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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cloud Computing, Encryption, The Big 3, Coding, Federal Mergers, and the NOW of the Internet, reverb nation, facebook, myspace

What I have stated below, and added to overtime with only links and not editing the original content, has proven to be exactly right.

You can read quickly over the first few parts, as they are personal and simply qualify me,but do little more then that and may just be found to be boring overall.

However if you scroll down, you will see that what I had speculated through experience and education as far back as at least December 2010, has indeed come to fruition exactly as I had suggested.

I hope you will read this with an open mind, educate yourself, and share this knowledge as we venture forward into a new future.



Obama Defends NSA, Says America Has To Make Choices Between Privacy And Security

LATEST UPDATE: 01-24-2013


First, I will offer some rather boring and personal background, to give this writing an overall better impact as it bare with me through the gets good and it gets deep, and it all makes perfect sense!

This was in response to a question from a (actually several) users of reverbnation, (, one place where I promote my music that I write.

They have had many issues with MySpace, who has seemingly recently fallen off the face of the net, after absolutely dominating it for many years!

They could not get their "widget" to work well, or at all most often, with the MySpace page.

I think we have all had this issue!, at least here if not elsewhere, and if your not a reverbnation user, perhaps you have noticed this trend at other sites, as I have.

I can rarely log in at MySpace..

At MySpace, reverbnation, and other sites I utilize, I am Steve Swygert by name, "MobiusTripz" as an artist/musical writer/musician/performer, and "rokkinroll" as a writer, when not utilizing my actual legal name, fully written and recorded as, "John Stephen Swygert".

The folks at MySpace are brilliant to reinvent their entire site thus far...that is pure frustrating dedication, and must be like watching their collective offspring suffer, as they try again and again to "fix" it.

so my answer to those that posted these questions, and too anyone else who reads this text follows:


With, Google, MSN, and Yahoo, all working in cahoots after the Feds did not allow any mergers between at least 2 of the BIG 3, after at least several news articles and several proposals, as reported, of the BIG 3 merging (or again at least a couple of them), the Big 3 have designed a new, intuitive code, that is shown in the new "internet browsers" that runs on a operating system that is based in "cloud computing", and therefore able to better utilize, not one or a few processors, but millions, all at once, instantly.

The computers we use in our homes and hands today are no where close to what scientists at M.I.T. (for example or i.e.), and other institutions are working on.

My ex father in law, Edgar Bishop Vandiver III, is the director of The C.A.A.

He holds the record for being the youngest S.E.S. ever in the history of the government here in the U.S.A., and is a brilliant physicist, but I would think most folks have no idea about him, as he leads a wonderful family life, is a humble dutiful man, and well admired.

I admittedly miss that man and he was one man I would actually listen too and be quiet around because everything he said had GREAT WEIGHT!

He was an incredible historian with a forte in military history and had a personal library that was astonishing, and he knew where every book was, with out any card catalog, it was in his head.

He was demanding and quite often appeared unemotional, however, I know that he was a deeply emotional man and driven to better the lives of those around him, which he offered to me and his daughter, my wife at the time, freely.

I appreciate that E.B., Thanks!

I too wanted the same end goal, however sometimes we cannot control unpredictable quantities, even when we think them predictable.

That outcome was an unfortunate divorce that left us all bitter.

For that, my sincere apologies, as I did best what I could under the situation and my ability at the time.

Back to the C.A.A., I suggest you look them up and see what they are all about.

Not much is reported about this very powerful government agency, so good luck!

They plan war gaming and propose logistical as well as run logistical software to project (forsee) and analyze, possible conflicts and outcomes.

When it was suggested that we cut spending equally across the board from all the branches of the armed service s in the U.S.A., it was my father in laws idea that we NOT do that, and he explained why.

Basically, it came down to this. If we did so we would no longer be able to be able to support to major conflicts in separate theaters.

In more layman terms, we could not have war in two separate regions or areas in different parts of the world at the same time and be successful, or if successful, we would at least still have larger casualties, and other expenditures in the long run, etc.etc.etc.

