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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Dinner !...A Great Dinner To Celebrate A Great Day

Here is my wonderful dinner (really early this morning)I ate after walk and some great blues played by Gary Brown and Bushmaster.

Baked, boneless pork chops with Hebrew National sauerkraut.

Simple preperation: in a pyrex baking dish, add pork chops and cover with water just barely, then place sauerkraut on top and cover completely with foil. Bake on 350 for one and a half hours, or until the pork is just beyond pinkish in color.
If you like spicy, top with chopped/diced hot peppers !

Simply wonderful as it falls apart tenderly on your palette ...

next is a great salad if your adventuresome...

Pick dandelion greens from the yard and rinse well...then chop, dice, or cut to the size of your liking.

Next add parmesan cheese, apple cider vinegar, diced onion, diced garlic, olive oil, chopped hot pepper (I used pickled HOT bananna pepper), mustard, lemon juice, and honey... creative and use each ingredient to your level of taste...or simply use the ingredients you like...then gently toss and let stand a bit so that the dandelion leaves may absorb some of the juice.

These ingredients compliment one another...both on the palette as well as the way the compounds interact within the digestive system...I suffer from acid reflux...yet...this dish does not bother me in the slightest...for me the main thing to stay away from are the fats (animal fats not vegetable which are typically very healthy, i.e. olive oil).

Dandelion is a very very healthy green, under utilized, and free.

It has more nutrients then any green that you typically see at the super market or even farmer's market...simply pick from the yard or garden and never use any that has been near the roadside or any other area where drainage or run off can be an issue, as greens may easily become contaminated. If there are blooms available...simply top the salad with them as well as they are very tasty and you may even add clover blooms (similar to honey suckle in flavor).

This salad is a mighty toxin fighting salad that is especially great at cleansing the vital organs, such as the kidneys and liver in particular, as well as the blood. The peppers may make you break a sweat and the vinegar and combined explosive flavors of the other ingredients will take your tastebuds on a heck of a ride...but enjoy it and be thanksful and prayerful as you chew each bite thoroughly with the knowingness of the help and nourishment your are bringing to your bodies health and mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

For dessert, I had a simple generic corn meal powdered english muffin topped with Braswell's Pear Preserves and some dried plums. Talk about yummy and NO PRESERVATIVES...why eat junk you do not need and that has no nutritional value...???...have you ever contemplated that?

My beverage was a simple tea (homemade lipton iced tea lightly sweetened). I would have used UN-bleached sugar or otherwise known as natural cane sugar, but I had none on hand so I used regular white table sugar (BLEACHED)...yuck! I then added my strong homemade concentrated tea that I boiled and added home grown spearmint into...what a wonderful fresh taste, and again...very very healthy and cleansing.!

When I am out of this more WHITE sugar...I will only buy natural cane sugar and cut my overall consumption down making this more expensive sugar last longer and therfore justifying the price that way, not to mention that it is just more healthy a sugar to double justification !!!

This meal was very filling and healthy and I only needed small portions of each course of this meal to be fully cost may have been $ 2.00...that is today in 2011, and it was a super healthy and well balanced meal...hard to believe what some creative cooking can bring to the table and at such a great price.

I have enough pork and sauerkraut for several more meals when ready, be it immediately, or frozen in dinner size portions.

Our food chain is contaminated with junk !!!...I do not always eat so healthfully minded, but as I become even more acutely aware of the garbage we are sold by the grociers and marketd by the manufacturers, I cannot help but think and realize and thus act in a different way that is really actually innate.

Eating this way feels healthy because it is, and I can immediately feel it with added vigor and sharpness that I could feel I was lacking. The foods most of us have come accustomed to eating are anything but natural or healthy.

In the meantime I am getting older (43) and less easily able to gain the nutrients needed and also compounding the problem is that I have health issues that I want to reverse, at least as best possible if not fully.

Diet alone can make the world you live in filled with much more vitality if you eat carefully and choose well.

Enjoy and as always...bon appetit !

Peace and Love...Steve