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Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Kurt Thornburg - God saved this friend, please enjoy this story.


Kurt and I met young and full of attitude I at 15 was a kid with a Torino who had no clue what he was doing, with my air shock jacked up rust bucket, with ladder bars for looks, because I knew how to bolt them on bad did not have a clue what purpose they served.

Cool is cool, functional or not...still.

Kurt made this assessment in two minutes at maybe age 19 while he walked out of his mechanics bay where he worked at Hollin Hall Gulf, which is now on 2010 Hollin Hall Shell, which was private before that brand change as they have also shown times of massive economic change and corporate shuffle during these times, this place Kurt once worked.

We had a mutual friend, found out, in Mike Myers.

Mike knew I always sang in the car and had been in a few bands, which were all terrible from what we wanted to hear our selves play, but we were where we were, and it was always a blast, and the times I miss most, whatever bands, or friends of musicians when together.

Well Mike suggested I go sing at their (Kurt and his friends band practice). I asked was I invited or is this just your idea? I know how artists and especially musicians can typically be, and especially when they suck and know it and have to have an attitude, are defensive and argumentative and aggressive if they think your stepping in their space, artistically so, or if they perceive you as disrespecting them.

Time passed, Mike and I see eat other again, and he said dude they want you to at least come over, hang out, sing if you dig it, and see what happens.

I had to ask could I bring beer, and Mike said, "of course".

So I brought a case of beer packed in my cooler with ice to the brim, placed it into the trunk of my even then vintage Mercedes 280se 1971.

She was golden and I loved that car, dream of her still she kept me safe and was distinctive and classy, while Kurt loved Tori nos or any Fords, we had a friend named Shelby. My Great Grandfather was friends of Ford. Robert had a 1955 Chevy hardtop, and she was sweet, and I do not rememberr what Ricky drove, but he had a mean Gibson SGandawesomee Fender Twin reverb.

So I sang in the band a while, and we played gigs at partys. You ant a free band, we do the party for free. Played at the Laughing Lizard Lounge one time too.

Performances were mixed as performances are.

They, each and everyone of those memories no matter how then, are all good now, and each beautiful.

Robert Rowe, our bassist, and more importantly a friend to each of us dedicated like none other, and really the inspiration of the band when it boils down to it...although with Robert, the music we played was music played together each leading if needed, but rather all following the flow we played in, when possible at our level...sometime we did rock, and it was our style, we had a sound I am more comfortable with and proud of now, then at the time I lived it and was apart of it and emmeresed in that life.

I was the singer in a band. and I lived like it, drinking and partying like a rock star.

It did not matter that we sucked, I was still singer in a my dream.

Kurt was and still is a father back then he worked full time at an car dealership, and he was a dependable mechanic, dedicated Father, and then hosted the band in his basement ( I once flooded, great story for another time) and then he played drums in our band.

The band broke up as most often times has been my case.

But we had all bonded for life, in one way or another.

I do not know the year or even care too much to remember, but Kurt was on his Triumph chopper, heard a noise he never heard before but as a mechanic, distinctively knew this was very, very bad, as he though about the chain snapping on his bike and what would happen next, it happened.

He was in the other lane in the blink of an eye and hit head on by a car.

God's angel on this night was a Fairfax County Police Officer, and I do not know his name but I thanks him for being witness to tragedy that was what started a chain of cause and effect in an instantly critical condition in reality, that saved my dear friend's life today.

Kurt loves Pink Floyd, he listens to other music too, but there is really no other band for Kurt.

He is in Florida and is attending the Roger Waters concert, on this his birthday.

Happy Birthday dear friend, what a great way to spend it !

I am glad you are still here.

My first album, an LP, was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon.

I do now know if ever told Kurt this, but I am one of their greatest fans too. More now then ever because he shows me what he appreciates in them and then I the same, but from an even less studied point of view.

Music is sharing, and music is the universal language of the existence of life through the fabric of space time.

I am glad we share listening to music still and have shared music in many ways.

