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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have been walking now for 44 years,
thought I knew so much at merely 18,
and when I am 87,
44 will be a fading dream.

The things I have seen,
a life of experience my professor,
I would like to share these things,
Slowly become God's confessor.

Choices we make pave the way down the road to all,
and never look back be proud where you stand,
travels teach you cultures and language and that we are alike,
Not much difference anywhere across this land.

The largest difference is the suffering,
which seems so magnified right now,
digital technology streaming it live 24/7,
with this technology, just makes me wonder how?

How can those with so much,
have lesser compassion for their fellow man,
and those with nothing who have suffered through entire lives,
give away all to help another man, the chosen plan.

Detachment from our toys,
is really not that hard once the choice is made,
traveling lighter through this space,
with other folks let those toys be played.

Becoming a slave to the desires of possession in life,
it is not hard to see how one becomes possessed,
this materialistic plastic selfish way of the past,
just let go have no regrets.

Chorus: 2 stanzas

Do so when your ready,
pare possessions down,
do so responsibly,
and along help others out.

Do not resist change,
rather embrace it, you get closer to the light,
and the answers that are keys too freedom,
awash in it's delight.

And judge not lest ye be judged,
simply put you know only where you have been,
not ever truly walking in another's shoes,
this plastic world so pretend.

Instead lend ear and listen,
outstretch hand of love and friendship,
learn, stay keen, share your experience,
we all part of the same kinship.

Offer what you can,
from pocket, mind, and soul
never jeopardizing yourself, family, and others,
who yet may not know which way yet to go.

Help all seek their guidance,
if for this help they ask,
Clean up as you move along,
do not leave debris so scattered in the near future coming soon to pass.

A bed and a safe place at night,
and meals made with love offered throughout the day,
friendship and lives shared together,
is really not such all that bad a way.

The love we have within desires to shine brightly,

the shedding of the material weight brings lightness for easy travel,
the love we have within desires to shine brightly,
the stress starts to slip away and a finer life then ever will unravel.

Start anew as Spring comes soon,
or stay as you are if happiness you have found,
Just always try to reach further then imagined,
with a hand that's always reaching and stretching and helping out.

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