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Monday, February 6, 2012

Philosophy of Law Enforcement Pre 9/11 versus Philosophy of Law Enforcement Post 9/11

Philosophy of Law Enforcement Pre 9/11 versus Philosophy of Law Enforcement Post 9/11 

UPDATED 02-26-2013:


My thesis is from personal insights through my studies, personal experience, and observation.

I think this could be quite a dynamic study proving a very decisive shift in law enforcement philosophy, as well as the proving the newer wider ranging legal parameters and therefore authority of many law enforcement agencies.

This will also be a comparative analysis of the philosophy present in law enforcement from the era before September 11, 2001 to the era initially starting immediately after that same date or close to the inception of The Patriot Act.

I will use some references and links from government sites, some from higher education, and some from "lay" sites as well, to offer a well rounded perspective.

There is no doubt at all that this act of terrorism, September 11, 2001, upon the United States was a massive catalyst that changed the very nature and philosophy and practices of law enforcement through out our entire country. 

One thought I have to explore is the possibility that if indeed this does exist as i will articulate herein, that it is also perhaps infringing on the inherent and inalienable rights afforded to citizen's through The Constitution of The United States and The Bill of Rights.

This is a relatively new law enforcement philosophy sweeping the country and of course there are other agencies that may still operate in a fashion that is akin to the now older philosophy, once thought to be cutting edge so recently.

This newer philosophy, when implemented or practiced, is aimed at being very pro-active and therefore first prevention and secondarily very quick tactical responses and following rigid protocol so that the men and women of law enforcement will be better  able to react to any threat on hand, whatever that threats inherent nature may be. 

Using both September 11, 2001 and The Patriot Act as a basic timeline benchmark of actions and legal parameters, I want to compare the power and authorities of the Federal, State and Local agencies, such as the C.I.A. and the F.B.I., or the state police, or local police in any given jurisdiction, alongside the likes of, somewhat newer, quickly evolving, and gaining more law enforcement powers, such as Home Land Security, F.E.M.A. and Citizen's Corps, for example, but not limiting this thesis to just these agencies or organizations.


Perhaps one of the first major technological changes post September 11, 2001:

To jump right into the mix, specifically to start with about communications, which I will delve into in more detail later, here is a great link that conveys this very idea, and is proof that we have changed or evolved systems to be less vulnerable, more accessible, and not fail as they perhaps had before each event that we have learned from thus far.  

We have been throttled with terrorism and one natural disaster after another on a scale not recently seen, and when the pressure was applied to react, we often failed, sometimes for poor planning, and sometimes because of the proportion and magnitude of the disasters, and most often a combination of at least the two, not too mention other factors.

A factor and lesson during the terror on September on September 11, 2001 would be communications and the entire revamping of the way we communicated then versus now, for example.

You may learn more about that at the link below and I urge you to start here and research for yourself elsewhere as there is nothing quite like performing your own due diligence from which to draw your own conclusions from.

Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau

One inarguable fact about communications since then is that surveillance is easier then ever, and it really is not too hard for anyone with a will to monitor nearly and communication they desire as long as they have the know how and the budget, truthfully getting cheaper and easier everyday.

Of course law enforcement has this ability, uses it, and has been able to bring to justice countless criminals because of it, however on the other hand, many defense attorneys argue the validity of this practice, especially when it happens when there is no specific warrant signed by a judge granting specific permission for this type of surveillance.

Even a simple traffic camera or speed monitoring camera is a perfect example of our modern surveillance in plain view, as well as cameras in banks, grocery stores, downtown in public here in Cumberland, Maryland where folks gather to listen to music.

Modern law enforcement has also been using cell phone eaves dropping, text tracking, email surveillance, etc., in ongoing investigations, sometimes with the courts permission and often with no permission what so ever, as this technological age has many grey areas that reside in the verbal law as written.

As you will see some arguments in the articles I have sited below, you will more importantly see where criminals were caught during or after heinous acts.

The question remains though about the legality of this surveillance, and that is something not even close to being ironed out thus far.

The obvious argument is always, " What if your child was abducted and it helped return them safely, and/or convict the criminals responsible?"

The larger issue both legally and in principle however is, does law enforcement at any level at all have this right to invade said privacy's while seeking justice when there exists no warrant?

Whatever the case, this happens and is happening on a daily basis in our country, and it certainly is a topic of hot discussion.

Technology and catastrophic events have combined at a time that have simply made this easier then ever, and under the threat of imminent terror the fact is that we may be doing away with law enforcement's obligations to get warrants and "wire tap", but there really is no wire, so the legal wrangling continues.

Modern technology bounces signals all over the air waves, and now all devices have a digital address, like your home has a number and a zip in the city where you reside, and although these devices are mobile, you are responsible for proper usage of these digital devices assigned specifically to you.

I personally do not care for cell phones that can be purchased anonymously, and perhaps there is already legislation trying to prevent that in the future, and if there is not, I personally again, think there should be.

I am all for accountability, especially in this day and age of modern technology, however the issue to discuss and focus here is the shift that law enforcement has made and if it is "legal" from that perspective and/or if it infringes upon the citizens rights or not.

"The real danger is the gradual erosion of individual liberties through the automation, integration, and interconnection of many small, separate record-keeping systems, each of which alone may seem innocuous, even benevolent, and wholly justifiable."
-----U.S. Privacy Protection Study Commission, 1977

Other recent articles discussing these issues follow:

Agency(ies) and Protocol(s) Recent Evolution: Has the Power Shifted? 

Of course F.E.M.A. has experienced some more recent failures, most notably those associated with hurricane Katrina (, perhaps their largest test to date thus far, and also the impetus to a further evolution of the agency after unfortunate but expected growing pains from such an agency with a huge responsibility when called into service on this level, and one oft over looked issue is that the respective state's govenors that were suppose to request this help from F.E.M.A. did NOT do their due diligence in the order prescribed by law, and that time waiting for them to request it was critical in the response by F.E.M.A, as well as many other federal agencies, and was paralysing to them in their implementation of their disaster relief protocol, from which I would think they have greatly learned from since that day and age.

