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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slowly Slipping Softly a Surreal Soliloquy

If the silver linings that whisp by fade to gray,
and all of this life simply slips away,
I still may never find the words to say,
how much I loved you each and every day.

Why you think the things that you do,
turns this worn man upside down aloof,
the time is ticking my days less, now a few,
to kiss your lips as sun kisses the morning dew.

Life is cryptic and also simply perspective,
I sit alone on my thoughts reflective,
tried my best to turn away the bad, keep it deflected,
things we do and the people we love affected.

New clouds will drift my way in peace,
silver linings on retinas through the eye perceived,
such a musical whimsical weave,
so hurt once again that you have left me.

I spread wings in flight to new heights I see,
the reckoning beckoning deep in my youthful soul retrieved,
the mortgage of my future, drugs and alcohol deceive,
the past has a cost to count as you leave.

Introspective looking glass self.
feelings deep I'd rather put on a shelf,
I cry out for often help,
a shepherd of poor fortune I sulk and swelt.

Lonely yet again in this human experience,
are we all so likely dense,
when life just seems to make no sense,
mortgage your own future not, what I said above hence.