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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I added this to the article below, only because the ARTICLES BOTH are linked through THE DISCUSSION  H.A.A.R.P., and I simply thought this would further offer cross referencing material for research, not to lean one way or another with influence, but simply to further educate


Hurricane Sandy, Tropical Storm Sandy and The Eastern United States Under a Major Event Watch, H.A.A.R.P., Weather Events and Imaging Science





"Beason said that one blue sky idea of his own he tagged "the voice from heaven". By tuning the resonance of a laser onto the Earth's ionosphere, you can create audible frequencies. Like some boom box in the sky, the laser-produced voice could bellow from above down to the target below: "Put down your weapons.""


added well after original article was written:

Navy's Laser Weapons Just 2 Years Away, Admiral Says

If you do not want to read what I wrote, "skip and scroll" and click the links herein, you can read for yourself, assimilate, and certainly with a high probability factor, likely come to the same conclusion.

I actually prefer you read it that way, before having been influenced by my own writings.

You should really read everything here before making any assumption of what you may or may not know or yet realize.

People are funny creatures because we seem to grasp a hold of the old with everything and do not accept the new until we experience it.

You do not have to experience what is in these pages, read it and I think for certain you will be a believer.

With Acceptance we move forward, but how is the question and in what direction?

The time to assess that further is always upon us, and it is upon us now more then ever as we thrust into the Green Era..

There are truly multiple threats on the collective international radar now, and we need to focus our collective energies into productive channels that reshape our entire world.

That is where we truly are.

Enough what follows with an open mind.

Pay attention to the web addresses, the sources of information.

They are both notable and perhaps not as notable.

The consistencies are indisputable.

That quote was exactly what I was looking for and believed I may find as it was what I thought anyway.

The noises I have heard all over the net,  sounds like my guitar amplifier on overdrive with distortion, then slowed to a slower wave length full of deep hums that I have heard, and if recorded and cranked up in wave intensity, like my guitar and amp again, it gets a deafening loudness and cranked even more so again becomes a ringing screeching ear piercing feedback noise.

The guitar and amp, is basic sound waves at their best. Amplification and Oscillations and focusing through the conversion of electrical power and sensors to produce an output of sound through technology (usually solid state electronics) that may be manipulated.

Just do it on a larger scale, and now we are going to use some slightly different techniques and apparatus, the links will show you more of the fascinating science.

I simply added this, because it is through the guitar and wave manipulation of recorded sound, that I can make these sounds and do all the time while at home recording my music, so it makes one understand waves and electronics even more so when you are recording and mixing music.

I have also worked with computers all my life, be it building  them, repairing them, upgrading them, etc.

Both are very fun, and when utilized together, a wonderful way to express something artistic, but in that art is the very essence of some basic and powerful scientific principles in action around me all the time.

This lends to much more keen awareness and visionary thoughts and understanding of other sciences, and I study them often, as they too are an integral part to some my artistic science, mainly recording and Engineering...well sounds some may like and some may not, that just comes with the territory and matters not too much at all in the bigger scheme of life.

I have heard these noises (only online thus far) and that is what me think of high energy and the waves being used as I have studied...the molecules get so excited that they vibrate faster, disturb or excite the area they are in as the energy may dissipate and make the sound waves we hear.

I have heard huge transformers in storms in Fairfax with massive lightening in Fairfax, Virginia U.S.A. and the transformer sounded as it was growing in energy consumption to the point of overload, the entire sky around me and my friend lit up, as we pulled over the storm was so intense, and we even ducked our heads because where we parked just off route 50 for safety was close to this transformer. This was roughly 1995.

The sounds are the same, however on a different scale, and that noise that day and the way it lit the sky around us with a green/blue glow was a wild experience.

Just an simple electrical overload of a transformer that day, nothing more, but the sound and impression have never left my mind one iota, whatever an iota is.

