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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frostburg Fatal Fire : PREVENTABLE !...Cause of Fatal Fire due to flu pipe.

After reading the above link, as reported by WCBC, as well as printing the similar verbage in The Cumberland Times News, what has transpired is quite obvious to me.

The flu was a single liner in design. INCORRECT. Was run through a wooden wall. Was not through a Mason wall. INCORRECT. In an entry exit way. INCORRECT. Was not, and I am not saying it was, suppose to ever be a primary heat source for the entire building, which it appears at least may be the case, and if it was not, it should have been properly installed, inspected, listed under the insurance of the property as having been on the premises, and stated as the primary or secondary heat source, as specified by law, be it local, state, or federal.

These oversights (which were truly intentional due to our poor economic times) were hidden so they would be overlooked, as we cannot see through a wall, we could not see that this was not proper or adequate.

The inspections, although recently passed, where not adequate.

Who installed this stove and when? What was its evolution to become a permanent fixture in this building? Where is the most recent approval from the insurance comapny who would have had to have written this into the policy after being properly advised by the property owner, a clear duty of ownership, and thus transparency and


...and by whom?

This is not placed in print to cast blame or doubt, or intended to hurt.

We all already hurt enough!

When is loss enough to make change.

This should have never happened.

It's politics, if you want to take that point of view!

But more importantly !!!

if you are using a woodstove, understand it's inherent dangers, it's philosophy and heating principles, the engineering that goes along with the detailed and planned installation that is so very specific to its exact location, and understand its maintenance, as well as flow technology and dynamics of the basic chimney.

I studied all of this carefully, as I expected to have to perhaps place myself and my love in further of harms way as we struggle as so many do.

I have a wood stove. I have a double liner, stainless steel chimney liner with a cap. I have the proper pieces to complete assembly quickly in an emergency, and heat a room adequately, and keeo the rest of the home warm, but perhaps not comfortable as we are so commonly use to.

Why did I not finish its installation, you may ask ?

Then read what HRDC, here in Cumberland, maryland did for me and my family, and see how they may have saved our lives.

But I had to study hard, learn new material, buy a lot of items to build the stove for safety, and have an investment for the future I do not have to use thankfully, because I found an alternative that we may at the very least all apply for, and many may reap the benefits of, under a relatively new and evoloving program.

I am thankful for this as I weep in my soul for all those hurt by pure senseless tragedy.

There are better ways, and those do not entail short cuts.

Working together, wisely, save lives.

Please read my article that was linked at the U.S. Department of Energy, where it was reviewed, and given a very favorable review, I might ad.

I do not say this for me, however, but for those that may read it and benefit for what it took me so long to learn.

I pray the transfer of knowledge and therfore wisdom to the reader is swift, otherwise, I have no skills or message for any reader in which reads this.

I pray again you read my link, carefully and wisely, and then soul search and share its message, and evolve its message in your new found wisdom, and contact me and ask or tell me your concerns.

That is the only way we will all make it.

All great Philosophers agree at least one thing, that the downfall of man always starts with the dowenfall of language and communication.

We are deep in that age today.

Knowledge is power, and power used well and righteously saves lives, as well as enhances lives.

I pray you all Peace over these Holidays, and now I pray even more so for Healing.

I mourn...I hope for a reason...please read and a part of the collective voice!

That is the link to my other article.

You may have to copy and paste it, which is getting increasingly difficult on some new copy by hand and type it in the web browser address bar, if so needed.

Haste makes waste...I think not


Haste makes NOT Waste

hasty decisions are often wiser being drawn on wisdom and insight and deeper shared knowledge, and therfore is less likely to become a maker of waste.

Cliches exist, and are so often misunderstood, because language changes daily, and the origin of its creation and therfore the essence of the cliches is so often lost, or repeated and relearned improperly, and then utilized by generations after as a guidleine.

Fire and flus, and chimney dynamics concerning design and flo should never be cliche!

n apt cliche may be:

"A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Words do have mine and I pray you find that ounce for prevention and then share it wisely.

Voice is a gift of God for all.

Lastly, to the famlies and friends, for whatever it is worth now to you each, you have my sympathy and support.

I know loss of much, however, I am thankful for at least the moment I have God's grace of seperation from loss as recent, sudden, and senseless as your own.

I will therfore pray for you each and all.

Your friends will want that you prosper, learn, share, and leave a leagacy as they were working on, and it is in the dead we enshrine life and its lesson, to God.

Time, history, culture, cicilization, print, and word, and voice, and war, have shown this time and time again to be the anundant and clear case of fact that I find undeniable.

Let's change with Peace as the mission, through the transparency of thoughtful collectiveness, and let's leave behind what has paved most of our road to this point, which is, the greed of only a few.

God gave us each purpose, and life is to findthat purpose however down you may be, in mind, spirit, or body!

Rise above as He, be reborn today, pave a road that has Peace as a destination, and stand for something, before we all continue to fall for anything!

Pray, ask for answers, be aware, get involved properly, educate yourself, learn, become wiser, and always know that wiser you can still become as you only glimpse from here into+ a cookie jar as if a child still.

This universe is not what is appears, is more often the case then noot, and time again proves this always.

Build Faith, because works without faith leads down one road friends, and that road is death.

Now to end on an uplifting note and not one of despair.

Friends and family I hear your voice,
I see your wheepy eyes,
I feel the pain in shallow souls,
I pray and breathe in your sighs.

Let sighs become inspiration,
from whence forth once came only grief,
walk by my side hand in hand with God,
always I Promise, a bountiful reap.