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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The definition of the pentameter as defined newly by rokkinroll of MobiusTripz.

"Cum Animus eo ire itum Prontius"

The definition of the pentameter as defined newly by rokkinroll of MobiusTripz. John Stephen Swygert

It is quite simply,

In modern English:

"The Spirit Traveling forward"

...more properly named in Latin and its correct and proper name therfore:

"Cum Animus eo ire itum Prontius"

This newly defined pentameter exists equally in all artist's work through out the arts and through all of time no matter the media used for expression, it was languange before utterance became word and is what makes he the artis who He is.

The Book states from thought, emerged name, which produced sound, and that sound was Logos in that example, and then Logos became word, which then bacame flesh, and from hence forth all things living.

Not some things, but ALL things.

The universal language of music is in us each, forget that never I pray.

It unites, shares, and always collectively and individually eventually is seen from a perspective of what it said just by existing through peopels senses and then into influence as no other can inspire in the mortal soul, and how it changed something, often ERAS, no matter how minute, or how massive, even if as massive as the outbreak of war, a skirmish, gladiators, a conflict, call it what you will and once again I will say ad infinum. It always wins in the End, because it truly Is the Alpha and the Omega!

Triumph is always his who heeds this knowledge, no matter the perils and thrills of life.

If you see this as wrong, explain to me my flaws, as I pray to better see things in an even more enlightened state. I welcome communication anytime through this site. Other wise I pray reading this new concept has enhanced you spirit forever more, be cause in He who is me is Love for Free.

Living life itself, is an art itself, each us an artist, on a time frabic canvas, watching things of infulense or inspiration go by as we age, painting a picture unable to be recorded, as the only One can see.

Life is an art. In Art exists science, an unfortunately science often overlooks the beauty of art as an inherent flaw, sauch as we.

Artistic expression flows from each one our own's channel of the devinely inspired angels singing in our spirit, which we process in our chemical biological body and then process each eindividually as thought and collectively analyze them from our very perfectly uniqe perspective are then inspired to create.

Legacys are left by art from artists, while often the artis is left in rags.

Greed in not the artist friend, and with fame has brought death too often in the end.

amd even through this "traveling through helll" at times like life, As Churchill said, "If you are going through hell, keep on going"

Because if you stop your dead, and if you keep on going, which only inspired Faith brings, you will go actuall through hell, thus meaning more deeply that there exists something better after you travel through.

This is a universal law known by any and all that have suffered, and we each have suffered.

So as our Spirt is Traveling forward, it lives, thrives, suffers, learns I pray, Both Loves and Hurts, ad infinitum.

and the very beauty and poewer of latin lets me portary that entire concept with such few words.

Latin uses words that are more symbolic and meaninful then any known langaue.

A mere letter is an entire firld of collective concepts at times.

I am working through my arts on a Universal Theory of The Univers, and this is just a part of a chronicle of mine upon my exploration.

As my spirit travels forward, so do I.

Who in us really has no spirt. We each innately know this and certainly cannot use moedern science to prove what we already each know, because from a scientific point of view what would trying to prove it to start with scientificall even make sense.

God is the Spirit in each of us, and that is a truth we will all learn, beleiver today or not!

These are not my opinions I write so candidly, but they are my set of facts as life has shom me as an individual like no oter before or after, most certainly acceptable by all that read as a fact as well.

Tune is to His channel, believe the visions only grand, and walk by you master hand in hand.

Maters not what you call your master anymore.

We each know lifes no accident, argument I pray be no more.

Pray this with me now, and watch your world change, because with great vision in mind, the view is rearranged,
the gates of heaven open, the treasures are all bare,
realizing the treasure is now, not gold, silver or cab fair.

I write this as an example of sp[ontaneous inspired writing.

It is what I know and what is true for me and to me undeniable, still understand from each we see a different view.

So again an entire cocept, once studied, learned, created, and defined thrust us towards that path which we take.

When the gut in any way turns, turn youself the other way,

seek answers from peers, by defintion moraled men,

act upon sound advise quick, time is not meant to idly waste away.

So live your spirt as it travels through, it always tells what next proper to do,
any thing else is a clear plain lie,
as fallen civilizations have proved over time.

I pray having read this far you see this as The Answer in a way we kno we should all live, as cliche as it sounds, and certainly should not, language has been too distorted, souly due to the sin of man, fliing empires on sale for a mere dime.

Paryers and Psalms of peace and Grace, steve "rokkinroll Swygert of MobiusTripz

If you have read this, know you are blessed! Matters not by who you think,
A shared concept of what he is, not how and who and what, beauty to be had in a time of blink.

I close with this Prayer:

Its time to all love our God's respectively as One, recognize prophets be them diciples, sons of, seers, ad infintum. So Celestial Joy to all of you now and each day forward I pray > It's time to further celebrate as one, unting and embracing each others beauty and inspired uniquness, our greatest assett, life. Blessings to absolutely anyone that reads this...A message to transcend the net and spread beauty swiftly. "EXHIBEO Ver Batim" Defintion" Offer only as is written, all in language we feel as we feel in our soul which resides in the flesh from hence backwards through time we've been made. Trust what you trust and know...did you say I Love You to anyone today? Loves comes only from Love shared, from which forth brings only Peace. Rejoice while passing this along to your friends now in mind.