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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cumberland, Maryland, Fracking, Earthquakes, Health, Rant and Rave Fun, Critical, Real


The city here, Cumberland, Maryland,  seems to be making progress in certain areas.

This is good to see and it is great to know we have a few folks that see the collective short term and long term vision here in this small city of Cumberland, Maryland, and we know how to hang tough and stand for something.

Shortly after moving here, my health just went straight down hill. I now know tough because, Cumberland, Maryland has been the place I have toughened up even more so mentally in life.

If you care to learn about me, pick a number of wide ranging topics in these blogs and you'll see my interests and experiences are pretty diverse, as well as sometimes pretty stupid, and pretty open minded.

What I mean to say there is, I am still closed minded however open I think I may be, quite liberal and conservative (please read that as logical and flexible, not a sell out), and yet more open minded then I was just a day ago.

That to me is the promise of literacy, education, and knowledge when used diligently.

OLDER HISTORY ~ my youth and this town:

I remember my own youth, and I have heard a great many locals tell me about the citiy's youth and day in the spotlight,  a little bit at a time over the years, be it at Friday after 5, McDonald's where some old pals join in the morning, speaking to many neighbors and friends who have lived there lives here, speaking to folks at my doctors appointments, etc.

When you speak to enough folks, and I always do, and many of my friends would say too much (lol), you start hearing common themes and elements of those common themes, and it is easy to extract the overall essence of the truth from anything that may be hogwash. Hogwash, what a word!

The days of the PPG chemical company, or the corporate center for executives of The Kelly Tire Company, and more recently the closings of Beiderlack and  Bayliner illustrate that this economy has changed tremendously, swiftly, and consistently over the years starting for the most part in the mid- to late 80's.

This may be coincidental, but from my recollection, the Japanese successfully reshaped the concepts of middle management at this time.

Their model gave more authority to less people in middle management to oversee larger volumes of employees by a huge contrast to the way the previous model looked.

This not only showed to be more effective but more efficient and more profitable as well.

This massive shift in philosophy and actual middle management changed how we did business, as did other factors, and the corporations were making a bigger bottom line, and in the meantime while we were becoming more efficient, we phased out important jobs and did not replace them.

This made previously inexpendable employees now expendable, and when some of them reentered the job market, they were more qualified then others here and there and displaced less qualified employees in some instances, and those left with no work, as a lot of middle management was effectively phased out, and again no replacement jobs existed, transitioned to other jobs, often times in unrelated fields, at a lesser pay scale, and with no other options to make the pay that they had been making before, and sometime after lengthy careers.

I watched this happen with my own family and was acutely aware about what was happening, read about it often as a youth, and studied to a degree in college.

The larger point here is, we were starting to transition at that point, and it seems to me like a lot of folks missed that bigger picture, as the money still flowed for most folks and we were coming out of a mini-recession, which was tough times too, but nothing at all in comparison to right now.

My folks grew up during The Great Depression, so again to reuse a phrase, I am acutely aware during similar times so I pay extra close attention.

I watch Gold prices, i.e., when my brother graduated from West Point, gold was at a long time high. This was roughly 1982.

Gold often goes up, as it makes sense it would, when there are fears that the dollar itself will lose it's own value overall in the economy.

Well here we are today in 2012, and to say gold is historically expensive today in the trade markets, well, seems almost like an understatement.

Most factors are like those of the 80's and in roughly the same ratio, however multiply those factors in today's situation and it is not hard to see where we are headed.

They are speaking about this on NBC morning news right now, again coincidentally at 7:11 a.m.

So back to our local economy in Cumberland, Maryland. 

We have lost many local large corporate entities here, be it at the executive level or the manufacturing level, in our town and this all started long, long gone.

We have fewer jobs overall and no real similar jobs have replaced those lost. 

The newer jobs in the area are more and more that are minimum wage jobs, with no benefits often, and are menial in comparison.

The population has dwindled, but appears to have bottomed out at a low level we are at now.

We can build the new infrastructure quickly and effectively in Cumberland, Maryland to attract and market this area to the right kind of Green Era businesses.

We can have vision to monitor growth carefully, and also manage it if we needed too.

What is gone is gone.

It is amazing to stand on a foundation or next to a field where once there were massive factories, and see that now, they are gone.

The Industrial Era we once knew and thrived in is long, long, gone, although it has it's remnants and hangers on, they too are slowly, but increasingly now, disappearing, as we become even more efficient and automated.

As a child I went to the Baltimore GM plant several times, and it was abundantly clear each time I passed through that I saw less and less workers and more and more automation.

That plant closed one day. (sound like Forrest

Today we do have ATK Ballistics Laboratory nearby in West Virginia, as well as Woodmark cabinetry, and lots of Appalachia style work, or Sheetz and Wal-Mart.

We are a hub for corrections as well with a Federal Prison, a State facility, and our local facilities all in rather close proximity.

We have a little F.E.M.A., and little US Park Service.

A handful of lawyers, unlike Washington D.C., we have roughly, again I will even say very roughly to simply use round numbers, 15, 000 folks here and 100 attorneys, and in D.C. we have 500,000 and 499,999 are lawyers.

If you want to make some money, follow the lawyers...but that sure just does not seem right....hmmmmmmm.

What we are lacking massively, so massively I think it does not appear in the mind of our current leadership.

I like to be harsh, as it usually gets someones attention...think Simon Cowell.

We are turning into a community of babysitters for the ill, elderly and the criminals.

If that was not the case, we would not have a brand new hospital, the WMHS Cumberland Regional Medical Center, new nursing homes, new retirement homes, or new doctor's practices opening all the time.

Just a suggestion to the local medical community now here.

The new facilities are wonderful, I am so happy to see that the business side is obviously profitable, and I am thankful we gave you 40 acres of a city park for your liability, the old hospital and property.

It was the least our followership, I mean leadership could do.

All sarcasm aside.

You have built a beautiful state of the art hospital and negotiated a business deal that makes the Vikings look like they got a pretty good deal trading for Herschel walker when they gave away all those draft picks to Dallas that just paved the way to some Super Bowl Elite teams for Dallas and some absolutely amazing athletes whose stats. in that time frame speak for themselves for that day and age of football in the NFL.

I understand business well.

Excellent negotiations. You could have had the entire park!

They gave that one away for a few dollars a few years ago, and I am sure lost their collective asses on in time wasted and monies needed to complete what is finally a decent looking set of luxury town homes.

Who needed a ball park and basketball courts anyway, or a nice place to walk your dog. It is after all so 50's and moral.

How is it in this little town, we give away our pristine city owned property for cash?

There is plenty here to build around or on, and we can start by taking care of blight.

We should use that new campus an area asset and build it into the infrastructure to entice GREEN ERA business to locate here.

Not relocate here...LOCATE companies, new industry, and entirely new way to perceive everything happening in the country and in the marketplaces.

The hospital is a huge asset and they have the business sense to know that, as doctors, lawyers and business men would in their respected professional lives.

Perhaps the park property acquired is unable to be developed by them, I have admittedly not read the agreement. I just know from too many past and even recent projects, their is a lack of a collective consensus of vision of the leaders and I do not think so much as they disagree, but rather, absolutely do not even see it on the radar at all.

I'll more then likely rail that and ride that home and hammer away on it a few more times.

When dealing with hard heads, you tend to repeat yourself in the hopes something gets through.


We are in The Green Era now, which I actually was delighted to be published as I have written on it often, and all be it by The United States Department of Energy.

Cumberland, Maryland says be tough, stay tough, and be fair and stay fair, and rise from the ashes as a phoenix if need be, meaning, be peaceful, be tough, rebuild and move forward.

If you do not learn intestinal fortitude here, you will learn it no where else.

I am not suggesting this is the toughest place on Earth to live at all, I am just suggesting on any scale, it's tough living.

So we assess and move forward.

My assessment is we have long ago removed or lost industry in this area, we need to get over it, look and see the bigger picture.

It is stated by some psychologists/psychiatrists that the early settlers, if looking upon the ocean towards and at the horizon, would not have seen Columbus' ships coming.

I joking say to anyone who says this, that is because they did not land here!...some laugh and get it, and others are oblivious.

The reaction always says it all, and more then they realize, as I have said this to many friends many times, and most buy the history we were taught, even though there is a higher likelihood it is actually wrong. 

So now, for semantics, I will just say this is another hypothetical situation.

So here we are on the beach or a bluff, staring at the horizon, we have never seen ships and have no idea what they are, and the conclusion is drawn by some professionals that they, the observers, would not be able to see them because the mind and eye cannot identify them as a known "pattern".

It is needless to say if the ship had already landed or was so close they saw something familiar, like another person for example, that they would quickly put 2 and 2 together.

Again, the idea id that they would not recognize them comparative to anything they ever experienced, and therefore, until right upon them, not even see what was coming to varying degrees.

It makes sense the more you analyze it.

There is certainly an element of surprise present at many levels awaiting the observers.

If this was a military action, the element of surprise is always the desired primary tactic employed when possible, because it always gives a heavy advantage to the planners that use this.

It is vision essentially, however chaotic or mundane it plays out.

During Desert Storm during the George Bush administration, we invaded Iraq in defense of Kuwait, and we bombed them so heavily, precisely and strategically we crippled them, and next we were there in their areas like we appeared from essentially no where to many of them.

The National republican Guard for the most part just came out hands up.

It was shocking to see.

It was nothing close to what happened under George W. Bush's administration.

The first time we had a plan and a reason and we had shock first with bombing, and then surprise with here we are.

