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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Riding the Wave of Dregs and Drugs ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

I wake a dreary rest not even had,
pain beckons before my coffee black,
evaluate which pills today,
Motrin Once 800 and the weed mainstay.

But sressin with finance and pain,
I just pop another Klonopin again,
Mother's little helper finally was replaced,
So good you can sleep with a cigarette on your face.

Go ahead and have another,
everything will be just fine,
you never have to feel emotions,
illogical these emotions run for all time.

And then the physical tormenting pain,
I almost killed myself once again,
yes, I am really not insane,
another hapless accident again.

The docs had me poppin 14 x 3 a day,
I know this is not a healthy way,
so I switched to Weed, Motrin and Merlot,
I'm feeling better and actually growing old.

I listen to my body, mind, and intellect,
I do not expect another's respect,
You do not live in my body ravaged and wrecked,
and yet I will still show you your due respect.

So lots of water and dropped 50 pounds,
healthier then ever, as crazy as it sounds,
a body once on some chemicals rebounds,
but the new fuel is organic, high energy, and astounds.

The mind comes back sharp like in youth,
the body as you pray easily starts to re-coup,
so maybe I am not really such a stoop,
At least I remained a friend always to each of you.

I have no children, I do not lead your lives,
I have already had two wives,
onward no regrets I still strive,
for this day I too am still alive.

Wisdom is an architect,
build it well it cannot be wrecked,
but with time all things get away swept,
save your tear for that time to be wept.