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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Angel Love Dogs ~ Layla ~ A SHORT STORY IN PROGRESS ~ My wonderful dog ~ Part 1 of ? we go...Once Upon a Time, there was a family of dogs, The Angel Love Dogs, and this is factually correct as to observations of that family, and the rest could be make believe or for real,

I will let you have the fun of deciding for yourself, as you adventure forwards with the Angel Love Dogs.

How smart are dogs?, you may wonder...well Ms. Layla is here to tell you and she is the first Angel Love Dog introduced in this book she helped write.

So here is what Steve wrote about me, and the rest will all come together, and i will tell you how a little at a time, but you have to cvome back nd visit me and look for other parts of the story I am going to tell, but do not tell Steve, this is a secret Angel Love Dog Mission, because we are messenger Dogs.

For example, did you know a dog you will meet later named PanCake, well that was his name in the hood, really his name was Gabriel, and Gabriel was an arc angel that was a messenger, and all of us Love Dogs, well we are messenger too, so listen in and read and study hard, because we want you to be smart, and comes Steve...I have to log off quick....

Hey Ms. Layla, were you playing with my computer again on the bed you silly old lady dog you.

I guess I will just start telling the story of my dogs, my Angel Love Dogs.

They are smart and they are on a mission to spread Love to families everywhere.

Well Layla, who is 9, still learns new commands and is getting smarter all the time. She is the oldest.

I am going to compile a list of the commands she understands, as well as her reaction to actions she observes.

I delivered this friend/dog into life with her Mother, Luna.

Luna was a Lab / Shep mix.

Layla's Dad was 100% English Setter.

She is an ideal breeding as she and her siblings and off spring have caring, smart, intuitive attributes, as well as hunting and tracking attributes, but it is their intelligence and lovingness that is quite amazing.

I have not been well, so I had to rehome some of my pets, and I am down to Layla which I will always keep because she has known me to her forever.

That can be emotional so I will skip all that and focus on this incredible pal I have.

List of Commands:

water? ..well for starters...yep...hello...I am Layla and I can drink from a fountain.

Hello reader this is going to be fun, you really have to pay attention because this is Layla, and I am new to the internet, and when Steve is sleeping or goes out, I have to get  my work on, pay attention because sometimes I will just start you have to think the entire time is that Steve?...or is that Ms.Layla, the prettiest smartest dog in the entire universe.

Just like each of you is the most precious children or adults, you guys reading this.

We need you and you need us. We are on a mission to bring you Love and Happiness and you should learn a lot, study hard, and always challenge yourself, and never forget to develop a great sense of humor and enjoy life. It is o.k. to play if you get permission, but we have to listen to our parents or if your one of us, Steve.

I have a large vocabulary, and Steve will put what he remembers and knows her , but while he is napping, I just wanted to type that I know even more then he realizes, and if he pays attention to me even more, he will see I know our car, no matter where it is parked.

I know the house where I was born and that is not the one I live in but is one I visit often and I know my way in a car 150 miles to get there.

I sleep on the way but I always know where to hop back up and get excited as we get back to the place I was born. Home is Cumberland, Maryland, but my first home was Alexandria, Virginia.

I can do all kinds of things, and I am happy I have an owner that brings me outside and hikes with me when he feels well.

Sometimes he cannot walk well, but that's all good...i got his back, and that means I watch over him and help him and I Love Steve. I am after all an Angel Love Dog.

We do not talk like all the other dogs people always want to write about, like we watched reported on c-span by a bunch of book reviewing folks.

We are way beyond that and that is why no one know about us.

We know how to use the internet and cell phones too.

Who needs opposable thumbs? If you do not know what that is, you had better google the definition of that word, and then see if it makes more sense to you. Steve is going to talk about my vocabulary, and what i want to share is i have watched Steve's vocabulary increase, because I watch and listen to him all the time, like children should listen to their parents.

He says new words a lot, and he uses them when I watch him type, and that is how I know how to look up a definition.

I will tell you some other time how I learned how to type. That's a long story.

So I love to play a lot. Maybe more then I like to snuggle on a bed, and that is my favorite place.

Steve once told me dogs use to live outside all day and all night, I really thought it was a joke, but it was not.
I listened to a documentary one night that he was watching,, and it talked about this, so it gave me an idea as I listened but appeared to Steve to be sleeping. I will learn to write on Steve's blog, and guess what?

Here I am. the first dog to type on a blog!

I like to play the most I guess.

I am a sweet dog and never aggressive although I do like to play fight and bark and growl with Steve as he goofs off with me and he makes me happy when we play, or take drives, or take walks.

I never thought of me as a dog, and Steve as my owner, but more like we are just best of friends and we love to hang out together.

I hate when he leaves and I do not get to go for a car ride, however I know he gets upset when it's wet or snowing and that I would just make a mess of the car, so I find a warm spot to snuggle near a window and wait for him to come home.

