughts and presentation as well. It is for freshness, not alienation.

I believe if we speak truth, we will have few close friends but will have close friends.

I hope that will change so that we may all have many close friends, and no enemies, but that is not where we collectively on this earth are.

We are far from it, and it especuially hurts because we need to be there as quickly as yesterday has passed by!

There is great suffering all around. It is by far the worst I have seen in my forty two years!

We as a world are experiencing an incredible amount of natural disasters on top of our own human turmoil and plight.

Tension is escalating to higer levels then of any recent history sense World War II.

There is great threat, and that threat is rooted in ignorance.

We will never all think exactly alike, therfore we need to gain in understanding and do so compassionately. We need to break down the walls of Greed we have built here in America. We need to remain the Home of the Free.

We are losing our Civil Liberties quickly...more quickly then conceievable or comprehendable as it is happening so quick.

I see it happening, and I am in the mix, and my letter is proof in itself.

That woman on the train was in fear! Fear is where all reaction roots which is negative.

Our country is in fear. Simply watch Jesse Ventura's new series on Tru TV. Those are acts of a fearful government that appears to be in fear it very self!

I beleive what I see him report on. He is not insane. He is real. He is after the truth. He has always been a man of great integrity. He is a man of great integrity still.

I never meant to supress media with my ideas to Jim Moran. I meant only to have what was reported be accuarte and safe as to not cause panic.

I want all of us to go out the doors slowly if the proverbial theater were to be on fire, not all run in different directions, panicked and hurting one another.

I am fearful that my concepts, once shared, may very likely had become legalized, and may now be an equal threat to out very freedom it is meant to preserve.

This is quite mind blowing intellectaully, I think you will agree, and especially for me on a persoanl level.

It may have given control to people that are not looking out for our best interests, that are starting to flex their collective muscles, through our fear and minipulation of that fear, that are acting in ways that are not in the best interest of our country, or for collective world peace.

I do not state these things lightly.

President Obama knows his God, and that is where i will protect and defend him. He has a right to be mute about huis personal beleifes to a degree, because it is their that resides his God, his Family, and his Home, which compose his life. Is not mak alowwed to have something sacred I ask?

He has been raked over the coals for nor stating what some may not want to hear. His perspective, which is a culmination of his own very life, God's greatest gift we have experienced thus far.

God Bless him, if in his wisdom he knows that being mute on a topic is a tool to bring about less upheaveal in difficult times, where religions are once again clashing in historical proportions, like The Crusades, for example.

Studying Law Enforcemnet was fascinating, and still fascinates me today, however I have never been an official officer of the law. My education taught me that it was not what I wanted to do professioanly. It certainly did not mean that I learned nothing from it.

We, I beleive, are on the brink of a civil war, however drastic or alarming that may sound. Al the indicators are there and that mnakes us very ripe for Civil War, any honest historian will tell you that.

When we were no longer self sufficient, and we let greed for the dollar run the economy, the trickle down effect has had many reprocussions, as do all cause and effect relationship.

Now that we are not self supporting, myself included, we must carefully rebuild this country. We are in shambles! The Federal Government is well beyond broke as the Federal Reserve manipulates all aspects of the marketplace.

I had a great Government teacher at George Mason University, his name escapes me (my apologies). Roger Wilkens was a teacher of mine as well, however I did not respect that fine man at the time. i hope to make amends to him one day. I did not go back to class because of things he said that were to radical for my simple mind at the time.

He is an incredible man, and what he said has stayed with me, however much I disagreed with it then.

It was about the Civil War, and Abe Lincoln.

What he said, and what I heard, and what I hated to hear which he said, I now believe was the truth, because I have had well over twenty years to think about it, read about it, and watch history repeating itself.

What we have on the table now here in this country is equally powerful and able to split this country like a lightening bolt hitting a tree and simutaneously removing a limb and stripping the bark off of it.

We need to react before the lightening fully hits...right now we just have a storm brewing, that can be calmed.

If we are hit like the tree, we will be stripped of our protective coating like the bark that protects the tree. We will then be bare and open and vulnerable, as we try to heal our woundsfrom the damage. Once hit the tree rarely lives as it once proudly best it dies long before it should have and in very poor physical appearance.

We learn to gain knowledge and perspective so that we may be innately intune and therfor more easily be abl;e to more gracefully live a fuller and more wholesome life so that we may offer what we have learned to others and share in its bountiful harvest, while at the same time paving a future that is brighter and easier for the generations that are to come.

Your article brought to light for me a personal culmination to this point in my life.

It made me reflect what it is I have truly learned thus far.

I realize that my gifts are God given freedoms that I love and will always protect.

There are trains that have been prepared to transport thousands upon thousands of people. There are " residentail centers" all over the United States, in ten regions, perhaps more on the way.

This is well known and all easily substantiated, however insane it may sound, it is our reality at this moment.

As Glenn Beck says over and over, do the research yourself.