With the new sounds and science evolving, the clouds, the air, and even the different levels of the atmosphere can be affected as needed or tested, and act like a giant membrane (speaker) and vibrate and increase the sound of the transmission or disturbance and therefore amplify the audible aspects and be focused as desired depending on the specific threat.

I am not writing this as a scare tactic, and perhaps what is happening is fully or partially a publicity stunt, however, seeking logical answers is more important as this appears to be a real phenomena yet explained or attributed to, lets say HAARP for example, and these few readings all make perfect sense.

We have worked on this for decades, we have billions of dollars invested, it could be a key to military tactical planning, and keeping peace, not engaging in war as a tyrant, but keeping peace.

This technology exists and is not leaving anytime soon, if ever while man i on Earth, so we educate ourselves and trust in elected officials and the government to use these weapons for protection and keeping peace, rather a simple philosophy.

As we were first in The United States with an atomic bomb, so to we appear to be leading the way with this technology.

All this does is say abundantly clear that we have it, it exists, and its just a matter of time before someone else has it as well, as that is the demand of the military and science in the face of adversity.

Here are links from all reputable sites that further let you see some of the history, philosophy, and design of these very capable new age weapons.

Best link in my opinion, Excellent link with a publication and a letter included:

2nd Best:

and so on:

This article has several useful links in it as well:

If you researched yourself you do not have to listen or read or agree with a word I have typed, as again it is abundantly clear that we have these.

I do have a few interesting stories that are perfectly explained with this knowledge, and it just makes me feel 100% that we are at least in the phase of dialing this weaponry in or focusing it and understanding just how to manipulate it.

All weapons get tested, right?

Nevada desert ring a bell...or sound any trumpets?

There is a lot of Psychology in the names used of this weaponry, because ultimately , the ideal is defeating the enemy before the conflict, second, making the enemy immobile, and third if we are going to engauge, then the best and old school philosophy of thought with military tactics is the element of surprise, which can stay on top of this list still with this weapon in all reality.

Some names herein the links are, "The Omega Project" (from the Bible, I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end (Rev. 1-8), and there was another name derived from the bible which I do not currently recalled, but it is included in the links somewhere.

Anyone surprised?, and not about the names but the existence of this machine and the science behind it.

It is capable of many many things, of which I will not elaborate at this point.

It is not only a military weapon.

Lasers, holograms, and cloud/quantum computing along with better science and technology have advanced us into a new realm a lot of folks have failed to see the "bigger" picture of in reality.

This is all a part of The Green Era philosophy that is happening all around us in every marketplace and every nation. That is how far our reach has become across the globe, and all in an instant today.

I cut a new tune, and within minutes it can be heard all over the world...that is incredible and not something I never contemplated as a child when it was all vinyl and cassettes...and that in itself is incredible technology, yet super outdated.

The new portable storage we have is nothing compared to what IBM has worked on as it was reported the last few days.

We have the ability when further refined for molecular data storage to now take only 12 atoms as opposed the 1,000,000 it takes currently to hold the same amount of data.

That is a massive leap forward and when that comes to a fruition in the market place it just accelerates the entire technological curve again.

Think it today and we may be able to do it.

That is not  joke anymore as nearly anything is seemingly possible.

This actually compliments my "Green Era" philosophy which has received attention which you may read below if interested, although it simply refers to the advancement of technology science and computing that we should use to be more efficient, make new market places, and clean our environment swiftly through this well needed and perhaps country saving philosophy.

Technology typically spins off from N.A.S.A. and the Military, as we are all well aware.

We enjoy the fruits of this on a daily basis with our computers, cell phones, cars, and on and on.

This weapon, as hideous as it may be to some, will be more efficient when further refined, advance technology even further as it no doubt already has, and cost less to maintain then what we think of as or conventional Army today.

That will promote Peace and let our forces focus more on being a part of the Peace keeping.

