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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I was amazed this morning when my fiance Rhonda told me that a convoy was trucking through Cumberland, Maryland via I-68 with the fuselage of the ill fated flight of U.S. Airways 1549, which crashed into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009.
The pilot miraculously landed in the water of the Hudson River and saved 155 lives with his skilled manuvering.
It is believed to have crashed after it struck a flock of geese on its ascent.
This picture was taken in Cumberland, Maryland on June the seventh at approximately 1:50 p.m. ,from the Marion Street/Monroe Street overpass above I-68, very close to our home.
History is all around our mountain town, and sometimes it passes us by ...sometimes even seemingly unknowingly.
I am thankful for the time this day to both document and share this picture and it's related history with the comunitty here and hope you will read the story in full on Wikipedia, as it is truly quite a read.
---you may choose to end here...or perhaps print this in full - if space and content allow---
I have an acute awareness of planes, as they have crossed my path so many times in life.
My sister in law, Lisa Swygert, is a flight attendant for U.S. Airways, and lives in Charlotte N.C., where the plane was scheduled to land. I remember my deep concern that day thinking of family.
I heard the plane that crashed into The Pentagon on the indelible date of September, 11...I was not at all far away that day, and watched in horror as the smoke bellowed into the air.
My first memory of life was a plane, a very fast small jet, flying just over my and my famlies' heads at an air show in Pennsylvania, and then in a split second it topped the trees just a stones throw away and exploded.
I was raised in Alexandria, Virginia where my Father was stationed at the Pentagon, and I remember, all to well, the crash of Air Florida that day upon the 14th Street Bridge, from which it skipped off and entered The Potomac River with a thud.
My Mother's friend Mrs. Felch, had a daughter on that flight by the name of Patty, and she miraculously thankfully lived.
A best friend from high school, Mark Bryant...and another from school days, Dhea Bethea (a flight attendant for U.S. Air)...and another friend of the same era from my youth, by the name of Mark Crafts all parished tragically in plane crashes. Each was in a different plane accident.
Today I feel as though the proof of a miracle passed before my eyes (actually under my feet), as I watched this plane pass under mine and my fiance's very feet from atop the Marion Street/Monroe Street overpass above I-68 where I took this picture.
Some things in life are seemingly never understandable at best during certain times, yet we still move forward.
Then comes a day when THE BIGGER PICTURE becomes abundadtly clear, for each our owns' perspective.
I will humbly close by saying hello to the friends I have lost that are now angels above and also with a thanks to The Lord that this plane will safely make it to it's original destnation of Charlotte, North Carolina where it was originally intended to land...and is now, years later, finally on it's way to that destination to be displayed in a museum.
Destiny is destiny...and he who has peace in that knowledge shall arrive there safe.

John S. Swygert