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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To My Younger Buds, I Love You Each So ~ MobiusTripz ~ Lyrics ~

There is Benn and Blair, and my brother Rhys,
Melissa, Bro, Krissy, Tim, Courtney,  too..
a few more names elude this older man,
but I have major love for each of you.

even when my memory is such a wreck,
a mere image  from my former self,
I relish what I have left ,
 determination of many years and a lot more health.

but after all, the key to happiness is a bad memory!

Travel far friends, and travel well,
most of all stay safe,
common sense and wisdom for you each,
the blessings on you I place.

Rhys I know your pain,
losing friends in a Flash !,
good thing is the tears will fall,
but there still alive my bro, not in the past.

They are close by in heart,
loving you all the time,
and a bus ticket to travel,
is on somebodies dime.

and coming soon fro each of us especially you.

Your future out West too will unfold,
and one day I'll see you on tv when you have forever forgotten me,
and I will say, with that dude I jammed and shared,
so never dare to wonder or wander there!

Dreams abound with our friends magnificient air.

Of Blair late I have not seen hide nor dread lock hair,
other then some dreads on his head I image instead,
but I know he is at peace faithfully happy,
I miss my pal but he has a life that must be lead.

Melissa I am so proud of you,
working full time sweet job and with little bro too,
a fine Mother with heart and priorities you are,
I love you each all my young bud shooting stars.

Fly a screaming fucking bright cosmic flash of light,
blaze a trail for so many others too see,
let them follow the lead you offer so bright,
towards each embrace such an incredible collective destiny.

Common sense ain't so common,
so trust your gut on your travels,
if the gut says hit the road fast,
think not, react to it before life further unravels.

Choices we make can be seemingly hard,
For many friends faces I have not seen since each you have only lived,
and I pray for a reunion and their health with the tears I cry,
Learning youthful promises were simply myth.

Rhys I know you pretty well my bro,
loving sensitive sweet heart felt soul,
once like you I became hurt and callous,
I never followed either, instead I built a lonely palace.

Took things right to the core of my ego,
hurt me so hard to the bone,
still overly sensitive wondering why I am always left alone,
not even many fucking calls on the phone.

alone alone alone,
turning to stone
ages washing by like waves in time,
perhaps I left myself behind,
drugs never helped me get over me.

I cry as I think each you gone,
and friends I must find like musicians a new,
any my music which just finally came back,
I guess its already through,

Drunken I fell once again black and blue,
hurt I out partied myself time and time again and again,
learn from me do not make my mistakes
pave the way to glorious victories, do not tread my path of sins.

Artist and dreamer alike we are,
this was our time together to shine under the stars,
so let's make a real pact in soul,
that we never let these friendships ever go.

I have heard so many empty promises,
cheated on and divorced twice,
sold the other house, mercedes and durango away,
like I was passing out gifts.

My friends still send prayers my pitiful way,
one professional friends offered his studio for me to play,
and he record the magic I sometimes can make,
stubborn, PTSD, steve just runs the other way.

You all each give me life to walk and run again,
dreams are still awaiting us each,
for the sun never sets but renews,
so bask in the light with your talented youth.

We will all find a place together again,
Maybe San Diego, Seattle, Pittsburgh, or Cumberland,
a band of Merry friends,
never ever departs in the end.

We are forever connected in cosmic ways,
that passing time never can take away,
we are permanent in each and every way,
I promise our paths will cross often in the future one day.

When we seek our dreams so yonder and far,
we carry our dreams for our other lil buds too,
we seek enlightenment and carry it back,
share with friends from the past as we rejoice and share once again anew.

Today celebrate that we each have these moments in blessings,
most of the folks are drones still walking around dressing,
so use intuition and vision and pave the way,
while others stupidly aimlessly stare in a daze always guessing.

Know I will always love you each, your now in my memories,
and the waves we will make, beautiful collective destinies.

you each forever my friends I love eternally...peace.