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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prodigal Son, an artistic version with play on words and humor and Love...peace, laugh, enjoy

Used a little artistic license here to play with a few words and tell a story…hope you enjoy it…

O what is thou governmente?

For I just waundered into town,

is there a loco philospher,

you know like Plato around?

Old wise man appeared,

herbal remedy in hand,

explained to the waunderer,

it's all just an illussan. (illusion)

An illusion you say old man?

of this is the first I hear,

But you show kindness, peace, sincerety,

come closer, sir, please, fill my ear.

pass puff pass puff puff puff...ahhhhhhhhhh

Son, we are together one embodiment,

each a part of a greater whole,

imagine you cannot its immensity,

acceptance and vunderment that now unfold will twofold.

Kind sir my eyes feel as open,

yet I am of 43, walked a many mile,

have you known or been watching over me?

I am not finished,

quiet young strong son,

you ask so let me answer,

let your mind not now quite yet run.

For as a cat has nine,

so do we have seven,

and they are blessing,

from straight out of Heaven.


with no exception,

always leaves a civilization,

in deeper perplexsion.

Philosophy and Government,

a smoother blend,

Peace the main ingredient from God,

prosperity sprinkled in.

So "they" do their best they can,

to try to represent every man,

and climb to such lofty heights,

they become elusive illusions restraining rights.

Old man, why you speek this way yo,

Young wise sun settle,

for all stars get to fly,

sun, look me back into my eye.

You and Your Maker control your destiny,

never fear of spirit so free,

question the government no more,

change it, work hard, feast not war.

Father how have you become so wise,

I use more then just my eyes?

how so do you mean these words so sweet?

sensory input, perspective, absorbstion, contemplation,

communion, art, science, technology, prayer,

nature, respect of everything, spiritual centeredness, physics, mathematicas.

grammatica, language, italiano, espanol, frances, french y francois, latin,

so many ways to paint a literal picture son, you are beautiful, strong, wise before your time,

patience, and oh hear hit this...well known herbal remedy for generations,

the government want to stop this too...peace herb!

What are you talking about old man pops?

old man?

puff, puff, pass back, cough, can I hit that lost me at illussan! 

son, did you say your a traveler? you now know the way of the great Hempseeds?

The Hempseed's were a beautiful couple,

perfect in most every way conceiveable,

opposite signs of the zodiac,

cancer and capricorn, the names of the only two tropics.

when they were in congruence,

it was the sweetest life and love blend ever known in mankind,

but there were times of stress, discontent,

they both lost their minds,

he a screamer and authoritarian idealist capricorn,

and she the love starved cancer,

a perfect match in every way, accept agenda

did them betray.

Faith incredible by both,

their relationship has faultered,

The hempseeds no more togeteher,

Peace alwasy has a price.

They love one another enough to know,

These fine Hempseeds, that to love is to be apart,

to love is to be free of one another's incapacitations,

These Loving Hempseeds must part for Peace.

They Love Peace more then one another, and shall be together again back in harmony.

Where there eyes will sparkle again, all storms pass young son,

even thoust yet to be understood,

let tiempo/time have tiempo/time,

and do not fret the moment,

there is both chord and dischord in life,

harmony, melody, and thrash and clash,

vibrado y silencio,

pianissimo and forte,

punk, rock, blues, country, classic, hip-hgo, rap, jazz, indie, blues, bles and blues...

cough, cough, cough

most important my young son, take time first, then listen to the blues,

the blues are the root of all PEACE, because the blues know all of us and say it is going to be o.k. no matter what! We have all been there and we can will make it through!

and each music has its place,

for if it communicates to only one.

it has made it's impact,

make noise, make music, protest, be active, speak out,

express what it is you feel, think of a better way, beleive in a better way,

live the better way,

It is Peace, it is why the Hempseed's had to part.

Love was grande,

Peace more beautiful, and they each knew that,

accepting was the hardest thus far,

but Mr. and Mrs. Hempseed will be o.k.

He will always love Mrs. Hempseed,

and he better understands the story of Lovers Leap of Cumberland, Maryland

I see shock upon your face.

That is where from it is that I have been wondering!

Then the story you know well...or google am still a funny old man...

but wise and sharp and quick like a snake … son...wise up, ears on, mouth relax, never shut up...

to love is to promote love

to promote peace is to be at peace

to enjoy MAY have taken some pains

son, so much to explain.

Dad, that's you,

your eighty-two,

your prodigal son,

is home to roost or visit with you,

whatever it is you shall need, Oh Thy Father,

who I thank for this so kind life, be it bitter or sweet,..

you are surely a gift if heaven to thee as I are to yee, I so pray,

how did I find you today?

puff, puff, puff, pass, take it back, hit it again, puff, puff, puff, pass...maybe

puff I hit this or dshould I pass it now?

The old man is wise,

got me lost and home,

all at the same time.

Life iz a Tripz, yo

of Mobius proportions,

one sided, but with duality of universes,

an opposite and a match for everything that exists,

for one cannot exist without the other.

Old Man says,

now son,

you sound as though you are home.

you have the magical herbal buzz on and have found logic and peace

see we are all from a single maker,

and not one of us can describe Him he is so immense.

Even his ownest very sweetest son we know of here,

came. and was mercilessly crucified, by those who where his and he they, and by the Romans

who later accepted at great loss their mistake.

They fell!

How you know old man...the internet teach me so, but because I seek.

matters not the knowledge base,

the mind weilds free,

God's ultimate gift, the mind is always free,

more each day, even during the illusion!

The government seeks harmony,

their trust sound resonating clear,

but we have made a jam of traffic.

where once a road was clear.

It is time to see the future,

and implement this tact,

Rome a great Empire fell,

lest that be our fact!

How did we both just hear that and no one said a word Pops?

Actions are louder then words.

blood thicker then water,

spirit as one.

I Love to have you home my son,

learned you have well.

Peace is a beautiful thing Father...

yes son...

and may the Hempseeds enjoy their needed rest.

God shall continue to shine upon them,

be they apart or together,

they are always together in time, and made beautiful history.

heal and be well,

meadows await your arrival,

a garden more beautiful then Eden,

Because Peace over Love begets a Love in the end with perfect Peace...

whats fantasy and what's pretend???

what's reality, time knows in the end,

and time knows for now,

this is an end.

puff, puff, puff, pass, pass, pass...

man how many people are here pops...this is our sixth show…you ok boy?

are you all ready to rokk for Peace !?!?