It is the only time I suffer from anxiety, and Steve has tried to help me be calmer, but my goodness, I just have a certain comfort I have always known and when he is gone, well I get worried.

The good thing is to not get worried ever, and if you do, well...just stay calm, it always goes away and is really kind of silly.

It is much nicer to remain calm and enjoy yourself rather then being a nervous Nellie, like I am, and if I am like this I love to write, or just rest and dream.

Writer's dream a lot when we have spare time, and we read a lot too.

We are almost always thinking.

I can tell how much Steve must know I care for him and love him.

He sees how intuitive I am and that I take his tears right from his face when he is crying, because he is a strong good man and I hate to see him in emotional pain.

I can clean some tears up now, I hate tears worn on any face.

I also hate to see him upset, so I usually steer clear a few feet if he looks upset or sounds upset. No matter how he is upset, I just know it one way or another.

We all get upset, the important thing is to calm down, relax and find our focus, and Steve is pretty good at that too, no matter what he is living through, and trust me, a dog, I have seen a lot.

I am a finely tuned dog and I am super in tune to my surroundings non-stop.

Even when I am asleep I warn him if anyone is close. He says my Mom did this too, and I sure miss her like Steve does.

He is happy he kept me and so am I.

Mom said she had me and I was her first puppy, and Steve had to remove me from some kind of sack I was born in, and then wipe me off and dry me a little, and then he gave me a belly button when he tied dental floss to a cord that had me attached to my Mom when I was a baby. That was so I could eat, before I even had teeth.

Wow anatomy is really amazing. That is another really great word to look up again now. remember the online dictionary? That is the place where we find out what a new word means.

Once we see what it means, we go back to the place we read it and we see if when we read it now, all of a sudden it makes more sense to us, or paints a better picture with the words.

Paining with words is like writing and reading too, so it is really important to work on this and have a strong visual mind so we can all understand things very clearly, be nice to one another, and have fun too.

Well I have had a pretty great life, hiking, snuggling, getting round trip car rides for free, and so many great things. I even catch birds a lot...I am not sure why except that I have an image in my mind's eye of an English Setter and it points and goes coo coo over co-co puffs when it sees birds.

Really almost any animal I do not see in my house drives me crazy outside...I just go wild, after all I am an animal and not a human being, even though a human being is always a dog's best friend.

I love cats, and just like a cat I will chase a mouse. So I can hang with the kittie kitties anytime.

Hey Steve is getting up so I am closing his laptop and we will check in later.

Remember, he knows I am smart, but he really is in for a surprise. I have my own blog and I log in with Layla, and I have a special nail tapping password. When he is done I am going to merge our two blogs, you know, mine is just a draft...and so anyways...when Steve is done, I will add mine and some pictures, and I bet he will be surprised if he ever goes back or someone says, My sir, what a beautiful dog you have pictured on your blog.

He does not have any pictures, but I do, and I am getting ready to do the final merge and post our blog, so I hope he likes my work.

here is a little more about us since I told you my fun surprise I have planned for Steve.

We love to hike and I have been praying for him because he has a tough time walking around sometimes, but the prayers must work, because sometimes he is just fine.

I heard him say to some friends he can walk but the Doctors do not know why? So I am a little anxious sometimes worrying about him.

He keeps saying stop worrying Layla dog, old lady. I am tough and we are going to kick it a long time together.

I get so confused when he talks to me like this, I am not use to street talk. I am a proper dog, and always will be.

I am German Shepherd and Labrador, along with, oh yeah...English Setter, my Dad was a purebred English Setter.

Now I remember why I like birds so much it makes me so crazy I forget why I like them in the first place.

Wow...I think typing is helping me become a smarter dog.

Reading and writing are a lot of fun even when it's tough to do I think I like it eve more. The challenge is rewarding and always worth what I get to learn and then even better yet, share with others.

So Steve is getting up, and he looks a little grumpy...hope he has to pee so I can go outside...if he goes downstairs anytime, I get to go out....yeah....come on Steve you can do it I am counting on you and I love you...get up grumpy old man or I am coming to attack with love.

Here is his picture...he might be shy i posted it, but I doubt it...I cannot wait to see his face the day he sees this blog.

I hope he is happy today because that is what we Angel Love dogs do, spread love and happiness is our mission.

I will check in later, Steve is on his way back here...I must go quick.

So here is a list of command Layla knows, and i am adding to this as I think of the many she does know.

COMMANDS (continued),

car ride?
where are the birds?
where is the leash?
where are the keys?
kiss, kisses, or kiss kiss
go get it girl.
where is the kitty?
want to go out side?
want to go for a car ride ?
lay down
come on girl
let's go

I'll add more as I am writing. Some of these commands may appearing writing to have the same meaning, however, because of my intonation, Layla knows the overall words and a lot of which is through their sound context.