Suggested Protocol as of August 25, 2006: New after Hurricane Katrina

Home Page:

Regardless of you political views, is this not in reality where we actually are today in many respects with law enforcement agencies, especially at a Federal level, but certainly not excluding all levels?

We have evolved these agencies into more specialized tactical teams with even more specific protocols and therefore each unit, office, and agency, etc., should be extremely more efficient and be able to protect life and maintain order even better then before in the face of a natural disaster, terrorism or any massive up-heavel.

However, it goes unsaid that there is always room for improvement and as efficient as any system may be and as thorough as any protocol may seem to appear there will always be a degree of failure and short coming, sometimes catastrophic in nature.

Understanding personal responsibility on a job, especially with executive privilege, or on the simplest level as in life in general with respect to one's own personal responsibility,  there is no real way to stress the emphasis of preparedness, and is often only quantifiable in the face of success or failure after the fact, at which time we re-assess and adjust or evolve or create new protocol to better have the ability to react always with the first primary purpose of protecting and maintaining life, and secondarily restoring what was before hand known as normalcy.

In Texas, for example, there are many current activities listed at this link, or at least recent ones, that are able to be examined where the Governor can exercise executive privilege during emergency situations.

Covert Intelligence gathering in law Enforcement:

Switching gears into law enforcement tactics that can easily be abused, and I suspect often are, are tactics or techniques utilized in which information is gathered about a person or organization, which may violate Constitutional rights.

Intelligence is always needed, and therefore garnered, at great expense, so that crime can be diligently thwarted or the prosecution of criminal for their crimes may take place and further safe guard the general public. 

Law enforcement officials may or may not easily recognize a threat when a threat is imminent for any number of reasons? 

Here is a prime example:

Sometimes intelligence gathering is overt, and other times it is very covert.

Most recently, and where I have observed this more modern philosophical shift, which in this case appears to be a witch hunt follows.

I know one man in particular that knows men employed by several law enforcement agencies, is a member of Citizen Corps (  which is closely associated with F.E.M.A. 

He can party like rock star, as I have witnessed personally, and take you down and out in a way a contemporary or conventional law enforcement officer does not have the legal authority. 

Is this actually the new norm?

Here is an excerpt from the webpage above which is found at the bottom of their webpage.

" The National Office of Citizen Corps - FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Division "

Here is a link that speaks of a link between informants and The Citizen Corps, and I only add this so that you may examine it yourself and draw your own conclusions.

I allege nothing, but rather I am simply connecting the dots that I have been given and can fully substantiate.

What I saw this man do was eat pills until he could not walk at times. Drink so much alcohol and then insist on driving home over thirty miles away to Clearville, Pennsylvania. He would always ask about where to purchase marijuana, and he set my neighbor up to get busted.

This article mentions the former director of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, of Pennsylvania.

The same state, the state of my birth and a state I love, that is the same state of residence as the man I speak of below, as well as the same sate of residence of former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Here are some other interesting perspectives to consider as well in the meantime.

If this man, I will call T.C., is or is not, or was or was not, connected to Citizen Corps I may never know for certain, however I will expose what I do know, but again, will not state his name.

I know he is a member of his local citizen corps which is rather simple to verify, not to mention he has told me of it, and I too became a member myself, before this all unfolded.

I do see where there are some great things they appear to be doing, and again, I am simply connecting the dots and letting you judge this for what it is at this time, some thoughts and connections, but certainly enough to make you consider the obvious.

My neighbor who has since passed away was George Krauss, and you can see when this happened that he was set up for selling this man marijuana, and I read his court papers, and may request them in a freedom of information act request to further substantiate here, whatever that it is that it does substantiate.

I will also state that George and I were not only neighbors, but friends as well most of our time we knew one another, and that I am not writing in anyone's defense either, for that is not nor ever would be my sole objective for this article.

If you read that link above, I wrote that, and it is George who is my neighbor in that article, as I had written.

I will again stand for justice, and I knew through a later admission that he knew this was stolen before he purchased it, however my point here was to show that I am not protecting anyone who has wronged, simply reporting what I know to be fact.

I will also state that I believe in communication with law enforcement under any circumstance of any imminent threat to another's belongings, life, or well being.

We have an obligation to be the helpful eyes and ears in our fine communities and share with law enforcement when laws are broken, most especially when they directly impact others lives.

Stealing a wheel chair and knowingly purchasing a stolen wheelchair to me are equally egregious acts.

The article clearly explains my discontent with the charges and the poor follow through with questioning the purchaser for his actions, and of course, this placed a thorn into our friendship, but I am just not one to tolerate injustice.

T.C. and George and what transpired:

The paper trail and my records of events of proof: follow carefully please:

I am unable to post the exact court proceeding from the Maryland State Judiciary Case Search site, per law, but you may visit this link and type in the name above (George Krauss) and find the document yourself, simply type in the name and narrow down the county to Allegany.

The date for this document is 07-12-2006

One charge from that incident is "CDS MANUF/DISTRIBUTE"

This man (T.C.) was 100% certainly an informant, as again I read the court charging documents that were delivered to Mr. Krauss with my very own eyes.

What is more odd then anything is how the man who set him up came into his life.

His story was that he had been at a local computer store and was asking about retrieving data from a hard drive that was no longer functional.

He simply showed up out of the blue one day a perfect stranger to George and knocked on his door asking for help with his computer. stating the guys from the shop which George frequented had told him to find George.

Perhaps plausible, but hardly beleiveable.

George did not want to do this work for him and felt an un-easyness, and sent him to my home (they came over together) and he knew how efficient I am with computers, and I agreed to try my best to help him retrieve the data from his damaged inoperable hard drive.

He had hoped I could salvage some pictures that were very important to him, mostly family and friends pictured that i was able to salvage.

I was able to retrieve them, and amazingly it was of this man (initials T.C.), with Rick Santorum!

The Pennsylvania connection is very odd, to say the least.

A strange common denominator, and perhaps a mere coincidence.

