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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life Map of ROMA, Carl Mikeman and James Gladden, and my music and instruments

My diary / chronicle

I am currently studying my Korg Poly 800II...WHAT A UNIT FROM THE 80'S...I am glad to have it to add to my musical instrument collection.

I am looking for a violin and a drumset to complete my basic studio.

I have been playing the keyboard(s) I have two now.

Love playing my Jay Turser Tele and it plays better then any guitar I have ever played, including a custom Les Paul that was over $ 1800...hard to believe from such an inexpensive guitar...incredible quality, and HOT stock picks ups ! This guitar has incredible action, sweet frets, a great finish, and the wood selected is of beautiful grain.

I have a Pirro Ligorio map I am working on pricing to sell it. This map looks to be from the 1500's, and has an incredible history and may be his rarest map produced while working for The Vatican. Ligorio worked for Pope Pius IV and Paul IV...amazing stuff! This link will give a short desription about Ligorio and his work.

Currently I am having Christie's evaluate it...could be a long process. I have a buyer, but cannot determine an asking price yet. It could be worth $ 5000 US or $ 100,000 US or even more.

This is exceptional art work and history.

It is a map of ROMA in Latin, and is a print from a wood engraving.

Ligorio has a well known very detailed map, and mine is the rarest map he made, and maybe even unknown or not well known.

This was the master work of its day and age and was therfore oft copied.

If you are reading this and have any expertise in this field, I am all ears and encourage you to email me please.

It has been a catalyst to study history, art, and antiquities in general, as well as Latin and other language. All things I had little interest in before now, but rather love now and find it all quite fascinating.

The history of the map and its previous owners (well known and influential in the arts) is unbelieveable, and I am working on proving its origin and how it came to be mine so that I can prove the validity of it as well as other documents in my (my lawyers safe)posession.

I have an original Henry Jourdain print too...that also appears to be unknown.

O also have original work by Carl Mikeman, a friend of my youth who is another fascinating person as well.

He is a scientist, artist, and photographer.

The prints I have are from an art form that he designed, therefore, are extremely unique.

The art form, which I watched and had explained to me, are prints from photos that were transfered (through a very specific process) to silk screen(s). Each color for the final print required its own silk screen. I understand the process well, as I watched Carl perform the work as a child. He was my neighbor and let me and some friends use his huge shed as our clubhouse, and I cut his lawn for $ 8.50 a week for a few years starting in about 1979.

I would explain more about his techniques, however, I will only do so once I have his permission.

This man is an absolute genus and I feel honored to have shared a slice of life with him.

He helped design, enhance, and evolve night vision (Fort Belvoir Proving Grounds), infared imagery and infared tracking systems for ICBM's. He worked on base with my neighbor who is also my best friend's father from childhood years. She is Julie Gladden, and her father is James W. Gladden. He was instrumental in the developement of the hologram and was a leading scientist in his field as well.

Carl also had two classic cars, if my memory serves me well they are an Austin Healy Sprite (maybe) and for sure a beautiful blue Morgan, and English car.

Carl was, and still is, inspirational to me, and I will write him a letter soon, as I have not spoken to him since my youth. He shared a lot with me when I was a child and was a wonderful mentor.

Computers have helped me to reconnect with so many people that it has been a blessing.

Well, life has been a wonderul journey full of excitement and adventure.

I plan on writing a book in one form or another to chronicle the people I have met and things I have seen, which are very fascinating.

Returning to the topic of the came from an estate sale. The estate sale was that of Catharina Baart Biddle (which I will say thus far with 99% certainty)...

...after she passed away. She was the wife of Livingston Biddle, the founder and third chairman of National Endowment for the Arts.

She is a celebrated American artist who met and spoke with Matisse and Picasso.

She is a published poet as well and earned two Masters degrees.

I look for her work to skyrocket in value very very soon. Her story is quite fascinating, as she was a traveler, an artist, a student, and a teacher.

As I read about her and was fascinated that she met Matisse and Picasso, amoung other notable artists, I then realized that I too have met a notable artist in my own childhood, Carl.

My Mother is an accomplished classicaly trained artist as well, having studied the arts in college, and being a wonderful painter herself. Mom seems to enjoy both oils and watercolors, as well as sketching in charcoal and pencil. She likes other art forms taht she enjoys as well.

Little did I realize what I learned artistically through Osmosis from my Mom.

We need to go the the gallery in DC soon, as she has not been well for several years and I owe it to her to do as much as we can while we can. She is currently worjking on a picture of my home for me, and that will be her first peice in a long while...I pray she enjoys it as much as I will !

Music and graphical art have always been important in my life to my heart and my soul's core.

Today, they are each an even more integral part of my life's passion.

Events in my life lately have been a great catalyst to study and be productive, even through my current health conditions at age 42. Gout, cycts on both feet, heart issues, broken back, etc. These things will not keep me down or rob me of vitality.

I will use them (the recent events and health issues together) to motivate me further as they have thuis far, to use my creativity, expand my mind, and reinvent my lifestyle, as it is a lesson that is abundandtly clear.

I have a great lifestyle now, I just have to adjust a few things, like quit smoking, start jogging, and keep my weight where it is at a nice 170 lbs. At 170, I feel much more energetic then the 185-205 range I have typically bounced around in.

I am eating both less and healthier and will be studying herbal cures and herbal nutrition to supplement my diet regularly.

I love to garden and cheerish the fresh foods it provides, as nothing tastes like fresh picked from the home garden kind of food, and I love to cook as well.

These are mostly thoughts about what is going on right now in life and how I will evolve through all of this.

I am thankful for my fiance and her children and extended family. I am thankful for my immediate family, and mostly I am thanksful for God.

I try to see my life as God would have iot for me, and not as I would have it for me.

Life is beautiful today and I appreciate all that it entails.

My health will reagin a normal or as close to normal form soon as I will pray and work hard on it so that I may be a better servant to my Father.

Life is full of wonderful adventures and lessons, and these ar merely a few I wanted to share. FREE STREAMING MUSIC BY MobiusTripz 24/7...STORE NOW OPEN TOO, LINK IN MUSIC PLAYER DOWNLOAD THE ANDROID APP AS WELL, FREE TOO !!!


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