Imagine you cannot come out because of carpet bombing for a long time in a huge area.

Imagine maybe you have seen precision strikes from the sky, and no men of the other Army are even near.

Now imagine you'r hiding from the bombs, and finally you think it is o.k. to come out.

The next thing you realize is that the other guys are there now and you are surrounded and communications is crippled.

In a nut shell, that is what happened.

We achieved our initiative, secured Kuwait in a pretty timely fashion, and left.

If ever there needs to be conflict, it should be so efficient.

We may even be on the verge of that today.

The possibility of the existence of new technology that could perhaps put an end to modern combat in most scenarios.

You can read that in my other blog, all about Energy Focused Weaponry.

It is quite fascinating and I have links to interesting publications from DOD, science sites,  HAARP, and a mess of other substantiated well known programs that have existed for decades in almost a hush hush way.

I understand the facets of SOPA that deal with this type of stuff. I think that may make very good sense too, however I have not made up my personal mind on the many issues within the proposed legislation, as it is legally a new wild frontier as well.

This is Green Era technology, law, and science all blending quickly and efficiently making things change in a mere instant compared to a couple of years ago even, and the point there is, until we are all on an even standardized fair system with the internet model, someone will, always does now, and can have an upper hand that is an unfair advantage that can be used to polarize certain constructs, which in turn can cause a domino style cause and effect reaction that is predictable and therefore, again be utilized even further more again to exploit a system's inherent weaknesses.

I think we should discover internet system weaknesses and strengthen them, and never take away what should always be common knowledge from our citizens, and also qualify at the same time, that common knowledge is anything not "secret", and that statement would not justify a philosophical change about what is deemed secret either.

I have written more about that here and in some other blogs too, where I will add some links soon.


So "Big Industry" is gone. Good, we do not need all the pollution out here, and the fracking is just the next big thing happening all around us, that affects and effects us all, and needs to be further studied, especially where it has been in use for many years, i.e., North Dakota, where this practice has been used in the removal of oil from shale by injecting water at high pressure do through very deep mine shafts, then this high pressure water, which is mixed with sand, is through the pressure itself blasted into the bedrock towards whichever direction is the least resistance (fluid dynamics), the mixture starts in a direction and then comes back and causes a flow of a mixture of this that was first injected, along with, the oil and other minerals and compounds that get washed out of the area where the water explored virgin Earth, and in the back wash of its exploration, deposited sand that has left a conduit for further flow from anything that finds its way into these new fissures.

Here is where my mind goes on this topic. Water pollution, chemical pollution, and most importantly, my gut turns and says, future erosion, mud slides and Earthquake preventable damages are going to skyrocket. They may just sky rocket any way, and I think it is safe to say we have seen a massive proliferation in large weather events across the globe, all fear mongering aside.

pic above:

I think they will proliferate and I believe because of the very fracturing nature of fracking itself. I think what we are doing well below the surface is opening up fissures that are not suppose to be there and have not been there ever before, and that by doing so, we are just going to make what wanted to stay together start to come apart.

Studying the mechanical process, the geological process, and other aspects of fracking is rather alarming, and although it is cutting edge technologies and procedures used, the science is not so developed that we can easily simply say there are no inherent dangers and outcomes that are going to be a direct and indisputably  outcome of fracking.

If we think, and many people do, that fracking is a threat, then it needs to be examined, because hard core answers that are definitive are being eluded, and the questions are being asked.

Signing mineral rights away doe not allow a company to do what they want carte blanche, on another's land.

It should mean that whatever takes place there is well studied, even better monitored and reported on, and even more so a factor in its own existence or demise, and always under close public scrutiny.

Let the facts speak for themselves, and let those  facts be found..

We have great oil deposits in this country. If we are going to harvest, or continue to harvest these, we need to think this through some more.


So I have a broken back, an neck they want to fuse, an enlarged heart with arrhthmia, and a valve murmer, sometimes gout very acute, spinal stenosis, etc, I truly could go on and on.

Right now this very moment I have a broken rib and the early stages of what could turn into pneumonia.

It's fine, because I am tough.

It's fine because I have learned to stand tall in a small town that called me to it upon the first time I entered it, and man it has been tough and interesting, like nothing you can ever learn in school. Yes I have some education, so it's safe to make the comparison, because I have been in each set of shoes.

I bitch in writing all the time about my Social Security Disability case.

I complain about the length of the process and the stipulations to the process in legal terms, and how unfair it is to so many, and then some seemingly do get it that appear that they should not.

I am thankful I can write and do so often. I will continue to do that which is good for my soul, my communitty, my family, my friends, and myself, no matter my condition.

I write and record music because it has always been a dream to me. I write so much sometimes I just record it and slam it down because I have seen time come and go for others to often that wanted and desired the same but dared to chase that dream, and left with a work of nothingness, at least in volume of word.

I see my own life span and the span of time more quickly ticking away, and know that I must be productive now, in a time that needs more productive philosophy.

I enjoy philosophy, and most philosophy seems old, dated and boring.

The beauty of philosophy is that we can have a new philosophy anytime.

Let's all find excitement in the new philosophy.

I wrote of technological advancement in the marketplaces, and how in the Green Era Philosophy, these will make us a more efficient, and I will say now also more accurate, nation and people.

An example is, my attorney, Richard Neuworth, in Baltimore, Maryland, has an employee who stated to me we are working on scheduling a video conference with the disability administration.

Who has heard of this before now? perhaps a few folks.


I am a member of Google+, and currently we are, last I checked, a small group (like 4.5 million) of interesting and awkward folks that are all too smart for their own good, and what that means is, just average folks like you and me.

There are no special few, or elite, or chosen in this life. There are doers and there are non-doers.

There may be excellent reasons for either ones existence too, and it is not a statement made to divide people or cause shock, it is just an observation I believe each of us has made somewhere in life along this journey.

So video conference sounds incredible in the bigger picture, and I have written many times about this lack of efficiency we see across the board in so many facets of life that under utilize modern technology. Well, I see a change, perhaps that writing is paying off.


I will say in response to the link below:

I know we need to invest heavily in the broadband infrastructure we have here, and we need to find a more community oriented approach to Cumberland WiFi where everyone can access it for free twenty four hours a day the way it use to be.

It is really a business type of network and the local community can and has used this very successfully in the past.

We have part of broadband well cover with the best equipment in the United States just a short time ago.

We need to now compliment that WiFi network, with the rest of the network through brand new construction and a large investment that will compliment the idea that is represented in the article above and referred to by, Joanne Hovis, president of Columbia Telecommunications Corp.

I understand where she is coming from, however, I think most folks in this region are oblivious to the idea overall because we lag behind twenty years in many aspects. I am being partially sarcastic. Is that possible?

Most of those aspects would be things you would never miss, like traffic, stress, rushing around, etc. 

We have got to be proactive here or miss the boat for our entire area and our entire collective future in our region.


I watched the Dulles Corridor go from a barren almost wasteland looking like place, to becoming the Silicon Valley of The East Coast, which has been well written about.

The airport was built first at a huge investment, and far away from everything at the time, and many many years before the rest was built.

Denver's Airport was like this too a short time ago, and it id getting bigger and bigger and more and more desirable in that area now. It has been fun to watch over the years as I have traveled there with my family.

Back to Virginia, vision from studies conducted saw the area growing, and Washington D.C. was expanding outward. The cheap land for the corporations was out bu Dulles, where someone had the brilliant idea to construct a massive state of the art airport constructed of an incredible concrete slab suspension roof/ceiling, hung across opposing faces at acute angles towards the ground on the side they are each a respective face of.

It is a very beautiful airport, and I get to see what another's vision was then, as it is now.

That is a net thing to realize when you know someone else designs with thoughts of usefulness that far away.

You do not get more cutting edge in philosophy ever no matter what your trying to build, ultimately it is something else to design and build something for the ages, like the original sevens wonders, of which only one is left standing, the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Back to the broadband ideas. 

We have state of the art, the best in the entire nation recently at least, WiFi happening here now !

That is a little well known secret, however it has never been profitable.

If we do not watch it, the perfect compliment to this network we can build here in our local internet's broadband infrastructure, may be forever lost.

Simply look up Cumberland WiFi, if you want to learn more.

I have known about this for several years now, and it is the state of the art WiFi in the U.S.A., and I never see it touted properly as a way to attract business to this area.

We seem to have a local ineptitude when it comes to promotion, and I think that has shown time and time again, no mater how well intentioned previous attempts may have been.

The time is on us now to gain funding, make our new high school a state of the art school, and keep Maryland, tops on the public schools in the nation, setting new examples again, and in the process shining up this gem of a city rich in heritage, geology, culture, music, and passion for a better future, among a few things.

Maybe you will see this letter /blog, maybe not, perhaps I will send it to you, but even at your urging in the article, I do not see the offer of your contact information in the article.

That is the silly stuff I see around here all the time, and most folks just do not think past I can do it right now, so they do not get to thinking about doing it later.

I am going to write about it here, and then I will email you a personal email.

I bypass the politics and just say what I think.

That is how I am and how I will always be.

What is your proposal to us in a dollar amount and logistical perspective as well as a projected income source and key factor to helping companies relocate to our area as well as offer jobs to this local community at every level?

I have been in sales and I know my product when I sell. I also believe in it, or I leave.

So what is your pitch in an answer to that question?

Perhaps you will write me back here, or in an email, perhaps not. However if you read this, I am simply answering your request for input from anyone in this community and hope that this is well received and read with an open mind.