Well his proposition won, and what happened is that most of the cuts were made elsewhere so that the overall effect of budget saving was effectively accomplished and the monies now available were spread out, or re appropriated or earmarked for a new era.

This was the beginning of the post COLD WAR ERA, as far as a new underlying philosophy so far as war gaming was concerned.

There are many topics that arise when thinking about this, however, I will do my best to stick with the mission here of explaining what I see happening with what I first stated.

Their (C.A.A.)computers in the year 1998 were upgraded every 3 months at a minimum.

...think of how often it must be now...or are the new computers simple work stations tied to the mainframe where the super computers are...just food for thought...

That upgrade schedule was told directly to me from my father in law.

I have a lot of experience with computers starting at an very very early age, having first had a TRS 80 - III, and literally hundreds of desktops since then.

I have programmed, written code, flow charted, tore down and rebuilt, repaired, net worked, built from scratch, diagnosed, studied electronics, etc. and more when it comes to computers.

I have also been a car enthusiast all my life , well since about age 15. I am a natural mechanic, as any friend of mine knows too well.

I have fixed many cars that others could not diagnose with computers they could plug in to utilize (OBD systems, utilized roughly since the early 80's on a mass production like level), and I often have done this based on symptoms (as reported by owner or driver), gut feeling (my own, and perhaps after consultation with another mechanic), but most importantly, research of the vehicles wiring schematics, with the knowledge of how the entire system works.

Only in that way can you accurately trace an issue of unknown origin, and then therefore, properly repair it.

I often find vehicles cheap with tons of life left and simple misdiagnosed problems that are "cake" (easy) to repair, and although I may often drive old junk. At 42. I am proud to say I have never had a car payment!

Learning all these computer related skills and assimilating the knowledge...well, that is not easily done without countless ours of studying!...however innate the ability at first, there must be knowledge that is then interwoven with that ability, and then while keeping an open mind and therefore understanding that anything must be perceived as a possibility if unable to be dis-proven, you are able to move forward with new knowledge and experience past that helps define more quickly what is an issue, or help you identify what was once merely apparition like in nature.

Intermittent problems with vehicles are always a huge issue...usually simple fixes that take countless hours to isolate.

The great thing, is that the technology evolves too...and I am not saying that I believe that this technology is either good or bad, I am being open minded about that.

My Father is a West Point grad as well as my I do not come from a long line of crazies.

I studied Police Science, earning a degree in APPLIED SCIENCE, and I have played the viola in the orchestra and was classically trained, play guitar, sing, write poetry and lyrics, etc., etc., etc.

I want to be transparent for a reason. It is a simple philosophy I believe in that I think is deeply more pure.

I have worn many hats, be it a car mechanic all my life, or a manager at a bicycle shop, or an auto repair shop, a singer in a band, a naturalist at heart or a Boy Scout, last but certainly not least.

I have lived beyond my wildest expectations.

As a Boy Scout, our motto is," Be Prepared".

This is easily understood and whence further applied later in life with more knowledge, it too gets redefined.

Be prepared means having sound education, exercising great reasoning, having a willingness and open mindedness (open mindedness was explained in a funny story around the birthday table of celebration by my ex father in law, who I admired)

As a West Point brat and brother too another West Pointer, their motto is, "Duty Honor, Country". and trust when I say this from first hand experience, and being a black sheep at times, this motto is deep inside of the core of these men, and it is GOOD! My father and brother are fundamentally sound of mind, body, and spirit, and exercise judgment most often 99% of the time second to none I have seen elsewhere in my life.

They are honest, giving, loving, caring, and passionate about what is the Constitution of the Untied States of America, and they deeply understand the incredible dynamics that were so beautifully written into such an incredibly inspired construct that is the foundation of our current nation, and equally, has served as the same foundation for other fledgling nations, not to say that we are not still fledglings ourselves.

The Constitution is a great foundation, however the mountain is rumbling and the foundation is solid but shaking...and the building upon which were made on this foundation are floundering.

Let's hope this shake up we are in the midst of, shapes things in such a way that we all have prosperity and freedom as so offered to us through our constitution.

Otherwise, it is time to design a new system, such as we are doing with health care, and then implement this new system with the same basic philosophy, and make it efficient by doing away with the red tape.