For example and maybe this is not even in the list above yet, but once upon a time, we went hiking with our young cat, and she loved it by the way.

Her name is VooDoo.

Well when we were finished with a several hour hike deep into the mountains, we got to the car, and then there was this swarming terrible sound getting louder and louder.

Well while we were identifying the sound which seemed very menacing and threatening and still getting louder, we are looking around to see who needs to get in the car and notice immediately our cat is gone.

So we look around a bit, and no kitty.

Next, I walk up and down the road, and think nothing of the sound, the massive swarm of bees, as I have seen it and it's scary but I am now deeply concerned.

So here is this massive swarm of bees around their nest, and I would even say where it is, but I would rather no one ever go there and bother them, as they are in delicate supply right now, however in nature the bees appear to be thriving.

So no sign of kitty litty VooDoo, and finally after thinking maybe an Eagle, Vulture, or Hawk has flown away with my kitty, and I see no signs of her anywhere, I decide to test Layla's skills, and command Layla in a serious voice...meaning it is time for business, and she responds like a Shepherd now, I tell her...Go get that kitty now! I watch her get a scent, and sniff a few times on the ground, and then rocket like 100 yards away  straight to where the kitty, Ms. VooDoo, was hiding.

Ms. VooDoo will be back in some upcoming episodes. Today we were just going to say hello to Ms. VooDoo.

Ms. VooDoo is an explorer, and a history teacher too.

I plan on blogging this stuff out, and later organizing it into an actual book, granted that time comes one day, and if not here it will be.

So Layla does not just respond to a command with a single answer, but responds with a skill set of multiple answers to accomplish what is asked of her.

I truly think she is the smartest dog I have even seen by far, and I have had several and watched many.

Layla learned to shake after I showed hr one single time.

Impossible, so I thought, but she did consistently shake ever at that point on command. Quite remarkable.

Some of her family I had shake in three to five tries, still super fast.

Now one thing funny about her family in younger generations, they seemed to respond to the same commands from birth.

They may have heard some of them growing up, however, when they were old enough to physically respond to their mental thoughts provoked by a command given to another dog, or even when alone, they knew what a lot of these commands meant, and that was a striking observation to make.

Luna, Layla's Mother, was a Shepherd and lab mix and was as loyal as a dog as you could ever find, and was so smart, and wicked fast like a lightening bolt of a shadow.

Layla is like that 47 pounds, in excellent shape, and perhaps smarter in many ways then her Mom, although it is a comparison hard to make and one I really do not care to make, as each is a fine as a dog should ever be.

So my point was that Layla is a compact version that looks like an English Setter with Rotweiller Color Scheme.

So she has this beautiful silky black coat with nice brown accents and well, now a little gray around her snout. The more I gray the more she grays. Does that mean we are both getting older? Oy vey!

She has eyes that I have heard several folks around these parts of Cumberland, Maryland in the mountains of Western Maryland, say are brown and orange, like a bear's eyes.

I have not worked on it a lot lately, but Layla took very well to a new trick at age 6 or 7. I wanted her to learn to get her leash, or to get my keys. She distinguished well between these and learned these new tricks with no particular issues or difficulties at all.

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

She was so pleased for the challenge and thrives on that.

She listens to music with me, loves to hear me sing like the other dogs, and like them likes the guitar too. acoustic especially and even more especially, live.

All my dogs love a Steve Concert, no matter how bad I sound.

It is fun to watch their responses, and usually it was bewilderment and ears perking up with head tilts, that eventually turned to a wow and a calming effect where they would just rest and look at total ease.

The dogs definitely like live music, and seem to understand mood well.

They all love the flute maybe the best, of course they would with it's beautiful harmonious warm whistling sound.

Moving right along, another fun thing was to play birds on loud speakers and see which they would react to and what their reaction would be like.

Well hands down the Loon was there favorite. Nothing else ever came close, and over the years I tried many sounds that I had, as well as what I watched in nature.

Once upon a time, and this is really amazing, i was walking down Marion Street, a street just a home away from my street, and I had Layla on a leash this night.

She saw a cat and kept pace and stood and walked several steps maybe as many as 7 or 8, and she never had tension on the leash, meaning of course, that she did not use that for support to take strides.

It was quite shocking and I began to work with her walking. She does not enjoy it, so I do not press the issue.

However my old boy PanCake which I miss as I had to re-home him, well he could walk well, beg well and liked to dance with me. He was great at walking and so was his sister.

Now I have three local friends with kin to my dog and they are all alike, it is truly like a newer breed of dog, and Lord knows there are a few of these guy and no one ever says they are disappointed, but rather that they adore their dogs.