I have a copy of that picture today, and it is well known public knowledge that he (T.C.) had worked with him on his political campaign in Pennsylvania when he first ran for office.

How can one not connect the dots, as I have been doing for several years, and at the very least hypothesize what certainly seems to be happening?

I am not paranoid, it is my education and curious mind always thinking and the injustice I observed that have kept me searching for logical answers, and the only logical answers I have found and keep coming to fruition are these.

I always document any thing I find suspicious for any reason, and I trusted George enough to trust his intuition with this man T.C.

I also always digitally share oddities with my own confidants to protect myself as well as leave a trail in case something should go awry, because that is the day and age we live in, and I am a very vigilant citizen.

My neighbor was never a drug dealer and I knew him very well.

As these two had shared marijuana and pills on several occasions however, and the shape that T.C. would get twisted into and his constant begging and asking very odd questions piqued my curiosities, and I am also very very intuitive to the Nth degree of uncanniness,

George was, however, after a long time and a lot of nagging and pleading coaxed and entrapped, as he was bothered repeatedly by T.C. to get him some marijuana.

He, T.C., had asked me while I worked on another computer for him one time this same thing and I made it abundantly clear as I told him to take his computer and leave or never mention anything like this to me again.

I have admittedly used mj for medicinal reason due to a broken back, which I have shared with all of my doctors because I could not tolerate the amount of or types of prescriptions they had offered me and could not function on them, or off of them with the side effects.

However, at this time I was not a user and shunned it's recreational use.

T.C. had been charged with a D.W.I or a D.U.I. here in town, but his records do not exist online any longer.

Imagine that!

His (T.C.'s) charges were from a period just shortly before entrapping Mr. Krauss, who made a purchase from another neighbor close by, whom was also subsequently charged, and all the while with marked cash and with the officer observing the transaction from a close distance, but apparently (obviously) not visible to Mr. Krauss.

I studied Police Science and grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, and I had never seen anyone set someone up like this in my life, nor in any way what so ever, other then perhaps the closet thing being Mayor Marion Barry when I was young on t.v. claiming he had been set up.

It was astonishing, and more deeply I wondered why he went after George?

I can only gather that he was getting rid of his own charges by offering up what ever it took.

So, as I mentioned that I save and send emails to those that are important and that I trust, I do have the case #'s from Maryland, here where I live in Cumberland, but again they do not show up online any longer!

Here they are.

# 000000EB64407, 000000EB64408, 000000EB64409, 000000EB64410

Interestingly enough though his records for seven other Maryland jurisdictions still show up!

I would like to know why.

Perhaps it is just a mistake.

...and there are a plethora of other cases this T.C. was involved in that have ALL dis-appeared here in our city and county!

I have all the case #'s recorded.

Here is the picture I retrieved from the hard drive as well, however I will crop out T.C. to the left of Mr. Santorum.

So thus far I have connected a few dots, but although the evidence thus far looks sketchy, I have supported what I can and any decent sleuth can easily figure out the rest and see that I am honest from my perspective.

Back to my general thesis at this point:

What seems to be happening is a spread of intelligence gathering by at least some law enforcement agencies that use any tactic and/or people needed (federal agents perhaps with much more leeway?) to cover a certain community, and this may very well be and often is most certainly needed, as in my next example.

I will also say that to use certain tactics for intelligence is absolutely needed in any covert operation, but the officers and the laws must maintain their integrity through out the entire process, or what we get are injustices too often, rather then justice.

Law enforcement is a tight knit and tight lipped community, informants however are not always.

More Recent Criminal Activity with a Non-connected Pennsylvania Connection:

UPDATE JAN 4, 2013:

January 3, 2013

article 1:

Ex-Pa. chief to plead guilty in extortion case

article 2:

Former western Pa. police chief scheduled to plead guilty to federal extortion charges Jan. 4

Recently, (winter 2011) I was asked to help my homeless friend and his girlfriend and as it was in the teens at night and they only had a truck and no money, I offered to help them, as i had known the man for quite a while.

It was against my instincts. however I have a heart and just could not knowingly turn my back, and I am quite pleased I did not.

Speaking of my back, I have many very bad spinal issues and have a broken back, need cervical fusion and have lost two inches in height and my friend had promised to help me at a time when I most needed help, so long as I let them stay and get a plan together.

So this more recent example below was far too close to me, but bad back and all the adrenalin started pumping non stop and I did what I felt was proper and moral in this situation.

I will only share a few details of common published public knowledge and less about my personal knowledge of how I heard more about this case from a person directly involved in it, as she was already partially described above.

She had twice confessed to having murdered a man, and she had admitted this both times to me personally and in great detail. 

Patti Jo Metz

It is, as she stated to me, apparently from a different set of circumstances from those as reported in the links below, perhaps, however who believes a confessed murder or anyone claiming to have killed (meaning perhaps she was just nuts and making it up) another human upon being given orders.

One day soon perhaps I will release the audio, and help solve another heinous crime. The audio is in many places where the authorities have it to study, as well as attorneys keeping it for safe keeping.

I am just happy she faked an illness and was admitted to the hospital, after she made her guiltless admission and was taken into custody, where she had informed the local authorities where she was knowingly having an active warrant.

Some things are truly not what they appear on the surface, and although she told me she questioned why she had absolutely no remorse, I was at least satisfied that she was in custody and cooperating with the proper authorities, and a cloud of black that had surrounded me left.

Convincing someone to do what is right is very difficult, not to mention she had had a death threat from her ex, a man that appears to be quite a piece of work in sheep's clothing himself, much like her.

The federal authorities are well aware of this and I certainly hope investigating it all thoroughly.

This too has been very well documented in a number of ways, and shared among my closest of friends and confidants. 

Here are a few links to some related articles.

I think if I was her I would be running scared too.

I will pray for her soul as well of that of her more recent boyfriend, also my former friend.

I could not believe he knew of this very clearly for a long while and brought this misery upon me.

This was in Washington, Pennsylvania.These alleged activities include selling drugs, running cover for the dealers and illegal arms dealing combined with police corruption all the way to the chief himself, Donald Solomon.

