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Saturday, June 11, 2011

just a simple thanks to friends family and loved ones

What's more shiny ??? my glasses or my forehead ??? lbs lighter at 165...and two inches shorter then my old 5'9" 5'7" with a broken back, slipped discs in all three regions of the spine, massive spinal cord compression, leaking spianl fluid, and spinal stenosis through out...but having better and better days now...walking many miles at least every other day and changing my eating habits...youth can return and I pray it keeps coming...and dyed the hair black...PAPA ROACH STYLE...WTF...enjoying the hair that is still I would jot down some thoughts to share with friends as well as document my doing my best to avoid surgery...I was told surgery is inevitable as i was at the doc...who looked at me as though I should not be able to walk well at all or have function in my arms and legs as I do...and I have nerve damage down the left side too after testing performed by my neurosurgeon...after seeing my lumbar and thoracic and especially my cervical (neck) MRI...broken vertebrae in lumbar, slipped discs through out all regions, spinal fluid leaking, spinal stenosis through out...neurologist and neurosurgeon suggest fusion of three cervical vertebraes...I say prayer, hard work, some days better then others, and prayer from family and friends and I will heal. I am as stubborn as ever and will avoid surgery at virtually any cost but not from stupidity...and I believe in PRAYER and need your support if you see these words...PRAYER, LOVE AND MUSIC heal ALONG WITH BELIEF AND HARDWORK...FB will be part of the chronology...a walker and a cane and pain and being stuck in bed and immobile made me think a lot and pray more...Thanks Rhonda, thanks friends, and Thanks GOD... for guiding me and providing much needed strength during yet another tough time and my apologies if I have seemed aloof to any of my dear friends and loved ones...I have been aloof recently...getting refocused very deeply now more then ever. Old dogs do learn new tricks...and this old dog wants to run with the young dogs a lot longer...and sincerely to all my friends and family...thanks...six letters that mean more then any words I have in my mind to express my thankfulness for you each and all. PEACE and LOVE ALWAYS...steve

pic link from 05 11 2011