It also seemed apparent that the further along the generation in breeding, the smarter the overall litter was, and it was not hard to tell at an early age, as some pups are just more responsive to voice, noises, sounds, and smells, etc.

The ones that are alert the quickest seem to be the ones that are sharp very very fast, but also less like Labrador's in the comparison of demeanor.

Labs are calm and mile mannered and rarely overly excited.

PanCake was much more this way and looked like a Beautiful Irish Setter, but the size of a large English Setter.

He was a different kind of smart, and extremely dignified, and was obedient to a fault almost.

So he was a golden pancake batter color and got his name Pancake!

PanCake making an attempt at a few steps and a snack...that is training at its best, repetition as needed and an occasional award, never every time and never on any regularity.

I'm the puppy looking at the camera, and never mind the date blogger pals...the camera was not correct that day because I was not even morn yet!

Miss you boy and I hope your happy at your new home and family.

here is his sister Lil'Girl or Roxanne, and she is super smart too, more like Layla.

None of these dogs were stupid, that is for sure, they were each wonderful dogs and each had a very unique personality.

Here is me as a little puppy. I am on the right and my Big brother, and he is like 80 lbs now, he lives with a lawyer and a doctor, well we are twins but he just got huge somehow.

Above, well, that is Lil Girl like I mentioned. She is a sweet and feisty dog, super smart and loyal like Layla, and a little fun crazy like Cecelia. Not a snuggly as Layla Pancake or Cecelia.

Here is Cecelia below, she was a party dog, loved to snuggle and go for walks, and her favorite past time was escaping from any where and running off for several hours. She should live in the mountains with the goats, where she would truly be happy.

That's our Mom and She is Layla's daughter. My favorite place is always outside...can ya tell ?...woof woof!!!

...or on the soft bed watching over my puppies...ohhhh to relax...the dog's life.

And lastly, is a cute little young guy named Crownie.

Crownie is a little skiddish and not as well socialized as I would have liked with people in particular. He is very loyal and wants to be top Alpha male and is eager to take control of the pack over PanCake, but he knows better then to challenge him or even any of the lady's in the pack. So Little Prince Crownie is a sweet dog to all, and loves to play and hang out with PanCake his Dad.

You know I am the cutest dog that ever walked around, don't ya know it now !

Sporting the kerchief style around my neck, with a friendly smile and all ready to play.

I miss you guys...see you hiking one day soon. I love you all. Love you, Crownie.

Layla, if your did you find all of us on the Internet, and I am having a hard time attaching this pic on the email Grandma...hope you get it...Steve is resting so grab his Android and let me know how it is coming along later...we love you and miss you Grandma but we are all happy and we listen for one another's voices when the wind blows, that way we can send a message in a breeze, and just wait to hear back. We will find you soon, maybe out hiking one day. Will be fun to see you and play before we all go back home our separate ways.

Again, Love Crownie


So I am writing about Layla, mostly just observations in a rather objective manner , however, not being overly scientific by any means.

Layla is a perfectly mannered dog, a little overly excited when leaving and arriving at home if she did not get to go.

Other then that, you just cannot have a more pleasant demeanor in a dog.

She is fast as a lightening bolt, and she will catch birds with no assistance from me, other then to give her permission  by stating, " Where are the birds?" , and it has to be said just right...well she looks up, into the trees, and all around, and if we are out and they are close she will go after them...

She is the best hunter I have ever seen, and she is quick and stealthy and strikes fast.

She has brought home possum and ground hog several times, and once got sprayed by a skunk.

I hike when able and she gets to run like she is built to and I just let her be herself.

I know that if something important was happening to me, that someone would have to deal with her. She would never strike a person unless she knew I was being harmed. She really is that smart. If there are loud noises she always retreats as far away as she can, unless she thinks there is a threat to me.

When I say , "Who is out there?", and in just the right voice, she goes to the closest window with ears alert and I see Shepherd...always vigilant, cautious, and alert.

Just like her mother Luna, who would sleep. as big as she was, behind my head. She insisted on that. If ever there was a noise she heard while I slept, she would quietly alarm me with growling in my ear very quietly until I awoke.

This was quite fascinating because she was quiet and had total intent on keeping quiet to any threat, and she would still communicate, and as soon as my eyes would open, she would completely stop and be 100% silent.

You could tell by the change in here eyes she was happy to see my eyes open now, i watched her do this many times, even when she thought I was not going to open my eyes, she did not realire I have a consciousness even when sometimes i merely appear to be sleeping.

Layla seems to understand this today, which is interesting in itself.

She has learned through playing that some time I pretend and she has ways to test me to see if I am pretending or not.

Even upon opening my eyes and looking into hers, I could see hers change with a sort of ease wash over her eyes and even face.

Next time I will tell you all about Luna dancing and prancing on the ball field in the moonlight herself, chasing rabbits.