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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Righteous Cocky Mother Fucker ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

I have traveled time for 44 years I have come to know,
toughness comes with time as we turn to stone,
then ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
relax and enjoy being better rejoicing no rush.

understand laws of equilibrium,
enwisen, enlighten, and love the present moment,
encompass the moment and appreciate all that you experience,
makes time much more well spent.

understand action and it's inherent reverse and opposite re-actions laws of consequence,
open mind expands becomes less dense,
a veil being lifted my eyes focus deeper internal introspective deeper hence,
what shall I do today that makes rational logical common sense.

love back as much as hated, times ten,
hate less as hated tithings times ten
tithings time ten we experience,
life gets spent as you go.

Acceptance is accepting whatever has happened,
dealing with it in a rational manner and maturing through it,
and surviving and making it through to another day,
with less overall damage to your surroundings, the wave of life sways.

Life is wave theory, it is life theory, it is biology, it is math, it is ethereal,
celestial, monumental, spiritual, physical, and so many different true dimensions we each know,
but each we know only our own unique way, but in many ways parallel to one another,
live longer, understand more through experiences sum, and survive, that's evolution.

What evolution is is the ideas of ages in physical form dead and gone,
carrying through the DNA into a programming like DOS, the basics,
that have become just recently more able to think for themselves,
so mistakes will be made in the womb of time and early infancy that we are in.

A Golden Age is Always Coming, and it will come both before and after good and bad times,
is it not only for common sense,
the smart survive and change with flexibility, open mindedness, tolerance, and justice sought through real life truths, none of us should ever know,
fight life in the  streets with the real folks of struggle,
then pretend to know this way, I dare you not.

Be it you find kindness in our struggle,
that you help us guide us towards our shining start destines,
as we travel through time, share lessons from pain and misery,
but remain truthful to the self, the loves, the family, the friends, and even enemies, as so perceived,
what I ask do you now perceive, if you are of open mind, argument can never overtake words written from thought so true.

So did a life of maximums and minimums come to this point by accident,
was I not through others DNA life's programming sent?
understand there is never an accident, freedom is in thought,
thought only blessed with truth in reality not perceived sometimes,
be careful where your snagged, snared or caught,

life's illusions ultimately are not what they really seem,
from down here looking back up, from where Once I came and ran,
but still I run again, perhaps to that next place where I am called,
not so prophetic unrealistic or surprise when frank and not glamorized,
my life is truth not twisted other media like lies,
but uplifting breaths or trouffles of life to share with all,

lightness brings healing, brings light,
enlightenment, a halo effect and affect, a glow,
a better consequence, meaning and purpose,
absorb it enjoy it making it last, to enjoy forever and slow,
as if time itself truly finally stopped and the perfect moment became reality,

who would be there?
all of us, of course, what a silly question,
otherwise what is forgiveness all about,
forgive more quick less pain do not get from life,
too often called out.