Technology can help this, it does not mean however, that it will.

Our system is flawed in dynamic ways...we need a more static system, although nothing is truly static., if it was closer to static, at least we would be able to better see what is coming to be more well prepared for it, and often prevent it.

We can live in a world with no war...and that time is NOW!

There is no excuse for war today, just as there is no excuse for the lack of accountability for those responsible for it.

I heard the Pentagon get hit by that plane.

I was molested by a Pakistani growing up.

I grew up a Christian.

I do not hate anyone, and I certainly do not hate Muslims...rather I pray with them that we all have peace and understanding and learn collectively so that this will NEVER happen again!

The point is, as much as what happened to me personally can and did war

It hurts my soul the way it must for them when they see our military there strike with SINISTER precision.

My Father and Brother are military men, but they are men that promote Peace, certainly not war.

So seeing things a little more from my perspective I will get back to the issue at hand and describe exactly what I see and its inherent massive implications and ramifications, and hopefully as easily understandable as possible, thus revealing the cloaks of many.

p my mind in a certain way, it has given me insight into hatred, into self abuse, into so much that if there was a real reason to have hatred in us, I would certainly be a huge example of someone that would be manifested with it...and I am not.

I forgive, which takes time, and i learn and share, and try to move on collectively with friends, all learning and sharing together.

So back to this computer stuff and the problems of MySpace, and most sites that are having similar issues. (and by the way, one of my many computers runs I.E. beta, which I was offered to opt in, as i have always tried to help Microsoft if so offered, and i am sure the information gained by myself and others utilizing beta version sis priceless to this company! It is also equally educational using them if one pays attention.

Oracle is a great new one to is housed under, "OpenOffice" and is FREE ! It works beautifully, and is smooth as silk, however, the inherent dangers I spoke of exist here too...and better yet...this is more then likely mirrored before encryption takes place...I sure wish hard drives were as loud as they use to be.

I will design a system that shows an LED for HD access from within my computer, vs, from anywhere from the net, and I will interface that with a program to see the source I.P Address trying to access my HD.

If someone else want to do this in a small USB device and software built into a chip (like a Magic-Jack)...go for will help us all...then we can allow at the very level of intrusion (the doorway in to our computer) an easy way to be aware and allow or dis allow access. It could have a physical switch (meaning not electronic) that could be switch easily to dis-connect from the net whenever so desired.

Here is what is happening now, as the BIG 3, try to further standardize the industry (computing), utilizing new technology and coding, however swiftly improving so that "streaming" will be quicker,

As of now, with the band width limitations thus far on us and with its ever increasing demand, both are currently again still too slow, although seemingly light years away from their origin.

This can easily be explained under the dynamics of Supply and Demand Theory and is a perfect application of its principles.

MySpace has greatly struggled to stay afloat as of recent, and they have always suffered from "traffic jams" on their site because they were the first site to have such massive congestion, just like an overcrowded interstate, like in Alexandria, Virginia, where I grew up. I am all too familiar with traffic jams.

The point here is that all the same "flow dynamics" are applicable, scientifically.

Obviously FB is on board with "the other guys", as the "News Media" recently reported their owner working closely with Bill Gates, to mention one name of many, in philanthropy, perhaps just another cloak to hide behind, and Lord above us all, I hope beyond hope that I am wrong.

Because of this new coding demand (NetFlix is currently offering $ 1,000,000 for a code better then what they have currently), see this link,,

which now NetFlix has suggested a redirect after I was the original poster to Wikipedia (because since my posting it first on Wikipedia, it has since been awarded a s a team came up with a better code and won the prize, so the redirect will show) which brings another point...where is the credit for the time it took me to record that information on that site...once not given where credit is due...I act as historian often when I write, record, contribute, etc. so why now does this appear this way instead of the way I reported it?

Perhaps their is a logical explanation, however, if it undermines history by reporting or recording in improperly, then things quickly unravel further out of perspective.

The links here are history and traceable enough.

Anyways ( I hate this expression, but it is in our vernacular and so natural now), it is quite plain to see that their is a struggle in the philosophy of the internet that is stronger now then ever before.

