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Sunday, February 20, 2011

BP GULF OIL SPILL : Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead...FROM yahoo news link in article

(ADDED 08-16-2013

This started out as a sort of ranting response to an article featured on yahoo. I have now edited it to a degree and added links where appropriate and supportive.)

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead:

FROM yahoo news link in article: (original link from first publication)

This devastation will be easily 30+ years of  "Eco-Destruction" that may never be the same again.

Who wants to eat seafood from this area?

What is really being done to rectify the issues?

Money is just money and solves no problems with logistics that boil over into the unknown...this is catastrophic from day one and the repercussions will be felt for our entire lifetimes as well as many future generations.

Perspective is important, but there is not a good perspective to reflect upon this issue...just media lies and untruths...this will trickle through all life as we know it and be terribly more devastating then imagined now for decades if not centuries...we played a dangerous game of poker drilling for oil and the house always wins in the long run ! A pitiful, selfish human exploitation of greed, corruption and a thirst for petroleum that is mind up...


Marcellus shale mining...another nightmare based on a foundation of lies and greed.

Prayers are all I find any peace in as the damage is so significant that I truly believe it to be unfathomable by most everybody.

Tis is the beginning of a terrible polluting poisonous end to the entire Eco system that will effect all food chains, both sea and land bearing, it will change and has already; migration patterns of these effected animals, and it will trickle, ripple, and tear through the fabric of life in ways not yet understood, be it genetic mutation that effects all that eats this life effected in the food chain, or be it that the damage which is already done will cause mass extinction of one species after another.

The chemicals used as dispersants could very easily be more devastating then the oil, not to underestimate the oils devastating effect, and these dispersants will linger as non biodegradable pollution perhaps forever!

The traffic of animals that have equivocally maintained an instinctual migration, breeding, and feeding pattern that effects all the other interrelated species has now changed and will continue to decimate vast quantities of sea life, then land bearing life, and straight into our water supply...thus recycling the pollution again and again through everything...the damage done is not even close to being effectively calculated as these are uncharted areas of distress, and there is no real science as of yet to empirically calculate the cause and effect relationship of such a massive, and I will say again, massive oil spill...Alaska suffered the Exxon Valdez and it is still hurting that area greatly, yet it does not compare to this tragedy as the Valdez was somewhat geographically contained and of course a much smaller spill in comparison.

There will never be an accurate estimate (oxymoron) of the actual amount of oil released into our oceans. I will rarely, if ever, eat seafood again, and no matter what reports are given about the safety of the seafood from these and other regions where it is harvested would always be a huge question mark in my mind, as if we say it is so contaminated, as it must be, that it would misplace so many families, local economies, market places, ad in finitum.

The media often distorts the facts in the hope of preventing panic and hysteria, and I think that that is quite indisputable given recent reports on a vast array of topics be it from the national budget, the economy of the U.S.A., down to the main issue...peak petroleum...the green era is now and we better embrace it more swift then a ox in a hen house, or it will certainly be our populations demise.

What are your thoughts ? 

I wrote a song called, "Boycott BP", and recorded it and released it within days of the tragedy...I innately knew the magnitude and proportion of this unjust malfeasance, as my sister is a scuba diver, as I am, and we have both studied quite vastly the ecosystem and the seas relationship with the Earth (land) as we know it.

There is a ton of uncharted ocean that is comparable on many levels to space...we are an advanced society with exceptional technology, however the greed behind the not so almighty dollar has again steered us in the wrong direction.

I feel very positive that we will overcome and learn from this tragic episode, but I equally feel that the dollar will dictate more drilling and risky propositions that will result in even more damage...there are places currently in Africa that leak oil on a daily basis and it is more or less swept under the rug...when does this insanity stop...???...statistics dictate that we as a race will take steps and actions to better our lives with known possibilities of "collateral damage", much as the military uses when analyzing war gaming...however, the insanity must stop and we all need to get on the same page and work as one world and one people so that we can prevent these future tragedies from happening, and I assure you many more are on the way...bottom do you take the dollar out of the  equation and make more sensible decisions that have a statistical probability of doing no harm what so ever...well, you and math are wonderful, but there is always a tragedy around every corner in multitudes when trying to outsmart Mother Earth.

It is time to get back to basics and have an international protocol that must and shall be followed with a well defined goal of transitioning away from these petroleum drilling for consumption along with a long term goal of viable alternatives.

Feasibility is really no longer an issue, because nothing is feasible if we are all dead ! 

Just a thought to ponder and I would love some feedback to these points.

