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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Technology Challenge ~ Ceramic Automobile Heater, featuring: FoMoCo, Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison, Roy Firestone, John Burroughs, and R.J.H. DeLoach, all better known as "The Vagabonds"

Technology Challenge ~ Ceramic Automobile Heater

Featuring: FoMoCo, Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison, Roy Firestone, John Burroughs, and R.J.H. DeLoach, all better known as "The Vagabonds"

Simple idea for the Winter.

A ceramic car heater, simply to pre-heat a cold car and defrost the windows (front, rear, and side) and run it on an App as well as have a secondary batter that charges of the alternator but is only used on this circuit when the App is active and otherwise is wired to alternate with the starting circuit battery (we will simply refer to this one as the primary battery).

It would be simple to set the App around your work schedule or on a temperature sensor and time, so that it is only utilized when needed.

The batteries should both be used in the charging circuit just to keep the secondary battery in use so it stays healthy, and may also be wired as a back up in emergency situations to drive the car to safety in the event of a charging system failure, as most cars will run off of the battery if so designed.

The main consideration is placement of the extra battery and the ceramic heater.

Ceramic heaters heat quickly, are inexpensive, efficient, and do not have to use warm circulating coolant to produce heat, of course.

The heater(s) would not have to be large, will never drain the primary battery, and will never be hot enough to be of concern.

This circuit could also heat the seat(s) of choice so the car is toasty in the worst weather.

The best feature may be rarely used, but a life saver, as the App could override the starting circuit in an emergency situation (works with or without cell reception as this should be tied for close proximity blue tooth operation, call for help (if a signal to the cell phone is available, and also GPS the coordinates to help, and keep you warm in case you are stranded with a vehicle that will not start or run but still has the electrical circuit operable.

I have an old car and the belt broke a couple of days ago.

This is not the first time as the belt tensioner recently went bad I had replaced it and the belt.

This time the idler pulley bolt snapped, and fortunately I had my extra battery still in the trunk as a safety precaution, so it would not go far, but it went the 3 miles I needed to go to get home safely, avoid calling AAA, and it only took 5 minutes to open the trunk, get the wrench, change the battery, and put the other one in the trunk, and then the additional time to drive home safely.

That was what gave me this idea to post this , not to mention having been a mechanic a long time, which due to health reasons I can only do very very light work now, I have always wondered why ceramic heaters are not utilized more often as well as secondary batteries, which are often on larger trucks.

It is an excellent set up, could save lives, and would cost next to nothing in design and the cost of the inexpensive battery.

So who is on it ?

Ford (FoMoCo) gets my vote, as my Great Grandfather, R.J.H. DeLoach, was a close friend to Henry Ford.

This is a fascinating quick read:

That link shows a chair he was given as a gift from his friend Henry Ford, as well as other great history of The Vagabonds.

If you want to find out who they were, just go to the link...pretty neat history to check up on.

My Great Grandfather is in the picture of the Grist Mill Wheel and is furthest on the left and seated.

So what do you say Ford Motor Company?...These guys would do it today and I am sure if you find this, you may as well.

By the way, my forst ca was a 1968 Torino GT. It was red with white C-Stripes, and my car that just broke down is a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2, really a Mazda.

It is a wonderful little car, peppy, usually very dependable, and reminds me of my first car as it is red as well, maybe I'll add some C-Stripes, but I doubt it.

Left to right, seated is R.J.H. DeLoach, the taller of the two men behind him is Edison and the shorter is Firestone's son, on top is left, John Burroughs and right, Henry Ford, and standing on the right is Firestone.

That is my Great Grandfather with my Mother Betty, my Father Donald, and my oldest sister Susan.

And the grist mill wheel of time marches on, perhaps this will be one of my new song look for a posting of lyrics if interested followed by a song, in a day, week or year from now.

Here is a great pic of " The Vagabonds" and their respective signatures. (image taken fro link below)

Text and picture above from link below which you can read in it's entirety:

"R.J.H. DeLoach, at right, with (left to right) Edward H. Gurley, John Burroughs, Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey S. Firestone Photo courtesy of Carol H. Wellington"

It would be wonderful to be a fly on the wall and listen to these fellows.

I will post some additional pictures as I process them, and they are a letter from Edison written in pencil, a typed letter signed by Firestone on his corporate letterhead, this same original picture as above, a letter hand written by John Burroughs and what ever else I can take some pictures of when I have the time.

Hope you enjoyed the post and will share this history which is slowly coming back together as the internet's resources have grown and the dots keep getting connected.

I contacted:

"Welcome to Zach's News! This blog serves as the newsletter for the Zach S. Henderson Library of Georgia Southern University. Please visit our library website at The earlier version of our newsletter, Current Issues Only, is available at"

That is from the blog page, so I hope to hear from them soon, and perhaps make a visit.

I have wanted to study my Great Grandfather's work because a lot of it is in Georgia and I also believe Chicago, and his work is wonderful, well written articulate scientific factual studies that are perhaps more current today in philosophy which we have strayed far to far away from.

He wrote a research paper for the PGA on how to grow grass for their golf courses, and also how to raise sheep and make it economical and profitable.

He was a botanist and a professor and held other notable titles and did fantastic work for men like this, his close friends.

As he too was a naturalist and a scientist, which I am as well (runs in the blood no doubt), I feel certain he would have great ideas about today's real pressing issues, and I think of him almost daily because he inspires me so.

When I read some of his writing, it is like what I have written on my finer work where I have really taken time studying, proofing, editing, etc. to make a perfectly clear final product.

Writing is a passion of mine and has just grown on me with age.

He played guitar too, as I do, and again, it is quite amazing when you know these things and just naturally gravitate to the same exact things.

If anyone reads this that would like to contribute, please do as I plan on always leaving my blogs open and ready to be added to or edited as needed to further put together a larger picture.

Thanks for spending your time here today reading this.

John Stephen Swygert