It was often discussed early on, (Internet Early Philosophy) that the, "coding" be free.

Microsoft fought, as Dokken would say, Tooth and Nail, to keep their code private, and won, over what appeared to be incredible odds.

Money may not buy Love as the Beatles said, but it buys most any and everything else.

Their are many browsers that are already out their based on free source code, which worked great, however, are now suffering major setbacks.

Cloud computing is not a new theme, and it is this philosophy, that is the foundation for the new work done by these corporate giants, to further shift the profit of the industry their direction, thus gaining and even larger marketplace and share of profit, thus further dominating the internet and further controlling this form of media, soon to be the only form left, as print, like news papers and magazines and even perhaps the dictionary, are not being printed in some cases, or at least are transforming themselves in an act of mere survival, not prosperity. This has had a trickle down effect over our entire economy, as we have all seen first hand and experienced.

It may sound conspiracy like in nature as I am reporting this, however, it is an obvious and well reported fact, if you know how to read well, do read well, and then have the understanding to place the pieces in their proper perspective.

MySpace use to dominate. I like FB too.

The fact is, if MySpace rolled out a redesign of their site, and it has taken this long (??? ridiculous issues), with continual problems, and as good as the folks are that work for them, would they possibly do this on purpose?

They would never intentionally alienate their users, which is what has and is happening.

MySpace will get things to work, but it is taking time. I do not think they see the massive implications of what is going on here. I do not think the Feds see it either, or they are casually looking the other way, which is the more likely fact of the matter.

If your reading this not expect to read it else where, as it is hard to get this information out there, as that is also a very controlled portion of this entire juxtaposition. The problems of the ages have always universally fit perfectly under problems with language, and therefore communication, understanding, and unfortunately, what leads to turmoil, in forms of greed, selfishness, and ultimately in the worst case scenario, WAR.

God forbid that we ever get close to that, but "the people" are already getting stomped on.

Education and a voice is where we start.

In the meantime...(musician friends from reverbnation in particular)write about it in the music we are all inspired to write. The music is the language of the many that are called collectively GOD!

Perspective is a unique, inherent, inalienable right, far deeper then any other innate right! Share it, because each of us have only our own, and we need to express that individuality so that we are all closer to being on the same page, of the same book, in the same language, with greater and deeper understanding, to therefore have vision, and be able to stop the problems before they get started.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Just look what companies own what companies, and can be hidden to easily from the public eye as subsidiaries, of subsidiaries, of subsidiaries, ad infinitum, of corporations, which are also subsidiaries, of even larger corporations, which eventually, through a lot of due diligence, always lead back to the source.

Evil exists and manifest always from its root and from their it to get the evil out we pull the entire root out, or like a Dandelion in the yard (which I actually like to eat as they are more nutritious then most anything at our markets, generally speaking) if we leave just a small part of that root, from their it regrows, and then again multiplies.

Every email you send, all transactions, any communications that you send PERIOD...all go to a server over the internet.

On these servers are what are referred to as "mirrors".

These mirrors, like the one in your bathroom at home, reflect or can see the encoded message, as sent.

It can also "decode" this or these messages, and help prevent them from finding their original and/or intended destination, if that is so chosen by the "interceptor".

This could potentially be the largest FRAUD and intentionally misconstrued theft in the history of The United States of America!... and I do not say that lightly ! It tears and erodes the very Constitution itself, and must be stopped as we all work together peacefully.

With the advent of modern technology and the "cloud" operating system, which we are suppose to believe is just another mundane upgrade as well as further standardization (which it may well be to a degree, but that is not the entire truth, it is only what is offered as the truth thus far), what has really transpired is that these folks in cahoots, are really introducing a new operating system that will become the industry standard, and they are doing this as a floating cloud operating system, that actually exists on millions, if not billions of servers.

UPDATE: 04-07-2013

Google Aims To Patent Policy Violation Checker, Potentially Revolutionizing Email Snooping


"Google’s proposed "Policy Violation Checker" would allow software to peek over peoples' shoulders while they type to alert individuals -- and potentially their employers -- when their written text contained "problematic phrases" that “present policy violations, have legal implications, or are otherwise troublesome to a company, business, or individual," according to the patent filing."