UPDATED 02-26-2013:


Here are the latest updates to Donald Abraham Solomon's trial as well as his friend's trial and sentencing, a man by the name of  Timothy B. Johnson

FEBRUARY 26, 2013

FEBRUARY 19, 2013

JANUARY 6, 2013

JANUARY 5, 2013

JANUARY 4, 2013

NOVEMBER 23, 2011




I studies Police Science, and until recently, I had no reason to own a gun.

I do however now own a couple and it is because of people like these that we have the right to bear arms!

I never wanted to own any weapons again but when things in life become threatening to your own life and you are a law abiding citizen trying to do what is right but not getting the support of those that should help, well what do you do?

What would you do?

This is a right that needs to never be taken away, however unfortunate that may sound, because a criminal does not give a good damn about the laws, and that seems to be the case with greedy men in law enforcement as pictured above.

He is a disgrace to the uniform and all the fine women and men in law enforcement, and is a threat to anyone who is a law abiding citizen.

He wanted to permanently remove at least two people in his close proximity, and has admitted to those items as well as been taped and videoed performing several transgressions while on the job.

If I look stressed and not too happy, well that is all for a reason.

Now I have had to learn even more about weapons I truly do not care for.

If my health is decent, as it has been very poor with spinal issues, I will go to a hunting course and at the very least get my hunting license.

My simple, powerful weapons are and will always now be my first line of defense against any home invasion, and I do not suggest stating anything like this for yourself, but in my case, I am already a target.

The best cure is prevention, as any mountain man, woodsman, or survivalist, or military man would tell you.

I come from a long line of family that was here before we were The United States of America, and many of my family have worn the distinguished military uniform with dignity and honor while serving  our country, and not a single one of them thinks I have made a mistake in the very least.

Idealism, and I am usually the idealist, however nice and soft in theory is never going to be reality, and reality is where I choose to live and stay well grounded.

If you have a question about home security, ask anytime, but ultimately the best home security is pictured in my hands, a weapon, a gun, to save your own life and that of your family.

My latest studies are inexpensive, accurate, high powered, reliable hand guns, because I will make those purchases soon.

I hope we do increase the waiting limits and do very thorough background checks on all applicants, irreguardless of what type of gun you may want to purchase.

My experience was I walked in with cash, a call was placed and I was cleared after presenting proper documents and filling out all my paperwork, and I walked out the door of the gun shop with my weapon and my ample supply of ammunition.

I would have waited a week, two weeks, a month, two months, or six months, if I had too, but anyway you look at it, my mind was made up and I stepped up to bat to protect myself well.

Different situations and different tactics call for different weapons.

A 12 gauge and a 30-06 with a scope are but two instrumental parts to what will become my small arms collection, of which I am adding at least two more weapons, each handguns.

A 9 mm Browning and a Stainless .357 Magnum by Smith and Wesson.

I never plan on taking them outside the house unless I am on the way to the range or in flight on foot for my own safety.

I am the kindest man you can find, and my friends that know me well know this to be true.

However, I know my rights, I will protect those rights, and those most important to me are the rights of the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

"The text of the second section of the Declaration of Independence reads,
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

I, and you alike, as equal citizens have the right to life, and to bear arms as well, as follows:

The right to keep and bear arms (often referred as the right to bear arms or to have arms) is the people's right to have their own arms for their defense as described in the philosophical and political writings of Aristotle, Cicero, John Locke, Machiavelli, the English Whigs and others. In countries with an English common law tradition, a long standing common law right to keep and bear arms has long been recognized, as pre-existing in common law, prior even to the existence of national constitutions. In the United States, the right to keep and bear arms is also an enumerated right specifically protected by the US Constitution and many state constitutions such that people have a personal right to own arms for individual use, and a collective right to bear arms in a militia."

If you thought a motor cycle gang that the F.B.I., and the A.T.F. knew about was going to perhaps come after you because you had knowledge that was damaging to them, do you think you would want an AR-15?

What I know is that fire power equals better protection when properly used.

It is logical, of course, that you should know your weapon inside out, or not be qualified to own it.

I do not state much on gun control often.

Once I wanted to become a police officer and studied to do so while in college earning my degree in Applied Science with a Major in Police science.

I owned a .357 Magnum, which I then sold to a retire marine and then working in his second career, a baliff at the time.

This was after my friend was murdered while sleeping.

He was shot with a gun, and I had no more use for them anymore.

I also had to testify against the murderer at that time, in roughly...well read below, I do not care to recount this so I will simply cut and paste an article from that time in my life that was so disrupted by not a gun, per se, but by a man using a gun that had his own ideas about what they should be used for.

Newsgroups: americast.twt.metro
From: americast-post@AmeriCast.Com
Organization: American Cybercasting
Subject: Headline Article
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 92 17:01:12 EST



Son, 21, charged in father's death

A Fairfax County man was arrested yesterday in the shooting death of
his father, who was slain while he slept, Fairfax County police said.

Police charged 21-year-old Chester E.  Grubic of Mount Vernon with
murder and use of a firearm to commit a felony.

Mr.  Grubic called police about 5:50 a.m.  yesterday and said his
father, Clarence E.  Grubic, 61, had been shot at his home at 1907 Paul
Spring Parkway.

Officers found the victim in his bedroom.  He appeared to have been
shot in his upper body while asleep, police said.

Police said they did not have a motive for the shooting.

This article is copyright 1992 The Washington Times. Redistribution to
other sites is not permitted except by arrangement with American 
Cybercasting Corporation.  For more information, send-email to 

Another and different article is here.

I had know this man most of my life and he was a great friend as well as my boss at the bicycle shop he owned, where I worked.

I had to testify against his son, also my friend, after the murder, and it twisted me inside out and upside down with pain and anguish for years and years.

It is never nice to see anyone in pain, and I know pain excruciatingly well, 

Since those days in court and testifying and sentencing, even more knowledge has been revealed to me about funds stolen from the bicycle shop and placed in an account at the same institution where the shops account was held.

I know who placed the gun in a crock pot so it could be brought to the eventual seen of the crime.