Economics always plays a role in design and development all the way through to maintenance and operation of any great new power, and therefore, if this id less expensive and more efficient in many aspects, it makes sense if you like it or not.

I accept that we live in the World as it is, I understand war, I do not like war, I am from a military family, have many military friends, and many scientist friends in great places.

I am innately aware through both experience and education, of the fact that war exists, and although I pray no man ever has to experience it, the reality is that is has existed since before recorded time.

Recorded meaning leaving language in a record for coming generation, there was a time of man on Earth with no recorded language, however, I feel certain there were at least a few squabbles here and there, as this is what happens with people.

Who amoungst us has had to go out of their way to learn at least a considerable amount about modern day warfare?

It's on television nearly everyday, it's in our video games, it's in our past, and hopefully it now stops and stays there.

Perhaps this will be the best invention when the world realizes this is not something to toy with, we need to maintain peace, work hard collectively together and forge ahead into this Green Era.


This is quite amazing stuff to read and it goes unsaid that this is a direct result of  a well coordinated effort.

My point there is that if we choose a direction in which to proceed collectively, and we focus our energies together, we too are powerful. These principles actually coincide precisely with the very invention itself on a design principle level.

If you want to know about me, read my blog.

I do not know things for no reason at all.

Our technology is awesome, now lets put it even further to use promoting worldwide peace, which we are achieving slowly, but working in that correct direction.

The soldiers I know are not war mongers nor do they wish war on a single soul.

They are great men like any of you know if you are reading this, and they desperately desire peace and dedicate their lives to that, but the human condition makes for the Ultimate Paradox which we call WAR.

When we engage in war, it may appear as there is a winner and a loser, but ultimately through war we all lose something, and we can just be smart enough now to side step war, focus on technology and communication, build better inter-country and intra-country infrastructures, and seek peace together.

There is no need for compromise when everyone agrees in Peace, and it's tough to argue against it.

Under some of my music which is at times super liberal and hippie like in nature, is a man who too fully understand war and peace, weaponry, tactics and most at least basic philosophies therein.

I do not wish to know some of these things, as some are not so much by choice byt life experience and exposure.

That in itself is neither a good or bad thing in particular, it is just a fact.

Read these headlines and reports next, just more proof slowly revealed as testing and demonstration are needed.

We have drones that roam the world. Do not think for one second that that is our only card in a deck of military science.

As one things gets refines, there is ALWAYS something coming along behind it. That is the very essence of innovative science and technology.



UPDATE 04-06 2012, APRIL 06, 2012

I have a decent size readership in Russia at times following my  own site statistics.


So a great advertising campaign for a movie...I kind of doubt it (sarcasm)...more like a great and awesome advertising for the military.

Connecting the dots gets easier and easier everyday as well, as we have so much information at our fingertips, and we have to use that information diligently, or it is wasted.

The new Internet proposals are interesting and I am just keeping an open mind to each philosophy, each with it's own inherent pros and cons.

I want to write and blog and make music the rest of my life.

I do not think those "Rights" should ever be taken away.

If I had to fight to protect this country in dire times, even in my condition which is not well at all with a broken back, I would still offer up my life, because I am an ant in a massive colony that is not dependent on me solely, but collectively with the rest of us, and sometimes sacrifices are made by men who have volunteered to do so.

We are at a place in time where we can have less loss of life, perhaps even no loss of life, with these conflicts, and that may be the very onus of Peace itself.

Peace does not exist in a vacuum, it exists in a manifold alongside it's opposite, that to is just a simple fact.

War has proven time and time again what it is capable of, this is now a time for true Peace to stand tall and be shared.

Let's all choose Peace.

I hope that connected a few dots for you.

Love to know your thoughts.

Here is some of my artistic expression:


I hope you enjoy it as well.

Stay in and Strive for Peace.


Hurricane Sandy, Tropical Storm Sandy and The Eastern United States Under a Major Event Watch, H.A.A.R.P., Weather Events and Imaging Science