If you are online, it is reported everywhere and is an undeniable fact that you are able to be "viewed".

C.I.A., F.B.I. etc., get the picture, and they already have too if you have read this to this point!

That is a fact !


THERE IS OR THEY ARE WORKING ON A COMPUTER CODE (I will call, " The code of Everything AO)

Where is the Constitution in all of this???...pertaining at the very least to the USA? not to mention more importantly, the impact of the world economy, quickly failing on a massive level?

Secrecy and this "vail" being used are obvious inherent dangers that show me clearly that the direction overall of what is happening is sin based, or from another point of view, greed (one of the 7 DEADLY SINS) based.

Sins are in all religions!

This is not a philosophically religious statement or meant to be read that way, although it may help the reader in an instance like this to have deeper enlightenment and therefore understanding of the issue at hand.

Language, all language that we know today, is changing rapidly as the technology that drives our communication advances and communication therefore has a faster vehicle in which to travel.

All texts of recorded time, be it religious, scientific, or fictional, get harder to read from their original form first written in (like perhaps the Bible in Aramaic or Hebrew (still hotly debated as a matter of fact))... as we as a species evolve.

The ancient texts need rosetta stones (some of which have been found), just to be deciphered.

All the texts of lore that are religious have been transcribed time and time again, really as to not be able to be deleted from history, not so much that they have been the benefactor of a more concise and efficient language, because what has been proven through the very passage of time itself is that language is always the barrier that breaks down societies, civilizations, and people at the most basic level.

The CIA, the FBI, and all Law Enforcement in general can scan the (encrypted data packets) for "clues", as to what is coming (in way of terrorism, threats, etc.), and they do this by collecting mirror images off of these servers, unencrypt the data packets, (which we think so well encrypted), and they have powerful coding themselves, that is easily able to decipher, scan, analyze, and then compare to ranges of information and then therefore, statistically extract whatever it may be that they are looking for..i.e.

legalize marijuana, or bomb, or al queda, or maybe your name, or your address, or your thoughts as you write them to be recorded, as I will do and have done here.

Osama Bin Laden is not in Cumberland, Maryland. So they can cross that off the list! I do have a sense of humor, as I hope, the reader, whomever you are, does too.

Here is how transparent I am.

John Stephen Swygert
461 North Waverly Terrace
Cumberland, Maryland

The music industry of old is long dead and gone. my personal juxtaposition as a broken artist (financially and physically) is where I find myself today...reinventing myself in order to pursue freedoms that are inherent, while being squashed like a bug in a system we all see is massively flawed and no longer valid as a means to advance swiftly for the overall good of all of us collectively.

We artists and scientists alike are threatened, as well as we common men, TODAY, especially if and/ or when independent, that if we do not conform to the thing that we, in our very nature most detest (conforming...being told what to do) on a human not spiritual level, and I do mean intrinsically (the essence of existing in the nature itself of the very thing of which I speak which is this new evolving flawed system), we will ALL suffer and fail, as we see rapidly happening around us.

I have had to deal with denial many times in my life's adventure, so I am not oblivious to what I see. Reread the above sentence carefully. It is difficult to perhaps understand fully, unless read slowly, with focus and great thought, and open mind, and especially paying particular attention not just to the verbiage used, but equally to the grammar and punctuation.

As we build, intent must be broad or specific, depending on the projected outcome.

Writing is an art and a science, and it is important to understand that basic philosophy, as has been passed to me by so many, including Mr Gray, my sixth grade teacher, My Father, My Brother, or Senor (Mr.) Leonard Ahearn, my Spanish teacher, also a WW II survivor and leading infantry man in the invasion of Normandy, of which I have been told from his very mouth incredible stories of FEAR, VICTORY, THOUGHT, SHARING, etc, that words are hard to had to see the face of the man I saw telling me the news from his life.

WikiLeaks is a MASSIVE THREAT too the very concept, as in unravels.