What could also work here is a local training school to help install this mostly fiber optic network, and then perhaps a training center here for the east coast.

We can accommodate that, and we have a work force here that is dedicated, hungry for work, and would be happy to participate in something that can be a part of the future of this area for a long time to come, and it is time to have a system like this in place.

We need to do thing across the United States that are going to bring back great jobs and great pay for great folks that want to work.

So we know we need this, we know we want this, and we most likely cannot afford it financially, and even if we could, it may be unaffordable in other ways, like that money could be better spent elsewhere, and how to we raise the tax base, and how do we provide a lot more local work?

So my answer is let's do something that works for everyone long term.

Soon we will have an old high school site that could be offered as a campus for such a training academy.

I have suggested we have a new Green Era vocational school or academy, and make it available to the high school program, as well as weave it through out Western Maryland's leadership on the Green Initiative.

We can have an excellent new facility, teach trades there that are starting to evolve now, and use a classroom and apprenticeship combined approach.

This could be the model for new institution to evolve out of the work force that will come from a lot of this new technology, and it is important that we are ahead of that curve.

When we start offering jobs back to the people that want them, which will actually be more then ever because those that did not want to will really want to work now, then we will be a step ahead and making progress.

I think the one most oft overlooked thing is the removal of positions from the work force with no other positions opening up, or with the newer positions opening being of much lesser qualifications and pay then the previous now deleted jobs.

How does an investment in broadband immediately impact our communnitty for the good, and how so permanently.

I know we do not want the traffic and everything that goes along  with big city life, but we do desire finer jobs, more jobs, and have an excellent work force at any level to help any company get established here well and most importantly, quickly, as the quicker you are here at your new home, the quicker we are all in a better place molding or collective future.


I am not read often, however it appears from my tracking of statistics, I am read well and all over the world.

It is wonderful to see who your audience is and where your audience is and how large your audience is.

A few things I wrote a few years ago sounded a little whacky, however reading them today, they make more and more sense, some things with a certain clarity too as they have become crystalized subjects since the very short time I even wrote about them .

I trust my gut, and I trust my intuition, and I trust friends and fans alike, each in their own unique way.

To see where one is going, or where any "collective" is going, takes vision.


I have a vision where I win my disability case and one where I lose it.

I have a vision that no matter what happens I focus on the arts in me, as that is all I have left to make any contribution what so ever to mankind, and I feel, as my Father does and has proven, that I have a responsibility to offer something for futures to share when I am long gone.

I know suffering way to well, and I know how to be tough.

I may lose my case, and I will have to appeal in that situation, and continue forward head held high.

The point is, I will use vision now to project past the day of decision
from Social Security so that I can more easily transition to whatever that decision may be, as it is really not something I have any control over, and for the best outlook on myself, I must spend my limited time when I feel well doing what I can do to be productive, heal as well as I can, and learn my way through whatever each day offers.


I will propose ideas as often as I can on my blog, through my music, and through local media to further re-vamp, or completely overhaul Social Security until it is fair, quick, and efficient. The time lost in the process is often time that can be treating the sickly, instead it has an opposite effect and the sickly in this process need more health care just from the stressors and waiting alone.

If I am found unfavorable against in my case, I will see if I can post my appeal online and make my own argument, as I should be able to get all the doctor records, and images, and write a very articulate legal document that is 100% accurate, fully supported by sighting case and book law, that would make an OBJECTIVE decision that is all that is needed, and could be done through a computer, once a system is written and designed, and I have the architecture for that.

I am getting a video hearing it so appears. That is relatively new.

Nice to see change coming, and here it is!

I have written about it enough I hope it gets through to the right places, that is what the writing is about.

Change, through communication due to literacy.

Everyday, I can become even more literate, and it is something that can always evolve, as are any of the best systems in place.


"Working on the principle that electrons can be in multiple places at the same time, quantum computers can operate beyond the binary capabilities of ordinary computers. That is they can encode both a '0' and a '1' at the same time, making a third 'superposition' – a concept that is not at all intuitive."

That is a true statement, and i will link the article to it here:

My architecture is in my head, and I know it well and it will make that above look like child's play.

I may not write anymore on it for a while until I consult with a few expert friends.


I am 44 and it is only my use of computers and art that I have an outlet anymore in the cold days, as I stay house bound 95% of the time.

I fall enough as it is, so I try to stay in when it is icy. The pavement and steps feel like Alex Rodriguez just hit a grand slam and you were the ball, you know...if you hit them just right, other wise its worse.

I fell inside getting into my bed one night recently.

I have my room set up so I can turn on the tv, eat (canned food), play my guitar plugged into my amp, record, get online with my laptop, etc all from my reach.

I can do more too, as I have learned when I have been isolated to my room during really bad times with these issues. So enough of that, the point is this, it is tough times at times, so get tough.

I have complained enough that I ran my own fiance away, as me complaining and not being able to maintain a life is tough for anyone, and I'd probably hit me too if I saw our dreams disappearing before my eyes. Self loathing is another easy place to go.


Self loathing can be a trap that bring you to more of the same. It is a decision you make, and if you make it, you better be tough. The point here is you do not have to make it.

I write and I am honest because it shows that I understand many perspectives, I think long and deep and hard on many philosophical issues that are current, and I strategize and plan well.

If that means borrowing money from my father, then that is the pride swallowing so required at times.

Homelessness is an option abundandtly more clear everyday. I want to look at it as an option because it keeps me grounded in reality, as I assess and manuever through this trying to keep my sanity, my home, my dog, and my ills paid, and a car, and this and that.

I have funds I need to report when I get re-certified for my Food Stamps.

The paperwork is a pain in the behind for me and not because I am lazy at all, it is just taxing and it hurts to move around at all.

I hurt all the time 24/7 and with a broken rib on top of it all, well dag gone it, it is tough.

So I trip getting into bed...and trip because of my back problems. I have this dresser drawer next to the bed out, and my Fender G-DEC3 amp is sitting I hit the edge of that drawer first, the I go sideways into the same spot on my body and crack the small table's edge next to my bed, all these are together and in close proximity, so my upper body has only moved 3 feet, with all forward momentum weight.

I next bounce of that and onto my hardwood floor.

Somewhere in there I heard a loud crack.

I faintly remember pulling myself off the floor and the bed felt so soft and nice that I just went to sleep in half shock and pain.

The next day I wake up excited for life, and then I move...oh yeah...ouch that is bad...I am I am tough. No hospital for me, I am there too often as it is or at a doctors appointment. I have been all my life one way or another.

I wait two or three days and I do not really know quite how long as that time frame was all blended together with pain and no sleep.


Hospital first, x rays, and then doc's office visit are the agenda today.

Broken rib, massive congestion that is nasty, and I will not say more, other then yuck...pitwoey.

On my back  for a second, I do not feel well enough for surgery, and I mean because of other factors, which one day I will write more about.

I also am studying laser back surgery, and think this to look like a better alternative for now. However I need to consult with professionals about the laser spine surgery, who is a candidate, how envasive is this surgery, etc. There are many many facets to consider, but I have to find this out for myself. 

My neurosurgeon here only offered one type of surgery, and perhaps that is all that is available in all reality, however, I was never told by anyone about the laser surgery, and it makes me wonder a huge why?

So Cumberland, Maryland has taught me toughness, character, sticktuitiveness, determination, and if Cumberland can make it through, with all her steeples cresting the horizon with mountain tops all around her, I too can learn from all of this, work as hard as I can even if that means not earning a single penny, and make it through this, somehow, someway.


So here I am, and I am reading the local paper today, The Cumberland Times News, and two articles, links above, catch my eye in particular.

So if you read them or not, the first one is about a home on Virginia Avenue that may become a solar dry cleaner. Expedite that paperwork and let's make this happen.

It is time to use The Green Era philosophy, and advertise this town in a way that we do not have a population boom, but sell the Green Era philosophy as the new philosophy Cumberland, Maryland is guided by, and how we should be the hub of at least the executive to the power industry, as we are close to so many huge cities, but offer the small town homey feel we all love and desire, while at the meantime have an airport that is underutilized as well, however ca accommodate large airline passenger planes perfectly safe. We had flights to Hagerstown, however we lost this service.

We can collectively thrive here if we do thing correctly and this is a great place to thrive during this new age.

So infrastructure, law, etc. We need to have the vision to streamline this process t let businesses of the right bill, come set up shop and get moved in fast, or else as we have already seen time and time again, they will and do go elsewhere.

See a common theme yet?


We have lost massive opportunity here many times since this area became a post industrial town barely hanging on, but as usual, always hanging on.

We have local leadership here now, that if they can work even closer together, especially with other local political factions,  we can cross this bridge together.

The second article speaks of vision and philosophy, and it a gem of an article.

We have a great local paper, a little small, but over all well written and very supportive of this community.

We have local radio too, and the competition between the local media is well, small town, fun, and serious too.

It is the exact nature that gives us that toughness and character I speak of.

I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. I understand a high cost of living as most do. Here is where my perspective changed when I was young.

My Father and Father In Law, both at incredible pinnacles professionally speaking with wonderful famlies, yet they have high blood pressure and you can just see the stress. one is too smart to escape that.

So we plan a better future where that does not have to exist.

My Dad is a West Pointer and My ex father in Law runs a government agency.

I understand a little about vision and projection and planning, and tactics, and hard work.

My life has come this way so I could appreciate that which I thought I so well understood.

So now I only understand better then I once did, and as usual, I am bound to make more mistakes along my path, but I have my own path at least, and I like that.