Ron Paul sees the writing on the wall, and he, perhaps admired on Capitol Hill, is however very rarely on the main page with everyone else philisophically.

He is not a greedy man, he exercises great common sense, and has a calmness and integrity that are inspiring.

There are thousands of portable plastic coffins all over the country that can hold three human bodies at once. I wonder what for.

Shall we spend money on people needing help now, or forget them and make coffins for them, as we watch them die.

Perspective is a fascinating thing.

Think about this!

Perhaps, our government, as it is philisophically and conceptually examined under the context that is contained in my letter to Mr. Moran, is not reporting "everything" to us, because they know something we do not.

Origin often starts in hypotheseis. It is then often proven through inexact science, and it is always proven or not proven through the passage of time.

The Space Shuttle will be defunct soon, so it has been reported from N.A.S.A.

It was originally thought that it would not even be possible technologically unti after this date.

That is the exponential speed at which the advancement of technology has accelerated.

I once thought that technologhy itself exponentially grew. I now think the exponetial factor itself is exponetially growing, while the whole nature of the technolgy itself does so too!

So what do we need a space shuttle for if it is old technology? What is truly the new technology. I have seen at N.A.S.A.'s site, the new and smaller shuttle.

Did you ever think that perhaps the recent missle launch in California was perhaps a space shuttle, loaded with equipment, is going now "secretly" to space?...only then to be discarded as space trach if anything is even left.

This is not at all far fetched.

History says that something is coming soon. Many, many ancient civilizations saw the writing on the wall, and have tried desperately to tell us something we do not want to accept.

If you look it is all around us. In the movies, in science, in music, in history, in hyroglyphics, ad infinitum.

The Federal Government has always spens money secretly ans always has an underlying agenda and always plans for the future.

Gold is going through the roof ! Our cash is becoming devalued. Inflation is upon us once again. Gas prices are steadily climbing.

Yet the stock market is performing well...and that will certainly not last, as there is no reason for a stock market to last that is built on a foundation of lies and greed. It is built into its very nature to fail at a time like this, and it will soon.

We have democrats and republicans, and independents, but they all agree that we are experienceing the worst times, at least since the Great Drepression of the 30's which preceeded the World War.

Was has historaically been good for the economy, however, not the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, as these have been not wars of preservation of freedoms, but rather wars based in greed and imposing our belief system upon other cultures that we do not even begin to understand, just as they there do not understand us, and we have only widen that gap by further alienating other nations while sticking our nose in their business wher it never belonged and was never invited!

Theories abound all around, but whatever the reason, we are ripe and we are a nation is despair, and ill repair, embarking upon no repair.

There are simple ways to recreate this nation, however that will take not shaking the foundation, but recreating the foundation that this great country is based upon.

Sometimes the earth quakes, and buildings slide upon their respective foundations. If this happened to an ancient historical building, it would be easy to spend an usually inordinate amount of money preserving it.

Our country is sliding, and will continue to slide. We need to stop the slide and rebuild the foundation, desperately.

I could go on and on about some very viable theories, and they are plausible because I know many people in many places that have shared theri life's experiences with me over the years, be it musically, aertically, or scientifically.

I am my self a scientist, artist, and musician, all gifts from God, the One and Only!

I am obviously religious.

I will defend Barck Obama, whom I voted for, and I was a very conservative republican before that, and am now leaning towards being an independent, for what all of that combined is worth.

I defend him on thios point. It matters not what religion he truly is, for there is but one God. He is the Alpha and the Omega. As it was written. He gave birth to thought, and word, and word was named Logos... and from there evoled flesh, from which forth came all things living.

How much more clear can the Bible be? Does it need to be more clear? Should these even be questions?

We all have one God, like it or not, and he loves All of us...undeniably.

Acceptance, psychologically speaking is a jumping off point preceding healing and growth, and most often in times of stress comes through great pain, be it emotional or physical, spiritual, or mental.

Once Acceptance has been harvested, comes forth Faith, from whence forth all great things come, lest we forget it's origin, although it may still not be seen in our physical reality, it is a known deep within us all.

We as a country must accept that we are where we are and stop placing band aids upon a slash to the souls aortic artery in the throat of the Spirits Body where resides the nurishoument for the existence of physicality from without nothing else can come forth.

Our country is fastly fading into history.

I remember when Russia disbanded...what The Soviet Union is done?

What a shocking revelation out of apparently no where.

What an experience.

Well we are there my friend.

Only One God cand save us all, because even Jesus, and Mohammed, and all before Him that came could not save this cursed race of human beings on this earth.

We are all one race, the race called "human".

We are each different, and each created in Gods Vision for us.

We are rightfully suppose to respect one another, but often do not because we are too often tempted, like Eve was in the gardem by the asp,
(from my perspective), like ad infinitum to the story which is told again and again in all civilization, because greed is a human condition inescapable until you have Acceptance.

