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Monday, December 13, 2010

~Legalize Weed 2011 ~ lyrics ~ MobiusTripz ~

ComScore Legalize Weed 2011

Lots of things going on funny today
economy in dire straights
brothers in arms
we should legalize weed

cannabis, weed, smoke chronic everyday
many names to call it
get are medicine
in many sneaky ways

why throw a man in jail
when he ain’t doing nobody no shame
these laws are diabolic
playing silly legal games

Laws and Politics, silly games
good old country boys dismiss
because we live in the mountains
where the rattle snake can hiss

and you often feel them a coming
sneaking around your back
develop a sixth sense in these here hills
we ain’t talking bout smokin crack

we talking bout good old mother nature
not a heart attack legalize weed
legalize weed, legalize weed
legalize weed in 2011

got me a friend attorney
lives out in LA
Florida conference meeting
just the other day

his friend Keith Stroup attorney too
started NORML
he did this because the wise men
want to legalize weed

legalize weed
legalize weed
legalize weed
legalize weed 2011

ron paul is all for it,
time to get on board
it ain’t no gateway drug
it a gift from the lord

a simple little plant
genetic DNA with a plan
botany and God together
you cant outlaw God...silly man

good for my broken back
forget old perocet,
and damned old vicodan
could have had a heart attack

i do not know a doc
that says not to use it wise
they just cant prescribe it
propaganda tells foolish lies

legalize weed
legalize weed
legalize weed
legalize weed 2011