This scares the heck out of the very people that are doing exactly what I am explaining, and it is they that further crush us down and continually pummel us as we suffer more deeply each day!

This man (of WikiLeaks) is now jailed. Just a fact of the matter, my opinion not included.

He has been and/or was essential to releasing what should not have been private to start with.

If you want something private for crying out loud, DO NOT SEND IT ACROSS THE WEB!

He released things that show the corporate greed everywhere, and I admire that he has done so, with the help of so many others.

I understand that a government may have to act in secrecy at times, especially for or dealing with concerns of national defense, however, these things are far above and beyond that particular touchy subject.

I hope his "side charges" are merely an illusion, as I would like to think of no child ever hurt by any monster as has he who has it been alleged.

Patience, experience, understanding and learning are all valuable as we assimilate all we know today and create a bigger more clear picture, both as individuals and collectively.

Think about all of this with an open mind, please.

Worst case scenario, I am an absolute idiot and wrong, which time has proven to me personally and repeatedly, not true.

I have been published many times, I have a degree, and I am a learned and experienced man at the young age of 42.

Best case scenario, I would like to be proven wrong, as I do not say any of this for notoriety, fame, or fortune, but simply because it is the truth, and it is the truth that always sets "us" free.

So share this, use or try or apply this philosophy to analyze everything you read, do, and think.

Do not let it control you, or you are a product of its inherent flaws, built in to this corruption of a system.

I will end with this:

One night while working on my personal theory of everything, or as scientists say, the unification theory, or in my case, what I call, " The Swygert Theory of Unification AO", I was running some computations, with a massive program I designed, and I am still working ran a long time, which I was certain meant at the very least, parts of this massive encoding where working very well.

He lives in New Zealand, and his Mom was in utter shock.

He usually can only paste in text that is always appearing on my end of the messenger mis-spelled the exact wrong way every time.

He makes many, many attempts to communicate, sometimes offering what appears to be an answer in English, which I knew meant something deeply...he wants to communicate...and I have a mind that can figure this out, and therefore must, because no man should be alone if anyone can help him.

I was able to translate plain English into pictures in order to communicate with a young man on a messenger service.

This was a great success.

This was only a small portion of what I am working on, which is language, origin, intent, etc.

What was weird is this:

I got a call and a hang up from these folks (added -1-14-2013 The National Institute of Standards and Technology OR P.C.S.G,, while I was running the program on my Mac Mini.

There was noise in the back ground as I answered, and it continued. I got no response when I answered with a kind, "hello". I waited, as I thought this was rather odd, and I continued to hear the noises in the background. I hung up after a short time, and many more attempts of saying hello, trying to get a response.

There was no hang up, and I continued to hear the noise. It was quite obvious that they wanted me to know they were there!

I then hung up.

I googled the number, and called it back.

It stated that it was not in service, although what I found was that the number went to a government agency that works specifically with numbers, cryptography, and code, all infinitely related, of course.

I have the name of the agency, the phone number, and address recorded, and it should easily be able to be found on other records, perhaps. The National Institute of Standards and Technology.


~ STRIKE FROM ORIGINAL...START HERE~ I do not remember the exact name of the agency, although it had a word close to numismatic, which is of course the term used in coin collecting.

EDIT ~ ADDED 01 14 2013

I think now it was the P.C.S.G., as it was stamps and not coins I was thinking of and there is a P.C.S.G. organization using this acronym to that is about stamp collecting.


Obviously it was close to the root “numeral”, and I am sure some research will find the correct name easily, it just happens that this was one of many thousands of agencies that is not heard from often in the media, and I was unaware of it before this happened.

I will dig deeper to find these items of importance, because they are in themselves some sort of proof that makes total sense.

They called almost immediately, within just a few minutes, of me running this program.

well read this (link to copy and paste in browser included below)...amazing stuff !!!...then come back and finish this...



Lots to consider here in what I have written thus far. All rather wild sounding when read perhaps, but only the truth from my behalf and this needs to be deeply explored, now that it is exposed!

Sincerely, John Stephen Swygert

I intend on sending this to many friends that are notable, scientists, politicians on a local, State, and Federal level, as well as having this posted here, after I print the final product and have several copies stored safely.

