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Saturday, December 11, 2010

PORTALS - Original Poem

ComScore Portals

I was born in a portal,
from where my start was a big bang
first memory was an air show,
it was a jet crash that day

In that portal of time, lost of incredible things,
hard to say it all, words not created yet,
to describe life as I fucking knew it,
tragedy, I'd make a bet !

New Portal is cool,
things happen here too...just how it is,
the cool thing is I am changing
and I have better perspective.

I am a better person,
for what has happened to me,
use to be so selfish and mad,
now I can hug a tree

I am not scared of anything,
I am no longer scared of me,
I am traveling through portals,
things change as we begin to see

Pittsburgh in the future,
DC was my past,
we take these thing all along with us,
and call it destiny

great stuff
when you see it right,
finally seeing the portals all around
you to have that feeling...just found

portals of time
go back to your neighborhood as a child
escape a moment back to origin
its pretty wild

belief is the border to fantasy
many miles from actual reality
planes all dancing side by side
we related mortals fly

together through all these portals
ride along with me
such a beautiful adventure
imagination the Peace Tree!