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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perfection's Time Machine ~ I make a trip to the past

Here is a fun story...enjoy

some more fun writing of words, thoughts, expression, humor, love and and wonderment to ponder...per chance too dream said ShakeSpeare something we go...relax...picture using the, breathe, enjoy...

Oh what rings in your mind's eye for perfection?

Where is that visual cortex in the mind that projects as a movie camera all of each our known time?

Often flashing replays of long gone thought not remembered memories,

of youth before time even perhaps,

sweet, rejuvenating, reminiscient, beautiful and innocent, timeless silloquies.

Ah, there is perfection!

It is an ideal of the minds eye.

For who has not felt nourishment of the soul when dreaming of perfection?

Who has not been inspired at moments glance passed by before being recognized,

and now inspired,

just to dream a DaVinci like dream of any kind of perfection,

which so ever it is at all.

Seek, and ye shall find something.

Seek Peacefully and share Peace, find Peace

One day all roads travel to perfection.

Enjoy the travel of time friend, passing us by,

or do we pass it?

If indeed we are separate entities passing one another,

for is there not spinning?

Of two or more bodies?

but so multi dimensionally bathed in dynamics, never crossing paths again. or do they,

O' Physics?...sweet fun

Do not all men dream to build time machines,

while at the same time not realizing they are the time machine?

Each of us an intricate mass of multiple interlaced systems and mechanisms,

with thought, and spirit,

and we travel through the very fabric which is space time.

Which of us has not often isolated ourselves out as if we are not included in "the bigger picture".

The EGO makes this such simple will, to be so entwined within thyself,

and who hast ever found freedom here in?

Not me ever close me, my friend.

Yet I know as long as I have lived,

I may be lonely but I am never alone.

We all feel in the same ways, do we not, yet words come between what comically transpires be it man vs. man, or be it nations, worlds, science, art, ad infinitum!

Dynamics are such great keys.

Opening incredible portals of thought, and therefore anything.

I feel at 43, as though I have been in celestial flight for at least 43 years, but honestly, parts of me are as old as time itself.

Are we not made up of fundamental building blocks?

Replaced over time,

time and time again.

the essence of the cliche,"time and time again",

is it's very words itself, perfect.

Time and Time Again.

Does one now thinketh of timelessness and agelessness,

as we cruise together during a same time period, sharing together?

I observe as my Mother is withering,

I am of broken back,

and deep emotional pain of lost love,

that has crushed me yet again,

this time just last 3 weeks ago,

really starting to hurt deep today, very painful emotionally, not physically

but gut turning, and a little anxious

but drained to a degree with no great bounce in my step,

but it is cold, furnace will be fixed this week, and it's dark out

winter begins.

On lost love again,

I am resilient, will shake it off, stand strong no matter,

no matter, standith between the lighteth and eye, I.

And then to suffer the financial pitfalls of a swiftly failing government,

cannot one see the ship is sinking fast?

Mine has sunk, so aboard life boat I am,

and I set sail for new land, lonely, yet never alone.

We have all known this mysterious voyage,

repeating at times unknown,

in a mysterious marvelous changing wave,

washes over all we know,

and leaves a sand beach behind now bare yet once again.

Memories are merely snapshots of times forever gone,

Visions are of things yet to come,

yet why does man often ruin the voyage,

for others,

great joys to come?

I along my path with self,

now ponder deep, regain strength, heal, and plan,

for out I will be re-birthed,

once again, a new man.

with wonderful memories of beauteous times,

and lessons hard learned,

tools to carry forward with grace, love, and Peace.

Life for me has been a hell of a ride,

first memory was jet racing across sky,

then over trees it did fly,


the pilot died.

I was in a bassinet, just an infant, but knew,

there was no ejection, and there was death,

wow, how did I process that at all?

I could not speak!

I could think, I heard, I paid attention always,

I learned quick, yet no voice, still an infant,

incredible insatiable curiosity that was fascinatingly calming.

I always wanted out of confines,

I may find rest and solitude in confines,

such as crib, bassinet, or anything that keeps one bound,

explore onward though always I must.

As does time change,

so do I,

and it is time for another flight to depart,

and rebuild the man from the heap of the ashes I am,

cannot I be a Phoenix with just merely the Faith of a mustard seed?

