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Friday, December 2, 2011


Cumberland, Maryland
amoungst the Alleganys
is to me the most beautiuful land,
I ever have seen.

Cradled so sweetly and gently in God's Hands,
blessed so sweet as a kiss,
tough times came often of course,
and we always have nothing to miss

Tough times are what we are made of,
like the rock of the mountains surround,
We are a unique type of people,
amd we are proud of this historic town.

Your always welcome to come share in joy an dance,
we have free music all summer fridays after 5
and the folks come from all over and turn out,
get down dancing and get live, hoot holler and shout!

We have arts, and crafts, and shopping galore,
a bikepath across the street,
next ecurrsion Pittsburgh or Washington D.C.?,
Washington himself paved these ways.

just some little lost history...Washington...who was he ?

I grew up in Mt. Vernon,
I live in Cumberland thanks the Lord.
and had a home in old Pitt too
stood many times and spots where Washington did himself a few.

Our beiutiful potowmac,
olde english perhaps or a mispell,
Al Pettaeway played of it's tributaries,
soothes the soul and mind so well.

Thanks inspire in you artful craft laced in love that only the soul can release
oh beaitiful Douge Creek,perhaps we will meet and paly guitar there one day, or perhaps where Edison, Firesone, Ford, Birroughs, and yes, my great granfather R.J.H. DeLoach did stay...

for now I dream of that day
Al influnced me too, upon this way, as did my favorite Jimi's, Page and Hendrix
Ebony and Ivory and the blues,
they could simply blend it!
Al inspires me that way.

Or David Russell, a disciple of SeGovia,
if you know now whom I speak,
look these classics up,
David a pure prodigy I heard play,
no microphines, just finger picking,
and how such a church can RING!

Expertise, as Eddie Van Halen, Or Steveie Ray Vaughn Whaling away,
Eric Clapton felling and crying the blues, or Slash, "the man",
screaming never again another shot of pain, or David Gilmore in English style
comfortably numb...simply blusing along, as if its not a problem, so natural the gift

TC Tolliver banging the skins,
Wendy O'Williams screaming again,
Punk rock they RULED
they cut that path,
others get credit just makes me laugh.

Distorted history!

and framtom live, 12 was I in 1979,
West Point he played, and rokkinroll was what i saw
i could dream a lifetime to play as he
and still i do to this day

jethro tull oct 79
first cocert ever for me
my brotherss favorite band
i felt like i may lose my best friend
as my brother did not attend

he is , of course still cool with me,
but together to see him play we must together see
oh one day

My brother has always influenced greatness in me once again
influencing melodic harmonies
offering to my eras greatness over and over again
my loving brother, we of father and mother, so blessed
our family is

My sisters
concerts and scuba diving
while i delivered papers before shchool
not the cumberland times
but the washington post, 100 pages full of liberal bull...but what artful writing : )

and then wrestling, played in the wonder i got c's all year until the last quarter when i havd to proove to myself i could hang and bang out the a's and b's
if anyone ever had well guided
was certainly me
and me and

I am 43 with a broken neck and lumbar,
and im still going to build the fastest car
and race that quarter mile of my dreams.
no matter if i die amid tearful screams

as much i breathe i shall live
and live as much i breathe
and forvive me my sins when aloof
as scarcity of time my mind often gets spoofed

and in fear i say or act or write things on nonsense
but heading towards a greater goal
lost in the middle of deep thought gets confusing,
and out those fucking words go

scientific nonsense,
or sexual slips of the tounge,
perhaps ill strip off my clothes naked
and run around once again in the sun

or drink a case of beer.
and race a fiat x19, or spin an xj12
in ice entering fort hunt parks snakey turns
engine revving earth spinning trashed once again
black sabbath sings this song "trashed"
almost one night to death

or take more drugs more then a man can consume
but the back still hurts any fucking way
and memories of molestation
well they creep in again
and i give them once again to God...for a last time as i write tonight.

he will hear of them no more
he removes the past so ugly
Grace is beauty

The promise is restoration to health and sanity,
Faith, a request in beleif, heaven lay at out feet
the threshold i see always beckoning so inviting to enter in,
why so often do we let ego instead rag us to sin?

the past is where it belongs in an instant
fades with a blink of the eye
believe and start anew anytime you desire
a dream is never over, and we all start a new a now

What a leader we shall remember now
he paved new ways with vision,
as i pray each night to have the same to offer for all,
beautiful synaptic curisitic calm and soothing tension
turn transition

I hear music like a stereo in my mind all the time
of which I write record and play,
and yet I do not know where from it comes,
that inner voice a minstral
and it will be healthful and pure and healing
...and I am healing!

I land my best article ever at the US Dept of Energy
I suffer so bad in physical pain each day,
yet I am blessed and surrounded with pure love
I pray Oh Lord to thy father above

music appears from no where I know...maybe experience
years of intent listening,
computer knowledge,
science and art mesh
understanding math and sound waves, and effects
how they all implant a thought and a feeling and faith

i persoannly beleive music spreads a message, as does Kirk Fraklin
gotta love him...he lives his music...for real...what you see is what you get
pure spiritual inspiration he spreads across the nation

he is so real...i was privliged to see him in Woodbridge , Virgina in a beautiful house of the Lord
and I wondered...where were the white folks...why ofh why this disgusting dichotomy?
I am a Swygert...I am white...look up H. Patrick Swygert...he is black...lokks like he could be my Father...and I would be equally as proud as my father God blessed me with.