I want to blaze a trail that in history will be seen as the trail toward the future that we all started walking on, as we planned now for the greatness that is soon going to be.

Sounds like a fairy tale, right now. It can be a reality.

I studied Police Science.


I have read about the C.C.C.

I think we should have a volunteer program for non violent offenders in this region, where we house local, state, and federal prisoners very close by in several facilities, and as well as Hagerstown being close by, where these guys can do work and earn more towards the day they are released and/or paying back their debts if financial in nature, and/or offer to family, etc. whatever may be deemed as fair.

Housing criminals is a massive onus on the state and federal infrastructure, corrections half hertedly works even in it's best attempts over centuries, recitivism is always a thing to reckon with, and I just think if we are spending money to house prisoners, I think a volunteer program consisting of work similar to what the C.C.C. did, along with the right leadership, like drill sargeant leadership in the field. Rangers or Seal like men that are tough , smart, talented, and best of all experienced.

They could lead these men and teach them to, collect themselves, re-set, work hard and be proud and come back into the mix of life and contribute in fruitful ways so that we can all enjoy this life together, and maybe even make a career right here with us, through the  leadership setting the example in this type of correctional system.

You can't sell tickets to patrons if those tickets do not get the patrons into the "show".

I have seen examples like this and I would think we all know about similar stories in corrections one way or another.

Let's overhaul that which is failing. 

Is that really so radical, or will we look backwards and say perhaps, " wow, you know what's radical? The way those people back then treated criminals, when they could have been doing this instead."

One sad fact is some folks must be removed from society, and that fact may always remain.

However another fact is, that not all folks need to be incarcerated the way we have been doing things for a long time.

We have technology where criminal can be incarcerated under house arrest, and we use it often, however maybe not often enough.

One thing that is valuable to everyone is time, an certainly a little time never hurts when someone needs to serve it for doing wrong. 

Time will make one think about their particular individual indiscretion in an ideal situation in corrections. 

This is now ideal as the philosophy of corrections and therefore being corrected will be welcome from the criminal. 

There are certainly plenty of criminals that would agree with that statement, as many have delightfully turned their lives around.

However, which is always the case, there are those who do not respond, and there is room for them too.

Finding the best way to treat a criminal population in corrections is always a logistical nightmare on any level because there are an even larger amount of total variables, meaning these variable are truly unpredictable on a larger sweeping range then typical scenarios where most logistics would suffice.

People in corrections realize this of course, and plan around it to the vest of their ability.

The newer computing systems gives us the ability to quickly gather and analyze data sets and move fast towards progress. I simply hope it does not become, in any area of life used for this matter, a logistics game that removes the human element of compassion and all of it's inherent qualities. 

Jailing / Prison overall to start with, is most often actually counter-intuitive when looking at the bigger picture.

It often places even greater responsibility on the state when a family has to be on welfare to support a criminal's family.

This happens all the time and I have seen it with my own eyes, like so many other ridiculous things.

So how do we quickly try something new? How do we implement quick change when it is needed?

Change is needed, and I am not diving in anymore to that topic, but that is a topic for another time, as I have a great interest in it, it was a huge part of my college education studying all about it, and at 44, I have seen it's net results on people I have known, and that to me is better then anything else to go on.

I am not speaking about some simpleton that you know did something wrong and claims over and over again that he did not do it. In the meantime there could be pictures that are indisputable and a mountain of other concrete definitive proof.

I am speaking of men I have met that have admitted to heinous things, all the way to smaller infractions, that have admitted to me and a court of law that they just flat out messed up, have done their time, and are candid.

When I see that door open, and it is never one I try to open first, I the proceed with something along the lines of, " wow, what a trip it true about prison food?...and that always starts dialouge because we all have food in common.

I will state this is my field of study and it freaks some people out real fast, but I am trusted with my friends, and I explain my curiosity because it fills in the gaps of newer correctional philosophy that I was taught in college, which is now perhaps coming of age.

I pay acute attention and get great candid real feedback.

If I do not, then I also know at the same time, this person is not friend
worthy at all to start with.

I will cut anyone a break.

I testified against a friend for murdering his Father. 

Today we speak, very honestly and very candidly, and it has brought some healing and perspective to something I thought once incapable of having in any respect.

I know the pain of a victim in many many ways, and I know some harsh criminals, simply by pure coincidence in an other wise perfect life, where I am not looking for this.

I am working full time and going to college full time, for example, when my friend murdered his Father.

No matter how well we do things, there are things that do happen on life's and other people's terms and they can be life altering forever.

Sometimes some folks place themselves in that position as well.


We are moving in the direction that will find these a lot of answers to many of these topics very soon, however, it may not be quick enough, and that is not a joke.

Scientists from N.A.S.A., and nearly any institution you can think of, realize that we are currently in a time of more disruption ( I will use that word simply because it fits any disaster or climate change no matter if it is man made man caused, or purely nature, or even a combination of the two, which may even include other factors) then we have seen before in recent recorded time.

Speculate and throw conjecture where you will, however the fact remains that that is what is happening!

So what do we do now to prepare for a future that is coming at us at light speed?

Bringing a balance back swiftly may be easier then we think.


We could quickly make huge progress in health by simply removing non organic (meaning not occurring naturally in nature)or (synthetic) chemicals entirely from all of our foods, be it from planting to harvest and even from birth to slaughter, and all the way to the table, meaning we do not use unneeded chemicals to preserve something, would be a great step in the right direction.

If you think that is extreme, think about the proliferation of things like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer to name a few.

Does it still really sound that radical?

Here is a disgusting fact I have know for over 10 years that is slowly starting to get out...I played that drum about an hour, and as usual, no one was listening.

So here is is in a quick sloppy sentenced (fragment) of a nutshell.

two amino acids in a lab that do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, naturally bond in nature ever.

So that makes it first of all against the very laws of nature. Does it start out sounding healthy to consume just on that alone?

the two "get" bonded in the lab.

The new compound is supposedly inert, as the two amino acids are inert when not combined.

This appears to be an extremely dangerous assumption, and we all know what can happen when we "assume" something.

ass u me

we now have aspartame

FDA will not approve

Reagen becomes president

hello Donald Rumsfeld

Hello FDA and new appointments

Aspartame is quickly approved, more quickly and with less testing then most anything before it

who did that testing?...the company who made it, absolutely no conflict of interest there

aspartame is introduced into the muti-billion dollar $$$ per year synthetic sweetener

Many people are sensitive to it, proving it is indeed not inert, and these people can be definitively diagnosed to be suffering from phenylketonuria.

You may read more about it here at LiveStrong, the foundation started by the unprecedented six time in a row winner of the Tour De France, and more importantly, a testicular cancer survivor that was devastating and metastisized, and all before a single win in the most grueling bicycle race in the world, none other the Lance Armstrong.


Do not buy the LINE sold and told to us all the time about chemical fertilizer and synthetic hybrid seeds. 

Say hello to Monsanto again.

We lose 1/3 of each crop's production on average. Since any type of farming. Be it farming with hybrid disease resistant plant seeds, synthetic fertilizers or the combination of the too as well as any style of farming you choose over the course of mankind.

above source: NetFlix, Documentary, about bees monocultures and fertilizers vs. more conventional organic symbiotic more natural farming methods and techniques.

The cost analysis of using no chemical fertilizer vs. using it is interesting. The less of that purchased, that monies can bu utilized in other ways that are often more labor intensive for the farmer, but produce better results for us, the consumer.

It should be obvious today that we have polluted our soils and our water ways with tons and tons of inert and non inert chemical, and we really have no idea what will happen, however we have a good idea at what has happened so far, which does not reach mass media because who wants to hear about that and then see a commercial for a Dodge Truck that gets 10.5 miles to the gallon (reference to my old Truck)?

One great facet or nook in the internet is honest reporting that is neither financially or professionally influenced.


Here are a few examples of sites I enjoy often:

Many science sites of great reputation have excellent articles that are objective and logical and often fly in the face of what we think on a daily basis, or what we are taught that has already changed.

Each is backed up with data from research, is always well written and objective, and always quite amazing to read as well as provides even more of a wealth of knowledge to go along with anything else you have read that is related in material nature.

If I am researching something, I always look for our federal government web sites. 

They are most often the best sites as they are all of these to me as an individual, the most informative, best organized, contain the widest range of information and reports, articulate, logical and and believe it or not, more and more lately, less political.

The government is seeing the writing on the wall and dealing with today's problems today pretty well, they are simply overburdened with the problems from many yester-years that are making even more problems still.

What is incredible to see is that The Obama Administration has offered so much in the way of information technology at the core of the dwelling place of the soul and spirit of our democracy, that perhaps now that it is being well utilized will lead us quickly toward seven more efficiency and solving problems faster and faster while staying away from creating new ones.

We can catch up very easily if we stay on that course.

I have actually been shocked at just how excellent these government sites are and how much incredible information is there.

N.A.S.A. is working very hard right now to attract a younger audience to their website.

They now have live free streaming radio.

It truly is a small world, as I just recently emailed back and forth with a buddy of mine from my youth. He is a scientist with N.A.S.A. We chatted about music, and I told him as a child how he inspired me a lot with his cars that he had, two old classic English cars, and his photography, his sculpting, his silk screening, and the type of work he did then for a living.

Another neighbor from my youth in Alexandria, Virginia helped to design the hologram. He is an author in the article at the link below. That is as specific as I will get without permission from a friend of mine, his daughter.