I believe, because I have always wanted to live in Peace, and continue to move forth.

I remember as a child my Father had been shot while serving in Viet Nam.

I knew people died and you never saw them again, and I thought ( as a prayer at the time ), but I do not even know him yet,

please let him stay.

my black cat Tinta comforting me, I prayed.

yet I could not barely speak,

at perhaps a child of now age two, at oldest three.

My life and when I watch The Wall are quite interesting that weird Wall Way!...

everyone identifies with the finest art,

and that fine art speaks for itself,

and the people love the arts always,

or...on and on we are all just bricks in the wall!

We had a 1964 Mercedes 220s blue,

she was happy, safe, and a family vessel of charm,

we had a Mercedes when many had never seen one.

It was like when we stopped,

any gas station made us rock stars!

Look a Mercedes!

Beautiful Mother and Father young and perfect,

child number four along for ride,

Memories of brilliant perfect past times.

In the back seat, sing I would to the radio,

The Beatles Let It Be,

Johnny Cash,

My two favorites and now I am only still two and a half or three.

How do I pick the best of the best?

The Beatles and Johnny Cash?

and a future of music,

my life has always somehow had.

Music has been what keeps me with breath when dying of asthma in the hospital,

or being molested by a man when I was merely twelve,

or losing a friend, too many, too many, to so many tragic things,

as a loss of any friend is tragic,

no matter the circumstance,

and to lose a friend in life, while both still live,

perhaps a more sour note of resonation.

Move forward,

Sports, academia, orchestra, guitar, singing at home or in chorus,

Hammond organ since child hood, one day I'll play it too,

and drums perhaps too, piano, everything,

sing like Ian Anderson and play flute like him, the minstrel.

Then my first concert,

Oct 79 Jethro Tull,

WOW, I am really here,

and hundreds of concerts I would see,

often with Carol my sister, or friends.

Great times always.

Years have passed since that first rokkinroll concert,

thirty two to be exact, plus now a month,

and I play a little flute,

and a little guitar,

and still love and now make some music.

That is the dream to fruition,

anything else would be icing on a cake of perfection,

How else can things be so incredible in slices,

then without some Stephen King'ish an Edgar Allan Poe mellow drama.

Who wouldn't drink and party hard for a while?

going through a blender of incredible life experiences and most tragic experiences all blended together intensely.

All would have happened had I been there or not,

three separate planes kills three friends, one passes in a rock climbing accident,

one is murdered,

the planes again and again,

and i'd like to be a pilot one day still,

later in life...

but even I heard the plane hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001,

and my Mother's friend's daughter survived the Air Florida crash,

into the Potomac River that  bleak snowy icy wintry day.

Rapid tragedy one after another.

And I am going to college full time, working full time, and partying overtime during the early years of this strangeness that never seemed to leave.

I was abusing myself to a harsh degree at times, however, the waves of pain and tragedy just came,
even during times of sobriety, utter chaos and tragedy,
not that I focused there, because I most certainly did not,
but it visited close and often,
it always has some how.
as it must for us each, however different yet overall the same.

so back in the day...there is a modern expression...gets funnier with each year that passes too as well when I hear it or especially when I use it, or hear a kid 12 say it...where have you been kid?

truth is, where has that kid been?

so back in the day...

Well I know what I did!

Wanna be a rock star, got to live like one.

Illusion, young stupidity,

ignorance walking I could be,

maybe die like one,

best change my ways.

Got a little older,

life moved on,

grew the heck up,

most of the time,

still a rebel inside,

Love to write,

play music,

share and promote peace,

stand strong too,

use knowledge, wisdom, and hear the guide

follow him to the sunset,

hang on tight,

forty three years

so far really just a short magnificent flight.

So it makes me think of Bad Company's Shooting Star song and a story and a video...

first up, great song...and John is really my first name, i go by my middle name, but oddly enough we have a string of guitar players in our family, three or maybe even four are named john...but this song one speaks to me for real, and it fits my age, and my sister use to rock this album non stop when it was originally first released, and I dug Bad Company, and she saw them, and they broke up, re-formed and hit the road, and we saw them together...