My Mother's maiden name is Moss...she is white too,
but I could always catch a football like randy arm and all...

lucky for him I was not 6"6...never ran a 40 but I could run a 5.5 50...bring it old retired man...I m healing...and I'm lean and confident again...your feeling it like you have never known...I am use to it...redy now to stop bithing, roll and heal ! Amen

lets play some ball...ill put smokin you on my bucket list, cause we all have too have one...and you can play guitar with me on the and we can promote the positive benefits of marijuana....but let me say this ,my respected brother...I am a skins fan always dyed o
in the wool...and I want's me an apology, after puff pass puff puff pass for walking off our field...
they need you back...smast the Pat in the super bowl in no time...i could run the team better then the coaches we have had...and i di shanny and i have studied them, as well as many other coaches...cause you see a coach pissed me off and made me a quitter at ball...never to play again, until my senior year where I hurt my back in a single day of practice....DONE...dreams gone! permanently gone!...crushing, and I cannot even walk now too.

Oh dear god what do I do.

and here I am at 43, and I am not let it stopping with eyes size of coin dollars
see a man they think shall be paralyzed, yet i walk this land
oh so blessed am i
and to have friends like each of you
no matter what it is i do
you all  each forgive me
passing tests of time
sent from the divine
for a bastard towards others i have had to be at times
not to be confused with a word not a relation in etymology to my Mother you dare
for I am just but always fair, easygoing like wine and water and air
i flow
as does
the spirit has me
and i am forever and constantly thankful for each breath
as a monk in the himalayans
i commune in life each moment
for it is here i find peace answer and sense
and hurt no more do i nor to another
soul set free
surrounded again by harmony
because i chose to chage
and accept help
that was offered by loved ones all around
for a while i pushed them out
on purpose stay away
pushed hard
i felt sickly contagious
a plague
lost in my own demise built of sympathy
poor me, poor me
the a Phoenix came and spoke to me upon a Sphinx
Pyramids a horizon painted
the lizard king said to me
break on through
so i said Jerry is that you, Jerry Darby,
yeah man, it's me, I recorded and played all that by myself,
whoa man groovy tune...
at once I was a West Point candidate,
and in the blink of Jerry Darby's eternal music he made as a child in the image of The Doors,

did i get in your head yet ? going to smoke you on catches especially with one hand....Im so'll run by me and my QB, Donavan McNabb, will naturally underthrow it to me...youll be 50 yards in the endzone heading for the locker room and Donavan and I will look like Marky Mark back with the Eagles.

Bring it young man...all in good fun...

oh yeah my hands of gold are nerve damaged too...gravity hits at half time with oxygen...then ill really whip ya in the 3rd and some Walter'll see where I'm coming from then...while I run by you in the END ZONE! never hurt anyone...reality does though Randall.

I appreciate what you do for your comunitty...thast speaks more volumes then any coverage you got on the mainstream media...they had no idea who you were and what turmoil was going on off or on the brought that to light...and a smuck (jk) as Bellicheck is a brilliant guy...HE FUCKED UP GETTING RID OF YOU !...ego...same reason Eli (David)and the GIANTS beat Tom and the pats (did not capitalize on the cocky certain Goliaths....

go back wards a bit an refit this verbal puzzle has peices that all fit into a bigger picture...can you solve it

If and when i open my eyes I see his way
but I still have many a stubborn day
rebellious nature, tough and stubborn
but it keeps me learning strong

ans he knows I never look or run away too long,
this silly prodigal son,
run, run, run.
back home , oh prodigal son.

Im a pauper, my Father  A colonel
offerings of finance each month so I do not more soon depart
tis not a matter of money which and what soever,
however a pure love of Father for son, for which I have not one of my own
yet understand,
my Father, My Professor, My Love as Mother, My Dad

Cumberland Maryland has taught me well,
I know all walks of life
I befriend all to share strength wisdom and hope
somtimes I got tricked into puffsmokining a little dooopppe

living once is a juxtaposition
id rather have transparent
so when you see me coming
you see and feel the love all inherent

you all my friends make me aglow...thanks

Cumberland, The Queen City, she is a Phoenix as I
raising from the ashes yet again,
bebirth happening rignt now
we all have something to lend


steve "rokkinroll" of MobiusTripz
.....a musical experience through time that promotes peace...i pray humbly friends for you each with love

FUCKIN MERLOT...great for the digestion...and the liver and the mind a multi vitamin

I hope it works like Draino on fat and brain cells....may need a refill

well i hope someome got a laugh and mixed message from this goofy experiment in writing...

the blog is often a place to JUST GO OFF !!!!...theraputic binary therapy unencrypted insanity

or a big fat joke,,,,wadddual tink ????











frank zappa and edgar alan poe went to west point....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

we all have a gift....share it...

hope you enjoyed this merlot canabanoid drift....just a blur of thoughts full of meaning between the lines...outside of the boX, or is that Xbox,  where it is unexpectedly not easily seen, however felt and known

I am the lizard king...i can do anything !

Jim oh friend...see you in the dessert at the temple mount, with Jerry, Jimi, Janice, and Kurt, and Elvis and all of outr musician friends, with daises all around and shirtless jim like a maniacal drunken manequinm dancing and chanting, mesmerizing songs in throngs in black leather pants scantilly naked once again across the stage of sandy dunes and drunk as an angel by his side, ready to belt out new music for all to both perhaps rolling around the stage and even trippin rollin too...
atop his world pretend again, with all his MR MOJO RISEN (Jim Morrison) happy to see you all again his beautiful friends...

and Mr. Johhny Depp could write the entire thing a munuscrips, as does he as does Hunter Thompson, to start life over again...the MobiusTripz...the journey so fun...enjoy the ride friends...a coaster of roller.

Blessed be all people as One today oh Lord as easch you read this only serious thing upon this digital temporary page.