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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As You Are POEM/LYRICS ~MOBIUSTRIPZ~ Steve Swygert - "rokkinroll"



As You Are

Ancient Civilizations,
where have they all gone?
Peace is Coming soon,'
Listen to this song!

No earthly civilization lasts,
Many ends of eras ancient,
a common scene repeated,
Please do pay your pittance.

It is displayed each day on the LCD,
that we are destroying our society,
Peace is Coming, and coming soon,
Greed leads to desire of notoriety.

We sell out daily, each our own way,
Mother Earth and audience at a disgusting play,
Stands often from her seat,
the silly actors show no retreat.

Repeating these common acts,
without learning society retracts,
confusion setting in all around,
can you hear the trumpet sound?

Blindly we collectively move,
but the goal should be progress towards what is right,
The other rules this domain,
steals away our common Light.

Pay him attention no longer,
Peace is Coming at hand,
decisions about your journey,
now rest weary in your hand.

The price of admission,
already being paid,
which place you choose to go,
a payment plan you made.

The Green Era is now,
embrace what you know shall now provide,
the ways of the past unchanged,
Leads further towards an even quicker human demise!