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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cumberland, so many other local political blunders ! ~ MOBIUSTRIPZ ~


To our newly to be sworn in "Public Servants" is time to destroy the East Side School, abandoned and run down and not a thing done with it in my ten years of living here!

The city stold our park on Jmaes Day Drive, and have had a subsequents debacle od a mess with the town homes that may be finished by the year 2020!

Yet this disgusting builing lays delapidated near the main entrance off the interstate to out comunitty.

The loss of our Park on Jjames Day it very self could be deemed as a criminal act once further investigated, as often is the case when a city sells off the public's land and truly acts as our voice when not fairly giving the respective citicenzs a "true" voice, when it matters not to them anyway in the first place.

What do our words mean when "your" minds are already made up?

I am pleased that we will have new local officials in place soon, but it doen nothing for me to think that this will bring about change in a climate that is nearly as stagnant as a polluted river.

What is amiss here in our town is a lack of a common vision through cohesion.

Our beutiful new state of the art Hospital is wondereful inside with state of the art technology, and at the same time appears as a battleship of death from the outside, designed so poorly on the outside artistically that it is a disgrace, in looks alone. However, I am thankful for it.

But then again, there is the WMHS corporate squeeze of medical greed and their well known "no compete" attitude that undermines what would otherwise be an area that would truly attract the finest medical minds, at which currently we are at a stiffling shortage be it doctors, nurses, or orderlies.

I live on Waverly Terrace and I struggle partially and mostly because of the haves doing as they care while the have nots get further left behind, rarely even having an oppurtunitty to work at any new facilities.

Bayliner...gone...Beiderlack...gone, OSH KOSH B'Gosh...gone, PPG, and Cooper Tires...long gone.

We do not promote an area that is hospitable to new " Green Industry" as we are now in this "Green Era".

We consistently have alienated all the good things that come our way to Cumberland, and the surrounding county.

DelFest...well, I do not blame them if they never return, but we the people want you!

Scythian, may be lost too forever!

You politicians owe us dearly here.

You want paeking downtown when there is more then enough...GET REAL...and quit spending our money on feasibilty studies that are a fruitless waste of time while lining the outsiders pockets!

You deserve to give is a park at East Side...and certainly not a subsidized housing dump, because that is what they historically always end up being. Throwing more good money after bad!

What in the hell has happened to common sense and decency?

I implore you to ask yourself this!

Sure i could leave, but I have a vision of this beautiful sacred historically rich ciy that should easily be a hub for Green Industry and a have for the artists of the entire Northern Region.

Embrace big money and reap greed. Embrace wholesome comunitty projects that offer something for all of us, and I mean each and everyone of us, and build our comunitty better then ever.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results...will go on with yourselves, as you disgrace most of us in this town as we suffer to even find any decent work!

Look in the Times-News employment guide...what a joke !...flaberghasting!

If the laws are "to slow" to start the abatement process and see it quickly through to fruition...welll change the laws because that is the innate beauty of the architecture of the American legal system at heart.

Lerned as well as un or less learned men have valuable opinions.

That a man was threteningly escorted out of our Tax Office on Kelly Road who is of no threat sickens me!

I own a piece of that building as we each do, and he has a right to be there when acting appropriately as it was so well reported in our local paper.

Someone who gives a damn has more right there then someone else that is just picking up a paycheck doing the same old thing in an archaic system that has failed.

Rome is burning! Wake up. Cease the day !

We must join peacefully and change in a positive direction swiftly together, or parish as one society, which starts at home and will spread like a pan demic throughout the entire country.

Can you see it is happening that way now?...look arournd...turn on the news!

I write to the paper, I submit articles. I ask them to print them for nothing as I suffer here at home virtually always broke, yet happy and with vigor galore.

I get the occasional editorial...if it fits thheir views. Thanks, it helps me proove that point when you read my articles.

One they did not print was featured instead by The U. S. Department of Energy!

Not good enough for home, but it displayed a philosophy we must embrace here that they see at The U.S.D. of E.

People get called all kinds of names when they collectively act the way they do with a lack of vision and a closed mind, and it is quite honestly pathetic.

I see great local progress with the event of the recent elections as well as this rebuilding of our cities infrastructures, all the way to the beautful arts we offer locally, which by themselves are a dying way of life, and always a life of struggle, but as an artist, I accept that road because I knew it when I chose it because I stand for something and will always speak my mind as well as offer to those less fortunate what I can, which I personally wish was much more.

So demolish that old East Side Elementary School or make it a recreation center so you can stop throwing most of our youth in our local jails and eventuall prisons!..

What an industry we have here.

We incarcerate on a local, state, and federal level all within miles of each other, while ABL pays great money as people their sell their souls designing planned DESTRUCTION.

FEMA, Mexico Farms, The Rail Roads, The Air Ports...all in close proximity...what a coincidence !

If we keep it up in this direction, many will be on a train like livestock to the modern day concentration camps that already exist.

In the great words of Glenn Beck, do not take my word for it, do your own research!

Go drive around any FEMA arae and see quickly your not no...your not being paranoid...these are the facts and are indisputable.

We have ben and are continuing to be sold out !

Steal our Natural Gas, deforest our God Given Mountains, steal our coal as you destroy mountain tops that Mother Earthe left there to protect us from weather patterns.

The rich do not care as they pillage our comunitty time and time again!

And it just keeps happening!

When we exercise our right to speech and press and share collectively what should really be done, things will change, but not under the ultimate powers that pacify the sellouts talking the 100K plus paychecks a year, as they could care less about the, "rest of us."

I grew up the son of A West Point Colonel. I am connected in many ways to the "top" in many various industries where my words are heard loudly, because I do not speak softly.

I grew up with every advantage offered in what is now "the dillusional American Dream" of old.

I came to Cumberland, Maryland ten years ago and i will testify to My Lord, The Almighty, that this education is one not tought in colleges, that I was educated in.

Lessons are learned through life...College is for the books, however valuable, and do not get me wrong, I respect them each as well.

My point is live not caucus and pretend to be one of us like us an now suffering.

I pray these words spark debate, I pray they spark peaceful constructive change. I pray these words not devide, but rather unite, so we can move forward for a change.

Patience is a virtue of old...maybe the acceleration for change and evolution of our law to transform into a more useful less archaic tool should be the new virtue.

I am running out of patience and I am tired of plight and misery all around.