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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trumpets Sounding !

ComScoreTrumpets Sounding !

Can you see,

Whats Happening?

All around,

the trumpets sound.

?Is there anybody listening, does anyone even care?

?Why must we live in a world where we can't share?

!What we should see Is Peace Everywhere!

!Peace Is Coming!


Its all been said,

Its all been wrote,

Peace Is Coming!

! That ain't no joke!

Disasters abound,

look and you'll see it all around,

matters not you look in which town,

Denial runs deep, as a river in egypt!

Things we may not understand,

prove themselves time and again,

Science holds the answers not,

There is but one God, idol others rot!

False prohets many, and

True prophets few,

The Word Has Been Written,

Its Messahe (message in Arimaic)

Indonesia now,

Hatii was recent,

attention grabbing headlines,

always sell decent!

The ones that start the wars,

start them with words,

powerful sword slices peace,

then brothers kill Kurds!

lets start some trouble over here,

we are seemingly bored,

disregaurd a nations culture,

a young nation with adrenalyn,

so quickly all abhors!

waste lay all around,

I hear the trumpets sound!

he may be Coming for your soul,

or He may be coming to take you home.

It is not easier to get the camel through the eye of a needle,

as it is to get into Heaven, as some would have you believe!

It is much easier to get into Heaven,

Simply, Bow Down, Ask For Forgiveness, Pray On Your Knees!

Footnote at the end

“It is easier for a camel to go through
the eye of a needle, than for a rich man
to enter into the kingdom of God."
I would say this: as the emphasis on the capital letters can make a difference..

“It is easier for a camel to go through
the eye of a needle, than for a (R)rich (M)man
to (E)enter (I)into (T)the (K)kingdom (O)of (G)God."
The truth lies in the first as written in the bible,
as it is written in the diminutive form. As where the second one I have included
(Capital Letters) in parenthesis in certain parts to directly refer to what God was saying, as the King James illustrates seperately what Jesus actually said from the rest of the text.
This style is commonly found in the Bible and is a great writing tool to place emphasis where it belongs to properly convey the thought that originated in the original mind of invention.
This can now be read
as though it is simple to get into Heaven, simply Ask For Forgiveness as only a human being can, and Accept God As Your Maker, As You Pray On Your Knees! As It Has Been Written!.
I think from my studying, that a lot is lost in translation, therfore, it makes me wonder what has been lost when I read that Gods Word in the Bible Is Not For Private Interpretation!.
My intent herein is not to privately interpretate the Bible, however I may have as an example willingly done so, only to illustarte the concept of what can, may, and will be, has, and is being lost due to translation over centuries of time as these principles have been passed along.

I once had an evil (temporarily at the very leasy possesed) man tell me that it was easier for a man to get a camel through the eye of a needle, then it is to get into the kingdom of heaven.
He had me curiously wonderingly confusedly almost believeing this... not because I am stupid, but because he stated it to me in person, and mostly because I trusted him...using words as tools of deceit while insanely inspired, to make me believe that it takes a lifetime of work and dedication to get into heaven (his heaven of of lies as he was twisting these words like threads into a fabric of strenth with the wrong message) .
He misquoted the entire Bible! I trusted him and not Him at this time in my life. Because he had made a website called virtualjesus.
I once explained to him that there is no such thing or need for virtualjesus, because The Bible does not tell me of virtualjesus but of Jesus Christ of Nazereth of The Kingdom Of Heaven!.
He was enraged with the evil dark ones spirit same as the devil, the evil ruler, hereto refered to in the diminutive form, as only a minion should beand will be when I write these words.
He once told me he saw the devil face to face, and that he wore cool looking ripped blue jeans and a cowboy hat. The entire time he is telling me this he is wearing ripped blue jeans and a hat, however not cowboy hat.
He was a false prophet, confusing The Word of God using the word of god(his god the devil).
Camel cigarettes has an egyptian scene with a camel that is encircled by what appears to be the eye of a needle. That I smoke makes me not a rich man. That I believed this man who misquoted The Bible to me, I believed the sick message as he intended me too. I have hence forth learned an invaluable lesson. To Know The Word, and for me individually, that is a daily process I am no where near mastering!
These cigarettes promised a coolness and an ego (read E.asing G.od O.ut) that in my younger years looked promising as I was filled with sin and evil sometimes along my way.

As I write this there are reports of an Indonesian Earthquake, referred to in this time as an act of god. There were tsunamis too. There is a volcanic eruption, and a longer massive slower eruption expected soon. Just look it up on the net ( the internet as accessed by a computer, not to be confused with a fishing net, as I know not who my audience may be, and want to share this understanding on this 10-26-2010 day of the grigorian calendar).

We, here in Cumberland, Maryland, a beautiful place nestled in a bowl of mountains as if Cradled By God Himself, with a portal ( a naturally occuring cut in the mountains on the North side of town that was ecpecially a gateway for the earlier people of the pre united states era to travel in a now Westward direction, the exact same direction as the Sun sets today, yet perhaps not tomorrow from a polar perspective, as the poles have shifted before and can and will shift again.
I write to place a certain emphasis on todays conditions, theology, and culture as I perceive them. Hopefully to illustarte a better picture for the future reader of this writing I have penned today as stated above.
So we currently have a tornado warning issued at 7:15 p.m. At night or darkness (when there is no light from the Heavens visible from the celestial bodies in the sky, excluding perhaps the starts, however few they may be on a cloudy. Stormy night), or dusk, or evening, ad infinitum. , and it lasts until 3 a.m. this morning.
It is October 26, 2010 and it 67 degrees farenheit, not to be confused with celcius or any other of the many scales of temperature associated with each its indivdual science.
Language is a mess now. Language is getting messier. Texting is an alphabet game that is understood by few and often misinterpreted!
Babel is upon us once again.

Matthew 19:24