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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Letter to Andy Vick, Executive Director of The Allegany Arts Council

After a wonderful discussion today with Mark and Dana Baker of the New Embassy Theater, they have agreed to let me propose my planning for a poetry reading, that will be scheduled in the near future, after all the preliminary planning is complete and the proposal is approved.

I am seeking help, volunteers and donations.

We need donations, that shall be paid directly to the theater for a total sum of $ 400 to pay for the rental of the space and employees, as well as the refreshments.

I would enjoy a donation from your fine Council, and further more would appreciate your help and welcome you warmly to come and enjoy a night of fine poetry, skits, live music, and refreshments, and what ever else the evening offers as it unravels.

As I am purely in the planning stages, I appreciate your kind reply and participation, and with or without a donation.

I would like to become a member of your Council as well, but due to poor health that has led to poor finances, this has just not happened yet. I am sure it will soon.

I am a writer of poetry, fiction (working on a book and its screenplay currently) and news articles of the reporting nature (fetaured in several local and natioanl publications.) I also work with graphic arts of many types of media, and write, record and perform music that I also sing in. My musical band is MobiusTripz. I have a small debut album to be arriving in over forty online music distribution houses by the new year.

I am a classically trained violist, although currently out of practice as I am concentrating on the guitar and bass and keyboards in the meantime, and I am the son of a Mother who is a fine artist classically trained from here college days and her own innate God given talent.

I would like your thoughts and ideas on this while the planning is underway, as I hope to further unite and share our beautiful artistic spirit in our cozy town.

As a final request, do you offer any discounted memberships for those on disability, as myself.

I want to further immerse myself into the arts I so Love.

Sincerely, John "Stephen" Swygert