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Friday, January 14, 2011

Selling Gold for Souls

I sold some gold, just today,
I could not believe how much was paid.

I have needs and jewelry not one,
bills to be met,
the greedy pay high,
hoarding does no good,
as we all surely die.

to rise again, a question,
we all ask in our souls,
could I possibly be chosen,
and to be like He re a risen?

Language has distorted again,
causing great deep divide,
mother Earth tries to warn us,
most not hearing the call.

Loud as trumpets from Heaven,
in unison so clear,
God given ears sometimes not hearing,
what He who gave you ears to hear.

So the gold I sold,
was just something I found,
like a gift from heaven,
my thoughts resound.

Perhaps I should return it,
as i saw in it a name,
and a school from which,
this woman did knowledge she obtain.

I also have this map,
by a man named Ligorio,
He worked for two Popes in Italy,
This dude made the show.

Must be worth at least several thousand,
U. of Mich, Library of Congress, And Barry Ruderman,
places and people who I spoke,
belonged once to Catharina (Katrina) Baart Biddle,
a past American artist of quite note.

Perhaps from the 1500's this map of Rome was made,
carved in wood then printed,
hand crafted as a carpenter inspired,
A God given talent persistive. (persistent to thine soul)

Perhaps its from the 1800's on old carved wood print
of yesteryear,
not the same quality of print or paper,
but still extremely rare.

Shall I sell my gold,
or just give it away?
These moral playgrounds,
on which we play.

Decisions on the mind do weigh,
they get tossed too and fro,
Fedderer and Nadal volley neurons,
through axons to dendrites repeatedly,
as comets like backhands inaccurate not.

Decisions are a process,
sometimes to place on a shelf,
not making these decisions,
If for through your soul you Love yourself.

Decisions never made,
do solid foundations lay,
fortresses to Heaven,
when sin you do betray.

This earth may be unholy,
tragedies pervade,
the media, the Internet, my new Roku that I play,
news of historical biblical proportion,
act out on tragedies stage.

Often we are under informed,
mass panic would certainly fail,
but as I learned in Boy Scouts,
Always be prepared,
I hear the trumpets loudly,
ringing in my ear.

I pray your soul too hears this,
celestial melodious, triumphant, voluptuous, harmonies,
relax enjoy each day a gift,
love and enjoy right where you desire to be.

Follow the Heart,
for it always knows the desires that follow light,
working while helping others,
legacies left for after life.

Humble is not truly knowing what humble is.
What is humble as i feel as a sponge on society,
What is humble as my Rome falls around me 2011,
only promise is, soon after is Heaven.

The Raptures come riding on horses,
this is John telling all the churches,
I have written what you read to the churches in John,
for I am John.

This is a time,
for Peace for all to share, excluding no being or plant.
respecting all that is life which as much may be left quite undefined.
depends on from the view which from you stand.

To travel incandescently,
deep into ones mind,
illuminatingly you travel to your soul,
where answers from He abound.

The perfectness of physics,
even with so little we know,
mathematics a perfection,
or perhaps variable with shifting poles.

Its not uncommon for airports,
to renumber runways due to polar shift,
no reason to be alarmed,
even if you never heard this crap before.

The shift is accelerating,
new angles, and forces on this Earth,
not yet by we experienced,
let knowledge, good judgment, and faith guide you forth.

I choose my soul over Gold,
Preservation through me from him given,
a physical wreck of a man,
I have slowly re arisen.

I live Faith and prayer on a daily basis,
not perfect as human I am,
wrong I may do often,
but to my soul I refract like a prism

A rainbow of like surrounds me always,
gives my life meaning and shows me deep value,
people, cats, kittens, dogs, puppies,
Angel Love Dogs will adore and admire you.

My body healing swiftly at times,
surgery or not?
Not the gut feeling
been down that road before,
more damage done looking back,
I open the wiser door.

I start from prayer in heart upon knee,
as lazy I at times do not kneel,
I must be careful with this back,
if I wish it to truly perfectly heal.

I pray for you now as you read this as I ask you to do for thee,
No matter your color, language, profession, past, religion,
open our minds together as one,
understanding that there is no victory in WAR.

I pray we do not compete with China in an arms race,

the children of the cold war generation know it well,
Russia we thought such bastards!
media puppet show,
propaganda sells.

Goodbye Blackbirds
its hard to cry,
with all the children,
starving everywhere.

"Goodbye my friend, it's hard to die,
when all the birds are singing in the sky," Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun

songs of memories soon forgotten?
Selling our souls for gold, or Offering Your Soul.
enlighten thee to enlighten me,
and me thee.

Trumpets ring,
seals broken,
scrolls aloud read,
God has spoken!