So it is no wonder I have this enjoyment studying these things working all around us, and I have been waiting a long time to see them finally happen.

My Mom was shocked when I was a child and said, you know Mom, one day, we will just have a television that hangs on the wall like a piece of artwork, real sleek, and flat, with a better picture then ever.

I then said we can have one receiver base and not have to duplicate the electronics for each unit, and that would be more efficient, and keep prices down.

I went on to explain how these things will talk to one another through wireless technology from computers.

I understood computers better then I could articulate it at a young age, and i had always played with walkie-talkies, so the marriage of this made perfect sense to me, and needless to say here we are today.

That does not make me the only one that thought it, at least eventually, and more them likely a lot of folks thought about it. Some of them made it!

I must have heard even more then I realized around my father, and these two brilliant scientists, and many other men I would meet like them, and even when I was like 8 or 10, I read a Science magazine and loved every bit of it. Sometimes when listening or reading I may not fully understand something, but usually by the time I was done listening, and I listened to these guys intently, the blanks would be filled in, or as one of them told me, just remember the things that maybe do not make sense and over time those answers will come.

It did not take long for an answer to come, and I saw that he was right, as long as I kept searching, answers would indeed come.

I would read about nanotechnology, and then ask my Dad about it and he would think I was making something up.

Things were changing pretty fast back then, but nothing like the speed of change we are seeing today.


I enjoy these sites because they are they offer a vision into the future, like peering into a spy glass and looking at what is coming.

I do this all the time, as it is innate to me, however I wonder if others are blind and oblivious to absolutely everything, while others are perfectly tuned in to maybe just starting to tune in.

This is already a different day and age...we are there now.

So believe that, accept that and find answers, speak up, educate yourself daily, challenge yourself daily to find answers, and share them and become more and more articulate, as this language barrier is often time the entire source of misunderstanding.

Anyone can quit. 

Don't be anyone, be someone.Even if you do not know quite yet when that exact someone is going to make their appearance.

We can transform through learning at anytime we so desire, and also transform to the environment we have to live in for whatever the reasons, and then work hard on making it better for ourselves and those around us as well.

Survival takes character and drive and determination, especially in the face of adversity.

Knowing that, I embrace this time in my life because I know it is from here I will go forward better then ever before, no matter how you bisect it.

I'm not so radical as I am a realist and a futurist using logic.

It amazes me when there is, at times only one correct answer, and everyone collectively knows it, however accepts that we do not do things the proper way anyhow.

Sounds like a pretty decent example of the definition of insanity.

Logically it is absolutely indisputably insane to act collectively this way, yet it seems to happen all too often, because the old is so comfortable and familiar.

We have a system where we have become so large, the government at a particular level, becomes a grougp of gears that do not mesh well, or are often broken or down for repair.

This places a, " the machine can work better", factor into an efficient mechanical philosophical situation.

You have to redesign in part, or redesign in whole, at this point.


The foundation of our country The Constitution, and it's respective Bill of Rights, at a bare minimum should Always Remain as they are, after all this is our country's soul and life blood.

Is that radical or logical I ask?

I heard a minister recently use radical as a theme in his sermon and it has stuck with me.

Look the word up, even if you think you know it's many definitions.

How did you read me as having used it?

Whatever your answer, the truth is that my sentences using this word can be interpretd a number of ways.

So what in the greater context do my words mean?

Words are what comprise law, be they written in a general or specific way, and courts interpret these laws, and those on the courts are placed in their respective positions in one way or another.

That is how the machine works. 

This question still usually remains however; How do we make what was once an efficient machine, now efficient once again?

We must analyze it's (current models) design flaws and fix them, or start from what may appear as virtual scratch, or nothing, however, we are building atop  a knowledge base often of what we know not to do from previous failures as well as what we know we can do, from our successes.

The more we all share a similar philosophy, the better we will all be for it.

Just like a car model evolves through recalls, new engineering, new features,  and yes, eventually new models, this will all take place and become the new dictates of change, and are merging in a new and unique way now, if you know what to look for.

Have you ever purchased a used or new car, and all of a sudden everyone seemed to be driving one? 

I hope not! (lol)

However, chance are that this has happened to you, and you become acutely aware at these moments that things are being perceived differently all of a sudden, and seemingly without suggestion from the conscious self.

It may be as mundane as driving to 7-11 or Sheetz for you morning coffee before work, and then continuing on that same old commute.

You do this five days a week, same everyday, every time in most aspects.

Now all of a sudden however, on this drive into work in your new car, and on many subsequent trips, you see everyone else is driving a new 2012 Ford Torino Swygert Cobra 428 c.i.d RWD fastest car ever designed.

Then you think wait, that's my name...o.k. just I am in my new 2012 Ford Torino and all of a sudden I see them all over.

I could swear up and down a something or other that I ain't never seen a none of em before this day.

Then everyday after, well dang man, everyone bought one of my cars, dang.

So I built a new one, I realized I did not want to drive what everyone else was driving especially because I designed it.

ok, so joking aside perhaps for a second at least ...

speaking of time...I saw an old friend at the grocery store the other day and asked how he had been and where he had been...first time I ever heard this hold on...He said, "Man I moved outta town fo a minute", I just started laughing and he new it was with a good laugh is always fun to share. The vernacular can shift like the wind.

So somehow there was an increase of awareness like something has truly become etched in the mind's eye like an image to overlay on the visual color spectrum we perceive and it is like playing the matching game, be it that your 3 and using a Highlight's for Children, or 44 and playing Clue on .

So drawing the yarn through the loom over and over again with words, I hope to weave a larger clearer picture to illustrate what I am saying.

With quantum / cloud computing, we have this kind of vision, and often instantly and in real time, and better yet, often where we can project very easily from it.


We have a country full of many scared people and there is absolutely nothing to be scared of except ourselves.

We are growing up fast in an ancient world of cultures that existed well before us. 

Think about that a moment. China, for example, has a culture thousands of years older then ours.

We have worked hard as a nation and surpassed most all of the first settlers wildest expectations for certain!

We, in some respects, may have even surpassed some of our own early individual lives expectations when it comes to transportation, the space program, energy, technology, etc.

It is really quite a feat when you think about it, and i am excited about what is in store, we should share our wonderful lives and know there should be wonderful lives ahead. 

Think of 220 years ago and basically the entire United States is undeveloped compared to modern times.

Nothing like now...basically, nothing was here except nature as it was, and the American Indians and their culture and civilization.


Human beings can and often live to be a 100 years of age.

When your 44 , well 100 looks like less then what it use too, a large goal to meet with life in terms of years, and an amount of wisdom almost unfathomable, and then you realize you can study anything right now at your fingertips and you realize you can have the knowledge of thousands of civilizations, cultures, religions, and then you see they all believe in the same basic things we all want to share.

This country is two long lifetimes and a touch old in age.

It really is not very old at all, historically speaking.

Here is a modern day take in my often comical but truthful perspective...ready?


A super conservative may think, Xuck with me and your getting nuked. I will not see the likes of my friends and people ever go to war or get messed with.

Ronald Reagen, perhaps one of our greatest leaders during the tenure of any president's aministrations, was always quick to send jets and bomb anytime he thought we needed to.

Almost without hesitation, at least as it appeared to us, and we seemed respected and feared at the same time.

It actuality, you really cannot be both respected and feared by the same individual or group of individuals.

So which was it?

As a liberal man, just puff this dude, and then we can get along brother. Everything is cool, just chill. j/k ...kind of.

Carter's administration seemed a large and terrible failure especially in the face of the Iranian Hostage Crisis under Ayotollah Komehni's regime.

As soon, as Reagen came into power, those hostages came home, because it was already abundantly clear what was coming if not.

President Carter had organized a rescue, and many of the helicopters crashed due to sand issues and the attempt was aborted and was a horrific failure and we lost many lives, and that seemed like a paralysing moment for the administration as I remember from my early youth.

So different schools of thought, of politics, of action, and PROJECTION.

Today we have a dichotomy in our population that seems to be more and more polarizing, that's my observation, and perhaps I am wrong and certainly hope so.

However it seems to me that that is where we are collectively today?

Government should not be parties and politics, but rather individuals maintaining and preserving principles and freedoms.

Government starts in the self.


Government is really for those safeguards of those that cannot govern the self, and government should never be utilized as a tool to make the self do differently the that which is it' natural direction or yearning and must of course be that which is principled and moral, and to the benefit of ourselves and therefore, others as well.

We work to bare fruit, we bare fruit to eat, we plant seed to harvest, we harvest the fruit for which we planted the seed, we work to bare this fruit, we should be fruitful, being fruitful means others do not suffer, because to be fruitful means more then taking care of just yourself but deeper then that is helping those around you to prosperity.

Write it how you want to or need to, the point is, we all know right from wrong, and government starts there.

All great charters, scrolls, constitutions start somewhere upon our collective moral fabric.

So next how do we communicate our beliefs?

We can choose to be ignorant.

i.e., if a militia hates something in particular, shall they attack it or communicate there concerns to a congressman or senator?

Look I'd hate to be the guy getting that letter, but then again, if I was a Congressman, I would be proud to know a group like this may want to communicate and share thoughts and perhaps come somehow closer together.

That does not mean a smooth sailing ride, because reality has shown me examples similar in nature there as well.

It just does not happen like that.

Soon I will have a huge report to release.

I am simply waiting to hear from a few friends in government and then I can release my story.

This is one of those things I could report now, but why jeopardize the work still being done in the investigation?