Again, science is wonderful is Maththematics, however, common sense, which is no longer so common, should be the gut feeling we all trust and know and use as a guide towards our collective future moving into the,"Green Era", which upon we have already embarked, unknowingly and non accepted by far to vast a majority of the population.

There is politics in petroleum and it has divided many nations from working towards common worthwhile fruitful goals that would in the long term benefit generations to come for get a dividend sometimes we have to pay a hefty investment upfront to realize that dividend and all the end products that are to be gained from embracing new technology, science, and  ultimately a better means to be more efficient and less devastating to ourselves and this planet the the course we have been on far far too long.

Embrace change now or we will die as a race in a matter of decades.

I say this not as a scare tactic, but rather, because history has shown similar scenarios time and time again.

There are no excuses today with the technology and communication we have to utilize to propel us forward into a much safer " Green Era".

My band, or musical expression, is MobiusTripz, and you can listen to my "Boycott BP"  (title) song on myspace, reverbnation, soundclick, etc., just Google it.

It is about a benchmark in time such as Dylan did with so many issues being the prolific writer, lyricist, and performer he has been. I only hope that my song strikes a chord with the reader / listener that resounds and resonates deep within the soul so that there is no longer any confusion about how things are today vs. how things should be.

Equilibrium is a natural byproduct of science on earth through cause and effect relationships and will always be a force that is present. We often ignore this fact, believing that we can outsmart mother nature, or reinvent the wheel when we are desperate to rectify problems that we have created, knowing we were creating them, but at the same time not fully understanding the real life dire ramifications and dire consequences that we were thus creating.

Vision is the ability to use knowledge, education, history, and a gut feeling to make proper decisions after examining all tools of analysis at our disposal (poor word but adequate under the circumstances). We need to internationally design a clear vision and lead together as one people, towards the goals of sustaining life, doing no damage to our environment, and working towards common goals and themes to maintain a planet that will continue to be is really a time for change and we are seeing that on a daily basis, just look at Egypt for example, an ancient, brilliant and beautiful civilization that is recoiling against oppression and greed that has kept them, the citizens, as a people, from being unified and able to pursue the true freedoms that are afforded to so many of us which we often so easily take for granted. 

I have stated a lot here, but the idea is to spark a brainstorm and use these words as a catalyst for yourself, the reader, as well as a collective voice we are all defining very swiftly.

We can all read the same book verbatim, but if we lack the knowledge of the word, and we lack the process of assimilation of the theme, the message, the story itself, then we all develop different perspectives from the same source.

Independence is a beautiful thing individually however, when it comes to a collective conscience and consensus, when we are on the same page and having different perceptions we tread on very dangerous ground.

Cast away, at least temporarily (as I am not discounting our values and morals or mores as a collective people of one united world, which is where we are very swiftly heading, finally) religion, selfishness, greed, etc. and lets cut through the chase and not find answers but rather utilize the answers we have at hand no matter the short term cost, otherwise we mortgage our own lives and that of all future generations and it does not take a mathematician to realize that we are on the brink of incredible disastrous proportions.

When there is a true time to change for the benefit of everyone, we shall embrace it wholeheartedly and move together as one people, regardless of the ridiculous nature of race, creed, religion, sexuality, nationality, etc.

We are and should be so far beyond those distractions and concurrently realize the dire mess the state of the earth is truly in. This is not a conspiracy essay, or a theory, or a sermon, or anything of the sort. It is a prayer for all people that read this to realize that what is at stake here is the survival of the human race and perhaps more importantly, along with our survival a return to respect for the bountiful earth that we too often abuse and take for granted.

I ponder back in my mind to an old American Indian on a commercial on the television and recall his tears.

LINK ADDED 08-16-2013:

(and he is most definitely in his 60's plus) as he sees the modern day of death a pollution all around him from what was no doubt a balanced and beautiful and before the advent of modern technology that propelled us to where we are now.

So the fink juxtaposition is we return to some ways of the olden days, so to speak?...or embrace technology and basically guess, even with science and empirical quantifiable data in which to analyze and move forward, or do we abandon so may archaic hurtful practices that we utilize daily with our self absorbed attitudes that run rampant...and I do not mean everyone but I do mean a good majority...or perhaps best do we through intelligence, evolve to our environment, be it man made or mother by nature or a combination of the above, and then embrace the hand collectively dealt to us and move forward towards what we all already know in our souls what is right. correct, and just.

Today is a wonderful day for positive change...rebellions are happening across the world as the advent of modern technological communication and the ability to organize, even in the most severe regimes, are swiftly being conquered without much if any blood shed....of which a drop is always too much!

