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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tithings Ten ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

blessings come hither and wash away these sins,
bathed with blessings adance upon my face and skin,
help me to rise again as so many times I have fallen, so hard,
shield me of thy wicked self times a tithing times ten.

tithings ten i owe you time and time again,
soul ripped through the flesh of my skin,
seeking truth a journey long and often memory rewind akin,
orbiting celestial beings we all have our spin.

blasting through the space fabric,
living intensely times ten,
the ride ain't lasting forever,
travel well and be always real not week pretend.


wannabe, write a soliloquy to make others dizzy,
to make them see what it is you see,
sharing the message of a soul that cares,
seeking answers anywhere, never scared,
at Truth you Always stare.

So take my tithing times ten,
so that I may be a better soldier of Truth for all,
just like myself differing defeats so crippling in between,
Truth Always wins to stand tall,
matters not I am flesh no more.

Spirit is awakening and powerful,
spirit leaves no trace detectable ever by technology,
spirit resides in us each a yen and yang dance,
any perspective you so desire,
open mindedly explore your niche, your stance.

Threaten me, mistake indeed, laws powerful tool defending me,
defending you too, from silly mortal play,
a stumbling block for many, and should be for many more,
until the stumbling stops, coherency returns, good balance restored.

love is from spirit of which neither of us is perfect,
we travel through time and interact while absorbing reflecting and refracting life,
the Light, contemplation well spent would dictate that a balance is desired,
getting tough says life can be an inferno forging fire.

Be it appeasring through word and thought,
you know me as I know myself, my words transparent,
help lighten my load through forgivess I beg, as Always I practice too,