The song,

It sings, of me, my dream,

and the pitfalls of rock n roll to avoid,

and I did sing the Beatles as a other song so closely knits itself to me somehow,

quite amazing, definitely not written about me !

but just feels so perfect,


......hang in there and read the rest of's gets strangely interesting and cool...a real story coming, again blending, past, art, writing, picture, video, time.

time, tick, time, tock, time, tick, time, tock

time tick, time talk

talk time talk

tick talk......

SHOOTING STAR ~ that's really great music, and Johnny, just a great choice in writing using a common name.

I am sure many feel as I do of this song and are near my age,

and have lived the life to a degree...hard to pass up jamming with like minded people,

being young, exploring,maxing it out all the time,

over revving the Indy engines limits,

still purring like a kitten the following day,

until it's time to pay the piper,

time to live is short,

live life!

and there is a seat reserved for all of us in death,

please keep mine a long distance away,

and I shall also help by doing my part.

be careful and enjoy the art!

great place to start.

so lyrics...Bad Company - Shooting Star

Johnny was an school boy
When he heard his first Beatles song
Love Me Do, I think it was
And from there it didn't take him long
Got himself a guitar
Used to play every night
Now he's in a rock 'n' roll outfit
And every thing's alright
Don't you know?

Johnny told his Mama,
"Hey, Mama, I'm goin' away
I'm Gonna hit the big time
Gonna be a big star someday"
Mama came to the door
With a teardrop in her eye
Johnny said, "Don't cry, Mama,
Just smile and wave goodbye"
Don't you know?


Don't you know that you are a shooting star
Don't you know
Don't you know
Don't you know that you are a shooting star
And all the world will love you just as long
As long as you are

Johnny made a record
Went straight up to number one
Suddenly everyone loved
To hear him sing his song
Watchin' the world go by
Surprisin' it goes so fast
Johnny looked around him and said,
"Well, I made the big-time at last"
Don't you know?
Don't you know?

A shooting star

Don't you know that You are a shooting star
Don't you know?
Don't you know that You are a shooting star
And all the world will love you just as long
as long as you are

Johnny died one night, died in his bed
Bottle of whiskey, sleeping tablets by his head
Johnny's life passed him by like a warm summer day
If you listen to the wind you can still hear him play

Don't you know that You are a shooting star
Don't you know?
Don't you know that you are a shooting star
Don't you don't you don't you don't you don't you know
Don't you know that you are a shooting star

Don't you, don't you know that you are a shooting star

then there is this link to a video:

go to 2:03 min into the song...

sure looks like me when I met Mick Brown from Dokken...

he is behind me, and we are dresses similar, and I have my fresh tatts, sleeves rolled up like I always use to do...

we laughed together that night because we dressed alike, partied alike, acted like Keith and Mic for a bunch of folks and had them on the floor...good times...that was right when we met...

so anyways I see this video, because I love this song...and then bam...I sure think that is me and him...very strange indeed...trippy ...I do not know the person who made the video or posted it, so it's for now a mystery, that is indeed to meet up with Mick and George again and talk tunes...that was like blasting off !

there is a snap from the vid...vid is larger and easier to see...pretty wild story...strange...

so I had been sober over a year and a half...married and seperated if all my memory serves me right, and Dokken was in town and I am going to see them !

and my buddy runs the place, I have no idea, he hooks me up to meet with them...was very cool of him.

And the guys from the band were great, all of them, but George and Mick were who I spent time with, mostly pounding Budweiser long necks with Mic...

I can even see my tatt work still saying my then wife's name, which has since been covered, and it was my first tatt timing and everything is correct for this pic to be taken on or about 4-97 thru 7-97...fourteen years ago.

Was a great find, because I had no pics of meeting him...I even see an open guitar case in the video picture as reflected in the mirrors in the room.

So this concludes another fun trip to the past as well as a great writing exercise...I hope someone gets something positive out of this...I sincerely do

I need the reflections of the past, lets me know I am getting closer to becoming an even brighter shooting star!

and we are all shooting stars, don't you know! yeahhh yeahhhh

live well, travel well through this life

peace and love friends,


John Stephen Swygert