Again, I ask that you keep an open mind and think of the implications if I am correct. which I am certain I am.

However again, I would rather be crazy, as that would weigh less on my mind then what I see happening to all of us now under these most difficult times.

I will close with this:

Many men can drive a single man mad, but being mad and crazy are two entirely different animals.

I am mad as in upset, mad as in brilliant, and mad as in angry.

I am focused and clear in thought, although much of my studies that have consumed me lately reading have been a huge volume to assimilate and even begin to understand at the most basic levels, however, as the picture is more clear in my mind's eye, the knowledge of what I have read and experienced easily on a daily basis display to my mind's eye a huge and clear picture as to the reality that we do live in, and that things are so often not what they appear on, " the surface", so to speak.

We are a complex species among many, in a complex world, in an exceedingly further reaching universe of complexity.

With each facets that gets exposed, more doors open, and portals exist now physically that many men choose to walk through that are not places that we as a civilized species should mess with.

That much is at least reported daily in our news.

What is more interesting is that there is more then likely much less revealed then what has been revealed so far, because brilliant people working together wanted it all kept secret, and if something is designed in the beginning in secret, then it is intrinsic, to use this word again, that it is both powerful and perhaps worst of all dangerous.

John Stephen Swygert

ADDED 11-13-2012:


ADDED 11-13-2012:

Gmail And The FBI Took Down David Petraeus: Why It Matters To You


News broke Friday that CIA Chief David Petraeus was resigning due to an extramarital affair. Oddly enough, the leader of the intelligence gathering agency wasbrought down by Gmail metadata. Many jokes have been made about the fact that the CIA head fell victim to an incriminating online footprint, but the revelation leads to some very serious questions.
We don’t know the full story, and might never learn it. But one question many are asking is, could this happen to me? The immediate answer is no. Petraeus’ indiscretion came to light after a complaint was made about threatening emails. And the Wall Street Journal has now reported that the FBI agent who launched the investigation was barred from the case after superiors were concerned he may have become obsessive. According to sources in the report, the agent sent a shirtless picture of himself to the woman who issued the complaint, Jill Kelley.
Cato's Julian Sanchez who joined me in a HuffPost Live discussion on this topic, later tweeted this about the new developments.

So while the FBI’s actions in this case may have never come about had it not been due to personal relationships playing a role, observers are already registering their concerns surrounding civil liberties and our growing surveillance state. As Wired’s Kim Zetter reported, “Broadwell will now become part of the statistics that Gmail reports in its next semi-annual transparency report on government data requests.”
The Google report reveals how many government requests they receive for user data, but the company doesn’t specify how many of these requests come with a warrant. And Google is hardly the only website on the receiving end. Twitter has also begun releasing a Transparency Report. But the impetus here lies on the private companies. The government itself is not required to disclose this information.
There are real world implications for journalists, their sources, and average internet users alike. Laws to safeguard our privacy and warrant requirements for online communications are muddled and outdated. The FBI’s actions here highlight the need for debate.
So where did Petraeus and Broadwell go wrong, and how can you avoid doing the same? Watch the video above to learn secret techniques obviously not understood by the former CIA head... like using the delete button.

ADDED ON MAY 08, 2012:

ADDED 05-29-2012:

The comments here (mostly) are quite silly...these viruses are designed to seek certain exact pieces of hardware...they are not active until that exact match(es) is found and penetrated...they are quite specific, very powerful, and this is just the cutting edge coding of what "the cloud" will bring. Those seeking the virus should be much more concerned about who placed the digital fingerprint and code in the cannot find the proverbial needle in the haystack if the needle is not there to begin with...just imagine a chip that has a fingerprint, is mass produced, and then sold worldwide...only later to be activated by it's messenger virus, which in turn activates coding in the hardware to open a window of access to, "those in the know" so to speak...this is why old platforms are becoming outdated and obsolete, not because they do not work on the web, but because they cannot be manipulated like all of the new technology. Privacy seems more and more to be a thing of the past. Great skill in this technology...just hope it is being used for the greater good...but no one can ever seem to agree on just what that is all the time.