That built from greed will always surely fail!

That built in Gods Vision will always flourish and survive Anything and Everything.

To protect these individual liberties which I clearly explain from my own perspective, however sane or insane it sounds to the individual reader is the very reason we must understand that it is my personal right, as well it is each of yours, that you have this right to express and share your thoughs with others so that we may share and grow and become enlightened as we live life, as opposed to bing chained in the mind, through supression of thought, idea, and word, which reside and the sould and cannot and will never be quelled.

It is these expressions that when shared by others with me opens me to Him.

My best teacher ever was Mr. Gray at Waynewood Elementary School as well as Stephen Foster intermediate, where we both coincidentally (fate) transitioned to a new school, he by professional choice, and I through grade progression.

In sixth grade I had him for all subjects, and he taught each with beautiful mastery, where all the students could learn something, from the genius to the poor problem child as explained in modern psychology.

In Seventh Grade He taught me only a single subject, English, and it was there I learned what I need to carry me all the way through earning my Associated degree.

Conceptually he taught me all, it was only now being vied through time with different data sets, be it Shakespear, or my friends film scrip I just reviewed. Wow life is fascinating.

I want to tell you about him too. He is known is the Art world as Hoyt Richards, and he is accredited as the first male super model. He is a friend of my childhood, and recent reaquaintenance through, of all things, facebook.

I have friends in the musical industry and offered to help get My Chemical Roamnce to write a song for this new film he cowrote with Lawrence Nelson.

It is a script that is Shakespearian in nature ! and is a stunning read !

The movie when done, is "Invisible Prisons", and is based on true events.

So aye, here is the rub!

I have a friend in New York who recently was nominated for an Emmy. I was hoping she could jump on borad. Perhaps she is just too busy, as that would be the nature of the business at her level. Perhaps she is contractually under obligation to work for a single brand. Well, that is terrible if that is the case because here artistic ability is needed elswhere, and is a shame, but not an unclimbable mountain. She is Missy Cohen.

I have a friend at XM, but he does not know anyone from the band. He knows many people in the industry as he is deeply immered into his art and is expremely infl;uential to what mnost of us are listening to now. He is Jack MacGinnis, at XM, in Washington D.C.

So I know I cannot ride the coattails of that would not be my work. So my work is here where I write word, music, and letters as catalysts of change and communication in order to bring enlightenment shared by each and therfore progress for all.

It is beautiful to be rewarded for this work, be it financially, through notoriety, or artically, it is a gift that is from friends in the same comunitty, and we all have a similar origin, therfore share in so many ways.

Fairfax County Pulblic Schools that I went too in the 80's were fascinating great institutions to learn at, even if like me, you did not get perfect grades.

I was in the orchestra with Missy, and in classes with Jack, and we still speak from time to time as topic and importance respectively allow.

Sometimes their best advice is no reply, because no rely is an answer that means choose a different path, so communication still happens, if not looked at in an emotionally childish like egotisical perspective.

We are eqaully all children of the Cold War Era Generation, and as such, share even more values, and come from parents that are of similar age, and therfore share again even more.

I do not share that bond with anyone here in Cumberland, maryland. I do, however, continually reach out to artists and the newspaper on a local level and keep establishing myself a foothold in this comunitty where I want to thrive and live a peaceful and bountiful life to share with others.

I have so many fascinating life experiences that they are quite often hard to believe. My memories are awesomeness unexplaineable by word almost.

I am finally able to write well.

The U.S. Department of Energy recognized that, and that makes me thankful, not proud. I had a message that I wanted to share and they saw that too. I again thanks them and all I addressed in that article, far too many to list by name from memory.

The script I just finished is again, Shakespearian in nature, and if it is filmed and cast as well as it is written, I look at is to set Sundance on fire !, how else would greatness perform at Sundance?

I can see the greatness coming. This script to me brought me clearly in my minds eye back to Mr. Craddocks English class of 1985-1986.

He taught Hamlet beautifull like no one else could. I know because he taught it ti me!

And it is in literature something that has never ever been able to be overcome from anything I have ever read, not to say I am the most avid reader, but I am classically fairly well read and knowledgeable.

This script rings of Shakespear.

I have suggested in be shared openly before the movie release, as I think it is that strong a message as well as would promote what is bound to be a blockbuster today, as we all face challenges like no time before.

I have many other wonderful things that I would like to share but the main point is that life unravels in all directions while simutaneously goes in a single direction in purpose.

I always go back to my origins, because it is there that I find strength and wisdom to move forward most gracefully.

I will post this letter in its entirety on my blog too, as I often use it as a chronicle for my work, thoughts, opinions etc.

I will go scan the letter now if I am able and upload it to my blog and also attach it to you in an email.

Thanks again for a wonderful article that was clear and comunicated a great message.

Your writing is inspirational.

...forgive me mine if I have a few errors or mispellings

John Stephen Swygert

Thanks and God Bless, Steve