One day I saw The Division Bell Blimp and immediately called you and you said you were already outside looking at it,

From two points in time we each of us were independent located, we observed close to the same thing, because it was a band we loved, and we were looking at that together, and shared that moment although not even in arms length of one another.

My fiance now in 2010, which I met meany years later, saw this same event too, and although rough 150 miles from the Alexandria Virginia Area, she observe it from The Western Maryland are, and we very plausibly could have all seen that at the same time.

Not to mention countells others that did too, but we all know we saw it the same day.

Well whoever reads this know that Kurt broke both of his legs in his accident, an arm, and had to have a tracheotomy performed to clear his air wave, and had a massive head injury. He was in critical Intensive care and being observed for a time I was told seeking 72 hours of stabilization, even though in a critical state, the doctors were looking for a reasonable calm in the storm

He had also shattered his Pelvis in over 70 pieces, his Mother told me.

He also has no tendon that lifts the foot as we each walk, in one of his legs. so it flops along, and he walks this way just fine with never a verbal complaint.

He went back to work within a year full-time.

That is a miracle.

Even more so because he had part of his, or maybe even one entire side of the temporal lobe removed, as his brain hemorrhaged in the 70th hour.

I thought I would lose my buddy as his chance were said to be less then 20% to survive, and if even he survived it was near certain he would be in a vegetative state at best, and if possibly he had any brain and motor control he may make it to a wheel chair, but it would take years for any of that which was really not thought possible or likely.

Kurt now owns a garage all these years late (roughly 20) right next door to the one he owned before the accident.

Today is his Birthday December 5th, 2010, and he is with his sister at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, watching the show.

I called him thinking the show was last night, the day before his birthday.

I called him on his birthday and it was late and he was at the show, so I heard enough to know that and he knew I called as I heard him say my name, I hope he heard the Happy Birthday, but even if not, he know it was me.

So I was at the show for a moment with my buddy Kurt, a miracle, on his birthday in Los, Angeles, California, thanks to modern technology.

I texted him, now knowing we were not able to speak audibly while he is at a concert, and I said have a great birthday, your an inspiration and you deserve to be there bro, Have a great time, and remember Robert is with us alive in us as we are together for this moment through technology, so is Robert with us each.

Robert, again played bass in our band. he passed away tragically earlier this year.

I have not had or made the time to deal with it entirely, as healing is always a slow thought out process for me, however, now easier then ever before.

I am thankful that Kurt made it, and still thrives.

I use to ask why and how, but when your asking questions, as a minister once told me, the words why and how do not apply to God's will.

God is everything and can do anything.

We can move mountains with God.

Kurt knows it, and it is a part of how I learned this truth.

So Kurt, on your birthday. happy Birthday, and you could be in no better place listening to no better concert at this moment.

Wish you were here, However I am much happier your there.

Last night I texted him I wish I was there, think that that was the night at the show.

Then tonight I call him, and I kind was at the show, as I heard him say my name aloud, while listening to the show...that was very surreal.

Our entire existence has been like that as long as we have known one another.

Common bonds we knew not we shared have kept us in close proximity on different paths in the space if time fabric as we perceive it however always close, and often merging and passing along in even closer proximity on every level of existence.

We, through the actual history of time are forever linked, and thankfully, in wonderful ways that makes him such a great friend.

I even worked for him on two separate occasions, both wonderful and each well missed, as I am a car enthusiasts as well as he, and we have great conversation and share awesome ideas together.

He is the smartest mechanic I have ever known by far, and I have known more then I can count from memory, because most have not left an impression near to that of Kurt's.

Kurt, we spoke of a 20 year reunion jam at the garage so we could all get together and rokk and not we can only reminisce, but soon we will know Robert wants us to rokk like never before, and we will.

I know you reinvented yourself a bassist, and I understand why. Drums are tough after your injuries...but I know you could play them if you want, and we will design together anything you need to make it work, if that's what we have to do.

But whatever the case, you me, and Ricky, our guitarist, will jam again, and in us each will be Robert in spirit, and therefore present ever more playing right along, singing with the angels in heaven as another of our guides, as he was a guide for us here too.