I know John Goodrich also had a gun and that it was found on Chester's possessionby his own very Father just a short time before the unthinkable.

I have a friend that would share this knowledge with me, and I have written and audible recordings of this exact nature.

I know Mr. Twardy, an attorney, has all of the banking records from the shop, andit was all given to him during the time of a bitter divorce.

I believe this is him.

The greed was always in the picture and the obvious apparent cause, although 
other heinous things were alleged against the dead poor defenseless man, my friend, Mr. Clay Grubic.

Criminal acts are despicable in thought, mind, and ultimately action.

If you do not know this first hand, I hope you will never learn anything about 

My point is this, if today you lived what I did, and then had a new real and     imminent threat, would you want to have that right still and exercise it if it   was so needed?

I do, I will always, and I have. 

We will never keeps the guns away from the criminals, although we should certainly make it more difficult.

I am all for a chip on my gun and fingerprint recognition technology on the      trigger.

I have nothing to hide and would be happy to provide proof of any firing ever performed and where it took place.

I want to hunt deer, and I will protect my home and anyone welcome in it if the  need arises. 

Ultimately I think the monies spent for gun control lobbying could be spent so much better elsewhere, but is that not most often the case on so many issues today?

We rarely focus where focus is so desperately needed.


While they were in my home, another officer from that same jurisdiction lost his life due to murder while on duty, and it simply makes anyone with a reasonable mind deeply wonder what connections may exist, after such atrocious allegations during an ongoing lengthy federal investigation.

Whatever the case may be, I am flabbergasted still today to have been so close to something so vehemently evil and in such proximity in my own home to two people that seemed to take absolutely no shame, care, feelings, or remorse in other's needless deaths and surrounding tragedies.

Will this new philosophy re-shape the laws and make changes where changes must take place?:

All of my professors, many still close fiends, and which had also been police officers, as well as many other close friends in this profession, have all repeatedly stated to me that the laws are almost always in favor of the criminals.

They also knew why, and it is great in principle, however, poor at best in practicality. 

The basic concept is that it is better to have ten guilty men go free then any one single man incarcerated wrongfully.

I can agree with the first part of that, and both parts if I had to choose as well.

Perhaps this more modern approach in law enforcement, as well as the enhanced new technology at hand can now be utilized to even better enforce the laws we do have as well,  and also help to implement more harsh laws where they are seemingly desperately needed, as well as gibe law enforcement better crime fighting tools.

Most that would disagree or oppose that statement are the ones scared because they are often, but not always, the criminals. 

I do not enjoy living in a "Big Brother" state, however if it better safeguards my loved ones, my friends and my family, as well as healthy citizens, what is to argue?

Injustices will more then likely always exist in life, in law enforcement, and in general, so my thought upon that is less injustices are better then more, of course.

Modern House Arrest, even for some seemingly violent criminals:

As technology is being utilized today, we will and certainly have seen a drop in crime overall, better more thorough and convincing prosecutions of criminals, and usually a quicker outcome in many cases where this technology was both present and properly utilized.

Part of pro-active law enforcement are strong deterrents and often the best deterrent is the higher likelihood of being caught, which this more modern technology is offering, as a tool for the police and seems to be re-shaping some criminal's mindsets.

With the advent of even better house arrest technology, we may even be able to finally help us get a better grip on corrections, the very least positive outcome may be essentially and simply the savings afforded to the tax paying citizens and the huge expense of incarceration that can possibly be alleviated for non violent offenders.

Corrections is always a science within a science, and there is never a straight forward cookie cutter fix or easy solution.

I am very excited to see this further explored as well as we venture into new, for the most part, uncharted territory. 

In the 1990's, while I was studying formally in college, it was roughly $ 40,000 per year to keep an inmate properly housed.

In the Washington, Pennsylvania case I sited above, the former chief of police was actually released on house arrest, perhaps simply for his own safety,

Technological Recconasaince and Law:

In skillfully performing reconnaissance, now including technological reconnaissance and evidence gathering, and then better and more quickly being able to take proper action, which may be no action at all at a precise given moment other then just gathering the intelligence itself for a later time, law enforcement will have better tools at their disposal and also be able to enforce these laws better, preserve them with even more dignity, and criminals can be prosecuted perhaps with even quicker due process saving more funds in the long haul and we will be able to construct more legislation where needed that is well written to include these new techniques.

At time during investigations, there are often grey areas, especially with the evidentiary law, evidence, and procedures facets utilized by law enforcement and prosecutors alike while these newer technological issues we are confronted with today as a society are increasingly introduced into our society on an even larger scale each day, and I see these areas becoming more black and white, as the saying goes, just from what I have unfortunately witnessed.

More importantly the law enforcement personnel working diligently through these issues to preserve our peace while they place their lives in harms way on a daily basis, need to know exactly how to proceed, and less grey is always better in these situations.

In this digital online especially some digital records may exist for a period of time with simple ease and accessibility, while other records seem to simply disappear, and may never be fully explained. 

However with the advent of cloud computing and the promise of quantum computing to come, the trails will always be increasing more evident if not simply permanent, and I find a calm in that knowledge as well, as to have a trail to sniff out is a great deterrent as well as a great way to catch the criminals, perhaps especially in white collar crimes, which are out of control on a massive scandalous level I think most citizens are equally unaware of overall.

I have gathered, read, observed, and studied these two examples in great detail and I do not think any thing I have proposed here is far fetched whatsoever, but more then likely, exactly what is happening.

This newer tactic evolving is a totally proactive philosophy that is both cutting edge and scary (to the criminal), surgically militaristic in operational mode logistically and tactfully speaking, enables law enforcement officials to be as swift as an Army Ranger or Navy Seal when taking the proper actions to  quell any threat.

The Post 9-11 conglamorations of several jurisdictions sharing intelligence is also more and more evident:

We have conglamorations of departments from multiple jurisdictions working together and sharing databases and tactics now which is a much more effective strategy in law enforcement as well.

Where I live locally for example, C3I is a well trained elite informed proactive unit, which is very efficient working across several jurisdictions, and has an arrest record really second to none.

