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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dirty Dishes ~ Lyrics ~ Mobiustripz

I'm looking through a sink of dirty dishes,
thinking back of all our youthful wishes,
and wondering what happened to our love we shared,
I thought together we so much more cared.

Yesterdays are hard just looking back,
thought you'd stay forever now I'm aghast,
thought forever we'd have forever one another's back,
the swollen water in my sink of dishes shadows cast.

The meals we ate I prepared for us to endure,
I cooked them with my soul and life so pure,
last supper it seems always comes to pass,
I thought we'd have a love to truly last.

We never know what is quite next,
when we will breathe in our last together breath,
I am so worn and tired I need some rest,
I still love you always, alone now I have no quest.

I'll clean these soapy dishes anew,
praying for a life coming renewed,
perhaps I am not so shrewd,
another illusion I can see right through.