The friends that need to know about this do know, and those that are at work are working hard, and what will come to be known will be quite fascinating.

I hope much will be learned, and it is my education, my unique perspective from the middle of the storm, and my writing skills that will help me report this not in a way to overtly sell the media and the story, but I will try my best to be part objective, part subjective, and part a writing sense again and from a perspective of experience.

Communication with the right people in the right ways is what paves better roads to brighter futures.

Sometimes you have to work hard and patiently wait for the rest to finish up and things to pan out.

This times are tough, but you find peace if you have done your part well, and look forward to the fruits that will come forth soon as you wait patiently.


Steamlineing processes paves ways to brighter futures with even more efficiency, which means less consumption of raw materials and even better uses of all natural resources, and less and less dependence on other nations.

We can trade with anyone we desire, as always, however we should really never depend on another nation as a long term alternative, but rather perhaps only in a rare instance where it was 100% needed for sustaining the lives and culture and livelihood, the collective soul, WE, of our country.

We also need a mechanism with fail safes that says if a law is no longer working we can repeal it and at the same time instantly shift gears into a better more efficient system, no matter the philosophy,  be it one to be amended and revisited or something new.

Managers, system managers, architects, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, building engineers, etc., all understand large systems, their respective operations, their respective place as a cog in that machine, and the idea that that cog can be moved to different places, or even removed, professionally speaking, and it is usually these guys, for example and among others, that make design changes or craft entirely new systems.


One huge thing people seem to underestimate with the Obama Administration is, well many things really are not as bad as they could be.

His administration is placing some things in place that could be the cornerstones t the future infrastructure for efficient government.

Time will tell as always, but the groundwork has been nicely laid and quickly too thus far.

We are working on long term goals.

We are making huge massive strides to change in a positive direction.

The Technological and Green Era Initiatives are incredible and like nothing we have ever seen before, and soon will be coming at us faster and faster.

Each scientific answer at this point often opens the door to other new sciences, or at least, a deeper look into the same science of it's origin.

I know of very interesting knowledge where there are electric companies making massive shifts away from nuclear and more towards wind, solar, and other alternative methods of electrical production.

This is a fact, and that means there is great, great progress being made right now.

We have wind farms nearby to my home here.

I once pondered these deeply and wondered if they held as much blessing as they appeared to, even with some related drawbacks.

Well this was my answer, on a day I saw a rainbow, followed the end and saw where it landed, and had my girlfriend take a picture.

That was as much answer as I needed. I always look for answers in nature, and I often find them as sometimes deeply sophisticated and sometimes as simple as this.

We have retired the Space Shuttles, and that is amazing, but the fact is we have moved beyond manned mission, unless we choose to colonize, of course.

We have technology today where we can send a machine on a very specific task virtually anywhere imaginable, and it will perform these tasks, most often flawlessly, or like the Hubble, at least in a way that can be fixed.

Even when the Hubble was repaired, it was at first thought an impossible mission, and that was how quick things were changing then.

What is seemingly impossible today, can truly be a hurdle of insignificance tomorrow.

Obama has brought troops home and ended on war, and I feel certain troops will be home from elsewhere abroad too, when it is safe.


Through my parents I met General Van AnTwerp.,_Jr.

What an awesome man, and to have the diligence he brings to the table to the Corps of Engineers is astonishing.

To hear him speak about New Orleans and other jobs was quite a treat, and to a small crowd in an intimate setting was just as much a real treat.

He is like meeting Jimmy Page for a guitarist, to lots of engineers and soldiers alike.

He is a rock star on many levels, as a family man and a leader, and in the church.

I wonder why we do not have more men like him run for president.

I cannot speak for anyone, I just think they are smart enough to know that the action is not in the politics, change is always outside the politics in the trenches.

If you'r not there getting heard and recognized, well work harder, because together with leadership, change does not just appear, it fruits from labor, and no other way.

I at the same token do not mean to discount anyone on Capitol Hill. Look I grew up near there, and with several neighbors taking me and a pal to their offices, played around in The Senate and Congress buildings as a child, in Strom Thurmond's Office, Barry Goldwater's Office, Sam Hall's office, and maybe even Carter's Office.

I hear things about men that are not dedicated that serve, but I have seen with my own eyes dedicated great men that did serve and work for the men others mention with breath and do not truly know.

Those guys make things happen in those political trenches. That is a different kind of person then most can understand.

Jim Moran wrote me a personal letter once, but I had to write first, take the initiative to write him and express my thiughts.

He took the time to write me back personally.

How is that for dedication and caring?

A man I told would never have my vote, to his face, as a friend, wrote me back, because ultimately he is the exact type of man that would get my vote, and he gets that and understands that too.

I was brought up to address issues this way, educated this way, and have found results often second best to none through simple letters that illustrate a point articulately.

I would like to address The Congress and The Senate one day soon, and perhaps that chance is upon me, because I have seen amazing things in my life thus far and I really do believe deeply and passionately that so much I have learned could be well utilized and help build an even stronger infrastructure to threats, and a lot of the threats are all around us and home grown.

They always exist, and I think there is a proliferation of this going on currently due to the economic downturns, but my observation is this.


This is the time any organized crime would establish a better foothold in a territory through the use of threats and intimidation. While people are at their most desperate times.

What therefore happens, is a supposed looking peace for a while from the outside looking in, and then change perspective and you can clearly see that the infiltration of the illegal finds it's way into the legal system and opens a door of injustice in Justice's house.

Many folks think this impossible, but just look it up, an dread from reputable sites.

Compare this to the time of prohibition and the likes of organized crime, yes, the mob, the mafia, etc., made their form foothold, which has remained, during this legal debacle, however well intentioned, that let the "bad guys" rule certain things for a long time, so long as a matter of fact, that the mafia placed most of their funds into more legitimate business, where they could then even bring in more money to launder, and increasingly grow.

I will just say this is happening again, right now, and in a very similar way.

It may be a reason some crime statistics are down, but that is disputable at so many levels and on so many theories.

It could be media control, and controlled releases of information...Sound paranoid?

That may sound nuts, but look at my letter...It could be from my very thought in origin.

It may be simply people are so worn out and depressed they have become to worn out to make more crime.

Could be marijuana use is up and alcohol down.

That to me holds the most weight, as typically roughly 80% of violent crimes are alcohol related.

Very rarely, and more like as in next to never, are violent crimes just marijuana related.


Ok, changing gears...what about all this SOPA stuff?...Interesting.

I say check out reputable sites, and one thing these new legislative offerings do bring to the table is better control over the wild frontier of the yet to be tamed internet.

There is a ton to be considered there, and my gut is we have enough on the table, and it looks to me like what google is doing primarily, is solving those issues.

We are achieving standardization, and the point of standardization is across the board efficiency any where you look.

Our collective of citizens is in a day and age where we can monitor, report, or dis-associate ourselves with any net deity we think we see.

Laugh a little that's the truth in a nut shell.

I do not like sneaky huge laws that get proposed under the radar, and I am happy to see the net ws well utilized, and the laws for now, tabled.

Just tabled for a while, at the very least.

There is excellent legislation in there as well.

Copyright infringement is something to think about. The music industry is a huge example of it's devastation, left over from the days of free file sharing.

Are we now beyond file sharing?

Does anyone at the Control of The Internet Council realize that with a song played on youtube, the right soft ware, and a wire from my headphone jack to my mic jack, maybe a cm apart on my laptop, I could theoretically record any song I want?

I am an artist and would love to sell my music, which most often I choose to just give away, and tell folks it's open source what you want and chop the song, record it in a different style, etc. If I am any good, I will make money off of something I have not even made yet, I figure you have to be somebody that is known before you are perhaps walking with a little cash, and cash is just cash...I have not had extra in so long I forgot what it looks like.


I once cleared a paycheck that after one month's bonus, and 1/2 month's pay, with 25% into my 401k right off the top, and then the net remainder taxed, I still cleared over $ 5,500.00

I worked at a mortgage in Springfield, Virginia.

We were located on Brandon Avenue.

Be great to see what happened to all those old friends, and it would be interesting to see what happened to all the loans we funded as a brokerage house representing 68 different lenders, last I recall.

It was such a beginning of the net back then that there is barely any information on them available today, and it is neat history I would like to share.

The company is gone with out a trace it seems.

Mortgage company, late 90's, big money. I wonder what were we selling back then when I think about it now.

I was a marketing manager, and in hind site reflecting on it today, well, at least it makes you contemplate many things that have since become crystalized, however I may never know those truths.

I wonder what is the paper trail left from that day and age, after what we saw with massive file shredding corporate corruption.

One issue with vision is this, those that have it often abuse it for purely selfish reasons.

So what a crazy pay check.

WTF !!!

I can live off two of those paychecks well for an entire year.

I will never perhaps see these days again, and that is well and fine, I am happy to have walked in those shoes at least once, and perhaps choose to never walk there again, even if offered this opportunity, however times dictates decisions, and that time is neither here nor there, but truly a fantasy.

I chose to walk away from that, however let's say I was an artist and I have made the big leap into stardom after another company invested in my product.

I walked for two reasons. Something in my gut said leave, this is not good, and secondly I wanted to be with my wife more and work less. How often are you young and get to enjoy it? regrets ever.


Well then all of a sudden, anyone can get music for free.

Do what?

Since that day, the business model has never been the same, and you hold on to the old ways and die off, or you were so huge it mattered not, or you adapt and study and look towards the future and record the amazing ride as you watch some of your friends and aquaintenances in the midst of it.