He was always more good then bad, and often misunderstood, especially by his immediate family.

Robert loved all, and was there for friends.

Not by talk but through action.

He saved Kurt's Cobra Jet Torinos and stored them In Bedford, Virginia where he lived, until Kurt was ready to have them back. He had to buy them in order to keep them for his friend and it be honest as it was unknown if Kurt would even survive, and Robert was not being greedy.

The greedy had already came and went, they stole.

Robert had one pure intention, Saving his friends most precious possessions if possible, and he did it, and Kurt has at least that much back as well, Thanks to Robert.

I too was close to Robert, but Robert and Kurt were more like brothers then I was with Robert.

Robert and I would talk about how to record, the studios we wanted to make, well ahead of their respective times, and we loved old vintage, at this time overlooked beat up guitars with character.

Robert's guitars could easily have been worth over $ 100,000.00 when he passed.

They were priceless to him because you would find no one more that loved every guitar, be it a broken Beat up Silvertone, his old Gibson acoustic, that he made playable and had character rarely seen today or even a keyboard or anything else that made or was capable of making music or in anyway be used in order to do so.

I have an old Weymann guitar which I cannot even find the history on or a picture beyond mine.

I saved it, had to reattach the neck, and build a bridge by hand for it.

Robert inspired that, and I love this guitar.

I see that jack White is like my friend Robert, and I love his individuality, like Robert, and i love his respect for all guitars.

In the White Stripes he is famous for playing his ten and white plastic Montgomery Wards electric guitar.

For it sound.

I want a Les Paul dearly and would treasure it after it is perfectly customized for me, as I am sure jack would love. I have never met a guitar player that said anything bad about a Les.

But what I dig most is jack White plays any guitar and knows how to make it sound great in a matter of minutes.

Like Robert, they showed me treasure is all around in the form of guitars thought worthless today still, as then, that can be had inexpensively and have great dynamics and their own unique sounds.

W each have this own unique sound that plays in us, and a musician is just extending that music in the soul through the instrument to the listeners ear to experience too...and thus we all connect!

Music is definitely near the root of Peace, if not the root itself.

So Kurt, Happy Birth Day!, Robert, we all love you still and miss you more, and Jack, one day when we meet, I have a great old Chet Atkins model guitar made by Fame.

well it was folded in half when I got it and free, so I fixed it up, just making it playable again, keeping its character and new uniqueness, and I put it away until inspired to take it back out.

I watched, ":It Might get Loud"', and well it said a lot with three of my favorite musicians speaking, studying and playing guitar together.

You all played slide, and just watching taught me a lot.

I knew that the Fame guitar would now keep its home with me, because it is perfect for slide and bluesy rokk.

And now the Weymann, with little more work, will be set up beautifully to be a great slide guitar, as I had vision from you and Robert shared, that was a gift through my friend Kurt in an accident spared.

Inspiration is everywhere, we write it down and play,musicians we are funny people, and emotions on our sleeves do lay.

We have a mutual friend as well, and that is just one road to you, and if it is God's intention, I would love to learn slide from you.

Thanks for being you dude,
as you remind of Robert in my thought,
all trails getting closer and closer we travel along,
friends through time, met yet not.

Common bonds we share a perceive,
and the re-examine together again,
music is the Master,
Its divine Inspiration.

This path I now will follow,
I am full of life each day,
Having fun cruising on it,
Thankful for the gift simply to play.

Kurt you solely inspired all on this page that I write,
as you are a friend I am so thankful for,
As much as I can write and speak, you are beyond words for me,
You are a living miracle, Gods work.

Happy Birthday and enjoy Roger Waters in L. A. bro...I would love to be there with you,
and I would offer you my place in a moment if roles were reversed,
never expecting a thing in return, as this was a show for you to enjoy,
aside your sister your family, your friend with time passing by together still, Happy Birthday, To your Life, my cheers, my friend. Amen.

Lyrics to Pink Floyd's song - Time