This should be an example to any jurisdiction in The United States about the need for this particular aspect of this newer evolving philosophy to be implemented immediately, especially in high crime areas.

Perhaps where populations and crime remain low it is un-needed, however, where crime is flourishing and the population is especially high and dense, usually cities and then suburbs, this type of conglamouration has proven to be the most effective strategy law enforcement has to offer to it's citizens. 

At this link you may explore more about C3I, and again efficiency equals money saved. less crime, and an overall much better way of life for the law abiding respectable citizens of any jurisdiction.

I rarely and thankfully have never heard of a law enforcement officer having to use their weapons here locally, however I know they will if so required.

I believe that is because they are taken very very seriously, and i respect that and have no issues there what so ever.

Locally, there seems to be a very regimented strong militaristic dutiful mentality that is complimented along with kindness and compassion too, when the opportunity can afford that, and that is a factor often missing.

The personal on the job discretion I observe on a local level with our law enforcement is also typically well utilized, and I see that we have police here that care about and live within the community, and I am pleased I have many from several agencies in close proximity to my home.

Community Policing:

I am also pleased to see hat we will be having more "beat" cops on foot on the downtown mall town, and this has been a very long overdue presence.

I also urge our local police to consider regular foot patrols in heavy crime areas such as certain parts of South End, for an example, here in Cumberland, Maryland.

I authored a research paper in college about this very topic.

I interviewed several officers via phone from Seattle, WA, and this was for my class on Policing In the Community.

It had a forte on bicycling police officers, as Seattle was instrumental to the refining, evolving, and implementing this specific style on a large city scale and it has been since replicated nationwide in many jurisdictions.

We need the Beat "police" to be known by face, and to know our faces.

There is nothing better for the community then to meet the police face to face, interact with them, and then for those that have not realized, wake up and realize they are great folks working hard and that they have great will and discretion. are excellent role models that our children can and do look up too, and all of this interaction is critical to any long term community adhesiveness, growth and crime prevention.

I am always pleased to see the more modern philosophy evolving deeper into the community where it so desperately belongs in these mini-cities where I reside and in the large cities, and you never hear about any drawbacks to this increasingly evolving philosophy.

I have always had a great and passionate fondness for police science and have continued studying it all these years well past college to stay engrossed in every aspect I can study, be it reading current news, watching documentaries, researching online, or simply speaking to police officers I have just met, or speaking with so many friends I have in the law enforcement community.

I understand discipline well, although the artist in me rebels against the grain in harmless ways.

I am an Army brat whose Father is a retired West Point Colonel and Ranger, and whose brother also went to the academy, so this is nothing new to me what so ever.

It is men like this I have developed the greatest admiration for most often in my life, and a lot of those great men have been police officers and soldiers alike, each with a similar personal calling to duty, and all ultimately to help and protect us when we or another falters.

The pint I will emphasize here in reference to earlier parts of this article is this.

The more we have community policing, the less needed it will be to monitor our citizens, and then that sense of community that is lacking across this country may at least in part return.

Would that have any drawbacks?

There is a great strong sense in these men and women in law enforcement (with the exception of the ocassional bad apple) of protecting the public and offering a life of servitude to keep harm away from good people and keep criminals where they belong until they have served their sentences and have been through the correctional system. 

There is a greater sense and desire amoungst them to help children steer clear of a life of crime, they have each too sadly observed ruin countless lives during their collective years of duty, and i do not think any officer would argue that point, and what reasonable man or woman of any walk of life would?

Again, relating to some of my earlier reported observations and experiences,I believe in the proactive philosophy of law enforcement whole heartedly as it is progressing along, but I have no room for unscrupulous and manipulative maneuvering that has any officer or associate or informant seemingly breaking laws at will knowingly abusing the system in which they operate.

In Closing:

The mere fact and essence of the matter is that some officers of law enforcement now truly have and new and evolving modus operandi in many ways, most especially offered up upon the heals of technological advancement and more recent modern tragedies, be they terrorism or due to changes in law and followed by new protocol,     since what I will call the passage and evolution of these post benchmark laws and philosophies as I have outlined them herein. 

My personal life experience combined with earning a degree in Science with a Major in Police Science, has been the largest education of my life and it gives me the clarity and vision to see how this country is divided into different zones based on population and social issues much as I have studied in sociology and that these "zones' are in all actuality and tactfully so treated and policed in different ways, as each area is rather unique in many facets.

These plans are very well thought out, for the most part and this is another part of what i see as this Post 9-11 Philosophy in Law Enforcement.

Perhaps these real divisions, as far too often perceived, are not simply defined in such a way as to harm the populous of a given region and under cut the greater good but rather defined in philosophy to focus on raising the poor quality that seems to exist often when and where it just should plain should not exist under any circumstances, and more importantly to properly respond to any threat that may arise, be it natural, man-made, or a combination of the two. 

We have laws that we should all abide by on a daily basis, and we also have laws that can become effectual at the drop of the hat when the occasion arises, and that occasion, again may be, for example, terroristic in nature, due to natural disaster, chemical spills, or mass hysteria and / or rioting, etc.

Our police forces are expected to react at times with the force of a small army is so needed, such as in a S.W.A.T. situation, or on a larger scale such as securing any area and rendering needed aide along side our so valued fire fighters.

Our police and firefighters are the first responders in threatening and tragic situations, and there is most certainly a new and evolving protocol that is very well coordinated and in place and always evolving as planning and prevention is always the best preparedness before any storm. 

Another extreme example, but an example that is always closely studied and further refined with always changing logistics, is the seemingly well planned newest strategies pertaining to Martial Law, should it ever need to be implemented for any reason.

This is most certainly a topic more and more often spoken about by the average citizen, and most definitely is a huge slice of the pie in planning and implementation of this newer philosophical model as well.

Here are some other perhaps controversial links to consider as well.

Here is why I see it's clear relevance through my own personal studies and very unique experiences.

The Pentagon on September 11, 2001:

I was a very short distance from the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 and heard the plane hit it.