I will end with this.

Ross Perot, a naval Academy graduate brilliant man, and very successful business man wanted to embrace the internet the way it is finally being utilized...he had vision...we lack people with vision today, as most feel lost and boxed in into an archaic system.

Our constitution is valuable, beautifully drafted and designed, and valid always, as it can evolve...however, it is of my personal opinion that we need to strip the government of its inherent functions and support the constitution as written and regularly amend or at least address any features that are serving no useful purpose.

I am a strong advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana...this should be a simple process, as it is quite clear that it tremendously helps millions with their respective health issues. When we have so much red tape and thus, hoops to jump through, we lack effectiveness, efficiency, and waste millions of dollars hat could be used elsewhere in fruitful areas.

The fabric of the Constitution is beautiful and able to be totally flexible, and I think it should stay in tact, personally. The bureaucracy behind it has left us paralyzed in our most dire time in our history.

We are in a major depression that is far to under reported by the media which is run by all the wrong interests for the most part. This has further left us paralyzed and resistant to immediate change at the time we need it most.

My proposition is keep the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in tact, continue to appreciate that we can evolve the law through the court system, however flawed, as appears to be the best in world history as of this date, and rebuild the government atop this fine and solid and sound foundation. 

The judicial, executive, and legislative houses of the government, with their inherent checks and balances as beautiful a system as it is, needs to be overhauled.

It should stay on the same foundation of the Constitution, however, it needs to be changed quickly when needed and this can and will be done with the technology we have today, much as Ross Perort perceived.

Where there exists inefficiency, how can any reasonable human being expect swift, just, and suitable change to rectify or adapt, or evolve forward (the very definition of evolve) in today's overly convoluted system???

The Constitution is sound...the system in which it is executed is laborious and fatally flawed. I believe that we in the United sates could be on the verge of a major upheaval, not unlike a civil war! (another beautiful oxymoron).

The point at the end where I close now is do we peacefully, swiftly and efficiently move forward promoting peace, freedom and liberty at home and abroad, as well as WIPE OUT the red tape that has ruined our system, hampered our society, and actually bankrupted our country?...technically speaking on an economics perspective...we are broke!

Sure we have assets and technology, and goods to export, etc....but when we cannot even place men and women who want to work into a competitive marketplace, which we chose to give away to other foreign interests, simply in the selfish motive of gaining more value or bang for the buck here at home, we mortgage our own future as we have so demonstrated.

What has actually happened is we have devalued our own money as well as our countries integrity abroad.

Our perception abroad has for a long time been not of an ally (to our allies I do not speak of) but as a bully mandating that this is the way everyone will do business and that we demand it, take over, build military bases, and keep a permanent presence where in the eye of the collective world has majorly hurt and perhaps permanently jeopardized our pathetic foreign policy which has just increasingly gotten worse over the years, and rapidly I may add.

I would like to state that my Father as well as my brother are both West Pointers and are very fine men, and I grew up a very, very conservative republican, however, I have evolved to realize that we need to be much more liberal (by today's swiftly changing standards) to adequately have a population that is more balanced, better educated, and ale to contribute more to the country as well as the world.

I am now personally leaning toward being an independent.

What I personally choose, is first and foremost, too always vote! Secondarily, vote not a party line but rather what makes sense from that particular era, as the landscape of the nation is always shifting.

So, in closing, we as a nation along with other corporation sand conglomerations from other countries have been and are still in the middle of one of the largest natural / man made disaster in recorded human history, which I feel we will no know the full outcome in our lifetimes, and I am forty-three years old.

The process from day one has been stressful just as a citizen, of the United States, as a bystander and observer, and as an musical artist, as well as a naturalist such as my great grandfather, the very notable, R.J.H. DeLoach, PhD., (and I add this because I feel as though he left me a legacy to carry on the work he has done).

I do not have the education or experience as he did at this point in my life, but what I do have is a passion that burns deeper then anything I have ever known, and when I read his works, which are notable, published, and quite fascinating even by today's standards, I feel as though a part of his soul is in me, because what I read that is written by him is as though I had written it myself.

I am a poet, for example, and he wrote a biography on his close personal friend, John Burroughs, the famous writer and most notably poet,

Reading these works of my grandfathers simply transports me back in time as though I was he and it is the most uncanny feeling, but equally amazing.

He was also a close personal friend and associated of Edison, Firestone, Ford, and again, Burroughs.

So that being my catalyst I felt both inspired and compelled to write what I have reported tight.

Although it may be mostly opinion, I fell positive that it is accurate and that science through the passage of time will prove these thoughts correct.

