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Friday, January 20, 2012

Digital Davinci DeCoder ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

Digital Davinci DeCoder ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

Come fly through the cloud with me,
search our digital fantasy,
or is it a small part of reality,
one, two, or dimensions are we three?

or perhaps four, and even more,
our imaging today can see through to the core,
and further away then ever before,
molecular or stellar so much more coming in store.

Art can be made even when crippled in bed,
or sometimes when I walk well again sometimes, hiking instead,
music lives in each and every thought of my soul,
always seeking a place and time to match with a tune as I roll.

I rock and march to a different drummer instead,
rebellious it may appear and nutty at times,
but I just want to understand each of your perspectives,
so I can keep cranking out some rhymes.

Writing was all I ever wanted to do,
but I was young and lived life wild instead most of my time,
now older and wiser and time on a writer's side once again,
Uncorked as a fine aged wine.

I will speak out for what I believe,
and share what I have learned along the way,
and I will seek Justice and Peace along this way of life I live,
but return soon I will home to my parents, and for a while stay.

and record I will in writing by hand,
or on this usually daily blog typed,
my thoughts and experiences since travel started,
My Digital Davinci's Decoders insight manifests flight.

Artist's take artistic license,so are often seen as insane,
but the artist's eye's secret is often the glimpse of others so inane.

then observations transformed with words, oil, and charcoal amoung other things including digital media they present,
and even more of life's experiences are uncovered some appearing heaven inspired and therefore sent

such blessings make such fine art, even when coming from misery,
the experience you can clearly, hear feel or see,

and if an artist and into darkness you have strayed,
quickly turn and walk the other way,
Do Not be like so many oddly checking out at twenty-seven,
a myth that remains while they did not stay.

the art carries on,
hung on a wall, in a computer or all together in song,
digital diary dictating dreams of the future,
let's do thing right for now on, and forgive all wrongs.

Let Go and walk through the storms,
that life always throws at each of us,
find like minded people,
and in the people all should trust.

It is enjoyable to use language as art,
and think of words however perfect or not,
and place them together with meaning and clarity,
so as you read your in my head with precise same thought.

Can words paint a portrait,
on the canvas of the mind?
Not only words, paintings, and music,
but all art provokes deep thought all of the time.

marking time,
stopping time,
analyzing time,
in the eye of the artist,
crystalized time.

one perspective of a million where there is clarity,
to the artist a masterpiece unfolds,
DaVinci, Rembrandt, VanGogh, Picasso, Mikeman, Warhol, Ligorio, Michael Angelo,
inspires so many others numbers of artists a digital secret will never be told.


There is really no trick to art,
just throw down what you feel in your heart,
let that lead your way,
it's the only way to start.

There is really no trick to art,
just throw down what you feel in your heart,
let that lead your way,
it's the only way to start.

Digital mining, we mine away, a market place this net,
but art is a better examination of a certain point in time,
it ads the personal touch,
which is missing in the digital life.

You do not need a decoder,
of any single type to have the blessing that is Love,
and Peace can follow right alongside always,
as immense as the space of the universe ever expanding, just look above.

Be grounded no matter the circumstance,
that no matter in which time will see you now util then,
stay passionately in love with life you've been so offered,
this moment now a new life shall begin.

You only become what you dream if that dream you pursue,
it's no longer time to be the player,
but rather a time in which,
we are each the chosen few.

let the word "FEW" have new meaning,
f from Family and e w from New,
a new Genesis before us today,
we, each, the chosen, few.

Start again anew.