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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Visions of Unity

Lofty goals I see ahead,
we will achieve together as one,
once only we leave the way we live now,
leave whats done as done.

Together moving forward,
no hand reaches for food,
water abundant and fresh,
cleanse away our sinful residue.

rinse over our bodies,
and nourish our souls,
baptize us all in His glory,
hear bells as they toll.

Thought before action,
with goodness in heart,
forgiveness shall be first offered,
results in goodness start.

I ask thee bless us all,
bathe us in Your Light,
help us to glorify your Beauty,
seeing for us your sight.

Granting Grace and Faith,
onward we adventure forward,
I desire Love for All, Peace and Wisdom,
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I pray the Churches hear the message,
heal together as one,
deception serves no useful purpose,
this message shall resound.

Utopia a fictional realm.
written by man from dream,
heaven a promise from The Almighty,
Free to flow as a cool mountain stream.