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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rhonda My Angel , My Love, A Pure Sunbeam! POEM/LYRICS ~ MOBIUSTRIPZ ~ "rokkinroll"


The universe infinite is my Love for thee, my lady.

Your love compliments so perfectly all that is me.

Love humanly incalcuable, OUR Shared Gift of Faith,

I will Love You Always Rhonda, Beyond my Earthly Dying Day.

Until we Meet Again At God's Home "Grace".

Forever is just right to share my Love with you,

We are a celestial example of a Union only God Forges,

The Prefcet Bond of Eternity Forever as Promised,

We together are Purely Golden and are example of His Truths.

You are what perpetuates my existence as you offer your Love,

And this Peace Is Coming! through, as You'r Love Healing Me,

I am your Angel, and Angel Rhonda you are,

God's Realm only creates for us a most Devine Unity.

Daily I Thank God for You in Prayer, Appreciating I, a King, blessed with a loving Queen.

Daily at your service with honour, devotion, and loyalty,

Your are my eye's twinkles and sprakles, as we Trandscend Life together,

As God's perfect proof of example, of the way it really should be.

I testify here to my Love for you, My Rhonda, My Honey-Bee, my So Sweet Saintly Angel,

Your a gift God made me, and He made me your Gift to thee.

Thank you Lord.