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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Link to my song, I hope you will enjoy...very relaxing...peace friends, I hope this brings a gift of peace, as it is mostly all I have left to offer and enjoy the music I hear.


more importantly...I am gonna ramble through some thoughts I thought would be fun to share with you all, and some thoughts and experiences and where and what I am thinking now...just go for a little adventure in writing for a bit of it is fun, makes a point, rambles for humor and flow, and I hope leaves a message of something worthwhile...all I can say is I am thankful for another day of life and the attempt to share Peace to the best of my capacity and ability no matter what challenges faced in life.

It's been kick ass tough lately...broken back, domestically, well I am alone again. Financially, worst time of my life, health sucks, love sucks, country sucking wind hard, Ross Perot heard the sucking noise well before that of any visionaries back then.

That man saw things that were great. We missed a great one.

Perhaps it's time for him and Ron Paul on the same ticket!...actually...should just be the one ticket like I talk about in here somewhere....more then one party is division from the beginning and the goal overall is to bring unity, so starting at division to a degree makes sense, however that the government itself is divided into fractured parties of now failing badly philosophical and actual politics, it is indeed innately dividing, and therefore must be a less efficient a way.

The Federal Government is suppose to be, We The People, as it has been written in our Constitution.

We the people have the technology today top create new jobs be entrepreneurs, be creators in the Green Era, and our government should transition a lot of their holdings over to private hands, back to the people, who will more carefully count the chickens, and only after hatched.

I will speak more politic later....I love politics, have been into politics off and on over the years, and dream to hold some sort of office or capacity that brings rejuvenation back into this country.

I know incredible people that have powerful knowledge, and friends like that cannot fail.

Sounds like a lot of talk but it is all for real...and my life has been like that...huge things happen to me!

Cool huge things, fun things, bad things, tragic things, but many many things, and it happened very young when it made less sense.

It makes me see more and more each day as a life in motion that as I pass towards eternity through time, that which I value more today, and more with each passing day, is what I have less of then yesterday and those yesterdays cometh before them... and forever will diminish...until?

Then there is the spiritual...and that gets deep too...but that's in here or for another time...

and moving ahead...

, (lol)

so long ago....

I met Mic Brown of Dokken and George Lynch
 we spoke a lot, partied a little too, it was totally musical...and that is where I need to be again to stay at cries out in me non stop and always has, and I am thankful for the gifts of my instruments, my crafts, my talents from God, my so many inspirations like those guys or guys I have been in bands with, or were in other bands, like T.C. Tolliver of The Plasmatics...we ain't down with one another but we've been cool with one another well over 20' years...trip...and I have recently met Eddie Spaghetti of Supersuckers, "The Greatest Band on Earth!", and he's right and so are there many others, but when these MF's rokk...they blow the house down and I have seen Jethro Tull, White Snake, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,  Dokken, BonJovi, The Highway Men, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, and hundreds of no name bands like me doing what we love because it soothes a soul and shares a life and spreads good vibes, and yeah, trippy as it is we do all have vibes and we all feel them, know them, be in tune to them, that the true you from above breaking out to be a rock star, however you desire that to be, and live your dreams, never dare to dream, per chance to sleep, to dreams no more...kind of like Shakespeare but no direct quote, I could have even convoluted it as we can so easily in language where Law is proof positive of that statement and that means straight into the eye of Government as it has poorly evolved and lost vision for a future, instead, as a child, starting silly little games of War and Destruction for an agenda that has actually accomplished what for the sake of reality after ten years?

Most people of the far east, of many I have met and been good friends and are still today but only here in the states, as I have never traveled to the heart of their countries yet as I plan on one day.

But back to the point, most that live there do not like what our government has stood for and what it has helped past regimes do to the people and then when that gets out of control, we bomb them to oblivion, spreading nuclear waste on some projectiles, using chemicals, weapons of MASSIVE destruction, and wasting countless precious lives all over the world in the process.

People over all are suffering now more then ever in recent history, when we should have it oh so bountiful, we have been away while the child did play.

There is a lot of work to be done, but we need to rebuild this country, as I am trying to live my life into the life of music, where I can hone the craft more and share in the beautiful art's delight!

...and back to musical performances, I can go on and on from classical, to opera, to punk, to Reggae, to the basement or the bond fire...and they have all had a lesson to delight in be it being in the show, observing the show, making the show, the best part is sharing the show with he countless people I have met of great musical talent....Steve Morse, David Russell, I spoke to them each at I did with George, and it blows me away what can be shared, and still, all these years later the music finally on the front burner because Eddie Spaghetti of SuperSuckers somehow inspired me, and I have no clue where it came from but it seemed as out of no where....and I am thinking....I usually dress like him, he is a little older then me, he fucking thinks ROCK...he does rokk, he writes killer original tunes, and I have all these gifts at my disposal and if I waste them then I am a fool...and he always like to welcome people to the world of Supersuckers where their life is going to change...well are we supersuckers ourselves, or does the world indeed changes as it is infinitely more dynamic then most have even come close to glimpsing in their imaginations, the mind's eye.

and I can go on...Dad is a West Pointer, brother too, ex=father in law runs the C.A.A., and on down the list I can go with influential people I have known and know I am Don's son, and proud of it....finest Father anyone could ever ask for, absolutely no second best!...A Blessing He is to Thee I hope I to He.

I cannot help but write I enjoy it so much...I simply wanted to share with you an great journey and hope we are all on this same ride together where we are going to make and demand rapid change, and get it efficiently and peacefully....I cannot help but care about all these issues, it is what my Father nearly was killed for in Viet~Nam. I never question his judgement, as his is a judgement more solid then a rock. I know he put his life in harms way when called for what he believed in during those times, therefore knowing his judgement I know I would do the same today if asked, and knowing his love, would also know do fight in any type of war in disastrous at best. Peace is a much more beautiful thing to behold.

He is also a Mathematician, and therefore to me quite a linguist, as it seems a bit natural to most of my kin and especially parents. We all enjoying delving deep into the language arts and philosophize a lot about it, and often as we are this way together deep and philosophical, there is no better pleasure cruise in life. It is from here we each gain perspective as listeners and vision as unified, and direction from wisdom, and vigor of youth by every man. Times like this are screaming Rome is Burning!!!...or the theaters is on fire, everyone get out!...yet for the most part we sit back and let a wreck less government that has far exceeded its own capacity to ever run smoothly again, as it needs an overhaul with the base and foundation being the Constitution of The United States of America and it's innate Bill of Rights.

From there we shall quickly transition into as new futuristic government with an open door policy, much stricter control on secrecy, a more efficient well oiled machine that can be designed for drastic and massive change of any of the three branches to be more efficient, more autonomous but never against the system of check and balances, which is well over complicated!, and there would just be less big government that is the correct answer.

Jobs would have to be phased to private ownership back to the people and the agencies would have to run on a manageable and reasonable budget as times and visions towards peace dictate.

We could transition over a four year administration, and I would run for this office myself because I think people see a need for change and this change can happen quickly.

I am a registered Republican since age 18. I have been a bleeding heart liberal and love it as well as a conservative republican and thought I was all that and a bag of chips and hey, don't F with me! much cooler laid I am of the Visionary Party. It includes everyone.

We accept no contributions at any level or of any kind.

We shall never be lobbied.

Our campaigns will be efficient low cost campaigns run through the Internet, with no wasteful money spent up as we do now selling the office!

The time to change is immediately!

So I can go on about this, but I want others just to hear influence, experience, a wonderful life, inspiration, and vision from a little bit of wisdom from some seldom trodden and oft trodden paths....

So my music has been happening often before it's time, i.e.  as I release something, then something happens that matches...not that no one could project them, but they have been correct so often it is beautifully uncanny, eerily familiar, and deja-vouz all at the same time before it time, I write very visionary, matters from not what the topic, I write hoping to inspire an open and educated mind that can be the key to all things perfect, I believe literacy to be....well here...

Artist Press Items

"Prosperity is found in language."

“This to me is exactly the essence of what the " GREEN MOVEMENT" is all about. First, reducing our own personal carbon footprint by efficiently consuming less natural resources through the use of modern and more efficient technology. Using this more modern technology creates a new work force with a fresh clean perspective, ”!/page_object/page_object_press/artist_614782

SO ANY WAY THE REAL POINT TO THE SONG AGAIN....sorry cvaps locked...that will wake the eyes is the coolness to the new tune on drums...peace and enjoy.

steve swygert "rokkinroll" of MobiusTripz

This is a poem I wrote first on October 14, 2011, then it is made into this crafted heart felt song where I , play guitar, and play my drums finally for the very first time ever, so I RECORDED it for this track...I am very pleased with my thoughts about drums finally coming to fruition...I built from wood and homemade hangers and Americana decor fancied together a drum bass drum it need to make a pedal that works for my set up...hung all the cymbals...that is tough, and I was creative with the noises they would make rather then what they had been designed to make, and they were beat to heck garbage from someone else...they speak to me always I hang them and designed the hangers and felts or buffers or mutes with specific noises in mind...I am a pure naturalist who appreciates a great  many things so I tried to incorporate that into what I have built in one night, and no doubt more to even has a sticks holder that is a piston ring compressor around one portion of wood with a canister from a pneumatic spray booth gun inside, then I clamped down the gadgets...see I cannot do all that anymore because my back is broken, but my drums will lift and straighten and strengthen my back in every way and keep me strong and I have always wanted to play drums...I have gourds on them, feathers, very American Indian and Americana mixed...lots of natural spirit...and I thought wood would resonate well and built it on an old cast iron TV cart, and attached it to a 4x4 with Bunji's so it would be firm, but give ...I wanted it to resonate,,,and the recording in this song is truly the first time I have ever played the drums to a song if my own or any song at was as I heard it when I saw it...and that is pretty cool... this is certainly a new exciting time in my career with many changes happening fast and the music topping digital charts tripz me out and its all fun too, but I am not making a dime...just good spirit and healing...and if I ever make a dime, I'll share it, and I'll make sure it too us again fruitful,...peace friends an I hope you enjoy this...and I never mind if you add me on FB or want to email any time...pretty easy going, love just about anything and interested in everything...I am promoting now as well, looking for my first act to represent and work together towards introducing them into the profession of art...their is an oxy moron for you ! ...profession of art !!!...peace to all friends, steve "rokkinroll" of MobiusTripz