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Friday, December 2, 2011


Here is another idea to post. Once again rather simple. All roof downspouts drain into a catch cistern and this water may be used for flushing the toilet. It can be a simple catch

 with a filter, drained into as many 55 or 60 gallon nylon drums as needed to simply connect with PVC, and a sump pump in the bottom of the second one in line, as they

 would strain down in a series as one fills it would flow to the next, therefor always leaving the last one with with a capacity to catch more if the second rounds dry, and so

 on if you have a larger system. The first catch barrel could be set with a simple float to trigger drainage into the subsequent barrel if it should go empty. These could be neatly

 hidden in the yard attractively with a lattice covered frame work and built to still allow easy access for any maintenance. with a computer App an a few sensors and actuators,

 this water could be filtered and used to fill the toilet as we flush the basin. This water would of course be non potable, however could be used for washing clothes as well, it the

 Ph is correct and the water would be more often then not softer then the water we use from the tap. Water consumption would be astronomical if we worldwide start utilizing a

 system as this. Calculate this: Population of the United States alone, 300,000,000 flushing at least once a day, a conservative figure saving 1.5 gallons per flush that would

 be a savings in the USA alone of 450,000,000 million gallons a day, on an ideal day with all flushing systems in function and filled with water. That is a very low estimate and the

 savings in abundantly apparent. Now calculate the worldwide implications and you can see why this makes great sense. Drain water could be captured in this system, as well as

 shower water. The homeowner could choose through a simple waterproof keypad which water should drain normally and which should drain into the cistern. A simple series of

 self cleaning robotic filters could clean the water, not to make it potable, but however to keep it from system contamination of the recycling units. The Ph could be monitored

 daily also through the computer system outfitted with sensors and actuators. Think of how much pool water, rain water, shower water, wash water and jacuzzi water could be

 reused in an excellent capacity before we ever send it off to the sewage treatment centers. We could even have all this drain first into a simple but efficient and effective

 series of cisterns that filter, similar to what the Romans used in ancient times, thus doing a majority of cleansing of the water before it ever gets to the treatment center.

We live in a day and age where we use water wastefully , and it is becoming a more scare commodity, as well as soaring in price, as it is a multi manifold system that starts from

 consumption and returns to treatment, only to be cycled back into our environment and our homes, and often polluted with inert chemicals from pharmaceuticals, solvents,

 petroleum products, and imagine on. Well water use in my city of Cumberland Maryland (U.S.A.)is prohibited unless you are grand-fathered in and therefore still able to use your

 well. For two main reasons, we have contaminated the water, and we have lowered the natural level of water in these natural cisterns. Now more alarming then ever, we are

 raising the acceptable levels of contaminants in our waters across the country, to levels that are well beyond what was once acceptable. Where is the sense in this I beg of you ?

We cannot allow this contamination to continue as our water which is our next boost valuable commodity to life itself, gets continually more and more polluted. Here is a fine

 example: As we run lower on petroleum products and their respective prices raise, we have this uncanny awareness that we have the largest natural gas reserves in the entire

 world. So what do we do...FRACKING ! Can we do a little research here that is separate party conducted, uninfluenced, not lobbied, and by a core team of scientists and

 engineers? My Father is a Civil Engineer West Point Army Corps of Engineers as well as a Mathematician to name a few credentials. I am simply a lowly scientist dreamer of a son

 who is disgusted with the world in the way we are heading, and innately know, as my Father has shown me, that when we use brilliant thinking with transparency and creative

 reasoning over ego, we get dynamic often unheralded results. Fracking may be an answer for our future, but my geological studying of seismology offers me great concern that we

 will seismically influence the land and make it weaker and more susceptible to slides, erosion, and other types of instabilities, some perhaps yet to be discovered. Greed and

 human demand go hand in hand, and we must think deeper before we do irreversible damage again, as we have proven time and time before we do with an even greater

 consistency today. So back to that water and the chemicals we use for fracking...well, where does it go ?...into our water table...and who pays to clean those chemicals out of

 the water...ultimately you and I, while the gas companies pad their silken pockets, sell off the Earth;s wondrous resources they rape her of, and contaminate the water table in

 the mean time. Pressurized water always does damage. Look at a shore line erode away at an island, look at acid rain in a grave yard for instance...time markers, types of stone

 from geology, and a plethora of knowledge if one observes keenly. That just rain over time. So now, lets blast this water deep into the earth so that the lighter gas will be

 forces under pressure through these fissures and be harvested at the surface. Sounds ideally wonderful, but prove to me this land is still solid as it was beforehand, and clean

 of chemicals as it was before hand. Does it perk, can a school or park be built here later. Can anything be built on it later. If columns from large construction projects of poured

 concrete are lay into the ground that was once fracked, can that land actually hold the weight to depth ratio calculated by engineers so that a column of support will be able to

 handle the load of a building to be placed upon it? What does this fracking really... realy do to us and our gives me an ill feeling in my gut like man will rape

 mother eatrh again for our short term satisfaction with no regaurds to her consequence and all that she loves, nature and her animals. We over sophisticate too much.

 Government, systems of mass transportation for internal combustion engines, as opposed to the highly efficient mass transit such as The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority

 (METRO), where my father was their Assistant Head of Construction. Talk about a way to catch rain water...go study that design in those tunnels, simply fascinating. That design

 in its totality still to those day looks futuristic. Incredible design, thought and thinking went into that system because it was meant to be in service and efficient long after the

 people who designed and built it had passed on. Those are the types of legacies we must thrust onwards for today, not these silly egotistical, short term, disastrous long term

 decisions of mis direction we all too often make now. The water can be better utilized, starting right here at home. If your handy as I am, build the system, or lets draw up the

 blue prints which I can do as well, and patent and market this design as a non profit, given away at cost, or to the needy from donations. The business philosophy could equally

 be as cutting edge, all in how the consensus sees that it serves the people, the citizens, as long and efficiently in every aspect as it can. Green Era Technology Challenge 3 to

 follow soon. Post your is through collective thinking and free thought sourcing that we change swiftly and efficiently. We have the tools and technology right now today,

 it is high time we demand that we use them to better this country, this world, and this universe so that we may all live towards and in Peace now, not later, for there may be no later, lest we change imediatemente.

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