I was watching the news, of course, that morning as well, and I certainly expected cell activity to break out in many cities, which it thankfully never did.

When I studied terrorism in college it was taken very seriously, however at that time we had never been attacked upon as a nation in the Continental United States in multiple locations, like we were on September 11, 2001.

I quickly, as in immediately, knew what was happening because it was exactly what I had studied in college as far as tactical procedures that were theorized to be possibly utilized by terrorists, so post 9-11, a contingency plan that held promise was a certain must, and has since been further refined since then and was in order for certain after what we suffered.

Like it or not that particular day forever changed many aspects of a plethora of things, perhaps most notably, law enforcement on every single scaled level, be it local, state, or federal.

I had professors that served on bomb squads, in the N.I.S., in Los Angeles, Ca. on the L.A.P.D.,  Washington D.C., etc. and we had candid conversation in class about these future possibilities and what actions would have to possibly take place at a moments notice perhaps.

Talk about a total recall of college material on the morning of 9-11!

Lots ran through my mind, and it was education and rationale that took over and calmed me so that I had my own contingency plan, if I had to implement it.

Thinking to survive, or thinking in order to plan the possibility of survival through the course of the threat of death and/or imminent danger is very intense. and if I claimed I was the same since before that day, I would be flatly lying.

Likewise are the Sniper Shootings in The Washington Metropolitan Area, also in my close proximity:

What material fine professors had taught me and prepared me for as my then chosen, but never fulfilled career, was present and very lucid in my mind at a whim, and the same thought were ever present during the sniper shooting in the Northern Virginia and surrounding aereas, as I was then traveling back and forth often from my home here in Cumberland, Maryland to Northern Virginia very regularly, and during those days I was on those roads most of the day with my friend and boss (one in the same, Raul Garcia) traveling to construction sites and picking up materials, and delivering machinery I had repaired for his commercial drywall and painting business.

Everywhere we went there were white trucks, and I told him I really thought, we were all looking for the wrong vehicle, because these white trucks and vans are everywhere we go, and if something happens in a congested area, there is always going to be a white truck or van nearby, and most certainly these domestic terrorists played upon that very factor.

I also told him. that if they came any where near my home and outside of the metropolitan area they would be caught because I knew they would "stick out" because they seemed to calm and calculating in there area where the crimes were committed on roads they new (the older one in particular), and sure enough they were very close to my home when they were spotted sleeping in their car in a rest area, and it was an observation by a vigilant citizen that saved lives by doing the right thing that day and reporting his suspicion instead of looking the other way.

They were apprehended in Myersville, Marylnd, roughly 75 miles from here or almost exactly half way from Alexandria, Virginia to Cumberland, Maryland.

As I told my friend if they traveled near or towards my home to a more rural locale, I felt like they would be caught.

I had spent countless hours looking for patterns on maps, and I knew that they had been travelling far and wide and that it would not be unlikely to "duck out" and that this distance was by no means out of there overall patter by any means.

These instincts come from the education afforded me by my fine professors.

Thinking right now as I write this, I wonder how would we have more quickly stopped this tragedy if we had been able to utilize today's more modern technology?

Infrastructure Maintenance and Upgrades:

Upgrading our infrastructure and maintaining our aging infrastructure helps us all in every and many ways, and part of this newer infrastructure includes better and better cameras and more surveillance as well as drones now, better and faster communications, and all that changes protocol which changes procedures, and on down the line.

Like it or not, this is our modern reality, and this is now deeply woven into the newer emerging philosophy of law enforcement as a science.

I was published at The United States Department of Energy in October of 2010, and the thrust of that article was my personal thought and vision or premise about our modern technology, efficiency, national independence, a new economy, preserving our eco-system in the face of global warming and moving swiftly into the Green Era as I outlined it there, and that of course includes  upgrading our infrastructure, and we cannot do this swift enough.

I am not speaking of just bridges and roadways and sewage, but power plants,  fiber optics, communication systems, ad infinitum.

We are living in 2012 today on an infrastructure that was for the most part built well but many many years ago that is far outdated.

We must build new from the ground up often, and replace what has either become aged and inefficient or quite simply outdated.

This will reach deep into every single aspect of our lives and is happening now today, and I feel is the key to righting the United States, and perhaps most countries, when the proper perspective is gained.

Building is jobs!

Upgrading and building new infrastructure is hard work.

It takes Mathematicians and Engineers, scientists, design teams, vision, skilled and unskilled labor, and we can do everything we need to to cut emissions, gain greater independence, conserve through more efficient means and manufacture new technologies at home in new state of the art factories, and ultimately let the people of this country do what they want to do, which is pursue the New The American Dream.

Philosophy is applicable to many and every field, and this philosophy also feeds right back into what I am writing about here with law Enforcement.

A better healthier nation is always a nation with less crime.

A better infrastructure is the greatest tool after education, that law enforcement could ever have, and with cloud and soon, quantum computing, law enforcement will be more efficient too.

Testing will be processed both more accurately and quicker, arrests made sooner, deterrents stronger, corrections more manageable and with a smaller population incarcerated in jails and prisons.

There will be much better accountability.

Investing in ourselves, in our country will pay nothing but great long term and short term dividends, and crime will plummet.

All of these factors will help for a healthier nation and a new stable long term economy as we push the envelope further along with pride and work hard, instead of staring blankly and scared into the future as it looks too often now with no promise.

I see the inner city children growing up around me and they gravitate towards trouble because their parents are under educated with no means to better themselves, depressed, not motivated, ignorant (not stupid), and etc. and the children have no real outlets past school in which to further develop properly with guidance.

I watch these gifted children to regularly become thugs, what were once such children of promise.

The onus is upon us all to lighten the burdens of these future generations that we have all together one way or another created and are responsible for, and rather embrace these children through broad economic green technological development and education that instill hope where there is fear.

I see this vision as clear as the sun that rises above the horizon on a fresh clean pure mountain morning and I also see, once again, where this can be the game changer for our nation.

If that does not get you gung ho, well then we can just keep traveling upon our descent back into the dark ages.

