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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mount Etna

ComScore Dormant you sat unexpected,
the poles slightly redirected,
coincidence? perspective!
Maybe just God's directive.

Plato watched from Sicily,
as Mount Vesuvius annihilated Sicily's Pompei,
some scoff at this writing thinking fiction,
January 13, 2011 Mount Etna reminds of us this display.

A planet approaches our world,
the media is quite content,
puppet of the government,
not sharing sentence or cent.

Building underground cities,
deep under mountain, earth, and clay,
did they ever ponder,
that lava might come their way?

To write, to scribe, to communicate and too dream,
literature describes the ways,
antiquarian debris from the past,
repeats our very destiny.

It's all been done before,
many times apast,
many horses riding,
coming swiftly moving fast.

Revelations do not just appear,
They are happening with each breath sweet air we breathe,
pollution we contribute,
next breath perhaps disease.