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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's On Your Mind? ~ MobiusTripz ~ Lyrics ~ thanks facebook !

What's On Your Mind? ~ MobiusTripz ~ Lyrics ~ thanks facebook !

A Song for FB ~ What's on my mind? ...

No one really wants to hear,
so I will swallow hard another cross I bare,
unfaithfulness a sword the flesh of heart does tear,
truth holds pain, heart ripped out yet again,
then you laughed when i asked you to not laugh as i felt such pain,
washing over and over in waves and tides again,
like time will never end,
and yet this only happened minutes ago friends.

that's what is on my mind.

just mere hurt and pain,
however, I am as resilient as cold forged steel,
an alloy of a different kind, in my ravaged body and mind,
i'll erase this pain double time,
life a gift not to waste i swallow hard again,
heart finding a new pace, relax, seek only Grace,
pain has you only once and finally when you give in.

what's on my mind is getting up and riding the horse of love an life again!!!

now...because I refuse to go back from where once I have been before,
betrayel of heart beckons again at my door,
infidelity chalks one up against me and hurts to the core,
trust the got be wise intuition never ignore

the time to live is this moment
so I will smile and let go,
free again from only a cage we devised somehow together,
surf life, dig deep, hang ten tough, ride with the waves of flow...

and thanks for the ocean of love we have shared,
i'll miss you rhonda,
and will pray for your life to find the happiness to stay that we once together knew,
sparkle for another now as time passes be more true.

what's on my mind?

life, living it now, and a more brilliant future,
being weak is futile and a waste,
rest well, fuel up, get stronger,
arriving towards destiny's gate.

be strong, a white horse riding...

sometimes with tears to wipe away,
roads to heaven and pearly gates,
time do not waste nor blink,
passes by at break neck pace!

This Fusion of space travel, life, and time.
digital epitaph digital aftermath digital cranial corrosion,
digital song implosion,
who really cares what is on my mind this ain't no symposium!

just me, another digital path of logistics to ponder,
when you figure me out i'll be ahead yonder,
where life and Truth is,
Lord help me blaze a trail.

and I Pray keep the lies away from me,
asleep in pits of hell,
where I will leave a digital wake of pain,
in seconds to reverberate,
but never in my life again.

That's kinda what I am thinking, because it is real,
my life this moment just a digital diary,
truth now gets again unveiled,
Acceptance a mere principle of moments never to fail.