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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Dreams and Pipe Dreams

ComScore I have day dreams and night dreams,
am I living in fantasy?
Life is passing quiclky now,
My dreams dying right in front of me.

Onward I will venture out,
and further define myself,
such a long project,
will I finally break out.

May I come home one day with treasures to give to all?
Will I have made a difference that helped others?

The treads on feet may where thin,
and lash out at the very soul,
lessons not always easy,
I always try to share console.

Pain as deep as one can feel,
often overwhelms at times like these,
however, I envision a beautiful more fruitful future,
for each our destiny.

Adventure well, and adventure, far, and offer all you have,
too Love any other way simply leaves one feeling sad.

Peace Always