Same themes, perseverance, education, communication, streamlining, progress and ll through change by utilizing technology and this pattern repeating now and forever it is seemingly capable of.

Perhaps a perspective model that lends a philosophy towards vision.

What do you see in a year from now.

I will be strong and healthy again, that is the selfish me.

I will be watching this nation soon rise up in the Spring, after a Winter's hibernation, and watch as it is realizing the new paths we will forger quickly.

Obama's administration has put in place a computing infrastructure and technological marriage to the government when it was most needed.

The net has always been there but not like it has under the Obama Administration.

This is simply a sign of technology and it's utilization, all timing and advancements that were coming no matter who was going to be President.

The great thing is this President has embraced that, and we have now seen a War end (Iraq), in a relatively safe way over all, and it was not so difficult as many conjectured it would be.

Back here at home, I sure hope our local leaders work even harder putting personal issues aside and continue to work together even harder.


I will say on a local level, If I were the Mayor, I would not want the reputation of being hard to work with.

I hear things and if I was Mayor and heard that once, it would be once too often and I would address it quickly, or lose the team.

That is the nature of politics, so heading something off before it is a bigger issue, is often the best course of action and enlightenment, for all involved.

I lean independent, which I suppose being more in the middle has next to no lean.

If I have a Walter Mitty moment of being the President, I think well what would I do, what would my Father do, what would my Brother do, what would my ex- Father in Law do? What would Gen. Hecker do? What would Gen. McInearny do?

What would Jimmy Carter do or John Kennedy? What would other great folks I know do?

I know enough fine leaders to know what a likely response would be.

It is as easy to study history and see the same writing on the wall for almost any situation imaginable, be it from the rather mundane to some of the truly most difficult times of national or international history.

The friends I may miss most as I age are the friends of my Mother and Father. Those friends are like family to us, and we to them, and friends of my youth, well they are just truly different, then those of my parents, as I see no comparison in loyalty.

I say it like I see it.

Only those that take something personal I write probably should.

Generational in nature more then anything, I suppose.

I am younger but with the idealism of another generation.

I am very hippy in spirit and nature mostly from my music growing up, be it classical or rock  as well as other artistic influences.

I am also very tough on situations where folks mess up, like I have myself, because tough love works.

So the situation dictates the response much more then my personality or fears dictate my wants and desires upon others.

I just do not subscribe to that philosophy, but I could when I know I am correct.

That happens at know adopting that philosophy...not the being correct


Well it is Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am getting ready to watch the AFC and NFC championships today.

I placed a lot of material in here to consider, and more or less just wrote this off the top of my  head.

I hope I wove a common thread through most of it.

It had one main point supported by smaller points and I hope substantiated to your desire, as I did not mean to leave any philosophy dangling in the wind.

Sometimes, these thoughts just flow quicker then I can tap these laptop I go with them.

Ultimately, through streamlining by using these technological advances, and communicating better and even more quickly, be it through a letter, a blog, or an even more sophisticated computer code, we will rise to a new class of efficiency and prosperity, hopefully all together.

I believe I have an architecture in my head that could be the ultimate encryption and code cracker, and the ultimate computing platform as well, but who am I?

I was made to look a fool when I had one program run, and then the command line went dead at the same time I share it with two very cool friends from long ago.

Well, from where they are, and what they saw, no doubt I would think I lost my own mind. It is quite hilarious looking back, and a shame at the same time.

What I did succeed doing was compiling a small program that changed text to pictures, and it got a response from a friend who tries to chat with me. He is from New Zealand and has a learning disability, I believe Down Syndrome.

He always types I answer back, and I get Hi...once in a while a little more, but very very rarely. he never gives up...been going on for years now, but he tries bless his heart, and we communicated one day because of what I had learned about what it is perceived people that suffer from autism may see in there mind's eyes, pictures, not necessarily words and meaning as how we read. So I go this program together and it worked well.

I at least got a big response, and that was the thing I was seeking, the " ah ha " moment. The moment of break through, and then it was gone.

So I know this works and should be researched more, and it is simple to facilitate with a computer.

Just as a test, I copied one web pages source code, posted on a blog and have watched it since that time.

It use to, because I changed the original coding, just appear as squares with a digit in each corner, and was easy to convert back to it's original source code by simply going through the correct key to decipher it.

The web page was public source code that anyone could copy very easily.

Now all that shows up on that page is XXXX...a whole bunch of eX' it is changing as I thought it would.

Just as the address bar used to be a command line in beta , same as it was for a short time in a few messengers.

I did something to help, and I saw the power of cloud computing before my eyes so fast it was like I have never seen on any state of the art home computer.

I very, very quickly understood a lot more, then I have read on the topic, because to see it crunch something so fast and kick back an output is truly remarkable compared to what i once thought was a massive program and the time needed to run/calculate that.

Things I had spoken of in my youth with friends are coming to fruition faster then ever now.

Every generation has dreams that root into reality and they all come from a source.

That is just basic evolution of anything and everything.

We know what we can become, and we know what we should not really be or become, so is it so hard to make better decisions today so that we can have vision for correct decisions now that bring much brighter futures to all.


Hypothetical situation,...Imagine a hand gun that if it fires, it is recorded, by GPS and fingerprint perhaps, and maybe you can have two if you bring your old outdated weapon in for a trade, and oh yeah, you have to now.

Sounds interesting from a Law Enforcement and Political, and citizen view.

Sounds amazing and workable with east to any scientist, engineer and draftsman,

Plausible to many and Orwellian to so many others.

At what point do we give into a system that takes our Civil Liberties and Rights.

Never is what our very Constitution seems to implore to each of us in the very essence of it's origin.

What is a Liberty vs. a Right?

Which are guaranteed?

Where is room for change and accommodation for flexibility in dire or threatening times?

Why, in a dynamic world, do we have a system that is a static fabric, unable to change in an instant, at a time when it is most needed, and remains so static that instead of weaving a better fabric, we are often left with a twist of threads a mess in the loom.

I am happy to see the considerations of permanently closing certain agencies. It is great to know that at least we are evaluating ideas, even if they seem ridiculous at face value.

Sometimes we see the error of our ways where we do not expect to see them and therefore should leave no stone unturned in this pursuit of efficiency.

I am not trying to end in a confusing fashion, however if it was for some a confusing ending, find your answers to those questions and share them.

If one person in the right place reads this and it helps in the most minute detail, then it has done it's work, and that can be the power of the word, and no matter the technology advancements, logic and rationale come
from a human being through such words like these, imploring anyone who reads this to be peaceful, challenge yourself now more then ever, dig deep, and be a catalyst towards positive change.

The future depends on a collective of all people working together and this is not to high a mountain to climb.

It is happening right now. It is exciting, and it is something to be in awe of.



(added 01-23-2012)

To start with farcking and seismic activity can be easily and closely monitored, so there is no excuse to not see these data sets for ourselves, and no excuse that all of these are not 100% monitored all the time with no exceptions.

Is there really anything wrong in practicing the safest techniques to date and monitoring these and all types of fracking wells ...and again, excluding none?

It appears not, and it is time that common sense and logic are guidelines to change and progress, as that is a clear answer and long overdue.

Otherwise, we continue down the road of an unproven at best, thus far, type of extraction method where too much money is possibly influencing it's common and momentous practice.

If we regulate this using new technology, it would be as simple as installing the sensors and receiving those signals and then simply having some servers on the other end of our powerful cloud / quantum system we use today monitor this range of data sets in comparison with ranges that appear thus far to be normal.

We may not just regulate this industry, but perhaps shed some light on the interesting studies about earthquakes.

If your going to gather data, you would think one may ask, where is can this data be useful? Any good data miner would want to know. 

The data miners more then likely do know, that is their job. 

So how do we make it happen?

There are no excuses not too if it is not happening now at every single site in operation, and even those that are temporarily shuttered, or for now, closed.

These wells can fill back up to, so dry is not really a thoroughly defined entity from what I have read thus far.

Perhaps in a legal sense, there can be a clause that states a two prong test for a well being termed, "legally dry".

It may be as simple as:

1. The well is no longer effectively pumping at a profitable level, and must be substantiated by record of real time recordings over the life of the well, and

2. If meeting criteria one, even in the event of the well re-filling over a period of time, the corporate entity would have to start a new with mineral rights.

Some other things that may be good for both sides is to consider this:

No families receive any money from the companies erecting rigs or drilling the wells, or anyone else involved in any way shape or form.

This would be akin to a waiting list for a hand gun.

I will get back to that in a moment. My point thus far is that money, and money today especially, is much more likely to effect to a landowner's decision, or sometimes in this type of scenario, the mineral rights owner's decision, that may be but is not always, a separate person then the other party. 

Therefore based on that premise, how many folks that sold or leased those rights would have done so if the money was not going to be paid to them until a minimum certain time frame?

This money could be held in esgrow, viewable on line as far as a real time balance, to monitor it's proper accountability, and perhaps even earn interest.

Perhaps as an example, the funds would be held for 3 years, or 1, whatever is deemed sufficient enough to remove it's factor from someone making a decision in a moment with no further thought or input.

The properties to be drilled would have to be listed in the paper and elsewhere to the public, a hearing at least scheduled with participation to be registered online.

If no registration takes place, then the scheduled hearing could be seen as simply "satisfied", and recorded this way, and no other type of hearing may get this recordation note.

The company paying for the deed rights should also be made to pay the federal government, the state, and the local jurisdiction of the well itself, a percentage of the price offered to the land/mineral rights owner.