That is a topic for another day, in which I will even deeper delve into.

end of today's edit

still rough shape below

So that is what I am studying, researching, living, contemplating, and gathering today.

I was raised in a near perfect suburb in Alexandria, Virginia, in a neighborhood with the best schools, surrounded by wonderful families and parents, and my own personal impeccable family.

There were plentiful and great jobs, decent standards, excellnt education, low crime, etc.

I chose to live in these beautiful mountains to pursue my love of nature and art, and also to escape the hectic stressful life of the city, and i have never regretted it, however, i never thought I would see what i have first hand here.

I also had to testify against a friend who murdered his Father when I was a younger man, and that was quite a life changing event as well.

My first hand experiences, while never pursuing a career in law enforcement,  still seem to echo what I thought I would experience in that line of work.

Perhaps destiny calls no matter our personal plans, after all that is the essence of destiny.

My point is this, and not for arguments sake but for further contemplation and open to critique by each of you, is it not true that we indeed live in more of a "police state" today, with more police powers then ever?

It certainly seems Orwellian more and more so, and certainly is to the Nth degree and is becoming increasingly more so as well, however, times and technology have dictated to us to strive for a safer time where we can receive help more quickly and efficiently and faster then ever delivered.

In the most effective of ways I think our evolution to this point makes total sense to a degree, as far as technology is concerned, but the litmus test is this. we should never be forced into giving up our personal rights as so spelled out by the law of our land, and it should always remain illegal to have them stripped away from us because we have a Constitution that guarantees these rights as inalienable rights.

That means by very definition, the act of passing laws denying those rights or a right of any kind at all, should and would be, and therefore is in itself unconstitutional. 

However, looking back through the hour glass of history, I see a different day and age and I think the founding Father's may agree to and have the vision to recognize times in the future may demand stricter enforcement and regulation of law in which to better keep the order and therefore our collective livelihood and well being as the primary purpose, and the entire Constitution is really all about keeping a reasonable and fair civilized order in the first place through the conservation and very guarantee of those same rights. 

What I have realized is just because I have a degree in Science, I should never let that degree close the mind.

Rather as a scientist, I should continue to open the mind and explore and realize and visualize things from different and often perhaps more appropriate perspectives I had personally not previously realized, and that as a scientist realizing this, the impetus is on me as a catalyst to further theorize, write, and share what it is that I have experienced, thought, and learned so that we may all preserve the rights we should hold so sacred and dear to out very own hearts.  

Intelligence, to me personally, should be simply defined as the ability of an organism to adapt and thrive in it's ever changing environment. 

That leaves me questioning even deeper the premise I have proposed and as logical as it may be presented, I still ponder these very thoughts becoming more clear with each passing day.

Perhaps, for my own personal interests, I should not have shared certain things, but with the death of many friends recently as a fact of life, and with my own waning health and age creeping ever upwards, I feel it is far more important to articulate what it is I have learned and witnessed then to go to my grave a quiet man having perhaps helped no one, and never once having stood for anything I believe so much in.

Actions are louder then words, but words and actions combined with grace and peace can change the world in which we live and change perception so that one day perhaps we will not have to spend time such as this lost in topics such as these.

In the meantime I seek truth, honor, dignity, and feel it is a duty bestowed upon me through birth, and as most who know me will share with you, I always speak up and voice my opinions however poorly or well formed, thought out and articulated.

As we (N.A.S.A.) have just landed the "Curiosity" rover upon the planet Mars, I think of what we can do when we work together.

So, now I will pray for those things that are sacred and hope that they find you each safely living a life full of freedoms, or a life working towards those freedoms.

I for one refuse to standby and idly watch the destruction of my country, lest we return to the ages of darkness that not long ago reigned.

I will also never let another being terrorize another in any way shape or form, and when I learn of any injustice so sinister, I will express myself, be it to the authorities, my friends, my family, or my God. 

I originally posted (some of) this as a response on Google+, and then realized after typing so fast, perhaps I should have blogged it to start with and then just replied with a simple link,...oh well...still new to Google +, but thoroughly enjoying it.

End of Original Article:


ADDED 11-13-2012:

Gmail And The FBI Took Down David Petraeus: Why It Matters To You


News broke Friday that CIA Chief David Petraeus was resigning due to an extramarital affair. Oddly enough, the leader of the intelligence gathering agency wasbrought down by Gmail metadata. Many jokes have been made about the fact that the CIA head fell victim to an incriminating online footprint, but the revelation leads to some very serious questions.
We don’t know the full story, and might never learn it. But one question many are asking is, could this happen to me? The immediate answer is no. Petraeus’ indiscretion came to light after a complaint was made about threatening emails. And the Wall Street Journal has now reported that the FBI agent who launched the investigation was barred from the case after superiors were concerned he may have become obsessive. According to sources in the report, the agent sent a shirtless picture of himself to the woman who issued the complaint, Jill Kelley.
Cato's Julian Sanchez who joined me in a HuffPost Live discussion on this topic, later tweeted this about the new developments.

So while the FBI’s actions in this case may have never come about had it not been due to personal relationships playing a role, observers are already registering their concerns surrounding civil liberties and our growing surveillance state. As Wired’s Kim Zetter reported, “Broadwell will now become part of the statistics that Gmail reports in its next semi-annual transparency report on government data requests.”
The Google report reveals how many government requests they receive for user data, but the company doesn’t specify how many of these requests come with a warrant. And Google is hardly the only website on the receiving end. Twitter has also begun releasing a Transparency Report. But the impetus here lies on the private companies. The government itself is not required to disclose this information.
There are real world implications for journalists, their sources, and average internet users alike. Laws to safeguard our privacy and warrant requirements for online communications are muddled and outdated. The FBI’s actions here highlight the need for debate.
So where did Petraeus and Broadwell go wrong, and how can you avoid doing the same? Watch the video above to learn secret techniques obviously not understood by the former CIA head... like using the delete button.


As this is a work in progress, please check back often for more details, links, updates, research, etc.

All major edits will be dated herein or on the server.

However, the major thesis will not change, but rather evolve or devolve and be either proven or not.

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