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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Prediction for Today, and why ~ Giants 34 - Patriots 24

My prediction is NY Giants by 10...Eli owns Brady's psyche, and took him out once before after a perfect regular season and some of the best coaching and QB'ing leadership I have ever seen in the sure will not hurt to have Peyton so close by...prayers for Peyton, and I hope he hangs it neck is f'ed too and I have had no surgery...his surgery set backs are exactly why I refuse to do it as long as I can hold out, an mine is 10 times worse...and I think that past bowl loss will haunt the Pats and make them play too hard, out of their element and sloppy, and the G-Men know what to coach is better at getting the best out of a peaking team then Coughlin and he owns the club house souls with players that believe in him. Although the stats overall heavily favor the Pats over the season's stats...The Giants have played power football to their opponents during the playoffs while the Pats have had a major backslide, counting out Denver an young team on the rise. My pick is G-Men by 9 ...The Pats last loss was to the Giants by 4, an since they have not lost...that was Nov 6th, 24-20 and the loss was on their home turf! we go to Indy, typically cold and Pat friendly, but no more friendly then its a dome...the G=men beat Green Bay by a whopping 17 points with a dominating defense, and beat a tough resurgent San Fran squad by a tough 3 points...The Pats barely pulled off beating a Baltimore club more determined with the exception of a (Washington fans understand) a Billy Cundiff miss ! I just do not see massive miscues in the D or O for the G-men who are peaking and the Pats who, especially with Brady under pressure have struggled, and the G-men will bring pressure hard like they can with their big men...and Eli, even if he whines at times, is a leader, never quits and knows this is his legacy to make or break. Eli is a better pocket passer with more poise then Brady, and a better arsenal of down field receivers against a Pats week secondary. The key is the take away ratio which the Giants have owned in the playoffs, by+ 5, however the Patriots have owned it for the regular season with a + 7 advantage overall for the regular season, and most telling in the playoffs the rushing and fumble stats are almost a dead heat which would show the Giants should have the advantage, especially with the rush to work in their favor and a better less flustered pocket passer in Eli Manning who is quite mobile and able to make plays on the run when needed but equally at home and taking tough hits hanging in the pocket.....and for the Pats, Gronkowski will be an early target to hit hard by the Giants as he has been less then 100%, and that could be a huge game breaker. The coaches will have a real contest more then the players, and we know the Giants lead by Coughlin, whom they believe in, will play his game and know the outcome tell if they stay calm as they do and believe, thus take a close well fought victory again from the Pats. I am a skins fan and do nit root for the Giants often, but I just do not like the cocky glitzy all that said and the game yet to be played, I see a score of Giants 34 - Patriots 24