Insurance could be purchased by the company and monitored as well, and these funds could be set aside in the event a company goes bankrupt for the reasons , but not limited to only these reason, below...etc., etc., etc.

The land and the mineral rights owner should have to agree on these actions first, or the transaction should be immediately found nul and void.

So there are some basic ideas to illustrate the point of using logic, common sense, and technology along with transparency in a system that involves more parties in a larger perspective, so that, just like an inspector inspects a home's cnstruction progress often in stages, the main goal here is really to do at least two critical things.

Keeping the homeowner safe is the primary goal, thus insuring the contractor is doing sufficient work.

A secondary effect really, is that the contractors know they cannot cut corners and try to boost the profit margin of the job.

funny news on television this morning:

The Curve is getting a new name for the ball park they play in...I just heard it on the news at 6:35 a.m. today.

The new park will be called " The People's natural gas Park". How eloquent!

What a joke of a name...may as well call it, " we have gas park!".

Our motto is, " Who gives a FRACK ! ".

Here is my point loud and clear this morning as I am writing.

Money always rears it's ugly head, and then anything seems to be possible?

Can they really not come up with a better name for the park. Of course we know the answer is yes they can, but the entire idea is to have their name everywhere.

For a million dollars they can post a sign at my home, and I will leave a small brochure to inform people what this company does, what its assets are, how much it paid me to get them to leave a sign with me.

Wait, I bet they would not pay me for a sign if I did that.

So here is the brochure, and just keep an open mind while reading.

Although I do not expect all this to be implemented, it is the ideas that provoke change and intellect and a curiosity that we need to do more, and we should each study these things and be heard.

Perhaps tat is too many words, but it paints a picture in the minds eye, when a lack of words may just leave a faint image, or nothing at all.



I will certainly be writing about fracking as I do more research online, through documentaries, science publications, friends, and our local newspaper, and I will see if I can get an appointment to visit a site if I am well enough to make it out soon.

I do have an open invite to go make cheese at a family cheese cellar and have pizza afterwards...all homemade from their cheeses...and that sounds much better at the moment.

Of particular interest is the fracking happening nearby to me in Pennsylvania.

I think a hold on the pipeline is a great idea for right now, as many of these fracking operations have been pumping along a while now, and we need some independent studies to see what is really happening with water and other types of possible contamination or pollution, as well as what i think may be a huge oversight, and that is the damage being does to the geological environment below the surface. We are breaking loose things far below the surface that have been crushed together for millenia, and this is just usually not a great idea, as I thought we had seen enough, but the dollar is blind.

That Cheese Cellar Family is in Pennsylvania, I sure hope it does not effect fine folks like them, or anyone else for that matter.

We can be as efficient as we want, but without vision to move forward we are lost, and that vision should come from what we can expect, and we know exactly what we can expect, therefore, we should continue into The Green Era embracing the ability to have this vision and science and keep honing it as we make huge advancements, that we are not only capable of, but just starting to do now.

There are so many brilliant people in this world, it is truly wonderful to see the minds of brilliance working for a better tomorrow and a future of Peace and Prosperity.


ADDED -01-23-2012



Here is an interesting link, to be read perhaps with a grain of salt, unless I can further substantiate these claims with better quantified data sets, as some of this may be purely speculation and hype, as is so common with sensitive issues combined wits speculation.

The idea, in particular, that this method can wash out radioactive elements that then wash into ground water is one point of particular interest I seek to further add posts about, as well as the earthquake data sets.

Please post any links you have, or email me and I will at least add them to this article.

The fracking, again, is so new, perhaps we really need to look more carefully at it and cease in its procedure or at least have better regulations, testing, and a transparent policy.

Transparency is important and I believe in it as a policy in any political or environmental arena.

As we know some things are covert, when it comes to public health and security, we should all be equally informed, or at least able to read and study reports and decide for ourselves, given enough research is available.


MADRID (AP) — Farmers drilling ever deeper wells over decades to water their crops likely contributed to a deadly earthquake in southern Spain last year, a new study suggests. The findings may add to concerns about the effects of new energy extraction and waste disposal technologies.
Nine people died and nearly 300 were injured when an unusually shallow magnitude-5.1 quake hit the town of Lorca on May 11, 2011. It was the country's worst quake in more than 50 years, causing millions of euros in damage to a region with an already fragile economy.
Using satellite images, scientists from Canada, Italy and Spain found the quake ruptured a fault running near a basin that had been weakened by 50 years of groundwater extraction in the area.
During this period, the water table dropped by 250 meters (274 yards) as farmers bored ever deeper wells to help produce the fruit, vegetables and meat that are exported from Lorca to the rest of Europe. In other words, the industry that propped up the local economy in southern Spain may have undermined the very ground on which Lorca is built.
The researchers noted that even without the strain caused by water extraction, a quake would likely have occurred at some point.
But the extra stress of pumping vast amounts of water from a nearby aquifer may have been enough to trigger a quake at that particular time and place, said lead researcher Pablo J. Gonzalez of the University of Western Ontario, Canada.
Miguel de las Doblas Lavigne, a geologist with Spain's National Natural Science Museum who has worked on the same theory but was not involved in the study, said the Lorca quake was in the cards.
"This has been going on for years in the Mediterranean areas, all very famous for their agriculture and plastic greenhouses. They are just sucking all the water out of the aquifers, drying them out," he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "From Lorca to (the regional capital of) Murcia you can find a very depleted water level."
De las Doblas said it was "no coincidence that all the aftershocks were located on the exact position of maximum depletion."
"The reason is clearly related to the farming, it's like a sponge you drain the water from; the weight of the rocks makes the terrain subside and any small variation near a very active fault like the Alhama de Murcia may be the straw that breaks the camel*s back, which is what happened," he said.
He said excess water extraction was common in Spain.
"Everybody digs their own well, they don't care about anything," he said. "I think in Lorca you may find that some 80 percent of wells are illegal."
Lorca town hall environment chief Melchor Morales said the problem dates back to the 1960s when the region opted to step up its agriculture production and when underground water was considered private property. A 1986 law has reduced the amount of well pumping, he said.
Not everyone agreed with the conclusion of the study, which was published online Sunday in Nature Geoscience.
"There have been earthquakes of similar intensity and similar damage caused in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries when there was no excess water extraction," said Jose Martinez Diez, a professor in geodynamics at Madrid's Complutense University who has also published a paper on the quake.
Still, it isn't the first time that earthquakes have been blamed on human activity, and scientists say the incident points to the need to investigate more closely how such quakes are triggered and how to prevent them.
The biggest man-made quakes are associated with the construction of large dams, which trap massive amounts of water that put heavy pressure on surrounding rock.
The 1967 Koynanagar earthquake in India, which killed more than 150 people, is one such case, said Marco Bohnhoff, a geologist at the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam who wasn't involved in the Lorca study.
Bohnhoff said smaller man-made quakes can also occur when liquid is pumped into the ground.
A pioneering geothermal power project in the Swiss city of Basel was abandoned in 2009 after it caused a series of earthquakes. Nobody was injured, but the tremors caused by injecting cold water into hot rocks to produce steam resulted in millions of Swiss francs (dollars) damage to buildings.
Earlier this year, a report by the National Research Council in the United States found the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas was not a huge source of man-made earthquakes. However, the related practice of shooting large amounts of wastewater from "fracking" or other drilling activities into deep underground storage wells has been linked with some small earthquakes.
In an editorial accompanying the Lorca study, geologist Jean-Philippe Avouac of the California Institute of Technology said it was unclear whether human activity merely induces quakes that would have happened anyway at a later date. He noted that the strength of the quake appeared to have been greater than the stress caused by removing the groundwater.
"The earthquake therefore cannot have been caused entirely by water extraction," wrote Avouac. "Instead, it must have built up over several centuries."
Still, pumping out the water may have affected how the stress was released, and similar processes such as fracking or injecting carbon dioxide into the ground — an idea that has been suggested to reduce the greenhouse effect — could theoretically do the same, he said.
Once the process is fully understood, "we might dream of one day being able to tame natural faults with geo-engineering," Avouac said.
Jordans reported from Istanbul. Ciaran Giles in Madrid and AP Science Writer Alicia Chang in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

ADDED JULY 16, 2012:

400-mile bike trek draws attention to shale drilling


Here is another link I added this morning, and it states that they think the fracking is "NOT" responsible for the earthquakes, but for everyone we read like this we will read another that is the opposite.

NEW ADDITION: 04-06-2012, ADDED 04-11-2012;_ylt=Ahh6v8FQq36vIjy0BIqds9obANEA;_ylu=X3oDMTQ2aWQxY3RnBG1pdANBcnRpY2xlIFNlY3Rpb24gU2NpZW5jZQRwa2cDZGY1ZDMwZjItNjcxNC0zMWQ4LTg2MzktMTk1NWEzMzE2OWNkBHBvcwM0BHNlYwN0b3Bfc3RvcnlfY29rZQR2ZXIDN2NmMWFkMWYtODAzOS0xMWUxLWI5ZGItY2U4MWFjYjQyZDZj;_ylg=X3oDMTMwcnFrNXFqBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDYzc5YjAxODAtMDdmYi0zMDU2LWI4MTMtMWRmNGJmMGI0OTFhBHBzdGNhdANzY2llbmNlBHB0A3N0b3J5cGFnZQR0ZXN0Aw--;_ylv=3

The point is the fracking is new and needs more research to determine it's affect on its environmental surroundings.

another article:

This one article is a report and is of particular note because it is from 1981.

This is from Wiki: