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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A thought and prayer and I hope inspiration for all of you my beloved friends and family..THANKS

     A thought and prayer and I hope inspiration for all of you my beloved friends and family...enjoy

This is to a FB posting where I asked for some help and guidance and prayers...thanks

 friends, steve

? a little poetry and artistic expression first, por favor?

"O'er crystal clear beaming starry nightscapes crossed with white translucent moon beams , I transiently ponder glorious future thoughts as brilliant colorful vivid lucid visions travelling from my mind's eye formulating Faith across our shared fabric of space time and as clear as a motion picture in high definition.

This artistic scientific gift of mind we all share... and for this gift of vision and deep cosmosial (a new word) dynamic universal reflection and / or perception we will all form a new future filled with pure harmony...

I am humbly Thankful for the friends I have...difference makers that inspire...thanks !!!! SCIENCE AND ART ARE EACH A GRAND MASTERPIECE WHEN combined with not greed in mind. ...without you each, I would be a less experienced, less inspired, less compassionate, less lively rejuvenating self today...good words from loved ones heal...thanks...I am not perfect, but I am climbing my minds beautiful wooded golden animal filled mountain towards the heavens beyond...perhaps like a military peak when hiking or skiing...

what lies onward is often unknown, but that and you all are what make life drive in this soul I was offered at, love, and thanks...

I am quite comical too and witty and could be awarded the "emotions on the sleeves" award on FB twice this a week...MALE MENOPAUSE ??? all...

Live Love ; ) many thanks to whom I have ever known or seen or spoken, steve to each you all...AMEN"

John S. Swygert of MobiusTripz


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