Many things I have written of, are simply common sense, and I would state also irrefutable.

Do the research for yourself.  Follow some links throughout my entire blog. I site reputable and peer reviewed articles for others to become better educated by, and i also welcome positive argument and links that may better tell anything I speak of.

Do not take my word with more then a grain of salt, however, let it be your own personal catalyst to open the mind more so, examine, explore and analyze this tragic topic with both a broad a specific scope, and simply draw from you r experience and education your own conclusions.

I simply urge you to have a mind that is now more open then it was before reading I am sure if you made it this far, you are very open minded and will help to ponder these tragic juxtapositions and fathom what collectively we nay do to overcome, as well as open the mind to all things similar.

Thanks for your time, and I hope that you found this informative and able to think through the long term ramifications of what this tragic Gulf oil spill has left us and how we should deal with it.


BELOW ALL ADDED ON 08-16-2013:

This article was written quickly and not intended upon publishing to have a great rhythm or flow.

All links, with the exception of the very first one, have been added, as all most, but not all of my works may get edited and added to.

My visionary writing has often been articulated before the facts have come forth. My writings are often copied in theme, and what i find most important is not critical acclaim, but the sharing of ideas in a think tank sort of out of the box thinking that will, as has most often been the case, act as a catalyst for others to research, study, educate themselves, and share what they find with the general public.

Watch the dates of publishing, the dates (that I always include in edits, or additions) and then the dates of supporting links, or even non-supporting links, and you can see for yourself the original ideas I hold within are cutting edge and visionary, although  certainly shared with others.

On the other hand, I was published at The United States Department of Energy on October 1, 2010, and it is my philosophy in my own words that I will include in a few paragraphs (an excerpt of the entire article) that I will include, and it was not long after that "massive wholesale" changes were the new norm in the entire marketplace.

Letter about HRDC submitted to the Cumberland Times News


October 1, 2010
Weatherization Assistance Program client, John S. Swygert of Cumberland Maryland, expresses in a letter his personal satisfaction with the energy efficiency measures installed in his home by the Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission.

This to me is exactly the essence of what the " GREEN MOVEMENT" is all about. First, reducing our own personal carbon footprint by efficiently consuming less natural resources through the use of modern and more efficient technology. Using this more modern technology creates a new work force with a fresh clean perspective, thus creating more jobs in many ways from manufacturing the new products (often made of recycleables), teaching the new philosophy and techniques to students in the trade on their way to earning their licenses, and thusly creating new jobs as we push the envelope to gain the upper hand on treating Mother Earth more properly and respectfully. Once this cycle has started we can continue down a path of better design by engineers making even more efficient products that not long were even deemed possible or at the very least, not feasible. Each change in technology has the ability to further revolutionize this new "Green Industry" thus propelling the industry along. 

This is what I consider a new philosophy that has been evolving in the last few recent years very rapidly especially and mostly due to our recent and/or current recession and the fears faced by the rise in fuel prices (in particular petroleum products). These are valuable lessons we are learning and this is something we can demonstrate and share with the rest of the world as we pave the way into a new green future, but it takes fine programs like these.

As an early nation we were strictly in an "Agricultural Era", as all we had was raw land. Once we became efficient as a nation and were able to sustain life at home in the U.S.A. with the food we grew and other raw materials we farmed and with the wealth we started to amass as a nation while trading at home and especially abroad with other nations, we began to transition into an "Industrial Age". After labor prices rose here for many reasons, we often outsourced labor to other nations, as it was often less expensive to manufacture in those nations and then ship it abroad and/or back home for trade. We were the industrial giant of the world. After amassing even greater wealth and becoming one of, if not the most, wealthiest nations in the world and with our labor prices rising ever sharper, we made the transition into the "Service Age". We. as a nation are beyond that now as an era and are, I believe, at the beginning of the wild frontier of the "Green Era". We now have the ability to pave the way for the world and with the world as we are upon the threshold of this new golden age. The basic philosophy of this program simply illustrates how it helps so many from the less fortunate as myself, to the blue collar workers all the way up to the white collar professionals. This is a simple and beautiful system that should be emulated often during this transition that is currently effecting all industries and market places. We, in the great state of Maryland in particular, should be proud that we are on the cutting edge of the new "Green Era" as we are swiftly becoming the leaders setting the stage for others to follow. We in Maryland utilize wind, hydro, and solar energy and are doing so more and more often every year. We, as a nation, must maintain this path of growth and efficiency in order to move forward and build our new worldwide economy while setting an example for other countries.